How to Get OTHER People to Grow Your Online Business and Make You Money!



The above image says it all… “WorkSmarter, NOT Harder!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for working hard, but with only 24 hours in a day, there’s only so far that working hard will take you.

That’s where working SMART comes into play.

If you really want to grow your business to unimaginable levels, then leveraging other people’s time through outsourcing is the way to go.

Outsourcing frees you up to tackle more vital and exciting things – like actually running your business!

There are so many different things that you can outsource… like those boring tasks you hate or the things you’re just flat out no good at.

Here are just a few things you might consider outsourcing…

  • content creation
  • software development
  • link building
  • design (blog, web site, logo, etc.)
  • keyword research
  • customer support
  • social media marketing
  • copywriting


So Why Outsource at All?

Like I mentioned, outsourcing allows you to leverage other people’s time and get more things done each day.

Outsourcing some of your workload can also have a number of benefits, some of which are not readily apparent.

Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why companies and individuals outsource work…

1. There’s no need to have a dedicated staff member for rarely used skills

This is probably the most obvious reason to use outsourcing services. If the skill you require is a niche skill that’s rarely used, then employing someone to fill that gap can be unnecessarily expensive.

Unless you can find other work for them to do, it can lead to situations where employees are sitting around with nothing to do for much of their time.

Even if you’re paying more per hour for the outsourced work, it can often work out cheaper in the long run.

2. Cutting down on training costs

Training can be expensive. In fact, it’s often one of the biggest costs when it comes to employing people in technical and highly-skilled roles.

Training doesn’t stop at the college or university level.

Technical skills usually require additional training as methods and equipment become obsolete over time and new developments in technology come along.

3. Avoiding skill fade

If any task is not done for long enough, the person whose job it is can begin to suffer from skill fade. Which basically means they are out of practice.

Someone who carries out a task on an irregular basis will not be as “sharp” as someone who does that task all day, every day.

An outsourced task will likely be done by someone who is doing it constantly, all day, for months or sometimes years on end.

All things being equal, if intelligence, talent and work ethic are exactly the same, the person doing the task all the time will be able to complete the job far faster and to a much higher standard.

4. Reduced overhead costs

Imagine you need two people to design a website for you.

Now imagine that these people will be paid the same, work for the same amount of hours and produce a design of similar quality.

The only difference is that one is working from home on the other side of the planet and the other is working in your office.

Who costs more?

Obviously, the person working in your office will cost more. Here’s why…

  • You’ll need more office space for your employee.
  • You’ll have to comply with more regulations.
  • You might have to pay increased insurance costs (depending on how many employees you have in your office).
  • There may also be employee benefits and other costs related to employing that person.
  • You also need to factor in something like energy usage, which may not seem like much, but can add up over time.


Having an outsourced worker doing the same job reduces your overhead costs dramatically.

It’s also cheaper for them because the outsourced worker doesn’t have to commute to work, can cook his or her own meals, etc.

5. Increased flexibility

This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing for both you and the worker. Both parties benefit massively from increased flexibility.

Here are a couple of examples on how both parties benefit:

For the worker…

  • they get to spend their day how they like as long as they get their work done as promised
  • they aren’t stuck working for someone they don’t like


For you as the employer…

  • you don’t need to have a full-time employee… you can outsource work on an as-needed basis
  • you don’t have to worry about renting office space with a long lease that you may not need in the future


So you see, everyone benefits in this respect.

6. Never paying for substandard work

Outsourced work is usually paid for on a performance basis. Meaning that if you’re not happy with the end-product, you don’t pay for the work.

This might sound harsh, but why should you pay for work you can’t use?

It also means that the outsourced worker puts in more effort because they know that rejections will happen if they submit low-quality work.

And if their work gets rejected, they don’t get paid!

They soon find out that time spent checking and double-checking their work is far better than wasting hours producing something that is substandard.

They also quickly learn that for every piece of work that’s rejected, they’ll have hundreds more accepted.

And if that’s not the case, they’ll learn quickly to seek another form of employment.

Full-time staff members can sometimes take their job for granted and “coast,” putting in the minimum amount of required effort.

Whereas an outsourced worker will learn that if they did the same, they will lose money.

