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It reveals a lot of tips and helpful guide to getting free NFT that you probably didn’t previously know.



In the world of baseball to keep track of the game’s statistics inning by inning many baseball enthusiasts use a baseball scorecard.

It is a template divided into nine innings and through a series of shorthand, methods follow the action inning by inning.

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Also, the scorecard is utilized to reflect the performance of the player.

The appropriate phrase that captures the importance of following all of the action on the playing field is that you need to keep a “scorecard to follow the action.”

In comparison to the action on the baseball field, you also need a scorecard to follow all of the action on the financial playing field.

In days gone by, the simple financial action that needed to be followed was keeping track of your banking accounts, possibly any stocks that you might have purchased, and following any possible investment returns.

Then the playing field became a little bit more crowded as other assets were added to the mix.

Some of those assets could have been the purchase of artwork, precious metals, real estate, etc.

Recently, another player that has become significant in the field of finances is cryptocurrency.

Added to that mix are NFT or non-fungible tokens.

Let us, therefore, stop warming the bench and put ourselves into play and learn about NFT and possible ways of receiving these at no cost.


Personal Story

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Often our parents would always search for the right name to call out and admonish whoever the daughter or son that was in trouble or who they were calling.

Often, the name of the child searched for was a combination of all of the names together and ended up being a time of comic relief rather than one of us getting into trouble.

Fortunately, like uniformed sports players, we didn’t have numbers on our backs and names on our shirts or our parents having a scorecard.

They had to rely upon their memory which sometimes, in the heat of the moment, was short-circuited and which led to the creation of another child in the household with a hard name to pronounce.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Get Free NFT


1. Know What NFTs Are

NFT or non-fungible tokens can be defined as something that even though the item of value may be divided, each of the divided parts still equals the value of that one item in its entirety.

In other words, if you have one dollar and that one dollar is represented by two $.50 pieces, those two $.50 pieces still equal one dollar.

In comparison, a fungible item is an item that has equal value to another item regardless of where that item is or how you obtained that item of value.

As an example, if you drew out of the ATM a $20 bill and had already in your purse or wallet a $20 bill those two $20 bills are fungible because they are of the same value.

A perfect example of a non-fungible asset would be artwork.

For some, the artwork could be extremely expensive whereas, for another, it may be that the artwork does not hold the same appreciation.

NFT provides a solution of ownership in that it is unique, un-replaceable, and reflects sole and exclusivity of ownership through the security of blockchain.


2. Know the Importance

So, the question arises how does one protect, in this case, their artwork from being stolen, becoming a forgery, or the owner of the artwork proving their ownership rights.

One of the answers is NFT.

In a nutshell, the item of value is digitized and then becomes an asset through the blockchain process.

This then creates an asset that is secure and almost hackproof.

The asset turned into a non-fungible token assures ownership of that item of value.


3. Beware of Scams

The mantra of its too good to be true holds sway in other areas of our life.

Therefore, it is important to not be taken in by any scams or claims that are just not realistic as it relates to any NFT investment returns.


4. Research

As with all investments, it is important to realize and remember that the money that is being invested is your money.

In other words, being yours, nobody is going to treat that money the same way or be cautious in the same manner that you will be.

That is money that you have worked hard for and earned.

You want to make sure that you invest wisely and realize the best return on investment.

As such, conduct your research and be comfortable based on what you have found and learned.

Additionally, as part of your research, it is important to not just rely on one resource or source of information.

It is important to investigate the opportunity through several websites, talk to various people, and understand the pros and cons of your investment consideration.

This is especially true as it relates to NFT a fairly new financial concept that can be explored by businesses and individuals alike.


5. Playing NFT Games

One of the best ways to earn NFT is by playing NFT games.

These games that are designed to be played are created not only for entertainment value but with this purpose of trading in mind.

One such online game is Axie Infinity.

NFT is earned as monsters are battled daily, quests are achieved, and challenges are met.


6. Trading NFT

In addition to playing games for NFT, another way that you can receive NFT is through trading.

As you play, you acquire certain collectibles or characters within the game.

Sometimes these unique characters have a higher value than others based on their functionality and appearance.

Consequently, you can trade within the game and in doing so receive NFT.


7. Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app in which registered users can communicate with each other through encrypted messaging.

Through this app, you can contact individuals and solicit free NFT in exchange for following them and letting others know of this user.


8. Play to Earn

Play to Earn is one of the best sites in which many games are offered for you to play and earn NFT.

Also, as part of the process, are games that are classified as pre-sell.

These particular games have not been rollout officially and the opportunity to buy NFT at a lower cost is available.

Once the games become popular the NFT will increase in value and can be sold at a higher value.


