Yes, it’s possible and even easy to get free data on Airtel, if you know how and what to do.

This article reveals exactly the best ways and tips to make this possible.



The collection, analysis, and use of data is big business and big business uses this data to increase their impact economically.

One such business that has collected and has access to volumes and volumes of data on its customers is Amazon.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Amazon uses this information as part of its computer algorithms to not only improve customer relations but promote products based on the consumer’s activity.

One other such company that has scientifically incorporated data into its business model is Starbucks.

Similar, to taverns in days gone when there seemed to be a tavern on every street corner, there seems to be, on the surface, new Starbucks franchises appearing near each other.

However, through data, Starbucks can accurately predict the success rates of opening new locations and what will be the return on their investment.

A company that might come to mind when talking about utilizing and selling data would be cellular phone services.

As it relates to cellular data plans, some companies offer unlimited data while other companies will charge per data used as well as data expended through online activities.

One such cellular phone service is Airtel.

For those on a limited plan, ways to obtain free data can be an ongoing effort.

Let us dial up some free data with our Airtel account.


Personal Story

My first personal cellular phone experience was with a prepaid service.

To utilize this service there was a set cost each month for the service to be provided and then minutes needed to be added as needed.

There were a variety of plans in which an individual could renew their service ranging in increments of 30 days 90 days, 20 days, or for a full year.

With each increment of commitment, there was a discount offered to sweeten the pot for the customer to receive discounts.

Often, before my prepaid time had come to the end of the cycle, I inevitably needed to add additional minutes onto the plan to keep my service active.

It seemed as if I could never take full advantage of the use of my data as I either had excess data that needed to be carried over or I ran out of data.

My use and analysis of my data plan was woefully lacking.


What Is Airtel? 


Airtel is a significant communications solutions provider that is headquartered in India.

The company provides telephony services to over 480 million people.

The geographical outreach for Airtel is in 17 countries that span across South Asia and Africa.

Globally, they are amongst the three highest communication solutions provider and specifically the number one provider in India and the second highest provide across the continent of Africa.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Get Free Data on Airtel


1. Check Your Balance

Before getting free data on Airtel, it is always best to check your balance.

This can easily be accomplished by dialing *123# on your phone.

Your balance will soon be reflected on your screen in a matter of moments.

The balance that is reflected is usually your talk time remaining.

Additionally, if you dial *121# this will provide you information about various offers corresponding with your Airtel number.


2. SIM

The first basic step in getting free data on Airtel starts with the SIM card.

The full term for a SIM card is the Subscriber Identity Module.

It is that circuitry that is inserted into the cellular phone and it is used to identify the subscriber as it relates to the use of that phone.

The SIM card can be purchased at a local vendor.

The SIM card will be activated, and registration will be associated with your personal information.

Once the SIM card has been activated and your service is live then you can start utilizing some of these steps to get free data on Airtel.


3. Airtel Offer – Coupon

The first significant method of getting free data for Airtel service is the awarding of coupons provided by Airtel for its prepaid users.

These coupons offer the customer up to 6 GB of free data.

Although awarded the 6GB of data you do not have immediate access to the full amount of data.

The process works with Airtel providing 1GB data coupons that can be activated after certain time frames such as after 28 days, 56 days, and 84 days until the full 6GB has been activated.


4. Search Online 

To stay up-to-date on the possibility of receiving free data from time to time, it is important to periodically conduct web searches to see what current data coupons might be available for Airtel customers.


5. Purchase of Products 

Airtel has entered into several corporate sponsorships with other companies and provides data coupons when those products are purchased.

One partnership is with Pepsico and has been in existence since 1996.

One of the offers is the Pepsico chips packet where free data codes are provided.

Other Pepsico products, when specially labeled indicating data codes, include Doritos, Uncle Chips, and Kurkure.

These codes are comprised of 12 digits and can be redeemed through the Airtel Thanks App.


6. Beware of Tricks 

As the savvy consumer that you are as a reminder, the Internet may provide offer codes and promotions for Airtel that may be a scam.

Beware of those “promotions” that require you to pay or ask for personal information.


7. Amazon 

By downloading the Amazon App, you can earn rewards by playing in the fun section.

Rewards are offered to the game player and in turn, these rewards can be redeemed to obtain Airtel Free Recharge.

8. Paytm 

Paytm is an abbreviated form of “Pay Through Mobile.”

This company is headquartered in India and facilitates digital payments throughout many countries.

This company has also produced an app that when downloaded there is an opportunity to play and win several prizes which also includes money.

The money then can be used to recharge an individual’s Airtel number

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9. Winzo 

An app in which an individual can play games and receive money as a reward for having fun is through the app known as Winzo.

