Yes, you can earn money using Spotify playlist.

This article throws light on how and most epic tips to help make that possible – as many as 25 epic ways and tips to really making money with Spotify playlist.



Music plays an important part in our lives.

If we are dancing we want to either dance to a nice slow tune and hold our partner close or dance the night away to some tunes that are lively and upbeat.

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Other times, our moods call for different types of music.

Tor example if we are in a romantic mood we want to listen to love songs that reflect our feelings or if we are involved in a workout we want music that will energize us and keep our workout upbeat with our heart pumping and our lungs being filled to capacity.

The importance of music can also be reflected in that there have been a variety of ways that we can hear our music and enjoy what the music has to offer.

In days gone by there were the old records that could be played at speeds of 78, 33 1/3, or 45 RPMs.

Also, an important device that allowed for the listening of music is a radio which eventually became transistorized and portable.

Other music listening devices were cassette players, eight tracks, CDs and now there are significant stream music services that are available for individuals on the go and all that is required is their smartphone.

One of the digital music streaming services that have significantly gained in popularity is Spotify.

While listening to the music on Spotify you can play creative music in the background so that you can learn how to earn money with a Spotify playlist.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help Make Money With Spotify Playlist


1. Know all about Spotify

In 2008 Spotify was launched.

Spotify is a digital music streaming service and is comparable to Apple Music and Tidal.

This digital music streaming service, once you register, gives you access to a vast library of music and podcasts.

This content can be listened to anytime you wish and is both legal and easy to use.


2. How it Operates

Spotify is provided at no cost and is supported by ads that will interrupt your music listening periodically.

This will occur unless you have purchased the premium Spotify to utilize.

To register for an account you open the Spotify sign-up page on your PC or your tablet or other mobile device and enter your date of birth and gender.

Once you have filled in those fields you will click the sign-up button that is colored in green.

At this point, you can choose a subscription level and if you are new to the platform you can test premium for three months at no charge

Once all this has been accomplished you then download the app and then you can start listening to music or podcasts.


3. Spotify Premium

Spotify is also available at a subscription price that is charged on a monthly basis.

With Spotify Premium there are no advertisements, songs can be downloaded you also have unlimited skipping of songs as well as the audio quality of the premium subscription is significantly enhanced.

Also, when you subscribe to Spotify through their premium option you are given the opportunity to access Hulu.


4. What is Available

Spotify was originally a digital music streaming service but with the popularity of podcasts, these communication programs are available.

Also available is the option to browse a variety of popular playlists and some of the playlists are designated as popular music from specific countries.

You scroll down on the app and there are various playlists that are available, a variety of popular that are trending, and podcasts to listen to.

As you become accustomed to using Spotify and are more involved there will be a recently played section in which your songs and playlists that you have played are available to be listened to on a regular basis.


5. Create a Playlist

As a convenient service, the items that you have listened to will signal various recommendations from the app that may be of interest to you based on your favorites.

You also have the ability to create your own playlist which is an option available on the side of the app.

Your playlist can be labeled with various words to remind you what songs have been saved in your list.




6. Music Curator

A music curator is an individual who spends a considerable amount of their day listening to music.

In the process of listening to music, they are getting paid as well.

In addition to listening to the music, they are required to categorize the music.

Some of the categories that the music can be labeled as include music that is:

  • Instrumental, mood, or feel the music
  • Male vocals
  • Female focus
  • And other categories

The music, that is categorized, is then used for a variety of purposes depending upon the type of music.


7. How to Become a Curator

To become a music curator and get paid for this musical job requires that the individual have significant knowledge as it relates to music genres and has the ability to classify those musical offerings appropriately.

Some musical curators have a bachelor’s degree in the arts and specifically the area of music.

Open vacancies for a music curator can be searched using a variety of job posting websites such as or


8. Qualifications

The specific skills and qualifications that would enhance your advancement as a music curator would include being familiar with music reduction and the distribution process, good communication skills, detail-oriented, organizational skills, handling of licensing agreements, etc.


9. Curator With Spotify

To be a paid curator with Spotify would require that you have your own playlist and have followers on the Spotify platform.

If qualified to be a musical curator you can earn up to $12 per song for your support of the artists by providing feedback on their music, discovering new music for your playlist, etc.


10. Upgrade

With your purpose in being a music curator on Spotify the first action step would be to create a playlist that would reflect your specific niche in your knowledge of the music.

You have the opportunity in creating your playlist to use a cover photo and a title of your list as an initial indicator of what music will be on the list

Keywords should be included in your bio so that people who are searching for a specific music genre will be able to discover your playlist.


11. How To Create A Playlist

There are basically seven steps to creating a playlist on Spotify.

Those steps include:

  • Selecting your playlist theme
  • Use keywords to optimize individual searching
  • The playlist should have 70 songs
  • Create your artwork
  • Build your following up to around 1000 followers
  • Apply for monetization
  • Manage the songs


12. Attracting Followers

Some of the key strategies in promoting your Spotify playlist would include fully utilizing your social media platforms.

This can be accomplished through Instagram and Facebook and targeting or focusing on specific listeners who are likely to appreciate your playlist and enjoy the songs that you have gathered together.

Also, it is important to utilize all of your social media platforms and even promote your playlist on various different types of forums and subreddits.


13. Eye Catching

Another important step in creating your playlist to be discovered by individuals is to use eye-catching photos so that people will want to see what your playlist contains.

