Are you overworked as a YouTuber to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel to be qualified for Adsense?

In this article, you will learn 20 ways/tips to skip Adsense’s requirements and start earning money with your YouTube channel.


What Is Adsense?

Adsense is an advertising network that works together with Google Ads and Google Display Network to display Ads on your YouTube videos or website.

As a YouTuber or a website owner, you can use Adsense to generate income if the requirements are met.

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20 Ways to Earn Money From YouTube Without Adsense

The following are other ways to skip Adsense’s requirements and start earning money as a YouTuber.


1. Give Media Houses Your Video’s License

If you are a YouTuber who creates engaging and funny videos, licensing your videos is a great option to earn money from media houses.

Giving a license does not mean you are not the owner of your videos.

You remain the owner, but they pay for the right to manage and represent your videos, making them go viral.

You get paid when you give media houses your video license.

But you have to note that Media houses make your videos go viral. is one of the media houses websites you can sell your video’s license to.


2. Use Your YouTube Channel as a Portfolio to Earn Big Screen Debut

This method is the best for you, if you are an upcoming star who needs a big-screen debut or want to be noticed by stars to feature you in their films.

You do not need to beg to be featured in any movie.

Producers and stars will come to you.

All you have to do is get a camera, record videos, and upload them to show your talent.

Reaching a large audience is another challenging task.

You can leverage media houses by giving them the permission to share your video to help you go viral


3. Get Money Through Patreon/Donations

Your subscribers are your lovers.

They always want you to post video content for them because they enjoy watching you.

You can get money from YouTube by telling your subscribers to fund your channel so you can create more videos for them.

You can get their donations through YouTube, PayPal, or Skype account, by putting the account link in your video description.


4. Be an Affiliate Marketer for Products and Services

Another way to earn cool money from YouTube is through Affiliate Marketing.

All you have to do is collaborate with a brand by promoting their products or services on your YouTube Channel.

Create a video related to the products’ niche and direct your viewers to the products with a link in the video’s description, making you get commissions on each sale.

You can also get a bonus commission if your subscribers buy other products through your link.

You have to choose products related to your YouTube channel niche to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

For example, it’s wrong to choose products in agriculture, when your YouTube channel’s niche focuses on Computer Science because most of your viewers are not interested in agriculture.

To be successful, you can choose software-related products.

Some best Affiliate Marketing programs are; Amazon, Elementor, eBay Partner Network, ClickBank, Affiliate, etc.


5. Promote Brand’s Products From Sponsorship

You can make a large amount of money through brands’ sponsorship by working with brands to promote their products.

To be sponsored by brands to make money on YouTube, you have to do the following:

  • Be specific in the topics you discuss on your channel.
  • Choose brands related to your channel.

Some websites you can get brands to sponsor your videos are; Famebit, TapInfluence, etc.


6. Rank High on YouTube Search Engine

Many people often use YouTube as their second search engine after Google.

To rank high on YouTube is a big advantage because you tend to have more viewers, subscribers, and brands come to you for sponsorship/partnership.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to ranking high on YouTube.

SEO is not just creating video content and uploading it on your channel, you need to have some basic knowledge.

The two major things to know to rank high on YouTube are:

  • Use long-tail keywords: For example, “soap making” is a short tail keyword, while “step-to-step guide to soap making” is a long-tail keyword.
  • Create a high-quality video content


7. Rent Out Your YouTube Videos

You have to optimize your video for SEO to explore renting out benefits.

You get proposals from different brands to rent your videos’ link if you rank high for a particular keyword relating to their brands.

You rent out your high-quality video link, get paid by brands and still retain your video’s right.


8. Market Your Products or Services to Your Viewer

You can generate income by selling your services and products to your audience.

Research shows that you tend to get more sales by selling your products than selling other people’s products.

Your viewers also trust you more and buy from you; because they are your well-wishers.

As an expert who teaches people how to produce organic creams on your YouTube channel, you can sell the raw materials to your viewers by putting a link to direct them to order any products.

Also See: How to Make Money with Google Adsense Without a Website.


9. Sell Courses

We are all eager to learn new things.

As a YouTuber, you can earn money by advertising advanced courses to your viewers to register in order to take part.

Selling courses will be easy for YouTubers already in the informational and educational niches.

For example, you can direct your viewers to your Advanced courses on Phyton to earn money after teaching them the elementary of Phyton for free on your YouTube channel.


10. Create a Membership Site for Your Subscribers

You get money by creating a membership site for your subscribers, making them join for a monthly subscription.

Your subscribers can enjoy you more on this site after giving them the fundamentals; you offer them exclusive access to enjoy more advanced videos, which are not on your YouTube channel.



11. Use YouTube Super Chat and Super Stickers

YouTube introduced Super Chat to allow your subscribers to pay for live streams when you go online.

You get special built-in features such as super stickers using the YouTube live stream.

To get more people to join your Super Chat and earn more money, you make your videos conversational to engage your viewers during the Super Chat live stream.

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According to YouTube, more than 100,000 people have used Super Chat to generate $400 per minute.

If you can achieve large viewers using the live stream, you get additional opportunities to earn money without Adsense.