9. YouTube

You can search the YouTube website.

Your search will provide you with many YouTube videos that have been produced that offer suggestions and practical insight as to obtaining free NFT or at a discount.

Also, you can ask these YouTubers for a gift of an NFT for following them and encouraging others as well.

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10. NFT Giveaways

Sometimes NFT projects will show their appreciation to the user’s participation by proving free NFT giveaways.

For example, many of the Discord communities within the NFT space will provide their followers with free NFT.

Also, Telegram and Twitter may be good channels to receive these giveaways as well.



11. NFT Airdrops

As traditional companies offer bonds to help with the upgrade of their businesses, so do NFT on blockchain-focused websites offer these tokens to individuals when launching a new token.

These tokens are provided through the process known as airdrops.

There is no catch to receive these airdrops and they are provided to individuals who are currently invested and allow the investor to build on their initial investment and increase their holdings.


12. Breeding

Users are encouraged to purchase more NFT with the goal being to create other valuable digital assets.

This creation process has been dubbed breeding.

Consequently, this breeding is the creation of additional NFT.

Also See: How to Get Free Ethereum.


13. Mint Yourself

A way to receive an NFT is by minting them yourself.

Minting is the action taken in transforming a digital file to a collectible that is in crypto format.

The two ways that you can mint yourself are directly from the project website or utilizing an NFT marketplace.

One such marketplace is SuperRare.


14. Twitter

Another medium in which you can obtain NFT is from various projects found on Twitter.

Through this social media platform, occasional messages are announced indicating giveaways.

Make use of hashtags to see what giveaways may be promoted.

Although some may be bogus most are legitimate, and research should be conducted.

To receive the NFT you may be required to follow the project and also encourage your friends to do so as well.


15. Discords Giveaways

Another option of receiving NFT is from the Discord community.

Often these giveaways are a means of supporting other projects.

The major difference between Discord and Twitter giveaways is the time involved with Discord being more intense.

Discord is an app that facilitates the ease of gamers in communicating with each other.


16. Staking

The process of storing digital assets can be defined as staking.

This involves the process of others being charged to maintain the crypto and provide upkeep.

As an option of earning NFT, you can be a part of this staking action by presenting storage.

You would be eligible for any rewards and incentives for providing this staking service.

One of the sites that utilize staking is Planet.


17. Invest

Investing in the NFT future and earning NFT at the same time can be accomplished by investing in startups.

The reality is that technology is the future and to reduce forgeries, it appears, that NFT is a powerful trend that will continue forward and play a significant role.

Therefore, many NFT startups are at the cutting edge of this technology and an investment in their future may be a good return on your investment.

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded that any investments of your financial resource should be completed when sufficient research has been conducted and you are comfortable with the startup.


18. Buy Low

As with all investments, the basic strategy is to buy low and sell high.

The same strategy is the same with NFT.

If purchasing and NFT buy as low as possible, hold that NFT, and then when there is a movement upward, at what point if any, you might consider selling for a profit.


19. Wallet Security

The uniqueness of NFTs and cryptocurrency is the elimination of the need for centralized control of information or data.

This decentralization is important because it is difficult for individuals with bad intentions to access block chained information and use it for their benefit.

Therefore, NFT are extremely secure and minimizes those untoward measures from occurring.

To aid in your security, you set up an e-wallet, and you are given a key.

No one else has access to this passcode or key and should never under any circumstances be given to anybody else.


20. Make Your NFT

Anyone can make their own NFT.

To start the process you need to access a platform that will begin its creation.

In addition to making an NFT, you would need to open a payment wallet so that you’re selling and buying can be recorded along with tracking the various sessions.

There are several platforms that you can access.

One of those platforms is Nifty Gateway


Getting Free NFTs FAQs


How Do I Get My First NFT?

To get your first NFT you have to own a crypto wallet.

Once the crypto wallet has been established then you can connect that wallet to an NFT platform.

Once the steps have been taken you then purchase the NFT utilizing cryptocurrency.


Does It Cost Money?

There is a monetary cost in creating an NFT.

However, there are options in which the NFT can be created at no charge.

This process is known as “lazy minting” and OpenSea and Rarible allow for this to happen.


You Can Do It

As it relates to our finances and wishing to stay current and keep our portfolios as diversified as possible, it seems that there are so many new opportunities for investment that present themselves frequently.

Perhaps, a financial scorecard is in order so that we can keep track of all of the possibilities and actions of these “players” on the financial field.



In today’s financial world there certainly is significant action taking place.

With all of this activity, we must have a scorecard and can keep track of all of the investment possibilities made available to us to have a diverse portfolio.

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