If you are looking for the right information about getting paid to lose weight, this is the right article for you.

It looks into the truth behind it and how anyone can really get paid to lose weight.

And even more importantly, it shows you some of the genuine programs that really pay you for losing weight… as many as 16!

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Back to how to get paid to lose weight, yes it’s really true. You can actually get paid for this. That’s a motivating thought, isn’t it?

If you are one of those easily discouraged about the intensity of physical exercises to lose weight or you don’t like the idea of sticking to an unsavory weight loss diet plan, the promise of monetary reward can be the motivating factor you need.

The idea of getting paid for the sacrifices you make to lose weight is highly motivating.

Just think about it – you win physically, mentally, and financially! What more can you desire, right? 🙂

The following are more details on how to get paid to lose weight and 16 genuine ways or programs that really pay and/or reward you for doing just that.


How Getting Paid To Lose Weight Works

There may be different types of programs, but in general getting paid to lose weight is simple.

You sign up with a weight loss program, set your weight loss goal within a specific timeframe, and you stick with the plan.

If you achieve the set goal like losing about 5kg in 2 weeks, the program will reward you with cash or other forms of incentives.

Some programs will make you lose money if you don’t meet up with your set goal in the specific timeframe.

You can carry out physical exercises or you can stick with a diet routine during the time period.

More so, you can engage in the program and get paid as an individual or you can work as a team and get rewarded as a group. Either way, you win by staying healthy and getting compensated.

It must also be noted that some programs may not pay you real cash but will reward you free gift cards you can use to shop for your favorite items at retail stores.

But if you ask me – any gift card that you can use to buy the same things cash can buy, are the same as real cash!

Apart from how to get paid to lose weight, there are many helpful content on this website for those looking for more ways of getting paid doing simple activities. Below are some of them that might interest you:


16 Genuine Programs and Best Apps That Really Pay You To Walk & Exercise 

The following programs actually pay people to lose weight and you may want to consider them.

1 – HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a weight loss program that ensures you are paid to lose specific pounds or kilos within a specific time frame.

You will need to bet or wager an amount each month until the set time for accomplishing the goal. If you meet your weight loss goal at the end of the time, you will win back all the money you wager, plus extra.

An example of how HealthyWage works is explained this way:

You sign up with the website, and weigh in by taking a snapshot of your current weight, or make a short video of your weigh in, or you can have professional fitness coach supervise your weigh in and fill a form on the HealthyWage.com website for verification.

You can then set your weight loss goal which may be to lose 25kg in six months.

You may wager $15 every month which will add up to $90 after the timeframe.

If at the end of six months you are able lose the 25kg after exercising and dieting, or by doing physical challenges, then you will win your $90 and some extra money.

If you don’t achieve your goal, you will lose all the money you bet.

You can use the website’s calculator to know the exact amount you will win after the six months timeframe.

HealthyWage is suitable for individual and group workouts.

Click here to check out HealthyWage


2 – Charity Miles  

Charity Miles is a program that can help you lose weight as you walk, bike and run. You make money by engaging in these activities, and the best part is that the money you earn goes to sponsor any of the Charities you have chosen.

Yes, with Charity Miles you don’t get paid cash but you earn money for the charity you have chosen.

If the idea of helping to do well or helping to ‘save the world’ appeals to you then you can sign up for this program and get rewarded by making money for your favorite charity.

The more steps you take the more money you will earn for your charity.

If you walk or run, you will earn 25cents per mile, if you cycle or bike then you will earn 10cents per mile.

Charity Miles is sponsored by top brands like Johnson & Johnson, Humana and Chobani.

You can chose the charity of your liking from a list of over 30 charities.

It must be noted that till date, the Charity Miles program has earned more than $2.5 million for charities.

Click here to check out Charity Miles


3 – Pact

Pact is program that will pay you to lose weight. It is very popular and you can sign up with this program using your smartphone.

It works by you setting healthy goals or ‘pacts’ every week.

These ‘pacts’ could to exercise more or to diet more every week.

You will also need to wager a weekly amount, and this could be in the range of $5 to $50 depending on the number people and your weight loss goal.

If you meet your goal or keep to your pact, other members of the program who did not meet the pacts would pay you.

If on the other hand, you don’t meet your weekly pacts, then you will lose the money you wager.

Every week, you can be rewarded with $0.30-$5 extra for meeting up with your goal.

Your pact is monitored by the program. If you must eat specific fruits or vegetables in a week, you will need to take a picture of your diet and have it verified by the community for authenticity.

You can connect the PACT app with popular fitness trackers like RunKeeper or FitBit to track your exercise progress.

Click here to check out Pact


4 – StickK

StickK is a free goal-setting program created by behavioral economists at Yale University. It leverages the power of incentives and accountability to help you stay committed to the weight loss or other goals you have set.

You set a weight loss goal, choose a timeframe to accomplish it, put money down or wager an amount you will lose if you fail to meet your goal.

