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Several activities or locations can be defined or classified as hotspots.

In terms of our planet, there are three types of hotspots.

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Those hotspots are:

  • Mining of ores
  • Compressed atmospheric gas
  • Electromagnetic power

As it relates to the entertainment scene, hotspots are those areas where there is a lot of social activity attended by all the right people who listen to the right kind of music or entertainment and attract the right type of people or who want to be the right type of people.

In either case, a hotspot is where the “heated” action is.

As it relates to the world of technology a hotspot is that area where connection to the Internet is provided.

A hotspot is an area where one can utilize technology devices to connect to the Internet.

As it relates to hotspots nothing quite matches the power of the word hotspot with the word free.

Therefore, let us look at the opportunity to connect with free hotspots and look into the background in which hotspot connectivity can be made.


Personal Story

In helping to operate a homeless and Transitional Living shelter, we wanted to provide all of the guests the opportunity to access the tools necessary to successfully get their lives in order and with the ultimate goal of getting back into housing.

As part of the process, we provided the tools and resources to overcome their challenges, provide needed educational opportunities and as such give them full access to the internet.

We provided this by offering hotspots where the guest could access the internet and do their research for school studies, submitting resumes, and searching for jobs.

Unfortunately, we soon found out that for some of our individuals who resided with us that our trust was a little bit misplaced and so we had to not only restrict certain websites but also needed to shut the system down at certain times in the day so that individuals could get their needed rest.

Free is always good but unfortunately, some will misuse the privilege and so restrictions need to be put into place.


22 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Get Free Hotspot


1. Know More About Hotspot

A hotspot is a descriptive term that is used to identify a particular location where an individual can obtain access to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Additionally, there are two types of Wi-Fi hotspots.

One type is public and this is a public area where Wi-Fi is accessible to all of the individuals who have the capability of accessing the service.

Examples of public Wi-Fi hotspots would include shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, etc.

The other type of Wi-Fi hotspot is private and can be in these same locations as well as others with the caveat being that they are not accessible to the average individual but need a password and are generally made available to employees.


2. Know the Difference Between Wi-Fi and Hotspot

It is also important to distinguish between the two terms Wi-Fi and hotspot.

Wi-Fi is the service provided to connect to the Internet.

Also, in connecting with the Internet, is the possibility of communicating with one another wirelessly within a particular area.

For the most part today, the availability of Wi-Fi is abundant.

A hotspot is not the connection that is made available to an individual to log on to the Internet but denotes an area where a wireless signal is made available.

In other words, Wi-Fi is the technology that facilitates the wireless networks and hotspots are the locations where these networks are available.


3. Precautions

With utilizing a free Wi-Fi connection there may be an underutilization of settings that will maintain an individual’s safety and security when utilizing a Wi-Fi network.

Because it is accessible to anyone who has the connectivity required to log onto the Internet, there are seldom any security features, passwords, or encryption safeguards.

Therefore, a particular concern in utilizing public Wi-Fi through a public hotspot is to minimize your involvement in accessing secure sites that could be compromised by other individuals.

Examples of those confidential sites that you want to maintain your privacy would include banking institutions, emails that are of a personal or confidential nature, purchasing items online which require the use of a credit card, etc.


4. Research

Before setting out for your day’s activities, you may wish to know, in the area that you are going, where Wi-Fi and hotspots capabilities may be.

An app that can help provide this information is known as Swift WiFi. This application is provided at no charge and will reflect the hotspots that are provided to individuals at no charge.

Also, this app will steer the individual away from “phishing” spots or those areas where individuals try to obtain your private information.

Also, through this app, you can turn your device into a router and share your mobile network with others.

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5. Restaurant 

Often, restaurants will provide a free hotspot so that you can connect to the Internet.

Their purpose is to enhance your restaurant dining experience, but also with the possibility of sharing a review of the restaurant on websites such as or taking pictures of your food and sharing it on your social media platforms.

All of this may help to increase their businesses visibility as well obtaining new customers.



6. Library 

A great place that offers a free hotspot is the public library.

Often, the services are provided so that individuals who may be studying, researching, needing to look up various publications, have access to that capability right at their fingertips.

Also, the library typically provides a nice quiet place for study and the use of researching by using the Internet.


7. City 

Many entire cities provide one big hotspot for their community and visitors.

This is conducive to the cities attraction to bring tourists in from all parts of the immediate area and is often expensed out utilizing the various room and tourist taxes that are levied by the city.


8. Government Buildings 

In its effort to provide a quality service to the citizens of the community as well as enhance the productivity of its civil servants, many government buildings offer the availability of Wi-Fi by being a hotspot for those in the building and immediate vicinity.


9. Universities 

Universities are primary hotspots.

The reality is that the Internet can be a powerful medium in research and study and is often included as a service that is provided through the tuition assessed to the enrolled student.


10. Hospitals

Hospitals provide a hotspot in that it helps the medical staff with their research and involvement in meeting the patient’s health needs, provides a distraction for patients who may be experiencing considerable waiting times, etc.

