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It reveals a lot of tips and helpful guide to getting free gas that you probably didn’t previously know.



During the 1960s, there was a popular TV show called the Beverly Hillbillies.

The sitcom was loosely based around a song entitled The Ballad of Jed Clampett.

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The song was sung by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

As the story is sung Jed Clampett was out shooting at some food and his bullet missed the animal he was shooting at and penetrated the ground and up from the ground came a bubbling crude.

Jed Clampett becomes an instant millionaire.

My point is that the song described the oil in several ways.

To make rhyme the lyrics the oil was called crude and then the singers went on to explain that it was black gold, Texas tea.

In describing the oil as black gold, that certainly is a good way of defining oil, especially as it relates to the cost of oil today.

The cost of a barrel of oil is well over $100 a barrel and gasoline prices are through the garage roof as people are paying anywhere from $5 to $6 with it pushing close to seven dollars a gallon.

Therefore, in the current state of affairs, timely writing is how to get free gas.


Personal Story

One way to not get free gas is by siphoning this precious liquid out of your gas tank or another individual’s gas tank.

During the 1970s when the country of Kuwait was invaded, the cost of gasoline skyrocketed.

People became desperate.

They were so desperate that they resorted to stealing gas from their neighbors or anybody else that happened to have gasoline in their vehicle.

Eventually, there was a rush for individuals to purchase locking gas caps, and also there was an influx of people going to the hospital or clinics to be treated for gasoline ingestion or it affecting their breathing.

Certainly, a way to get free gas is not by siphoning off the precious liquid from your neighbor’s automobile or truck.

Although the hospital that I worked at certainly kept me busy as an x-ray technician taking chest x-rays.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Get Free Gas


1. Fuel Rewards 

Many gasoline stations have created loyalty programs and to obtain the loyalty of their customers they offer rewards every time an individual fills up their tank.

One such reward program is offered through Costco and the use of their Costco Visa card.

Every time you pump a gallon of gas at a certain amount of money, you get a percentage of that sale back as a reward that can be redeemed in the Costco food warehouse facility and through the credit card.


2. Speedway

Speedway offers an app that rewards the user when gasoline is pumped into their vehicle.

The points accumulate and the customer can redeem their credited points for gifts and gift cards.

Click here to check out Speedway


3. Gas Buddy 

The app of Gas Buddy serves a dual purpose for motorists to save gas.

The first feature of this app is that it will help the individual wishing to put gas into their car or truck to find the cheapest price in their community.

Additionally, gas Buddy provides cashback on each gallon purchased.

Also, there are rewards available through the setup provided to its users when an individual reports on the gas price in their particular area.

This involvement of its users helps to keep Gas Buddy appraised of cost per gallon of gasoline and share that information with others.

Click here to check out Gas Buddy


4. Receipt Hog 

Receipt Hog requires that the motorist, upon pumping their gas, take a photo of their receipt.

Through this application, when a significant amount of bonuses have been collected, those bonuses can then be redeemed into actual cash.

The issuing of the cash is through the PayPal process.

Also, rather than having the cash you may wish to have a gift card.

Click here to check out Receipt Hog


5. Rewards Credit Card 

There are many credit cards that an individual can make an application for and as part of their reward features are offered gas cards or money back on purchases of gasoline.

One of the more robust cash reward credit cards that provide 5% cashback at gas stations is the USAA Cashback Rewards Plus American Express card.

This card offers up to a maximum of $3000 spent annually.

To learn more about this card you can click here.


6. Dosh 

The Dosh app requires that its user link their credit card of choice to the account.

The reward that this app offers is a 10% discount rate upon linkage to your card which provides the discount to the account.

Once you have registered by providing your information through the app and the proper verification process is completed you will be able to use the app at a variety of stores and many service stations.

Click here to check out Dosh


7. Get Upside 

Get Upside is another app that is available to the consumer and is provided at no cost.

By utilizing this app, a significant savings of up to $.25 for every gallon of gas pumped may be possible.

The app also messages the individual when there is an available discount that is new in their community as well as the savings of money through gas purchased.

Click here to check out Get Upside



8. Mobile Advertising 

Wrapify is a unique way of earning money by making your car or truck into a mobile billboard by allowing sponsors to advertise on your vehicle.

The vehicle must fall within the parameters of these vehicles that Wrapify will select.

Also, this option of getting paid to use your vehicle as a promotional billboard is not in all geographical locations.

Therefore, it is best to check often with the website to see what options are available and possible inclusion of your residential area.

Click here to check out Wrapify


9. Buy With Cash 

Many service stations have a set price for cash purchases of gasoline and a different price for the purchase of gas utilizing a credit card.

The reason being is if a customer uses a credit card, the credit card company passes on to the retailer administrative fees for the cost of processing the transaction.

Therefore, the retailer will pass that added cost on to the customer to cover their administrative fees charged by the credit card company.

If there is a difference in price per gallon depending upon your payment method then the wise choice would be to use your debit card or cash.


10. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is an online website that encourages people to be registered participants and take surveys.

Involved will earn the individual ways to earn points which can be redeemed into cash or gift cards.

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Some of the other participatory actions that Swagbucks will reward an individual to be involved with include the watching of movies, being part of a focus group, playing games, etc.

For each activity that you are involved with, you earn points, and the points then are accumulated can be redeemed for cash or other gift cards.

Some of those gift cards could include a fuel rewards card.

Also, Swagbucks will provide five dollars for each new individual who registers.


11. Trunow 

Trunow is an application that rewards the registered user with cashback on their purchases.

