If you want to know how to get free veneers, this article is perfect for you.

It exactly how you or anyone can get free veneers and some tips to help you.



Did you know?

When it comes to our teeth are you aware that the covering of our teeth is enamel and this coating is stronger than bone?

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Did you also know that when you bite down you exert 200 pounds of pressure?

Did you also know that our teeth outlast us (dental remains of individuals)?

Our teeth are important.

Their importance is demonstrated as seen as the first part of the digestion of food, our ability to make a variety of sounds, maintain the shape of our face, and keep our jaws healthy.

The importance of teeth and their healthy appearance also go a long way in building our self-esteem and confidence.

That is why we need healthy teeth but also teeth that look healthy.

To help us in that process we visit the dentist twice a year, floss, brush our teeth, etc.

Another way to promote the appearance of healthy-looking teeth is through the application of veneers.

This can be costly but there are programs and options for some who might qualify for free veneers.

Open wide and let us explore some of those ways to possibly get free veneers.


Personal Story

Prior to my retirement, my last 10 years were working with a not-for-profit.

Coming on board plunged me in the midst of a building campaign in which the plan was to convert a 44,000 foot donated facility into a homeless shelter/transitional living residential residence.

We were going to house 160 homeless individuals on any given night and have a combination of 50 transitional living candidates that reflected 40 men and 10 women.

The two transitional living programs were comprised of a veteran and a nonveteran component.

The vision was not only to house individuals but give them the needed tools and resources if they were willing to utilize those opportunities to find employment and obtain permanent housing.

We quickly realized that a number of the individuals living on the street had neglected not only their health but their vision and dental.

Subsequently, we recruited medical professionals from the community to meet these needs and opened up optometry, dental, and medical clinic.

It proved to be successful because we quickly realized that it would be difficult for an individual to be confident in making an application for a job if they had missing teeth or no teeth at all and needed their vision corrected.


10 Tips to Help You Get Free Veneers


1. Know What Veneers Are

Veneers are thin coverings that are permanently attached or bonded to your tooth or teeth.

This film-like covering placed over the tooth covers the current color and shape of the teeth in your mouth.

A veneer can be placed over one or multiple teeth to enhance the structure of the tooth in the event that it has been chipped, stained, or off-color from its natural whiteness.

The individual undergoing the procedure also has the option of receiving full veneers that cover the entire tooth or just the front part.

It would depend upon the individual’s needs and financial resources.


2. Know the Process

When the decision is made to proceed following the initial dentist appointment, the following appointment involves the process of the dentist taking molds, and utilizing radiographic imagery as well as other photographs.

The next appointment will be the opportunity for the dentist to fit your temporary veneers and allow a period of time for the veneers to remain to ensure comfortableness.

Finally, a permanent set of molds will be made by the dental lab and when completed they will be affixed to your teeth to your satisfaction.


3. Know the Dental Work

A particular aspect of placing veneers on an individual’s tooth or teeth is the possibility of having your teeth shaved.

This sounds like an intense and painful process when in reality only a small percentage of the time does a dentist need to accomplish this dental procedure which requires more than .5 millimeters of the teeth or tooth to be shaved down.

Putting that in perspective it can be compared to the thickness of your fingernail.


4. Know about Porcelain

One of the materials that veneers can be manufactured from is porcelain.

The selection of a porcelain veneer provides three distinct advantages.

Those advantages are:

  • Stronger material
  • Last longer
  • Better quality

As a rule, financially speaking, the use of porcelain veneers is more expensive.

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5. Composite

The alternate type of material that veneers can be made from is composite.

These types of veneers are made from appropriately colored resin and are not as durable or weaker (subject to staining) but are less expensive.



6. Disadvantages

Although the process of placing veneers on the teeth is designed to provide many years of cosmetically appealing teeth, the possibility of the adherence of the veneers is not guaranteed beyond 15 years.

Therefore, the possible replacement made needs to occur at some point in time.


7. Painful

Everybody has a different threshold of pain and putting on veneers is not painless.

There will be a level of potential pain involved as well as being uncomfortable.

Of course, your professional dentist will provide the needed anesthetics to ensure that the process is pain-free as possible.

The placing of veneers on one’s tooth or teeth is dependent upon how many teeth are being treated.

A good gauge of time involved is that, on average, 10 teeth could be completed in a three-hour span.

Of course, this would not be a marathon but accomplished over several appointments.


8. Cost

Depending upon where you live and which dentistry office you choose equates to the expense of eh procedure.

A good range to consider for a porcelain veneer would be anywhere from $1000-$4000 per tooth.

A composite veneer can cost anywhere from $300-$1500 per tooth.

The reason for the expense is that not only is the dentist and his or her staff involved, but also includes the mold being sent to a ceramist to hand-make the veneer for the patient.


9. Giveaway

Occasionally there will be those times when a dentist or a dental clinic will offer to help a qualified individual who is in need of dental work and could benefit from veneers placed on their teeth.

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It can be a contest of sorts where a person is nominated for dental work by another individual who is aware of their personal circumstances.

Often, a dental clinic will provide this service in promoting and marketing their own dental practice by giving back to the community.

The individual that is selected could be a deserving person and may have gone through a number of adverse circumstances in their life.