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11. Schools 

Another place of learning that relies heavily upon the Internet in schools.

By providing this service, to the students, the school system is helping the student with research, research resources, virtual meeting opportunities, etc.

Also, some families are unable to afford Internet service and with the schools providing these hotspots, the children can level the playing field as much as possible as it relates to their studies.


12. Airports

Another typical area that can be a hotspot in a city is the airport.

Connection to the Internet is important for travelers as they communicate with their businesses, business clients, and individuals in their personal lives.


13. Your Phone 

Another hotspot can be found in your hand as you carry your cell phone.

Many Internet service providers and phones are equipped with the option where an individual can turn their phone into their hotspot.

This hotspot can then be allowed others to gain access to the Internet through your phone.

It is important however to remember that utilizing your phone as a hotspot may have data usage implications which could translate into additional fees. Additionally, when you use your phone as a hotspot, the battery tends to drain quicker.


14. Phone Settings 

Through your data plan and if your phone has the capability of being a hotspot, you access your settings and move into the category of Wi-Fi and network.

Underneath that topic should be a further subheading entitled mobile hotspot and tethering.

Moving into that area you then access the area where it says mobile hotspot.

You are provided the opportunity to turn on the hotspot which typically will provide WPA2 – Person which allows you to create a mobile hotspot password.

When this has been accomplished then you indicate to the individuals wishing to connect to you that the system is active.

The password is provided and permission to access is granted.

Typically, a limited number of individuals can access this hotspot located on your phone.


15. Apps 

To help the individual find various hotspots and free Wi-Fi in their community, many apps can be downloaded.

Some of the more popular apps include WeFi, Wi-Fi map, and Wi-Fi space.

In addition, Wi-Fi space is a web-driven app so it can be used from your laptop which can be helpful rather than trying to locate Wi-Fi hotspots and view content on a smaller screen.


16. Portable 

If you don’t want to take the time to search for hotspots out in the community, you can always bring your hotspot with you.

On the market, several portable routers are equipped with SIM cards that provide Internet service.

This may be counterproductive as many phones have the capability of turning the smartphone into a hotspot itself, but this is always an option.


17. Private Hot Spot 

When you search on your phone for potential hotspots, often you will get a return of a variety of available connections.

Some may be open, and one can access those hotspots at no charge.

On the other hand, some hotspots are private and usually are secured and require a password to access the Wi-Fi.


18. Know more about Tethering 

Another option to gain access to the Internet versus the hotspot option is tethering.

Tethering is an alternative to gain access to Wi-Fi if a secure connection is not available.

To tether your smartphone a high-speed Internet connection is required on the device that you will use as your source. For optimum usage, it is best only to tether one or two devices.

In a sentence, tethering is the sharing of the connection to the Internet that is accomplished between two devices.

Whereas on the other hand, a hotspot can connect numerous devices, most likely up to five.


19. Advantages of Tethering 

There are many advantages associated with utilizing the hotspot affiliated with tethering.

One of those advantages is that it is less drain on the battery and less expensive.

Also, it requires a lesser amount of data to be utilized and is often, a more safe and secure method of accessing the Internet rather than through an open hotspot and utilizing Wi-Fi.


20. Wifi Tethering 

By using the Wi-Fi tethering option, you can share your data with another device such as a laptop or tablet.

Tethering comes in handy when you don’t have Wi-Fi access, but you do have access through your cellular data plan and you want to use a larger screen, such as your computer, to do some research.

Depending upon your carrier it may or may not cost you money as most carriers do charge extra for tethering.

Tethering may be more efficient because less data is utilized versus the hotspot option.


21. Bluetooth Tethering 

Sharing data from one device to another can also be accomplished through Bluetooth. It is not as widely used as the other methods of sharing data, but it is an option.


22. USB Tethering 

Another option of sharing data using the tethering method is through USB.

This requires a USB cable connecting one device to the other and the ability to share an Internet connection.


Free Hotspot FAQs


What Is Needed to Set Up Wifi Services for Customers?

To set up WiFi services for guests at the business, you would need:

  • Reliable ISP
  • Bandwidth
  • Equipment (Modem and Router)
  • Set up Guest Network
  • Captive Portal
  • Restrict Bandwidth
  • WiFi Password


Why Set Up Access to WiFi in a Place of Business?

There are a variety of reasons as to why to provide this service.

Some of those reasons include:

  • Good Customer Service
  • Keep Customers Longer – Purchase More Product
  • Customers Utilize Social Media Websites to Promote Your Business
  • Customer Loyalty


You Can Do It

The power and beauty of having portable technology devices is the ease of mobility.

Also, empowering this mobility is the availability of an Internet connection or hot spots that are just about anywhere and provided at no charge.

With a few setting changes on your device, you will soon be connected.



Hotspots are where the action is.

When it comes to WiFi, businesses and cities understand the value of their customers and visitors having access to the Internet.

The Internet is the opportunity to connect, commercialize, and communicate.

Therefore, offering free hotspots is an excellent return on the investment.

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