Yes, it’s possible and even easy to get free food on doordash, if you know how and what to do.

This article reveals exactly the best ways and tips to make this possible.



Anyone who follows the news of the day drives a vehicle or eats meals regularly understands that inflation is severely impacting our economy and the American family.

Driving a vehicle now costs motorists, on average, over four dollars for a gallon of gas, and pushing a grocery cart in a supermarket will be an average of over 7% more than what they paid over last year.

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With the rising costs of consumable items across the board, the average American household must do what they can as it relates to keeping their financial situation affordable.

Some of those cost-saving steps that can be taken can include the use of coupons, cutting back on non-essential items such as entertainment and eating out.

However, some opportunities present themselves as it relates to dining at restaurants and one of those ways is to possibly get free food by utilizing the food delivery service of DoorDash.

Remembering that tough times don’t last but tough people do, let us look at ways that we can get free food through DoorDash.


Personal Story

Once a month, after the morning services, the church would have a potluck to encourage the parishioners to stay awhile, get to know each other rather than rushing home right away from the morning worship services.

It was a great idea, and many enjoyable foods were prepared the strategy seemed to work as the church member families would get to know each other over a meal and become a closer-knit community.

It was not without its challenges and some of those challenges appeared when particular individuals would take more than their fair share and sometimes wrap up food and put it in their tote bags before others had the opportunity to enjoy it.

Generally, those that performed these food-grabbing actions were seniors.

As one can imagine, a church congregation is not perfect and so the complaints began to arise about this seeming thievery and taking of foods.

Finally, after one particular potluck was over the pastor called a few of the individuals who were concerned about these actions into his study and proceeded to share with them that these individuals grabbed this extra food because it might become tomorrow’s meal or the next due to their financial situation and having limited income.

It was an eye-opening perspective and revelation for many of those that were concerned about the actions of others.

Was it any wonder that the next potluck it seemed like there were double portions of everything that were brought for the community meal?


20 Best Ways & Tips to Get Free Food on Doordash


1. Know What DoorDash Is

DoorDash is a food delivery service that utilizes a self-employed individual who uses their vehicle to make the deliveries.

The driver is fully vetted as it relates to providing the proper documentation to be a driver and gets paid per trip plus any tips that they may receive.

DoorDash is an American-based company that currently has 60% of the market share in food delivery services and became popular during the recent pandemic.

The business was founded in January 2013.


2. Know How It Operate

This app-driven service connects the customer who is ordering their food, either from a grocery store or restaurant, pays through the app and the food is prepared or collected for the individual by the retailer.

The independent DoorDash driver is alerted as to the order and can choose to take on that delivery role if they so choose.


3. Sign Up 

To begin receiving free food through DoorDash the best way is to sign up for these offers by utilizing the DoorDash app.

When you download the app, you are welcomed to the program by being offered a promo code that provides your first delivery free.

This is DoorDash’s way of thanking you for being part of the DoorDash family.

This is the same app in which the customer can order their food, but a variety of other options are available as well as ways to save money on deliveries utilizing this convenient delivery system.


4. DashPass

One of the components of DoorDash is through their program known as DashPass.

This is a monthly subscription service that can be utilized by the DoorDash customer and is at $9.99 a month.

Understanding that the typical delivery service fee for a customer is $5.99, this will pay for itself if you utilize DoorDash more than twice a month.

Therefore, in essence, if you went with DoorDash and ordered three times a month then that third delivery, at no charge, could be utilized to help pay for your meal or could be thought of obtaining a discount on the food ordered.

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5. Chase

If you have a Chase Visa credit card, then one of the perks in having this credit card is that you might be able to obtain DashPass as part of one of those benefits.


6. Invite Friends 

Through the app, you can refer DoorDash to your friends and family.

If they take advantage of the referral, you will receive credit towards the delivery of food or receive a discount for food ordering.

The other benefit is that if any of your referrals take advantage of the promotional code they too will receive a discount.

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7. Coupons 

Through the app, you are asked to provide permission for DoorDash to send you various marketing messages through your email account.

For example, the email may indicate in the body that it is National Taco Day or National Spaghetti Day, etc.

Therefore, certain restaurants may have a special as it relates to the celebration of this particular food recognized on that day.

Through the email, you may be offered a special deal or a coupon to take advantage of that particular food.

Examples of restaurants that participate in partnership with DoorDash on special food celebrated days include

  • BJ’s Restaurant And Brewhouse
  • Domino’s
  • Papa John’s


8. Apps 

In addition to the DoorDash app is the reality that many restaurants have particular apps that they provide to their customers.

