If you are one of those who have always wondered whether it’s possible to earn money by watching videos on YouTube or even on TV, then this very comprehensive and helpful article is for you.

It looks into the truth behind this, whether it works, how it works, the various ways it works and even shows as many as 22 sites and programs that really pay you just for watching videos on YouTube.

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As for getting paid for watching videos on YouTube or even on TV, most people already know about YouTube, but if you don’t it is an online video sharing site. It is owned by the big ol’ Google and has become the must-go-to video sharing platform for individuals and businesses.

A lot of people and brands use YouTube to show case their products/services. They create channels for their products/services, upload videos – which may include content that instructs, entertains, or educate viewers.

If you are a regular viewer with YouTube there is are real opportunities for you to earn by just watching videos.

The thing is, if you are going to watch videos online on YouTube anyhow, why not get paid for your efforts. You might find it enjoyable watching and even learning from some of the videos.

That way, getting paid for your efforts become a huge bonus, even if you only get paid very little.

So, yes, if you are looking for a way to make extra money online then watching YouTube videos could provide you with such opportunity.

Many would doubt reality of making money by watching YouTube. They would ask, is it possible to earn money by watching videos on YouTube? Yes, it is possible to earn from money by just watching videos on YouTube.

Keep reading and you will learn all about:

  • Whether it really works
  • Exactly how it works for people
  • The various ways it works and pays
  • 22 of the best programs that really pay
  • The websites of the 22 best programs that really pay
  • And of course, whether you can actually get rich from the process


Apart from how to get paid to watch videos, there are many helpful content on this website for those looking for ways to get paid. Below are some of them that might interest you:


How To Earn Money by Sharing or Publishing Videos on YouTube

Before looking at how you can earn as a video viewer on Youtube, let’s first look at how you can earn as a video sharer or publisher. Also known as a YouTuber, you share or publish videos on YouTube, just like many others.

Basically, YouTube provides opportunities for businesses or individuals to make money. Below are some of the methods of making money as video sharer or publisher on YouTube:

Google AdSense – Here you connect your YouTube channel with your AdSense account. This is an advertising program from Google. It shows contextual ads on the videos you have posted. YouTubers make money when individuals click on the ads.

Some even make money just from the views their videos get. In such cases the higher the page views their videos get, the more they can earn.

Sponsored ads – Many people with popular YouTube channels can monetize and earn more from them by accepting sponsored ads. In this way, they have to receive payments from brands, organizations or individuals to promote their ads on the channel.

Sponsors do pay a lot of money and you can make significant amount if you have many targeted viewers, or if your videos frequently get wide exposure.

Affiliate marketing – This method of making money from YouTube is popular among Internet marketers. Basically, you have merchants promote their products/services, and whenever a sale is made you are compensated with a commission.

Your YouTube channel can be a source of affiliate products’ promotion. You create video and leave a special affiliate link that would lead to a landing page or the merchant’s site. When sales are made as a result, you get compensated with a commission.

The above methods of earning from YouTube are peculiar with Youtubers who share videos.

If you really want to get rich from YouTube, this is how to do it. There are YouTubers who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars yearly just from publishing videos!

It’s a lot of work to get to the point of earning that much and there’s a whole lot to learn before you get to the point of earning that much as a publisher but it can be done. The many examples of others who are doing it shows it can be done.


Next, let’s look at how to earn just from viewing or watching videos on Youtube.

How To Earn Money Just by Watching Videos on YouTube or TV

Yes, it’s also possible to earn money simply from watching videos.

There are websites that have special reward programs which offer viewers the opportunities to make money online by just watching YouTube videos or even TV shows.

They pay you simply for watching and/or performing some tasks during or after the watching process.

And the good thing is that the videos don’t have to be boring or annoying videos. They pay you just for watching entertaining videos.

So, you enjoy the videos for sure, and you also get paid or rewarded.

That’s a definite win win, if you ask me.


22 Sites & Programs To Earn Money From By Watching Videos On Youtube or TV

There are many websites and programs that pay people like you for watching videos.

