If you are looking for ways to earn money online without investment by doing typing jobs online, this article will prove very revealing.

It looks deeply into whether this really works and how to get started yourself, without having to invest any money.

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So, yes, it’s certainly not a myth that one can earn money online without investment by simply typing online.

It’s as simple as making money free from a website that offers typing type jobs without you having to pay anything or invest any money.

You also don’t even have to pay any money for registration but can still make money.

Yes, you can just sign up and start doing the tasks to get paid.

This article shows you all about how it works.

It also shows you some of the many types of jobs you can do online with your typing skills, even if you don’t have advanced typing skills.

And most importantly, you will see some of the exact sites to get started with, as early as today!

But of course, you need to have some typing skill. If you don’t have any typing skill but still want to earn money, you can consider other opportunities such as this that pays you just for watching videos online.

If you have a relatively average or above-average typing skill you can put that into use by earning from many legitimate online typing websites.

There are so many typing opportunities out there that you can take advantage of to start making part-time or full-time earnings.

Typing jobs come in different forms depending on what is to be achieved. If you want to earn more money than normal though you need to have good typing speed and high level of accuracy in your typing.

How Typing Online To Earn Money Works

Before diving into this, it is important to be reminded of how typing online to make money works.

earn money online by typing

There are many online typing companies or websites out there. These websites basically operate in similar ways when it comes to helping members earn money typing. Their main duty is to provide content and data materials for clients or digital companies.

Typically, these companies accept members with the required typing skills to complete a prepared typing project or task within a specified time. Then, the member is compensated based on the quantity or quality of work done.

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

The system of payment or compensation could be through the earning of points that would later be converted into cash or by earning cash directly.

Accumulated earnings would be credited into the individual’s account as the project is completed. Members can be cashed out through check or payment gateways like PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Webmoney, and any other system that have been indicated by the website.

You can register with any of the online typing companies or websites to get today.

Simply visit their websites and sign up with your email. After your account has been activated, you would be sent typing tasks to complete based on the preferences you filled up in your registration.

However, don’t forget that different companies have different registration procedure and it would be wise you read the terms of service before applying.


Different Types Of Typing Jobs You Can Earn Money Online

There are different types online typing jobs you can take advantage of. You should make your choice based on the area you are most suited for.

typing jobs online that can earn money

More so, the importance of speed and accuracy in your typing skill should never be undermined.

Also, a very high command of the English Language and the ability to solve spelling problems or deal with grammatical errors is an advantage.

But of course, if you would rather other types of ways to earn money that don’t involve typing or doing anything online, check out the following:


How To Earn Money Online Without Investment By Doing Typing Jobs Online

As for the common types of jobs for making money online with typing, here they are:


1. By Doing Online Paid Survey Jobs

This is one of the easiest ways to start making money online without investment because most survey jobs don’t need you to pay to get started with.

make money doing Online Paid Survey Jobs

You usually only need to sign up for free. And some even give you money just for signing up!

Online survey jobs are those offered by companies like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and lots of others. They usually require that you fill or complete surveys provided.

You may be required to leave your comment or opinion about certain products or services. Some survey companies will invite you for specific surveys based on your profile.

The process of completing surveys may require you know how to type. This is because you will have to type your opinion on the required platform.

But since it’s not usually laborious typing, it can be done by anybody, from the comfort of their homes or office.

You can take advantage of online surveys and start getting paid from the comfort of your home.

Best Paid Survey Programs

Below are some of the best paid survey programs that really pay:

It’s recommended that you join ALL of the below sites that you are resident in and you must CONFIRM the emails you receive after signing up, to increase your chances of getting paid more. They are all 100% FREE TO JOIN, so don’t worry about paying anything.

  • SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn $5 to $50 per day. They have already paid million of dollars to their 10+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie.
  • Swagbucks (only USA, UKCanadaAustralia, Ireland residents allowed). They pay you to shop, watch videos, search the web, answer quick questions. They are among the oldest & have paid $326 million to their members! Click here to join Swagbucks.
  • LifePoints (only UK, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Italy residents allowed). Join their 5,000,000 happy members worldwide who get real rewards. You get bonus 10 LifePoints FREE to join and confirm your email address! Click to join LifePoints.
  • SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn $5 to $50 per day. They have already paid million of dollars to their 10+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie.