7. No “downtime” due to employee absence

It can sometimes happen that a key employee is absent and everything grinds to a halt. It shouldn’t happen, but the reality is that it does.

For example… if you have one person in your team that can develop software, and that person is absent through an unexpected illness, then the project can grind to a halt.

With an outsourced worker, they will have a certain amount of time to complete a project and if they fail to produce in time, the task can be handed over to someone else.

This means that production never really stops, which is one of the key benefits to outsourcing… as lost time can sometimes cost a lot more than the cost of employing the person.

Where to Outsource?

Below is a list of 124 outsourcing resources (broken down by category) that you can use to outsource work and grow your business!

By the way, if you find that a link is no longer working or if you feel that I should add a resource to this list, please let me know by commenting below.

Outsourcing Marketplaces


Customer Support


Virtual Assistants


Technical Support


Design & Graphics


Content Creation


Product Creation


Video Creation


Voice Overs




Product Fulfillment


Private Label Rights Products




Business Setup




Outsourcing Project Management Tools


Human Resources


What about you… do you outsource? If so, please share with us what you outsource and what site(s) you use in the comments section below!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Outsourcing has become an important of the online marketing or business engagements. There are huge benefits associated with it. Outsourcing saves time, cost, stress for the client or business.

    You are right in highlight the what, why and how to do outsourcing!

    However, for any company to make the most of outsourcing there is need to weigh in the benefits against the possible undefined costs!

    I freelance directly to a client and we have a good working relationship!

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post and for the 124 outsourcing resources. It reminds me of where to get help from as a business!

    In the very least, outsourcing has the benefits of saving time and resources but having this list of where to outsource is powerful!

    Growing a business requires proactive measures and getting help through outsourcing is an important proactive measure that helps businesses grow.

  3. Getting other people to grow your business and make money is possible! Many are doing it and succeeding!

    Outsourcing is a sure method of engaging others and there are varieties of work that can be outsourced.

    Choosing the best freelancers out there require good research and comparisons. Every businesses should be able to access what works best for them!

    Therefore, reading the demands and the terms of service of any of the links of websites listed above is important!
    Sunday William recently posted…Ask / Discuss What Important Element Makes Your Landing Page Effective?My Profile

  4. Hi Kevin,

    This is a very good post, I have to say. Outsourcing is important for online entrepreneurs.

    But I think with outsourcing there’s that chance of getting it wrong a few times and even losing money before getting it right because of getting wrong people in the beginning. Do you agree?

    The list of 124 outsourcing sites you included will come very handy. I’ve bookmarked this post.

    Thank you.

  5. Hello Kevin,

    When your business starts growing outsourcing can really be helpful. Like you said there is only so much time in a day. If you can’t do it yourself it is better to outsource it rather than not do it at all.

    This is a very resourceful list you have here and it will come in handy for people who are looking to outsource. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…How To Save Money In Your Internet Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  6. Hello Kevin! WOWSY What an Article! You have really done your homework with this post! So many awesome ideas ( With links) as to where we can the much needed help to grow our businesses online!

    I actually just hired my daughter in law to help free up some of my time so i can do more important tasks, ( Like commenting here on Kingged) LOL

    Thanks for the Awesome share my friend.

    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Where Does Your Money Go?My Profile

  7. I agree with other comments here, you really did a lot of work with this post. Outsourcing isn’t as difficult if one has all the necessary information.

    The list of outsourcing resources you provided here is also very comprehensive. I like how you categorized all of them, making it easy to get to what one wants.

    Good job, Kevin.

  8. Hi Kevin,

    You’ve really identified some of the best reasons why outsourcing is an intergral part of an online business.

    There is ever too much to handle here at any given time, and like you write in the article…we can’t be good at everything or have time for all of it.

    I think there is one content creation site that need to be added to this list in that category –

    This guy behind this freelance writers blog is one of the go-to in the business of freelancing, and when the big authority sites need some competent hands to get the job done.

    You can check him out and see if it worth adding to the list.

    Thanks Kevin.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…How to Drive Targeted Nigerian Website Traffic Out Side of Facebook to Your BlogMy Profile

  9. I came to this site to find awesome posts and this is one of such awesome posts!!!

    These 124 outsourcing sites you provided would have taken many weeks or months to put together.

    You saved readers all that time and trouble. I am saving this page for future use.

