If you want to know how to enjoy life without money, this article has all the answers. You will learn 25 best ways and tips to really help you!


Can You Really Enjoy Life Without Money?

Of course you can!

You see, there are many age-old questions that can stimulate conversation and debate.

Some of those questions can include:

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  • What came first – the chicken or the egg?
  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • What is the secret to life?
  • And so forth

Springboarding off of the question as to whether money is the root of all evil, another question that can be asked or a topic of conversation to be considered would be how do you enjoy life if you don’t have money?

Let us dive into that question and explore ways of enjoying life without having the resources of money.


Personal Story

As part of our human nature, we may find ourselves thinking back on previous experiences and times in our life that was memorable.

What made those particular times in our life memorable is the reality that perhaps we were happy, not overcome with stress, just simply enjoying life, and so forth.

For me, that particular time in my life was when I was stationed in Pearl Harbor while serving in the United States Navy.

Our family of four didn’t have money in our pockets or in our bank accounts, we didn’t own a home, for convenience’s sake we had sold the car and were using bikes, and most likely, if defined by other people, were living a fairly mediocre life.

However, what made it so memorable, was that we had two young children, military friends, living in paradise, enjoying the landscape on the weekends, job security, and so forth.

What made this time so memorable while stationed in Hawaii was not what we possessed but what possessed us.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Enjoy Life Without Money


1. Attitude

As with anything in our life, any transformation or shift in perspective begins within the mind and, more specifically, with our attitude.

Often, how we think about a particular subject or how we respond to things in life can take on a whole new meaning or response if we have the appropriate attitude.

To enjoy life without money starts within the mind, the attitude that we have towards life and money, and how that relationship exists within our thinking.

If you wish to have a change in attitude, there needs to be reprogramming, and this reprogramming can be accomplished through education.

Consequently, to change one’s attitude about how you perceive money and enjoyment of life, the start in an attitude adjustment would begin with reading and gaining a different perspective.


2. Gratitude

Another action step that you can take to enjoy life without money is through the expression of gratitude.

If you have money, then the events and circumstances that are happening in your life should be seen through the prism of gratitude for having the resources along with the various events that occur.

If you don’t have money in your life and various circumstances and events happen in your life, then you still should express gratitude for those experiences and how they are defining and building your character as an individual.

The bottom line is to be grateful or have a commitment of gratitude for everything in your life, whether you have money or not.

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3. Simplicity

A good way to enjoy life without money is to live simply.

A life of simplicity is equal to having clothes on your back, food in your stomach, and a place to live.

The simplicity of life has the basics that are needed and is not dependent upon whether you have excess money.


4. Live Within Your Means

Another way to enjoy life without money is not to be dependent upon money.

Therefore, to enjoy life and not be dependent upon money means that you are living within your means.

If money or additional money comes into your life, then that is good because you’re living within your means.

The same is true whether the money flow is obstructed in your life and your lifestyle is simply lived.

You don’t need to worry about not having the money because you are content with what you have by adhering to the simplicity of living.

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5. Self Development

Enjoying life without money can also be attained by self-development.

Through self-development, you understand the importance and richness of working towards your highest level of achievement, which is self-actualization or understanding who you are and fully developing that potential.

By working towards this true wealth, you put money in its perspective and are able to enjoy your life fully.


6. Self-awareness

Another important aspect as it relates to who you are is being self-aware.

Self-awareness is not the thinking that the world revolves around you.

That is self-centeredness.

Self-awareness is enjoying yourself and your uniqueness and all that you bring to your world because of that uniqueness in knowing that there is no one else like you.

This brings true enjoyment and contentment to one’s life.


7. Think of Others

A significant way of enjoying life without money is to think of others and ways that you can interact with those around you and invest in their lives.

With money, your investments may possibly give you a return on your investment and more money.

With the commitment to investing in others, the return is that they are the better for it because of your involvement in their lives and the return is dividends and richness for not only you but for them as well.


8. Accept Life

All the money in the world cannot change the circumstances that sometimes occur in our life.

For example, having wealth cannot prevent illness, death, loss of a job, etc., that may adversely affect our lives.

Therefore, by keeping this in perspective and understanding the limitations of money, it is best to accept these circumstances in life, learn from them, and grow stronger through the experience.


9. Value Others

Often we place the highest value on money and its accumulation in our lives.

By shifting this perspective and valuing others, we will realize that that is where the true value of our effectiveness in life and the difference that we can make by being involved with others by valuing them.

This is truly the power behind the change.

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10. Be Honest

A great way to enjoy a life that is not dependent upon money is the quality of honesty.

Often with money, many insincere and dishonest people can use this façade of wealth to hide their true feelings and sincerity in their evaluation of life.

By not depending on money and embracing honesty, we can indicate to others candidly who we are and also have the benefit of living with ourselves by not living a lie based upon exterior circumstances or things for our enjoyment of life.

A life lived in honesty is also a life that can be less stressful as there are no façades that need to be kept up, and also less stress equates to a healthier life.


11. Be a Person of Integrity

One of the powerful qualities of life and its enjoyment that cannot be purchased is our integrity.

Often, people endeavor to buy loyalty and respect with money.

By being a person of integrity and doing what you know is right then, that integrity is amplified in our lives and brings enjoyment because we have not compromised ourselves through the power of money.


12. Follow Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell was fond of saying that we should “follow our bliss.”

This is meant to convey that each of us, in our uniqueness, has a calling and that we should follow that calling because it will bring enjoyment to our lives.