You can be a Recipient of Stakes and cash out any amount that other members have lost.

If you don’t meet your goal, you can forfeit your money to a Recipient of Stakes which could be other members, a charity or an anti-charity.

Thus, you will forfeit your money to a friend or a foe.

You will need to sign what is known as “commitment contract”- “it is a binding agreement you sign with yourself to ensure that you follow through with your intentions – and it does this by utilizing the psychological power of loss aversion and accountability to drive behavior change.

StickK is a program you can sign up with to achieve your weight loss goal. You get paid by staying true to the commitment contract.

Click here to check out StickK


5 – FitCoin  

FitCoin is app that rewards you with cryptocurrency for doing workout. Unlike work at home scams like stuffing envelopes from home for pay, this is a genuine program that can help you lose weight.

You can start making the most of this program by installing the app. You then connect it with your fitness tracking gadgets like Fitbit or RunKeeper.

As you work out, this app measures your pace and distance to mine Bitcoin – the popular cryptocurrency.

The more workout or exercise you do, the more Bitcoin you mine.

This is a simply but cool weight loss program you should consider checking out.

Click here to check out FitCoin


6 – DietBet

DietBet is a fascinating program that will help you lose weight even as it rewards you for  accomplishing your health goals.

It works by you joining or creating a healthy weight loss challenge.

You can be in a group that wants to lose, let’s say 5% of total weight in 6 weeks. You then commit some amount, like $20, in pot.

If your group achieves its healthy goal at the end of 6 weeks, you can split the pot with other winners.

On the other hand, if you lose or don’t meet your healthy goal, you lose the money you contributed to the pot.

You would be required to do weigh-ins and weigh outs to verify your claims.

DietBet has three types of weight loss plans

1- The Kickstarter plan which allows you to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days

2- The Transformer plan which allows you to lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months

3- The Maintainer plan which allows you to keep or maintain your body weight for 12 months

You can choose from any of these plans; as other people and get rewarded at the end.

DietBet’s mantra is “commit, collaborate and celebrate”.

You not only celebrate financially, you also collaborate and socialize with others.

Click here to check out DietBet


7 – Bounts  

Bounts app is a program that would motivate you lose weight and help you get rewarded within a specified period.

You can join workout challenges and accumulate points. You set daily goals and are awarded points when you reach any of your daily goal.

In other words you accumulate points when you track activities with Bounts and when you hit your daily targets.

Your Bounts points can be redeemed for exclusive offers and discounts from big name brands and retailers.

You can also enter a challenge and take home some fantastic prizes, regardless of your fitness level.

The simplicity of earning with Bounts is amazing.

You download the Bounts app, connect it with any of your favorite fitness apps – e.g. Fitbit, RunKeeper, Garmin, etc. Or, you can track your activities with your phone’s pedometer.

As you work out, you earn points. The points you earn can be used to join challenges that would reward you hugely.

From the website, you can “pick from a variety of Kudos, Chance of a Reward & Guaranteed Reward Challenges”.

Click here to check out Bounts


8 – Higi  

Higi is a program that helps you track your health by checking your numbers. It’s not really an app that will make you exercise to lose weight, but it is a program designed to allow you know your health level by numbers.

You can use it to measure your pulse, weight, heart rate, blood pressure steps and BMI. You can track what matters to you at any of the over 11,000 Higi stations located in grocery, pharmacy, or club store near you.

You have to download Higi and connect your account with your personal health devices. This way you would easily track your health statistics.

You can also participate in the Higi challenge by earning “watts” from measuring your biometrics on a Higi station.

For the hard work you put, you can collect badges, medals and trophies.

Click here to check out Higi


9 – Achievement  

Achievement is a program that rewards you with points for taking exercises geared twoards losing weight.

You can earn points for doing lots of activities like tracking your weight, sleep, water intake, dietary plan, and other health activities.

You can do the tracking by installing your favorite fitness tracking apps like Fitbit, Garmin, RunKeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, etc.

It is interesting to note that Achievement connects with over 30+ Android/iOS apps.

You will have to connect your Achievement account with these apps to start tracking.

1000 points will earn you $1. You will need to reach a threshold of 50,000 points or $50 to get paid by this app.

You can be paid via PayPal or direct deposits.

Achievement has paid out over $500,000 to their members and there is no limit to how much you can earn.

You can also earn by taking surveys from partner health companies that are undertaking health research.

Click here to check out Achievement


10 – WellCoin 

WellCoin is an app as well as a reward program that can motivate you to lose weight.

You have to use the features of this app to monitor your healthy activities.

You earn points by engaging in activities like sleeping for eight hours a night, going out for a jog, eating specific diet, etc.

You will earn WellCoin points for your activities. You can redeem your points for healthy food, exercise classes in your area or for workout gear, etc.

These rewards would be motivating as they can help you stay accountable throughout the day.

