If you want to know How To Get a Cash App Card Under 18, this is the perfect article to read.

It explains a lot about Cash App, how it works and whether or not one can get a card under 18.

Cash App is a unique mobile app for sending and receiving money from peers.

This app has a card feature that can be utilized to get the full value.

This card is meant for adults or for those who are 18 years and above.

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However, some people who are under 18 may want to use this card.

They may begin to show interest in the use of this app so they can utilize them to get what they want.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to get a Cash App card for those under 18 then keep reading as this article will provide you with more details.


What is Cash App?

Cash App is a mobile app that users can use to send and receive money.

If you are a user of this app, you can use it to send or receive money from another user of this app.

This money app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or from the App Store.

Cash App is owned by a company known as Square Inc. It was first released in 2013.

The users of this app must be from the US and the UK.

Cash App has many unique features which make it one of the best money transfer apps around.

Its features include:

  • Its capability of allowing users to send and receive money with friends, family, and other users.
  • The provision of the Cash App Card for users.
  • The provision of Bitcoin investment opportunity.
  • The provision of Stock investment opportunity.

Cash App is free to download, install and use.

Just head download the app, create an account, and you can start taking advantage of its features.

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What is the Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is a debit Card that Cash App users can use to make online and in-store purchases.

This is a free card that is connected to your Cash App balance.

The card is a customizable Visa Debit card. This is because you can add your signature, choose a unique color, and include an emoji that would make your card unique, and different from those of other users.

Users of this card get instant discounts when used at stores where Visa cards are accepted.

You can start using the Cash App Card as soon as you add it to Apple Pay and Google Pay. Or, you can start using the card details found in the Cash Card tab.

Cash App Card is suitable for people who are 18 years or older.


How to Get a Cash App Card?

To get the Cash App Card, you need to follow these steps:

Here are ten steps highlighted by Business Insider to get your card.

  1. Open Cash App on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Select the Cash Card tab at the bottom of the screen. It’s the rectangular icon second from the left.
  3. Tap the multicolored button labeled “GET FREE CASH CARD.”
  4. Choose your desired color, then tap “Continue.”
  5. Customize your card by choosing whether to show your Cashtag, then signing it. To sign, tap the field that says “Tap to customize.”
  6. Write or draw in your signature. You can even add stamps by pressing the little smiley face button under the signature field. When you’re done, tap Next.
  7. Enter your mailing address, then tap Next.
  8. Confirm your first and last name.
  9. Read the details about the Cash Card to your satisfaction. When you’re done, tap Continue.
  10. The app will tell you that your card number is ready. You should receive your card within 10 business days, according to Cash App.

If you want, you can now add money to your Cash App balance, so you can use it when your card arrives.

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How To Get a Cash App Card Under 18


Cash App Card for Under 18s

There is nothing like Cash App Card for people below 18.

You must be 18 years and above before you can apply for Cash Card.

However, the reason why an under 18 may want to use Cash Card is to use it to pay friends, buy meals, buy movie tickets, and more.

Yes, the Card will come in handy and pretty useful to transfer and exchange money with friends and family on the phone.

The parent can send them money to their under 18 teenagers via this card.

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4 Ways of Getting Cash App Card When Under 18 Years

If you are under 18 and want to get a Cash card, then it would not be possible.

Remember, the Cash App rules state that only people who are 18 and above can have this card.

Alternatively, since you need this card desperately, here are options you can consider.


1. Wait until you get to 18

You can only get verified to use Cash App or the Cash App Card if you are 18 years.

Just wait until you get to this legal age before you can start applying for this card.


2. Use an Unverified Cash App account

Cash App can allow unverified account holders to send and receive money.

You may lie about your age use the account before verification.

However, you won’t be able to get verification on your account if you are below 18.

Unverified account holders can send only up to $250 in a week. Also, they can only receive $1000 a month.

High amounts or transaction is only possible with verified Cash App cardholders.

However, there is no guarantee that unverified account holders can send or receive money the way they want to.

Your parent can send money to your card but you may still not be able to use it. The reason being that you need to confirm the age with an ID.

You can only refund the money to the original sender.

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3. Use your Parent’s or Guardian’s Cash Card

Your parent or guardian can authorize you to use their Cash Card.

They can preload this card with a specific amount.

This will help track spending and take control of the account.


4. Check out Prepaid Credit Cards for Under 18s

Alternatively, you can check out other prepaid cards that are suitable for those under 18s.

Many companies offer people who are not yet 18 the opportunity to use a credit card.

Check out these companies so you can get a card you can use to spend.

A very good example to check out is the goHenry Card.

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Cash App Card comes in handy to pay and receive money. It can be used by someone who is already 18 years and above.

Under 18s cannot use this card since they cannot verify their account. However, the best option is to get the authority to use the Cash App Card of an adult.

For instance, your parent can give you a cash card preloaded with a fixed amount of cash.

If you are under 18 and armed with this card, you can start spending on your favorite treats!