Typically, following your bliss is not gathering huge amounts of money or wealth but finding what you are here for and following that path of contentment and self-realization.


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13. Be Positive

Another way of enjoying life without money is to be positive.

Whether we have money in our life or not, we should endeavor to have an attitude that is upbeat, looks at the brighter side of life, and is positive in thinking overall.

The benefits of maintaining positivity in your thinking not only will provide enjoyment and happiness in your life but will also transfer into our physical bodies as we are able to dispel negativism which could foster stress and disease in our lives.


14. Concentrate on Being Rather Than Doing

It is often said that we are what we eat.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that we are human beings and not human doers.

Therefore, what we are inside will be a natural outward flow in the things that we do, the way that we think or what we are involved with.

First comes the being and then the doing, whereas, with money, there can be a tendency for this process to be reversed in that if we have the money, then we act and respond differently.


15. Be Content

One of the great spiritual books provides a narrative in which the author indicates that they are content in all things.

The individual continues to say that whether they have or have not, whether they are hungry or filled, etc., they have found contentment in life.

It can be safely said that money does not bring contentment.

Even if we have money, we want more, and that is not the definition of being content.

Therefore, it is important to remember that to enjoy life without money is to be content, and that means whether you have money or not.

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16. Live Genuinely

To enjoy life without money also means to live a genuine life.

Often individuals who have money put on airs or try to be something that they are not through the use of their money.

For example, they may drive fine cars, wear fancy clothes, and live in luxurious homes, but if the truth be known, they are not living genuinely because that may not be who they are trying to convey.

The use of money in this way can create hypocrisy and demonstrate to others a “front” on what they may see but is not who the person actually is on the inside.


17. Encourage Others

Another great way to enjoy life without money and interact with others is to encourage people.

It is important for us to remember that we are all on this journey of life together, and there are individuals that need our encouragement and positive feedback in their life.

Often, having money or making money a priority can sometimes create divisions between those that have and those who have not.

Therefore, a great way to enjoy life without money is not to allow those separations to exist and encourage one another.


18. Don’t Live with Regrets

An additional way of enjoying life without money is to not dwell on or embrace regrets.

Regret is expressed typically with the beginning words of if only, I wish I had if I had to do it all over again, etc.

Typically, the motivation behind these statements of regret, more often than not, swirls around opportunities for earning money.


19. Live in the Present

It is important that we enjoy life without looking back at yesterday or looking forward to tomorrow.

It is critical to enjoy life without money in the present moment and not allow the power or the allurement of money to dictate what we should’ve done or what we will do tomorrow.

If we allow money to have this power over us and not live in the present moment, we will be missing out on the power of what is occurring in our lives in our very present moment.


20. Follow Your Dreams

Another way of commitment that we should have to enjoy life without money is to follow our dreams.

So often, our dreams experience a roadblock because we either don’t have enough money or the proper resources that we think are required to fulfill the dreams in our lives.

It is important for us to pursue our dreams whether the resources are there or not, and if our dreams are meant to be, they will.


21. Keep Money in Perspective

To enjoy life without money means that we should keep money in perspective.

Money is a resource and a commodity and is available in our lives due to the expending of energy to earn that money.

Other than that, money does not think, does not feel, has no emotions, etc.

Therefore, keeping money in perspective is understanding and accepting that it has no sway or power over us.

Money does not own us, we own money.


22. Treat Others As You Would Want to Be Treated

Another way to enjoy life without money is to radically give it away.

One of the powerful basic philosophies of life is to treat others in the same way that we wish to be treated.

Therefore, it is important that to enjoy life, we give money away to worthy and charitable causes by helping out of others.


23. Find Your Purpose

In addition to finding your bliss, it is important that you enjoy life by finding your purpose.

Money cannot define you, nor can it effectively provide your purpose in life.

The discovery of why you are here and what your purpose in life will only add and bring enjoyment to your life once it is discovered and followed.


24. Celebrate Life

To enjoy life also means to celebrate life.

The celebration of life is not about buying fancy decorations, purchasing gifts, having extravagant dinners, etc.

To celebrate life means that you not only honor the lives of others but honor your own life and maximize the gift of life for the benefit of those around you as well as yourself.

To celebrate life does not require the purchasing power of money.


25. Respect Money

Finally, to enjoy life means that you also respect life which includes respecting money.

Typically, money comes into our lives because we have worked hard for it, and it is a representation of our expending our life’s energy to earn that money.

Therefore, to enjoy life see money for what it is and respect money as it is a reflection of your experience, education, and hard work.

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You Can Do It

If you have always thought or equated money with happiness, perhaps you realize that this thinking can be deceptive.

It certainly is okay to have money, but as with all things, it is important to keep everything in perspective.

If you desire to enjoy life without money, it begins with the mind and learning or reprogramming your mind to understand that having money does not necessarily bring happiness into one’s life.



There are age-old questions that, when posed or asked, bring to the surface a variety of answers.

Typically, the answers are based on an individual’s personality, life’s experience, the various filters that inform their outlook on life, etc.

When it comes to money, many individuals believe that without money, it is impossible to enjoy life, while there are those individuals who believe the exact opposite.

Perhaps, a balance needs to be maintained and make sure that everything is placed in its proper perspective.

The bottom life is to differentiate between joy and happiness.

In light of that statement, it is important to remember that happiness can be purchased, but joy has no price tag.

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