I have done a lot of research to put together some of the very best ones for you, as well as how they work.

While some of them pay through offering of gift cards, many others pay cash directly to your Paypal account.

That said, below are 22 of the best sites and programs that really pays people to watch videos online:


1. Swagbucks

This is one of the oldest and most reputable sites that really pay those who watch videos through them.

They pay you just for watching different videos, ranking from sports videos, world news videos, etc. You can even get paid through them just for watching sponsored videos.

Of course they also pay when you perform other activities like taking surveys, surfing the web and -believe it or not- just for shopping online.

They have paid their members over $275,000,000 in cash and free gift cards over the years!

Yes, that’s a staggering two hundred and seventy five million dollars! That’s too much money to not take them seriously, wouldn’t you say?

Apart from just watching videos, they also reward you for other activities such as

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks and start earning today just for watching entertaining videos online.


2. InboxDollars

As the name implies, the main way of earning from InboxDollars is reading emails they send to your inbox. But they also pay you for watching videos through them, on a daily basis.

They are also one of the oldest in the business and really pay those who sign up and perform the tasks provided.

Other ways to earn from InboxDollars include completing relevant surveys, playing of games online, doing searches online, etc.

Click Here To Check Out InboxDollars


3 – MyPoints

This is another reputable website that pays for watching videos.

With MyPoints, you get paid to watch certain videos, earn points, then redeem your points for gift cards when necessary.

You can earn as many as 500 points every single day just watching videos.

And yes, you can choose to watch only fun videos, not boring nor annoying videos.

Apart from getting paid to watch videos with Mypoints, you can also get paid to shop, play games and even read emails.

They have been in operation since 1996. That’s usually a good indication of how trustworthy they are.

Click here to join MyPoints for free today


4 – EarningStation

This site also pays people to watch videos.

You earn points for the videos you watch and for other activities such as shopping online, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

This website is very particular about where members are from, so if you are not from the United States, you might not be accepted.

In fact, you might not even be able to access their website if you are not from the countries allowed, particularly the United States.

Click here to check out EarningStation


5 – Perk

This is another site to consider when it comes to getting paid for watching of short videos.

Yes, you don’t have to watch long or boring videos with Perk.

You earn points from watching short videos and can convert your points down the road for gift cards of your choice, merchandise of your choice and of course into cash!

Below are some of things you can do with Perk to earn perk points:

  • Shopping while online
  • Answering some pop quizzes if/when you can
  • Searching the web using Perk if/when you want to
  • Downloading new apps to try them out
  • Watching some popular videos if/when you want to
  • Watching movies and even app trailers if/when you want to

As of the time of writing this, Perk has paid out rewards of over $51,000,000!

Yes, that’s a staggering fifty one million dollars and counting.

You can be one of those getting paid for watching your favorite TV shows with Perk.

Click here to check out Perk

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6 – App Trailers

As the name implies, App Trailers pay for watching the trailers of particular apps.

According to them, they reward members who watch trailers of what they call “hot apps”.

You earn points for the trailers you watch and can redeem your reward points when necessary.

You can redeem your points with instant gift cards as well as instant cash directly to your Paypal account.

Click here to check out App Trailers


7 – Market Force Information

This is a mystery shopping company that pays people who love watching movies, to attend movie premieres.

Of course most movie lovers would even love to go to such premieres for free but with this company, you get paid for that.

When you join them, you will be known as a CFA (Certified Field Associate). You get paid for what they call “field visits”.

And guess what – you also get reimbursed with cash for what you spent on your movie tickets and any concessions for particular assignments.

They mostly accept members from the U.S. and Canada.

Click here to check out Market Force Information (also known as Certified Field Associates)


8 – Get Paid To Watch TV Shows On Netflix

As far as watching TV is concerned nowadays, it’s impossible not to mention Netflix, right?

They are the #1 favorite for most people who love watching TV shows, movies, etc.

