How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers in 7 Days or Less!


Have you been stumped at how to get leads into your funnel and onto your list in you Autoresponder…

Maybe you’ve spent lots of money on paid advertising and come up short?

Perhaps you have even bought solos from people you thought reputable dealers but not get the results you wanted…

Then today I am here to help and in a big way at that…

I will give you a detailed blueprint on the exact way to get 100 leads in 7 days… no strings attached and absolutely FREE no CC or payment required zero, zilch…




Today you will learn how to put into action for yourself and get results with these methods no doubt about it…

Inside you will get the following help…
—Learn ways to capture leads
—How to setup a lead magnet without slaving away for hours on end
—Proven free (and even some paid) traffic methods that actually work
—How to monetize your list (now this will make it all worthwhile)
And much more…

You need or lack the knowledge from the above then this is your lucky day…

Ok so for a short time yep I said “Short Time” am offering this solution above totally FREE in a neat little package that I have put together… all content is unique nothing copied here…

To get this go to the link below and it’s all yours… just leave your best email and my report will be sent straight to your inbox Instantly….



Please take ACTION today as tomorrow may be too late… At some point I will put this on the market or keep for myself…

Hope this helps

Rick Ling


  1. Hello Rick,

    This looks good, I like the modest goal of 100 subscribers in 7 days, instead of other types of offers which that hype getting thousands of subscribers in 1 day, or something like that.

    But your 100 subscribers in 7 days goal is reasonable.

    I have opted in and downloaded your report.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Rick ,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing such a valuable book through which we can learn how to get subscribers and get good outcome of them .

    It will be of great help for everyone including me as it will help in getting subscribers to blogs which helps in getting traffic and we can generate income from that traffic , also we ca build it and that list can be used in many ways .

    Again thanks for sharing this as I needed it , I will be going through it and wish to get good outcome after implementing what I learn from it .
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