For example, if you wanted to have a playlist comprised of love songs you could use a photo of a heart, Cupid with his bow and arrow, a couple walking hand-in-hand, etc.

Those looking for quality love songs may see your cover photo and see what some of your love songs include.

Underneath your photo, as a description of your playlist are the various keywords that you can use and credit given to your creation with the use of your name, number of songs, and the time required to play the entire playlist.

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14. Categorize

If you have quite a few songs that you enjoy it is important not to lump all of the songs into one playlist.

The songs need to be categorized.

Categories could include the different genres that the songs could be classified into.

For example, they could be love songs from different decades, different styles of music (country-western, soft rock, etc) by artists, etc.


15. Grow Your Following

The final step in being a successful Spotify curator and getting paid would be to grow your following.

Three proven techniques of growing followers for your playlist would include the promotion of your playlist on your social media websites platforms, utilizing Facebook groups and advertising your playlist through your posts, and being persistent in gaining additional followers.


16. Streaming Curator

It is also possible to be a curator actually employed by Spotify.

One of those curators is known as a streaming curator and their role or function is to create music playlists that fans will listen to on a frequent basis and therefore creating additional subscribers to the platform.


17. Sell Your Playlist

A fairly direct way of earning money through Spotify is by selling your playlist.

Generally, your playlist is valuable if there has been considerable time placed into its creation and has been curated and categorized utilizing significant time and expertise.

To make your playlist valuable for sale your playlist would require that you have a fairly large following and be able to verify that the listeners are real and then find a buyer.


18. Creating Playlist 

The opportunity may present itself in that an individual who wishes to create a playlist but doesn’t have the significant knowledge or background of different types of music genres or maybe doesn’t have the time will pay you to create the list.

You can take on this paid opportunity to create the list for them by finding out what sort of music they are interested in, the different genres, and whether they want vocals, instrumental, etc.

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19. Current Reward

Points are earned with this site by listening to music through the app known as CurrentReward.

From a list of radio stations that have been curated you will need to pick a playlist based on your own personal listening preferences.

Payment is made through a point system which can eventually be exchanged for gift cards and various other awards with the total earnings being a maximum of $600 per year.


20. Playlistpush

At you can earn money that can be realized through your Spotify playlists.

To qualify you need to have an active account and have the minimum number of followers required

Those requirements include:

  • 400 real followers
  • 30 additional followers each month
  • 1% of followers actively engaged.

The three services that the playlist works with include:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube music
  • Apple Music

For every song review that is conducted, you can earn anywhere from $1.25 to $12 per song review

The varying amount is dependent upon your reputation score which is calculated by the number of followers and their activity on your playlist page.


21. RadioEarn

With RadioEarn you will sign up for an account and then begin to earn points by listening to various online stations.

One of those stations would be Spotify.

Once you have earned points you then can cash in those points for rewards which include Amazon gift cards, bitcoin, or actual cash sent to your bank account.


22. Slicethepie

The site of Slicethepie will accept and pay for written music reviews.

The average review will earn you $.10 and in order to cash out through PayPal, you need to have accumulated $10.

With this site, there are no qualifications as it relates to followers.

This may be a site that you can start with immediately in earning money through your Spotify playlist.


23. Submithhub

To qualify to be paid by Submithub, as a curator, you need to have at least 1000 followers that are following your playlist.

For each review that is conducted this site will pay $.50.


24. Daily Playlister Premium

To be actively involved with Daily Playlister Premium you need to have a following of 30,000 followers

If you have this number of followers you can negotiate directly with the site to work out any contractual agreements.


25. Daily Playlister

To be paid through Daily Playlister you need to have at least 1000 followers and at least 200 listeners.

This site works closely with Spotify and updates songs and playlists on a daily basis.

Through this site, they will create a page for you and you need to provide information about the song.

You also classify the song by giving it a rating between one and 10.

If you added to your playlist the performing artist will advertise your playlist on his or her social media.


Personal Story

As they say, there’s always a first time for everything and usually, the first time is memorable.

While stationed in Hawaii, my wife and I celebrated on a special night for a couple of reasons.

One was that we were just accepted into Navy housing which significantly reduced our rental cost.

We no longer needed to live in downtown Honolulu.

Secondly, we celebrated our first anniversary.

I came home from work and my wife had prepared a delicious meal, with candlelight, and had even taken the time to develop a playlist of our favorite songs together.

This was back in the early seventies and I don’t know how she did it but it was greatly appreciated and I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into selecting our favorite songs.


Making Money with Spotify FAQs


How Many Registered Spotify Users Are There?

As of the first quarter of the calendar year 2022, Spotify indicates that there are 182 million subscribers.

This is a 15% increase over the same time in the previous year.


What is the Value of Spotify?

As of this writing Spotify is valued at $32.26 billion.


You Can Do It

If you enjoy listening to music you can elevate that enjoyment to the next level by utilizing your Spotify account and earning money with Spotify playlists.

Music can stipulate a number of actions, memories, and moods in our lives.

Now through Spotify playlists, our pocketbooks can be stimulated as well.



Music is an important component in our lives and has been a gift that down through the years most people have enjoyed.

In addition to music providing entertainment, music is sometimes a reflection that captures the thinking, social issues, and cultures of different time frames.

Music is powerful and not only can create a variety of messages based on the words, beat, and rhythm of the songs but can be powerful in our lives.

Add in the component of conversation through podcasts, streaming digital music, and engaging conversations to create a dynamic business industry.

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