And yes, believe it or not – you can get paid just to watch TV programs on Netflix.

You see, Netflix occasionally hires people like you to do the job of watching and “tagging” some of their programming.

Officially the title of these people are editorial analysts, creative analysts.

Also called “taggers”, people who get hired for such jobs help provide more precise recommendations to other Netflix subscribers.

The job of these special editorial analysts, creative analysts or “taggers” involves the watching lots of content on Netflix, then “tagging” each of the films and episode with the particular relevant metadata.

Tagging the metadata helps make it more search friendly for people to find the shows and programs they want to watch on Netflix.

With this job, you enjoy the TV shows and get paid to better ‘tag” them to help others.

Click here to see if any such jobs are currently available with Netflix


9. QuickRewards

This site is also popular and certainly pays you for watching videos as well as for doing some other tasks online.

Some of the other tasks and activities that you can get paid for include taking daily surveys, reading of emails and even shopping online.

They only allow members from US, UK and Canada.

Click Here To Check Out QuickRewards


10 – SuccessBux

This is one of the newest from the bunch. It was started in 2012. It’s known as a rewards site and already has hundreds of thousands of registered members.

They pay their members for watching videos and even for listening to music online.

Like the others they also pay for activities like filling out of surveys, trying out certain products, referring friends and even just surfing the web.

One of the really good things about SuccessBux is that they have a low payment threshold. This means you don’t have to wait to accumulate a lot of money before you can get paid. You can get paid as soon as your balance reaches $1.10.

Yes, they also pay you through Paypal.

Click Here To Check Out SuccessBux


11 – National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel is a company that collects data about consumer habits and behavior. They send video surveys and scan products you purchase.

Video surveys are provided to collect data for advertising campaign and product spots. You can make money by watching videos and providing feedback as demanded by NCP.

No, collecting data in this case is not the same as data entry jobs.

You can use your Android phone or iPhone to scan products and take video surveys with the NCP app.

The more videos surveys you take using this platform, the more money you will make. You will earn points for taking the video surveys or scanning products with NCP.

When you have reached the required minimal points, you can then redeem the points for cash, gift cards and other prizes.

Click Here To Check Out National Consumer Panel


12 – Viggle  

Viggle is another unique app you can use to earn from watching Videos. You can also make money with them by just listening to music or audios from your phone.

With this app you will get a list of TV shows and programs from local stations or streaming stations like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

You get to open the app and use it tune in to any program you are interested in from your TV or video programs.

In other words, you use Viggle to listen to programs using the microphone on your device. You will earn points for watching videos and ads.

Watching new shows or programs will attract extra points. The points you earned can be exchanged for gift cards or other merchandize.

So, yes, with Viggle, it’s not just watching videos online and getting paid. You can get paid to watch TV shows from the comfort of your home.

It’s definitely worth checking out to see how much you can earn doing what you already do at home for fun!

Click Here To Check Out Viggle


13 – Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice is a website which allows users like you to share their videos or TV watching habits on their mobile devices or computers.

You can actually use this app to watch videos and get rewarded.

Apart from watching videos and sharing your habits, you can qualify for the $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes Program, where over 400 participants can win up to $1,000 each in a month.

That’s worth trying for, right?

Click Here To Check Out Nielsen Digital Voice


14 – HitBliss

HitBliss is another website where you can be rewarded for watching videos.

The videos you watch from this website are usually in the form of commercial ads. So, yes, you get paid for watching video ads with this program.

With HitBliss, you earn more if the ads you watch are personalized and targeted.

You earn points for watching ads. The accumulated points can be exchanged for digital rewards like music, movies, TV shows, etc on the HitBliss store.

Click Here To Check Out HitBliss


15 – CreationsRewards  

CreationsRewards is another website that will pay you with points for taking surveys, watching videos, searching the Internet, playing games, shopping and completing other tasks online.

You will also earn points for referring friends.

The videos you watch from this website are often laced with commercial ads or products’ offers. These include movie trailers and TV shows.

You will get to watch and complete simple tasks on each.