    Many thanks!
    Yan Yan Chan recently posted…IN MY JEANSMy Profile

  10. Hello Kevin,

    Comprehensive post this is, no doubt, but it’s not always easy to outsource the right way.

    I like your tip of not paying for substandard work.

    It’s harsh as you said, but why pay for what you can’t use.

    This is very important, I think, with not losing money to low quality freelancers.

    Thanks for this.
    Barbara George recently posted…Gone GirlMy Profile

  11. Hello Kevin,

    This post is very good.

    I’m impressed it includes lots of tips and resources for anyone interested in outsourcing.

    You are correct that having an outsourced worker doing the same jobs as someone working in your office will reduce overhead costs dramatically.

    But would you agree that having a full time person working in your office is much safer?

    I am talking about safety in terms of you know the person and they can’t just disappear on you without warning, and your important data won’t be easily compromised.

    With outsourced workers, the danger is always there that they can disappear without notice and you can’t do anything about that when that happens.

    What’s your thoughts on that?

  12. Hey Kevin

    Great article, really got a lot out of it.

    I like the fact that Outsourcing can be a win win proposition. The worker gets
    to do the job on there schedule as long as it gets done on time and you as an employer get the work done as you need it without long term commitments.

    Thanks also for the list of resources, it makes for a great starting point for someone looking to start researching the subject.

  13. It’s interesting article Kevin and thanks for sharing a very comprehensive list of outsourcing sites, it does save tons of researching time.

    I totally agree with you that outsourcing will cut down, not only the overhead costs, but also lots of time with any business.

    While I’m familiar with Freelancer & Odesk most of the times, I will definitely look at the remaining lists for future projects.

    Thanks for your sharing again !

  14. Hey Kevin,

    The benefits accrued to employers who outsource their tasks are remarkable. Getting other people to do such tasks is important.

    I would like to state that getting the best from outsourced work must begin with vetting and checking on the freelancer.

    He should be made to understand that you absolutely will not pay for substandard work.

  15. Hey Kevin,

    Indeed, it is important we readily take advantage of the opportunities to leverage on the skills and talents of others.

    Outsourcing work to qualified persons has its numerous advantages which include: cost savings, time savings, and energy savings.

    Finding the best persons to outsource will readily make good sense for the best marketers!

  16. Hi Kevin,

    I will be bookmarking this post for future reference. You have obviously spent a lot of time researching to produce a list of outsourcing sites in such great numbers. Excellent work!!

    Without doubt as my business grows I will need to outsource some of the work. Point 1 is spot on, why spend money having dedicated staff for a task which you might only need a few times a month.

    Thank you for a great post.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Outsourcing is a great way to get other people to grow your business and save you time. A lot of people outsource who are smart enough to realize that when you outsource, you save yourself time in terms of marketing and creation.

    I outsource a lot of my articles on my blog, but not to paid people, but to readers on my site. I advertise the opportunity to write information on my site to get your name out into the world or build links. I attract enough writers to my site to not having to write articles myself unless I want to.

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Investment Insight: Why Real Estate Investments Continue To Pay OffMy Profile

  18. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the article. That is quite a list of potential place to outsource to. I have bookmarked this article for future reference.

    I am kind of new so I don’t think I am making enough to outsource. I do use Fiverr for small things like ebook covers etc…

    Once I start making some money to pay for outsourced help I definitely will come back because this list is pretty amazing.

    Take care my friend, awesome article!


  19. Hey Kevin, thanks for providing so much outsourcing sites for us! I used to know like only 5 of them.

    I haven’t tried to look for outsource help myself, all the outsource I’ve used so far was recommended by someone else. I’m more comfortable hiring a freelance this way, because I believed that they have done a good job for someone to recommend them.

    Thanks again for the list, there’s some other outsource work I haven’t tried yet, this list would definitely come in handy.

    HonWai recently posted…What List to Build when You Get Started? – Part 2My Profile

  20. Kevin, not only is your post a clear outline of the how and why to outsourcing, but you have also included many valuable resources too. The last time I outsourced work it certainly made a big difference, saving me so much time that would have been spent in very manual repetative tasks.

    I do think that to scale our businesses we need to be more of an overseerer; able to take on any task if needed but not caught up in any one task

    Thanks for your post