As a rule, you can redeem 1,000 WellCoins for $10 worth of rewards posted in the WellCoin account Reward Center.

This program is worth considering if you want to get paid for losing weight.

Click here to check out WellCoin


11 – GOODcoins  

GOODcoins will allow you to get rewarded with earth-friendly and people-friendly products if you do workouts to lose weight.

In other words, this unique app will reward you with eco-friendly products from the GOODcoins store. Y

es, this is an awesome fitness reward program and you can sign up for free.

After signing up, you can connect GOODcoins to a tracking device. When you run, walk, or cycle for 30 minutes in a day, you will earn GOODcoins points.

The points you earn can be used to in GOODcoins shop where you then redeem them for eco-friendly products.

More so, you can choose to donate your GOODcoins to a charity of your choice.

GOODcoins program offers you other ways of earning. These include taking surveys, special offers, and featured challenges.

This unique app is highly suitable for those who want to take advantage of eco-friendly products.

Click here to check out GOODcoins


12 – Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices  

Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for healthy choices is a program that rewards you with points after you carry out fitness exercises. You can sign up for this program if you want to get paid to lose weight.

You earn Balance Reward points for each fitness activity you complete. Your points are then redeemed for Redemption dollars which help you to save when you purchase items from Walgreens stores.

Walgreens Balance Rewards works by you signing up for the program. You can download the iOS or Android app and sync it with your fitness tracking devices like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal etc.

When you perform a physical activity like jogging or walking, etc, your steps are recorded and converted to points.

For every mile you cover you will earn 20 Balance Reward points.

Apart from activities like running or walking, you can also earn BR points by tracking your sleep, blood pressure, weigh-ins, and blood glucose level.

You are expected to earn up to 1000 BR Points which is equivalent to $1. And if you accumulate up to 40,000 points, you earn $50.

Click here to check out Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices


13 – Fatbet

Fatbet is a program that can motivate you to lose weight while it pays you.

It is a program you can sign up for, set your weight loss goal and time, set a wager, and invite others for a challenge.

If at the end of the Fatbet, you accomplish your health goals, you win.

But if you don’t reach your goal, you forfeit your wager.

Fatbet has lots of features that include tracking your progress on Fatbet charts and motivating your group on its private message board.

It keeps your actual weight confidential, making it a trusted app.

Fatbet wager doesn’t always have to involve cash. The losers can do many unorthodox things until the next Fatbet challenge.

This program is fun, exciting, and rewarding!

Click here to check out Fatbet


14 – StepBet

StepBet is a program that can help you to do physical activities and will help keep your fitness levels high.

It is more like a game where players bet on themselves to meet their set health goals.

Those who reach their health goals win cash prize.

You can sign up for this program if you want to get paid by losing weight.

According to StepBet, it  “uses the proven power of achievable goals, accountability, and financial motivation to help you take more steps every week”.

StepBet allows you to bet with any amount. This means you can put your money online and if you win, you will get your money back plus the split profit from other winners.

According the StepBet website, most bets are $40.

StepBet games or challenge can last up to six weeks, but games could be shorter or longer.

You can certainly get healthier by motivating yourself to keep your activity levels higher.

Each week you must accomplish 4 Active Days and 2 Stretch Day.

You have 1 day off. If you miss out on your weekly goals, you are out of the game and you lose your bet.

Activities are tracked with fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.

Remember, StepBet is not Gambling!

Click here to check out StepBet


15 – Runister

Runister is an app that will reward you for taking fitness steps. This program can be used to get paid if you want to lose weight.

You are rewarded with real cash for running and walking.

Runister pays you $0.08 or equivalent in different currency if you reach each mile.

You only need to run outdoors to earn as much as you want from this program.

The power bar of the app provides you with questions related to your healthy lifestyle and to which you are expected to answer.

You will have more rewarded runs if you answer more questions.

You can cash out from your PayPal account if you reach a minimum withdrawal level of $5 or in equivalent in different currency.

You can also donate your money to your favorite charity.

Runister is a “get paid to lose weight program” that truly pays real cash. It is worth considering.

Click here to check out Runister


16 (Bonus) – Teach Others How You Achieve Your Weight Loss and Get Paid

This is a bonus way to get paid for losing weight, and it’s one you can do yourself without needing any program or company.

If you know a thing or two about effectively losing weight that others don’t know, you can teach them and get paid.

You can even become a personal trainer and get paid by others to train them towards the same weight loss achievements as you have.

And if you really have super impressive tips to teach, you can create a weight loss program and sell it to others. Thanks to the Internet you can put your program together and sell it to thousands of people over and over again.

There’s a lot more to this of course, but you get the idea.

If you have a technique that has worked for you when it comes to weight loss, you can definitely get paid teaching it to others!



These are 16 of the best programs that actually pay you to lose weight. Sign up with the ones that you think will work well with you and start earning while working to lose weight.

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