Some of those adverse circumstances could include caring for others and neglecting their own needed care because of limited financial resources, a battered woman, etc.

Also, an individual may have done something heroic in the community and as a reward for their heroism, provided by the dental clinic, would be this work performed on their teeth.

All that to say is – be on the lookout for these opportunities and if provided avail yourself of the option.

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10. Alternatives

It is also important to remember that, given the expense of veneers, there may be other options to improve the smile of an individual.

Some of those other considerations could include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns
  • Braces


10 Best Ways to Help You Get Free Veneers


1. Approach ADA

An association that licensed dentists are involved with is the American Dental Association.

Often, this association desires to give back to the community and may offer the dental service of selecting an individual to undergo the treatment plan of placing veneers on their teeth.

This is an opportunity for the American Dental Association to give back to the community by doing something philanthropic and promoting their own dentistry service in their community as well.

What better way to advertise a dental service than providing that service at no cost to an individual in need and marketing or advertising that service as well as dentists in the community.

The American Dental Association website can be accessed here.


2. Dental School

If you have a dental school in proximity to where you live, the dentists in training need practical experience to practice their profession.

They will often ask for help from the community by looking for individuals who will allow themselves to undergo dental procedures by dentists in training.

A listing of dental schools by state can be found by clicking here.


3. Family

There is nothing like the support of a loving and nurturing family.

If an individual member of the family is in need of dental work and specifically the application of veneers, perhaps the family could come together in support of that family member to help them achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

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4. Dental Grants

There are dental grants available to qualified individuals especially as it relates to women who are domestic abuse survivors.

One particular grant that is available to domestic abuse survivors is Give Back a Smile.

Perhaps a grant can be written, or you can make an application for this grant to help obtain dental work and specifically the placement of veneers.


5. Online Fundraising

If you have a powerful story about all that you have gone through and through sheer grit and determination you have turned your life around.

This is a story that will resonate with individuals.

Therefore, if in need of cosmetic dental work, especially as it relates to veneers, you can tell your story and give others the opportunity to invest in you with your need for dental care.

This can be done through online fundraising and Crowdfunding.


6. Public Dental Clinics

Given the cost of dental care and the economic hardships that people face, there has been a concerted effort by dentists to give back their time and dentist expertise to a community on a particular day of the year or on a more frequent basis.

When these events occur, it is important to take advantage of them and perhaps with your engagement for further cosmetic enhancements, possibly veneers, as a result of a dentist wishing to be philanthropic in providing their service at no charge.


7. Charities

Another possible way of obtaining veneers for your teeth is by approaching charities.

Although these charities may be restricted in what services they offer, it never hurts to ask what possibilities may be available.

Two such charities include Smiles Change Lives and Dental Lifeline Network.

Even if they are unable to assist you can ask what other options that they can possibly refer you to or another organization or dentist that would be willing to help.


8. Makeover

If you have ever watched any of the daytime television shows you may be aware that at times an individual is selected through a contest of sorts in which an individual is nominated by another caring individual for a “makeover” experience.

Some of those makeover experiences have not only been the changing of hairstyles and clothes worn but with the individual’s smile.

Although, a long shot, it is important to keep this possibility in mind for any such events or options that are offered by celebrities who wish to provide this service to individuals who may be in need.


9. Fundraising Event

Another way to raise the needed funds is through fundraising.

A possibility to raise funds for your needed veneers would be to work with a philanthropically minded dentist to see if they would help you raise money for your needed work.

You could ask them whether they would consider donating or matching whatever money you can raise through fundraising to obtain your veneers.

The dentist, most likely, would speak to other professionals as well as those in the dental lab to see if they would be part of the project.

The other caveat could be an annual event that you could spearhead, involve the dental community, and select needy individuals so as to obtain funding for their dental work.

This would be a great opportunity for the community to come together in helping others, meeting the dental needs of as many people as possible, and providing good advertising for the dental professionals in the community.


10. Work for Service

To get the veneers placed on your teeth you could possibly work out an arrangement with a dentist to volunteer in the dental office.

In exchange for your volunteer work, the dentist would agree to place the veneers on your teeth.

Although this is not strictly classified as being free, it could be a part of a bartering system to provide a service by providing a service.


Getting Free Veneers FAQs


How Long Does the Veneer Dental Process Take?

Often the process takes three separate dental appointments.

The first would be consultation and a plan of action.

The second appointment would involve the preparation of the tooth (teeth) for the placement, and the third appointment would be the fitting of the veneers when received back from the dental lab.


Is There a Lot of Pain Involved?

According to qualified dental professionals there may be a small amount of pain or discomfort.


You Can Do It

There are a variety of reasons why you may need dental work and do not have the resources to afford that care.

It is important to not only know why your teeth may need attention (possible abuse by another, adverse situations, and so forth) but due to hardship, you cannot afford this work.

There are opportunities to restore your smile outwardly and inwardly by receiving dental work at no charge including the possibility of the placement of veneers.



There are a variety of reasons why an individual’s smile may not be as pleasing as it could be.

The good news is that attention can be given to your teeth to provide a glowing and self-confidence-building smile that, depending upon your circumstances, may make your smile as well when there is no bill from the dentist.

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