Yes, you can learn how to get free pizza from reading this article.

It reveals a lot of tips and helpful guide to getting free pizza that you probably didn’t previously know.


Why Get Free Pizza? 

Why not, right?

Especially as it’s indeed possible and even easy to get free pizza!

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If you were to ask a person what their favorite food is, most likely, within the top five would be pizza.

Also, depending upon what part of the country you are from or where you live, the best pizza is found in that particular geographical location.

The different styles of pizza are represented by some of the major cities in the United States.

Specifically, there is Chicago, New York, and even Detroit pizza.

Each is made differently and has its unique taste and crust.

No matter how you slice it pizza is a popular food.



Consider this in regards to the popularity of this significant food industry in the United States alone.

According to Statista, some significant statistics regarding pizza include:

  • It is a $45 billion industry
  • 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly
  • 5 billion pizzas are sold globally each year
  • 36% of all pizzas have a pepperoni topping

It’s plain to see that pizza is a popular food item and the only thing that could make it more popular is if it is free.

Let us begin and see how we can obtain free pizza.


Personal Story

While living in Phoenix my oldest son got used to having money in his pocket when he worked at a church camp during the summer.

Upon returning home to finish out his last two years of school he decided, with permission, to try to find a job in the evening during a few select hours.

Of course, he tried all of the various fast-food restaurants and ultimately made an application with Pizza Hut to hire him.

One of the perks that not only benefited him but us as well as in the evening after work he generally brought home a personal-sized pizza.

Pizza Hut had a policy that when the food was not picked up or was not made correctly, rather than throwing the pizza out they allowed the staff to bring their pizza home.

Of course, it was his pizza but often a couple of bigger bites were taken from one of the smaller slices to ensure that the quality of the pizza was maintained.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Get Free Pizza


1. Pizza Rewards

Most pizza franchises have an award program.

Every time you order a pizza there are a certain number of points that are awarded to the customer and when enough points have been accumulated the loyal customer of that franchise can obtain a free pizza.

The bottom line is that the more pizza you order the more points you accumulate and the opportunity for the free pizza is your reward.


2. Dominos

Dominos offers such a reward plan for its customers.

Every time a customer of Domino’s orders a pizza, whether it is over the phone, online, or utilizing their app, they receive 10 points upon check out.

The magic pizza number is 60 points and when that number is realized you get a free Domino’s pizza.

The free pizza is a basic pizza with any additional toppings or difference in the crust being an extra cost to the individual.

3. Papa John’s

Papa John, not to be outdone, also has a rewards program called the Papa Rewards Program.

For every one dollar that the customer pays for a Papa John’s product, an equal reward of one point is credited to the customer.

When you reach the accumulation of 75 points you get a $10 credit or a “Papa Dough” delivery or take-out order.

Added to the mystery of Papa John’s reward is the availability of special pizza deals to its customers.

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4. California Pizza

Rather than a straight point system awarded for pizza ordered, California Pizza Kitchen offers its customers different tier levels depending upon the customer’s spending and activity.

The rewards program gives you one point per dollar spent and when you reach certain points accumulated you are placed into a category.

Those four categories are Palm (0 to 149 points), VIP (!50 points or more), Diamond (350 points or more), and Elite (over 1000 points).

Each of the categories has its unique rewards offered to the customers when they reach these levels.

To sweeten the pot, each of the levels provides a free dessert to the customer.


5. Cici’s

Cici’s business model of offering pizza is buffet dining.

Additionally, they do have a rewards program.

The program gives the customer one free adult buffet or a carryout pizza when they visit the restaurant five times and make a purchase of seven dollars or more.

To start accumulating the benefits of the reward program the Cici app needs to be downloaded.

The qualifying receipt to earn the reward benefit needs to be scanned utilizing the app.


6. Sbarro

Sbarro is often found in food courts in a variety of malls in communities.

Its reward program is called Slice Society and offers a free pizza to the individual registered with this program upon their birthday.

The free slice of pizza provided to the rewards member is Sbarro’s way of saying happy birthday.

Also, Sbarro provides a free extra-large New York slice of pizza plus a beverage when a customer joins this program.

This offer can be redeemed within 24 hours of joining.


7. Hungry Howie’s

Another pizza franchise that offers a rewards program is Hungry Howie’s.

Upon registering for the rewards program you are awarded 50 Howie points and then for every qualifying purchase thereafter you receive an additional 10 points.

The points can be earned by ordering online, walking into the restaurant, or phoning in your order.

A reward is made available to the customer after a minimum of 60 Howie points have been accumulated.

The current reward provided to the customer is a free medium two-topping pizza.



8. Email Rewards

Another opportunity to earn free pizza is when you provide your email address to a participating pizza restaurant.

This is a good way for them to market their product and to remind you frequently of the various sales that are available as well as entice you to order pizza from their restaurant.

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In exchange for being part of their marketing email list, they provide a variety of rewards including the possibility of free pizza.


9. Online Surveys

Another possibility of earning free pizza or at least getting a discount is to participate in online surveys.