Through their apps, they may offer a discounted reward program as well as provide coupons to their customers.

It is always a good idea that if you frequent a particular restaurant or enjoy their food you download their app as they may have partnership deals with not only their restaurant but with DoorDash to help sweeten the food delivery process.


9. Domino’s 

Not presented as a negative but as an option, it is important to remember that certain restaurants may market to you their customer the ability to save money even as it relates to having your food delivered.

One such case is Domino’s in which they offered a “Surprise and Frees” promotion which allowed customers to choose delivery services.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The choice was to use Domino’s delivery service or one of their competitors.

By choosing delivery by Domino’s, the free food given to the customer was cheesy bread or chocolate lava cakes.

This free food was not given to every customer but was presented to one in every 14 orders.

This is just an option but certainly worth remembering that as inflation begins to take a bigger bite out of our eating out the budgeted amount, the greater will be the competition for restaurants for that dining dollar.

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10. Websites 

It is also important not to neglect various websites that offer coupons for discounted purchases on food and utilize the delivery service of DoorDash.

One such website is BuyVia.


11. Burger King

Burger King unveiled a new menu item called whopper melts.

Through the Burger King app, the meal could be purchased at a reduced cost and then delivered by DoorDash if you had the DoorDash pass.

This would be discounted food and the opportunity to try something new.



12. 7-Eleven 

Recently, 7-Eleven offered a coupon through DoorDash which amounted to 20% off on two orders that were for $12 or more.

The maximum discount was $10.


13. McDonald’s 

McDonald’s also, from time to time, offers promotions.

One recent promotion was a free crispy chicken sandwich on any McDonald’s order that amounted to $15 or more.

If you utilize DoorDash in conjunction with this offer not only would you receive the free food but possibly a discount on the delivery or be charged for no delivery service if you had a coupon or utilized DashPass.


14. Papa John’s 

Papa John’s currently has an offer in which the Papa rewards member gets to enjoy the New York-style pizza a week before is rolled out to the general public.

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15. Chipotle

Chipotle recently offered 50% off on your Chipotle order which amounted to $12 or more.

A promo code was offered, and this promotion was in conjunction with DoorDash.


16. Church’s Chicken

Churches Chicken offered a discount on the DoorDash app which saves the customer 20% on their next delivery of $20 or more.

This particular coupon expires on March 31, 2022.


17. Peet’s Coffee 

Also, as part of the food enjoyment process at a reduced cost how about a cup of coffee to go with that meal?

Peet’s Coffee and Tea are offering a 20% discount on their beverage products.

Again, in concert with DoorDash, you could not only get free food but a discounted drink to go with that food.

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18. Papa Murphy’s 

Papa Murphy’s is a self-bake pizza franchise that was offering 30% off on any order over $25.

This would have been a great way to enjoy a delicious Papa Murphy’s pizza at a discount and through your DashPass membership have the discounted food delivered to your home.


19. KFC 

Another option to take advantage of when looking for free food and use of DoorDash to deliver that food is by conducting a web search.

In particular, as it relates to KFC, a word search utilizing the words KFC and DoorDash will provide you a site indicating that DoorDash will provide you the opportunity to download their app and even browse the KFC menu.

Also, their commitment is that the first delivery from KFC is provided at no charge.

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20. Beware of Scams 

When doing your research on getting free food through DoorDash, it is important to remember that not everything that you come across is reputable or one in which an individual should participate.

Telltale signs of a website that you may wish to steer away from would be the word “hack” or taking action to scam the system but getting free food and not doing the right thing.

It is important to remember that we are all in this together and that even when it comes to food, we should treat each other the same way that we would wish to be treated.


Ways to Get Free Food on Doordash FAQs


Where Was the First Doordash Delivery Made?

The first DoorDash delivery was made on the Stanford campus.

The date was January 12, 2013.


Was DoorDash the first food delivery service to begin operation?

Other than pizza deliveries, the first food delivery service that delivered food appeared to be Grub Hub when it was started in 2004 by two hungry web developers who wanted another option rather than flipping through paper menus.


You Can Do It

At one time or another during the day, we all eat.

The unfortunate reality is it is getting more and more expensive to eat.

Therefore, anything that we can do or take advantage of to reduce our dining in and dining out experience will help to make our budgeted grocery money go further.



It may appear that we are going through some tough times right now.

It is again important to remember that tough times do come but they don’t last but tough people do.

Therefore, taking advantage of coupons, discounts, other food-saving cost offers is a good strategy for people to weather the inflation storm.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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