How To Effectively Use Facebook Groups To Succeed Online




Answer this question, why did you join that Facebook Group?

As I sit here drinking my coffee and writing this post, I have come to realize that becoming a part of a Facebook group has been one of the most important decisions that I have unknowingly done. Yes! I confess! It was a total accident. I can say this, because I started my online business adventure early this year and one of the main reasons why I am succeeding today is because of the Facebook groups that I have joined.

When I joined these groups, I did not know what to expect nor what to do. But the Facebook groups that I find myself spending the majority of my time in these days, are groups where we learn from each other, by sharing our experiences. This brings me to my first point, Facebook groups should contribute to your success by creating an environment where everyone learns from each other.


What Usain Bolt, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Others Successful People Have In Common

When you seriously take the time to think about it, most of times if not all, individuals who have experienced success had a team behind them:


Usain Bolt won 6 gold medals in the Olympics and believe me, he had a team behind him, which included his coach Glenn Mills[1], his sports agent Ricky Simms[2] and the rest of the Usain Bolt team[3].




Even Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Ronda Rousey, and Warren Buffett had people around them as they made their way to achieve success.

Name any individual  in the pass or today that has achieved  a prominent successful status, and you will find that person was or is surrounded with people that supported them. So make it clear your team could be you mother, wife, best friend or a coach.  And this is the type of Facebook group that you should want to belong to


Do Facebook Groups Play Other Roles?

Yes! But if you are using Facebook groups to network with others or to promote your business, then you need to find several or at least a couple of Facebook groups that create a supportive and learning environment.

In order to find a Facebook group like this, you simply need to take the time to read the description of the group and read the rules of the group which is usually posted on a  “pinned post”.


Before Joining Any Facebook Group

In any Facebook group that you join, you should always make it a point to not only read the description, but read the the “pin post”, the “files” and even go through the pictures and the videos that members have posted in the group. By doing this you can clearly see, what to expect from the group and what is expected from you.

Out of all the types of Facebook groups you join, you want to find yourself spending the majority of your time in groups where you are getting support and gaining helpful knowledge.




How Are You Spending Your Time On Facebook? 

Since I started my online business adventure the role of Facebook in my life has changed significantly. Yes! I still read my family and friends postings for leisure, but if I were to calculate the amount time I do that, it’s not so much time, as compared to interacting with members in a Facebook group, where I am learning something that is going to help me grow my online business.

Hands down! I’m reading more about new funnels, new traffic sources, and new ideas that people are sharing. On top of reading I’m interacting with people in these groups that can and have become clients. All I’m doing is contributing to the group by expressing my opinion, teaching the new members and helping anyone in any way I can.


The Type of Facebook Groups To Join

Facebook groups that support you and help you learn should be made up of individuals who are willing to share with you their ideas that can help guide you to success. Good or bad! The stories they share should be a learning experience for you and the group.

And the group should be structured in a way, where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and asking any question. But in order to have this type of group, the group needs to be made up of several types of members.


The Type of Person You Should Be To Get Results From Facebook Groups 

It’s my opinion there is no member who is more important than another member. If you find yourself having this type of attitude, you simply need to change your attitude. Matter of fact you need to realize, that it’s not about you.

Your attitude should be, what can I do to contribute to this group, instead of what can this group do for me or am I going to get members in this group to do A, B, C. People will quickly figure you out and the word will quickly get around to keeping a safe distance from you. Or the administrator of the group will simply remove you from the Facebook group.


The Type of Members You Need In A Facebook Group

The members you do need are members from different levels of success in the industry that you are involved in. You need members that have succeeded in the area that you are wanting to succeed.

In our Facebook groups, we have at least three members or more who have succeeded in an online business opportunity or opportunities that have made them six figures a year and they all are all willing to share what has helped them get to that level, by not only sharing their knowledge but also sharing some key tools that are needed to succeed in an online business opportunity.

They share their capture page designs. They share their email swipes and their solutions getting traffic. And you don’t even have to sell the same product or be in the same companies that they promote.

How cool is that?!



Even Newbies Can Gain A LOT From Facebook Groups

Then you have beginners like me, who have been blessed and are experiencing success in a short amount of time. I have only been doing my online business adventure for 8 months or less and I already have established an advertising budget that does not come out of my pocket but is paid for by my profits.

And since most of my profits at this time goes to paying for advertisements, I will say at this time, I seldom pay myself. I am currently purchasing 600 to 1000 clicks per week to promote my businesses and my goal is 5000 clicks a week. On top this I am also learning and doing the work to getting more free traffic.

As I am working towards this, I also share my capture page ideas. I also share my email swipes and email titles with the members of the Facebook groups. By doing this I have learned where to buy solo ads and where not to purchase solo ads. Plus I have  learned and continue to learn how to get free traffic.

Then you have people joining the Facebook groups daily and you get the questions of how do I start. I just finished setting this up but it doesn’t work…etc. And these people are important to you as well, because the old theory of first you learn it, then you put it to practice and then you teach it to another person comes in. If you can’t answer the questions that beginners are asking or you don’t take the time to answer them, then you are not growing as a leader nor are you going to be recognized as a leader.


Why Did You Join That Facebook Group?

Yes, why did you join that Facebook group? The answer is simple. You joined that Facebook group for one reason, so you can be a part of a team that will help you succeed at all levels. Better yet, I hope these people will become your friends and not just team members. Believe it or not, some of us in the group have already taken trips to visit each other.



Always keep in mind people are going to be at different levels in the Facebook groups that you join but they are all working to achieve a goal that is important to that person’s life and their family. So no matter what level a person may be in, we can all learn from each other.

I hope you enjoyed the read and remember to connect with me on and Facebook.

Until next time Be blessed and live to bless others.