Often, when you purchase a pizza, you are provided an opportunity to receive a discount by participating in a survey.

The survey is an opportunity for the customer to respond to several questions and provide feedback as to their dining experience.

Once the survey is completed a code is generated and written down by you and presented at your next pizza visit to the restaurant to obtain your discount.


10. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a unique pizza franchise in that the pizza is prepared for the individual but is uncooked.

The customer then takes the pizza home and bakes the product in their oven.

Papa Murphy’s does not have a rewards program but offers discounts through the opportunity to take part in a survey as well as receive discounts through emails and texts.


11. Help Move

This opportunity to enjoy free pizza does come with a little bit of work associated with it.

Often, people will move within the city from one apartment to another and call upon their friends to help.

The incentive is the providing of a lunch or supper which usually is in the form of a takeout pizza.


12. Local Events

Another way to obtain free pizza is by attending local events.

Often pizzas are ordered for those who participate in the event and are usually favorite and easy to provide as the work is done by the pizzeria.

Such events could include a celebration after a big sporting event, a Super Bowl party, etc.


13. Office Casual Friday

Many offices or places of business, to promote teamwork and develop a good working environment, will have a variety of get-togethers, potlucks, or other opportunities where the staff members can get to know each other over a meal.

Often, the employees are asked to bring a food item to share with others.

A popular food item that is purchased by various staff members and brought to these events is pizza.

It is a perfect opportunity to eat free pizza and get to know your coworkers.


14. Work For Pizza Company

Another opportunity to get free pizza is to work for a pizza restaurant or franchise.

For a variety of reasons, not prepared correctly or the customer failed to pick up the pizza, some pizzas are leftover from the day.

The company’s policy may be to allow for the employees to take these pizzas home with them.

Also, as one of the perks of working in such a restaurant, you may be able to order off the menu as part of your employee benefit or at a discount.


15. Search Internet

By participating in certain websites or certain actions on the Internet, you may be able to earn points or find coupons that provide a discount or free pizza to the fortunate individual.

Specifically, utilize the search engine and accumulate points.

When a certain number of points are earned utilizing the website you can exchange the points for a variety of reward cards.

Some of those reward cards include the opportunity to obtain a pizza.

One such site is Swagbucks.


16. National Free Pizza Day

Did you know that there is a national free pizza day?

That day is on February 9 and often many restaurants that have pizza on the menu will celebrate the day with their customers by providing a free slice of pizza or even an opportunity to win free pizza for a year.

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17. Sign Up Newsletter

Another way to get free pizza is by providing your email and signing up for a restaurant’s newsletter.

This is another marketing option that restaurants participate in to stay connected to you as a customer by obtaining your email address.

As part of the enticement by the restaurant, they will offer free items such as a slice of pizza, birthday gift, or another menu item.


18. Birthday

Many restaurants, as a marketing strategy, will provide a free entrée on your birthday.

They realize, that for the most part, if you take the offer, you will bring a variety of guests with you to that celebration.

By providing a free meal to you they may be bringing in three or more extra customers because of the special day.

If one of the menu items is a pizza you will therefore be able to order that pizza, if in the terms of the free birthday entrée.


19. Giveaways Online

Another way to receive discounted pizza or free pizza is to research online occasionally to see what offers or coupons might be available.

You can utilize a search engine and use keywords such as free pizza, pizza coupons, etc. to see what might populate your screen and then take advantage of any offers that are presented.


20. Charity

Some pizza franchises are fully aware of the social and economic needs of their community.

As a result, rather than throwing food away, they will donate unused food or leftover food to food pantries or homeless kitchens in their community.

If there are many franchises in a community and this is their company’s policy, food banks could obtain a considerable number of whole pizzas to provide to needy families in a community.

This option of getting free pizza, of course, is not for everyone, but if your financial needs are as such where you qualify for this pizza giveaway program then you can obtain free pizzas this way.


Getting Free Pizza FAQs


How Did Pepperoni Become Such a Popular Topping for Pizza?

With the immigration of the Italian population to America at the turn of the 20th century, they of course and thankfully introduced pizza to America.

When the American population sunk their teeth into the pizzas, it seemed that at the time the favorite combination of just pepperoni and cheese became an immediate favorite.

And so it is today.


What Are the Largest Pizza Chains in America?

According to, the top eight pizza chains, as measured in gross sales, are

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Little Caesars
  • Papa John’s
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Sbarro
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • CiCi’s Pizza


You Can Do It

There is only one thing greater than a slice of pizza and that is if that pizza is free.

Today, an individual can have his or her pizza and eat it too at no charge by taking advantage of several reward programs as well as other ways to enjoy one of America’s most loved foods.



Pizza is an extremely popular food item.

It is not only enjoyed by children, but adults indulge and enjoy a slice of pizza as well.

Although first developed in Italy it could be easily argued that it is one of America’s most popular foods if not America’s most popular food.

Let us, therefore, reward ourselves with a slice of pizza and utilize rewards and make that slice free.

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