This money can be redeemed and can be utilized to obtain free Airtel data.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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10. Airtel TV App 

Airtel TV App can be downloaded and utilized to eventually receive a coupon for free data.

To utilize this app, you enter your Airtel number to verify your being a customer.

You then can proceed to the My Coupon section of the app, and you will be provided a code for one gigabyte of data to be used over three days.



11. Wynk App 

The Wynk Music App is an application in which the individual can download an unlimited amount of songs at no charge.

In addition to enjoying the free downloaded music is the opportunity to win 300 MB of free data on your Airtel device.

Once your Airtel number has been registered on the app you wait anywhere from 1 to 2 days and eventually, you will receive one gigabyte of Airtel data.


12. Other Wynk Apps 

Wynk has two other available apps.

Those two are the Wynk Games App and the Wynk Movies App.

With the games app, you can play many premium games at no charge and receive 300 MB of free data after installing the app.

The other app is the Wynk Movies app in which you can watch the latest movies at no charge.

The user also has the opportunity of receiving at no charge 300 MB of Airtel data.

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13. Air Xstream App 

By downloading the AirXstream app, you simply enter your Airtel number.

Once accomplished you will be provided one gigabyte of 3G or 4G data credited to your account.

The data will be valid for three days.


14. Dialing Numbers 

It is possible that when you use your phone and dial certain numbers, you will be provided free data as it relates to your cellular phone.

One number that you can dial or try is 54321 and the possibility of receiving 2 GB of data at no charge may be provided.

This may only work for new 4G Airtel users.

The other possible number that you can dial is 52122 which may provide you 2 GB of Airtel free data for three months.

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15. Volte Beta Program 

Limited to 11 states within India, this service may be eligible for residents and if you have an Airtel 4G phone.

You may be able to utilize free Airtel data.

To determine whether you are eligible you can answer your Airtel number and if eligible you will receive an OTP (One Time Password).

Enter the OTP number and click validate to see if you can be part of the program.

If so you will receive a message indicating that you are now part of this offer

After within 24 hours, you will receive 5 GB and if you provide feedback after 4 weeks you will get an additional 5 GB of free data.


16. Amazon Pay 

If you utilize the Amazon Pay system, you can enjoy cashback on any recharge if you are a prepaid Airtel user.

The offers may vary during any particular month and Amazon may give a cashback on recharges and cashback on bill payments.

By paying your bill through Amazon bill pay you can obtain free data for your cellular service.


17. Messaging 

Another possible free data option that may be available is to open your phone’s message app and type in the message area the word surprise.

Then send this message to 121.

You may receive Airtel data.

Another message that you can send to 1925 is in the message box type the word start for the possibility of receiving free data.


18. Airtel Free 

To take advantage of this program you create an account and register your phone number.

Once logged onto your account you tap the home option for the area that says jackpot-free Airtel night data 2020.

This service will allow you to take, at no charge Internet surf on an unlimited basis from the hours of 12 am to 6 am.

This unlimited usage would be the perfect time to download large files such as games and movies while you’re sleeping.


19. New Activation 

For a new customer to the Airtel system, you can get a free download of 5 GB as part of Airtel’s way of saying thank you.

You simply complete the registration with your new Airtel prepaid number and accomplish this within a month.


20. Samsung 

If the smart device that you own is a Samsung, you can go to Airtel Offers and see what deals or offers are available.

For Samsung users, they see what 15 GB offers are available, and if so, simply follow the instructions to activate the offer.


Ways to Get Free Data on Airtel FAQs


Do Companies Need Your Permission to Obtain Data?

Tracking and collecting your data is legal.

There is no federal privacy law that is in place to monitor or regulate this activity.

Often, the collection of data is generally defined by businesses as a way of better serving their customers by easily providing the products that they are searching for.


Why Do Cellular Phone Companies Charge So Much for Data and Its Use?

There are many factors that combine to make the use of data so expensive.

Some of those factors include:

  • Overhead for cellular phone companies
  • To help pay for needed infrastructure repairs up listening is a will and will
  • To help with the cost of network upgrades


You Can Do It 

We used to be concerned that we were just a number as reflected on our IDs social security cards, various files, etc.

It would appear that now we are a rich source of data that is accumulated to market to us what others think we want or need.

With all of this data traveling from data point to data point, let us grab some free data for ourselves.



In our world of technology, data is extremely important.

It would appear that data, in its purest form, are little bits of communication.

Through data, we can converse with one another, interact through the internet, and with data we communicate to businesses not only our personal information but our likes and dislikes, purchase history, and much more.

Data is like rich and raw mining material waiting to be refined.

Let us receive our share of mining this rich data.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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