The process involves the submission of a receipt by taking a picture and submitting it through the app.

Trunow does not necessarily provide cash rewards as it relates to gasoline purchased, but if you purchase a convenience item at a service station and submit the photographed receipt you may earn up to 2% back on your entire purchase.

Indirectly, this could be saved on your business dealings with a service station.

Click here to check out Trunow


12. Day of the Week 

To save money on gas or, as a stretch, to get free gas, due to reduced cost per gallon, is which day of the week that you choose to fill up your gas tank.

With this in mind, the purchase of your gasoline should be timed accordingly with evidently, Monday being the best time of the week to pump gas.

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13. Mobee 

Mobee cashback app provides an opportunity to earn free gas.

The app can be defined as a secret shopper’s app and the process entails accepting opportunities to shop at various retailers in a secret shopping capacity.

When you purchase the item, you will receive money for making that purchase and giving feedback.

One of the possible retailers that you may be asked to shop at would be a service station.

The logic is that you would be buying the gas anyway and by providing your feedback you would be able to receive money as well as a reward in the process.

Click here to check out Mobee


14. Murphy Drive Rewards 

Murphy Drive Rewards provides the motorist with up-to-date information as it relates to service stations that are offering the lowest price for the pumping of a gallon of gasoline.

The app is designed to favor the motorists on their gasoline purchases and therefore maintain the pleasure of driving whether it is for pleasure or business.

Also, this app provides to the registered user several excellent discounts.

The accumulation of points can be redeemed for various discounts as well as in the moment when discounts are received when you purchase particular items.


15. Car Pool 

A good way to, in essence, get free gas is through the process of carpooling.

If you can get 4 to 5 individuals to carpool to the same location or nearby that would reduce your driving by 80% during the workweek.

If you do the math that would be an 80% savings due to less gas being consumed and therefore needing to be purchased.


16. Ibotta 

Ibotta helps to lessen the financial pain at the pump by providing points when an individual submits their receipt for items purchased within the service station store.

There is no specific discount provided with this app as it relates to gasoline purchases but if a convenience item is purchased within the store, that receipt can be scanned and go towards your accumulated point total.

The points can be redeemed for cash.

As a tip, a good strategy when pulling into the service station is to use any cashback reward options that you have when you pump the gas and then use this app in conjunction with any purchases made within the retail merchandise operation.

Click here to check out Ibotta


17. Free Gas USA 

Free Gas USA provides grants to individuals who can demonstrate a financial need.

This not-for-profit is based in the state of Michigan and was specifically designed to assist in the purchase of gasoline for financially distressed families.

The grants are not just made available to residents of Michigan but are provided nationally

The grants for free gasoline can range anywhere from $50 up to $1200.

They are sole to be used for the purchase of fuel with the system being the distribution of fuel cards that are specially created to restrict purchases to gasoline only.

The awards are presented monthly and are distributed based on the availability of funds.

To make an application you would contact this not-for-profit organization.

Additionally, other agencies that might be in a position to help an individual or family that is struggling with their budget would be not-for-profits such as The Salvation Army, various churches, or other not-for-profits.


18. Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is an online survey website.

As a new registrant, you will receive a sign-up bonus and then the opportunity to participate in many ways to earn cash or reward cards.

Some of the activities that you may be involved with include participation in surveys, watching movie trailers, playing games, etc.


19. CVS 

CVS is the drugstore franchise that is noted for its extensive use of coupons and the possibility of accumulating points.

For those individuals who are members, CVS from time to time will provide a free gas card as part of a promotion.

Therefore, if a CVS member, it is important to keep track of any special offers by this drugstore chain to see what possible gas savings measures may be provided by this pharmacy.

One such promotion was done several years back and can be reviewed by clicking here.


20. Cashbac 

An app known as Cashbac is only available for android users.

It is an app that will allow individuals to save money when they purchase gasoline.

The application requires the individual to provide their registration information and link their card that makes the gasoline purchases with the system.

When the gasoline purchase is made the discount is provided automatically and will be reflected on your linked account.

Added to the benefit of receiving cashback on gasoline purchases is the opportunity to provide a registration code, your particular code, that you can give to friends that when they register will provide you a bonus.


Free Gas FAQs


How Do High Gas Prices Affect the Economy?

The challenge is with high gas prices affects all aspects of the economy.

Specifically, the consumer pays more for the gasoline, the businesses pay more for the gasoline, and as such everything is interconnected.

In other words, higher gas prices raise the cost of transportation and delivery of products and services.

These higher costs are then passed on to the consumer which in turn is double jeopardy for the average individual because of the rising gasoline prices and the cost of consumable goods.


What Would Be the Most Effective Action Step to Take to Cut Down on Gas Usage?

The most effective action step to take to cut down on gas usage would be not to drive.

However, that in all probability is not a practical action step.

Therefore, any way that you can minimize the usage of your car or vehicle and consume less gas is the next best alternative.

Examples of this type of reduction in use could include:

  • Carpool
  • Alternate means of transportation – perhaps every other day
  • Working from home remotely
  • Fully using an electric vehicle


You Can Do It

Gasoline is becoming incredibly expensive.

Therefore, anything that an individual can do, both in driving habits as well as utilizing saving tips through various websites and apps, will help to minimize the pain associated with skyrocketing gas prices.



As it is with other motorists that we share the road with, we are all headed to the service station and are capturing every precious drop of this resource.

Unfortunately, unlike Jed Clampett, we don’t have a hidden oil well in our backyard.

Therefore, we must do our part not only to save money within our finances but also to conserve this precious resource that we share with others as well.

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