12. Be A Lead Generator

As a Lead Generator, all you have to do is get your subscribers’ or lovers’ contact through your YouTube channel and sell it to bidders looking for people in your niche.

For example, if your YouTube channel is an agricultural niche, over 80% of your subscribers/viewers will likely be interested in agriculture.

You have to create a video telling them that you have a special site you would like to add them to and tell them to register with their emails.

That’s it.

You have your viewers’ information already.

And you wait for the right bidder in Agriculture to sell it for.

Examples are Google and Dailymotion, which use Lead Generation to generate their income.


13. Write And Sell Your E-Book

E-books such as Amazon’s e-books are the third search engine people use to get information after Google and YouTube.

As a YouTuber, you can write an e-book related to your niche and sell it to your subscribers.

Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer to transcribe your audio/video content to an e-book and sell it out.

You can also use your YouTube channel to promote your e-book and put a link to direct your viewers to your e-book site.

Another way to leverage e-book to earn money on your YouTube channel is to promote other people’s e-book and get a commission through their e-book’s links.


14. Sell Digital Products

You can promote and sell your digital products such as; graphic design, WordPress website creation, images, template, and software to your YouTube viewers and earn a lot of money.

You can also do this for other people by mentioning or referring your viewers during your video content and getting paid for your marketing.

Try not to over-promote your product in the video.

Just mention and add a link to direct viewers to your website or app to order your products.

You can also show your viewers some samples to make them trust you more.


15. Build An Ad Website and Go Premium

You earn a lot of money if you go premium on your website because all brands want their products to grow with fast sales by advertising on different websites.

You might want to know the correlation between YouTube and a website.

How do you build a premium website?

Firstly, you have to build a website, and if you do not know how to build a website, you can hire a freelancer to help with that.

Transcribe your high-quality video content to written content and post them regularly on your new website.

You generate a lot of viewers from this, which makes you qualify to join a premium ad network and generate a large income per thousand visitors.

Examples of premium ad networks are; Google Display Network, AdMob by Google, AdCash, Yahoo Gemini, etc.


16. Go Into Consultation or Private Training

As a YouTuber who educates his viewers, you can easily advertise and tell your viewers to consult you for any clarification for some amount of money.

Also, you can advertise any private tutor to your viewers to make them go deeper in your teachings.

It will help if you ask them drop reviews for you to attract other viewers and make them trust your consultation or private tutor.


17. Make Videos on Trending Keywords/Topics

You get high demand, sponsorship, and proposals from brands if you decide to make videos on trending online topics.

Examples of topics you can talk about are Online money making, Real estate, etc.

Companies in this niche tend to send you sponsorship proposals to propagate their brands if you have a large viewer.


18. Propagate Your Freelance Skills

As a freelancer and a YouTuber, you can always propagate your freelance skills to your viewers.

By propagating your skills, you can get high demands for your skills.

You can also put your freelance link below in the video’s description to direct anyone demanding your skills to contact you.


19. Register and Attend YouTube Courses

It is a great step to register for YouTube courses because you learn different ways to increase the number of your subscribers and viewers.

You also learn how to grow your channel on YouTube’s Creator Academy.

When you have a grown YouTube channel, you get different proposals for sponsorship and partnership.


20. Become a YouTube Partner

You get 55% of the revenue generated from ads displayed on your videos if you partner with YouTube.

Becoming YouTube’s partner may not be a good option for new YouTubers; because you need to have a grown YouTube channel of 10,000 viewers. However, the YouTube partnership serves as a better way to earn money without Adsense.

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Making Money From Youtube Without Adsense FAQs


What Are the Conditions to Earn Money from Youtube Adsense?

The first conditions are;

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months

The first conditions above make you qualify for an Adsense account.

Although they tend to take time depending on your YouTube channel’s niche.

Secondly, you only get paid when your viewers view the ads shown on your videos for at least 30 seconds.


How Much Can I Make from YouTube Adsense?

YouTubers usually earn money based on cost per click (CPC) or per thousand views (CPM). That’s based on the number of clicks from Ads displayed on your videos and based on every thousand views.

As a new YouTuber, you should probably expect $1 per 1000 views after accomplishing Adsense’s conditions listed above.

But if you have a grown YouTube channel, you can earn as high as $5 to $18 per 1000 views.

If you work hard to get 1,000,000, you can make $5,000 to $18,000.

With all being said, it requires hard work to attain a large number of viewers.

Instead of waiting to have such large number of viewers, you should explore other easy methods listed in this article.


What Are the Disadvantages of Relying on YouTube Adsense?

Depending solely on YouTube, AdSense is like riding a bicycle with your eyes closed.

You have to work hard to join the platform and stay updated with their guidelines.

You might probably be removed if you are a YouTuber who does not constantly stay updated with their guidelines.

Therefore, you should have alternative sources of income instead of YouTube Adsense.



There are many ways to earn money without Adsense as a YouTuber.

All you have to do is choose the best method that works for you as listed in this article and start generating money.

You do not need to wait to have a large subscribers or viewers.

You only need to create a YouTube channel and high-quality video content.

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