If you are not located in the countries allowed, you can't join and the links won't even open up for you. But you can join Kingged.com's special program HERE to receive email updates of more programs that allow more countries.

You get paid cash $5 to even $50 daily by these programs. They pay everyday people  like you this much money for just sharing your thoughts and opinions about things around you or products you use.

Reviews of Other Survey and Reward Sites To Consider:


2. By Doing General Transcription Typing Jobs

Here you get to transcribe audio recordings into text formats.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

You can transcribe audio recordings from

  • Speeches,
  • Webinars,
  • Lectures,
  • Conference calls,
  • Videos,
  • Podcasts,
  • Dictation,
  • Phone messages,
  • Etc.

But there are also specialized transcription services. These include services like legal and even online medical transcription jobs. These require some specialized or professionalized training.


3. By Doing Data Entry Typing Jobs

You can use your typing skills to make money with online data entry jobs. These jobs involve you entering letters or numbers from one file to another.

Data Entry Typing Jobs that pay very well

For instance, you may be required to fill in a database of contacts, codes, numbers, etc. from one page to a spreadsheet file.

Or, you may be asked to fill in specialized online forms to the details, etc. This type of typing job can be done online or offline.


4. By Doing Captcha Typing job

You can earn money by typing in Captchas. You get to help solve Captcha problem for clients by typing the text formats of the provided image format using the given software.

Making Money Online Without Investment

Unlike other work from home jobs like nursing or programming where you need skills and specific education, with this you only need basic typing skill to earn money.

And the more Captchas you solve the more money you are likely to make.

Yes, you can get paid and make money without paying anything to get started with this.


5. By Doing Writing Jobs

You may be required to write articles, ebooks, blog posts, advertisements, slogans, quotes and other similar content to be used by websites and companies.

This is one of the popular ways people make money online with their writing skills these days.

best writing jobs

You get paid according to the quality and speed of your work.

Typing of projects could be real-time or based on your own schedule. The website providing you with the project reserves the right to instruct you of the steps needed or how to complete the project.

If you are good at writing poems, you can also get paid to write poems for companies.

You can also check out this helpful article for ways of earning extra money writing reviews.


6. By Doing Copywriting Jobs

This type of writing entails you write business advertising and publicity copies for clients.

Best typing jobs online

You would be asked to write or rewrite sales letters, promotional adverts or newsletters to help businesses attract customers.

This way of earning money through typing requires some level of business writing training.

Check out this article for ways of making money as a proofreader.


Apart from the above, there are still other types of online typing jobs. You should take advantage of the areas where your skills lie.

Some of the other typing jobs include:

  • Copy & paste typing jobs,
  • Writing blog posts,
  • Slogan writing jobs,
  • Advertisement typing jobs,
  • CRM Data Entry jobs,
  • Live registration data feeding,
  • etc.


7. By Doing Captioning Jobs

According to the website of the National Association of the  Deaf (DAF):

“Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a television broadcast, webcast, film, video, CD-ROM, DVD, live event, or other productions into text and displaying the text on a screen, monitor, or other visual display system.

create money without investment

It basically means you can type and convert speech, dialogue and narration so that even the deaf can read and follow up on the broadcast.

To put it simply captioning is another term for creating subtitles for videos or live TV shows. It is a form of transcription that can be done with real-time broadcasts.

However, some closed captioning jobs online also involve different types of captioning such as offline captioning where pre-recorded audio files are captioned.

You can make money online by such doing captioning jobs from the comfort of your home or office.

This job will involve you using your fast typing skill to convert audio sounds on videos, television, movies, webcast, etc, to readable words on the screen.

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8. By Doing Legal Coding jobs

For these types of jobs, you will be provided with legal materials from which you are expected to type information into a database.

earn money online by Doing Legal Coding jobs

With legal coding, you enter materials which attorneys and paralegals can use in courts.

As a legal coder you will be required to pay close attention to details based on the guidelines provided.

The process also entails creating summary or keyword data from a document.

The legal profession benefits largely from database of document created through legal coding.

If you can type and have experience with legal coding, you can start making money as a legal coder.

Most companies pay per typed document.


9. By Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the Internet, you can work from home as a virtual assistant and get paid!

get paid online as a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from home in providing assistant to an employer in many capacities.

You can be a VA working from home and helping clients to carryout different tasks. These can include:

As a virtual assistant you work like a traditional personal assistant or office secretary but you are working from a remote location.

If you have good typing skills and excellent customer service skills, you can absolutely make money constantly doing virtual assistant jobs online.

On the average, you can get paid around $20 per hour.

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10. By Doing Micro Jobs Online

Micro Jobs include various types of tasks that you can complete online to get paid.

Doing Micro Jobs Online

These jobs can include:

  • Completing forms online
  • Posting comments on social media
  • Creating and editing database
  • Proofreading documents
  • Filling Captcha
  • Submitting receipts
  • ETC

There are variety of tasks out there that micro task companies need people with typing skills for.

Your typing speed and/or skill can come handy for such tasks.

Simply join a micro jobs website and start checking out the micro jobs on offer.


11. By Becoming A Website Tester

Yes, you absolutely can get paid to test out websites, as a website tester!

You will be provided with websites to review and provide your opinion.

Thanks to your typing skill, doing these types of job can be easier and faster.

For 10 to 20 minutes, you can review the navigation, user-friendliness, pages, and other features of the websites and get paid.

As a website tester, you will usually need a high Internet connection, more than anything else.

Website testers can work from home and get paid by the hour.

Some level of typing skill is required to earn as a website tester.

This is similar to making money online as a software tester.


12. By Doing Forum Posting Jobs

Forum Posting is a type of job that requires you to post on threads in forums. The posts may be just your opinion or certain threads or a new thread.

Doing Forum Posting Jobs

If it’s just leaving your opinion on certain threads, some may just be general opinions, meaning you don’t even need to have specialized skill or experience.

But if it involves starting a new thread, it may involve providing relevant and/or helpful information that will be of benefit to members of particular forums.

Regardless, there are people that pay those who do such jobs for them.

Your typing skills can come handy with such jobs and you can get paid based on volumes and depths of postings you make on particular forums or platforms.


Legitimate Websites To Find and Earn Money Online Typing Without Investment

There are lots of Internet marketing scams on earning money online typing without investment. Thus, it becomes important to be cautious of where you sign up.

Remember that you don’t need to pay to get started with many of these websites.

The following are some of the legitimate websites to sign up with to start earning money online typing without the need to invest any money:

Of course don’t forget that some of these sites won’t pay you enough to get rich, so don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Think of using them as ways to get extra side money coming in from the comfort of your home or office, while spending the rest of your time on other activities that will earn you more.

And the fact that you may not even need to spend more than one or few hours doing these types of jobs, it’s worth trying some of them.


Tips To Help You Improve Your Typing Speed To Earn More With  Typing Jobs

As you can see from this article, there are different types of typing jobs out there. For each one, some form of typing skill is required.

improve your typing speed and make money online

You need to improve on your typing speed and accuracy so as to produce more results in terms of quality and quantity.

The following are typing speed improvement tips that will make you land better jobs, produce more and increase your chances of earning more.

  • You need to have the right typing equipment in place so you can work comfortably and faster. The equipment could range from a comfortable keyboard, a safe ergonomic chairs, a well lit room, a noise-free work station, etc. Having the right keyboard with a solid resistance is very important.
  • Take advantage of practice lessons at your spare time to improve your typing speed and accuracy. There are software or programs you can install on your computer today to improve your typing. Simply take advantage of these tools to evaluate your performance. Typingtest.com , Key Hero, Typing.com and TypeDown  are some online free resources to help you practice and improve your speed.
  • You should take breaks when typing for a long time. Regular breaks from typing will help revitalize your brain and hands. With regular breaks, you get more speed and accuracy when typing. And this will only mean you get the best output.

If you stick with the above typing tips as well as the best practices to earn money by doing online typing jobs, the results you get would be immense.



Doing online typing jobs like the ones mentioned in this article can definitely be a good money earner for you, if done right and done as many times as you can.

And by doing things right, this means if you are able to stick with the best practices. Such best practices include:

  • Obeying the terms of service of the websites
  • Typing faster
  • Typing accurately
  • Completing tasks or projects on or before deadline
  • Minimizing typing errors

If you are planning to earn money online from typing without investment, the above details should be very helpful.

Lastly, apart from earning money online by typing or in addition to that, if you are looking to earn easy and quick money from just filling out surveys, click here and check out this amazing survey program.

With survey programs like this, you can make an easy $5 to $25 each day. And you can do the activities in your spare time to earn this much. It’s a 100% genuine program and has over 4,000,000 members, at the time of writing this (yes, over 4 million members).


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