While some will demand that you leave your opinion after watching, others may ask you to only watch for some few seconds to earn points.

Your rewards points can then be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Click Here To Check Out CreationsRewards


16 – You-cubez  

You-cubez is a marketing and advertising company. Its main focus is to ensure that clients are guaranteed a certain number of views on their ads or promotions within a specified period.

This website also employs people to watch videos, complete surveys and complete other tasks like viewing websites.

Clients payYou-cubez for reaching a specific number of views, and subsequently You-Cubez will pay people like you a portion of the amount paid by clients to watch videos and other activities.

Click Here To Check Out You-cubez


17 – Fusion Cash   

Fusion Cash is a get-paid-to website. You can sign up and get paid to watch videos, shop online, view websites, complete offers and take surveys.

You will be paid cash viewing videos within different time frames.

For instance, you can earn from 1 to cents for watching videos that lasts from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

In a day you can watch up to 10 videos.

This rewards website also gives you $5 as a sign up bonus.

Click Here To Check Out Fusion Cash


18 – InstaGC   

InstaGC will also pay you to watch videos and complete other tasks like surveys, complete offers, shop online, etc.

You will get access to hundreds of variety of videos on daily basis and you can watch and earn as much as you want.

InstaGC actually rewards you with points for each video or task you complete. When you watch 5 full videos you will receive 1 point.

The value of 1 point on this platform is 1 cent. So, the more videos you watch, the more points you accumulate.

Points can be redeemed instantly for gift cards and cash.

Payment of cash is instant can be done via check, PayPal or Payza.

Click Here To Check Out InstaGC


19 – Instant Rewards  

Instant Rewards is another platform or app that will reward you just for watching videos.

Apart from videos, you will also earn instant rewards for downloading other apps and for completing surveys.

With this app you can earn extra cash in your coffers every month.

On the average, you can earn cash from $10 to $15 per month. Yes, that’s not much but it can add up if you do it consistently.

After downloading this app on your smartphone just hit a button and take steps to download your videos.

Click Here To Check Out Instant Rewards


20 – GrabPoints

GrabPoints is another platform that will allow you to earn points for watching videos and completing other tasks.

The videos you watch are usually laced with ads which you can also interact with.

You will earn between 1 and 10 points for watching videos.

Points can also be earned when you refer friends, take surveys, download apps and more.

Points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. To cash out you will need to accumulate 2000 points or $2 in your account.

Click Here To Check Out GrabPoints


21 – AdFun

AdFun is an app that will help you to make money online. You get to earn points to watch videos and also share videos on social media.

You also earn by getting more people to interact with the video.

This unique app also helps you to earn points for bidding on select auctions.

The points you earn can be redeemed for prizes.

Click Here To Check Out AdFun


22 – Paid2YouTube

This is another of the most popular websites where YouTube watchers can make money.

If you want to make money doing what you already are doing – watching YouTube videos with your phone or laptop – then Paid2YouTube might just be the right place to sign up.

The payout for watching a video for $0.005 cent. That’s not much and certainly won’t make you rich but it can add up if done consistently.

If you want more, you can still perform other tasks like commenting on videos, rating videos and doing referrals. These extra tasks can help you earn more than you would from just watching the videos.


Exactly How Paid2YouTube Works

Paid2YouTube allows you to make money watching YouTube videos in the following steps:

  • You get started by visiting the site and clicking on the register button. You would then be taken to the registration page where you get to fill in your details. You will have to create your username and password for log in.
  • After creating your account you can then log in to access your user or member section.
  • You then click on the “surf videos” button on the top menu and you would be directed to page where you can click on the videos that appear. You can watch the video for at least 30 seconds or allow it play on the background for some time.
  • Your account would be credited with $0.005 cent for each video you watch. You can watch as many video as you want and request a cash out when you reach a threshold of $10. And yes, you can get paid straight to your Paypal account.

Click here to check out Paid2YouTube


How To Ensure You Get Paid By These Sites

You have to follow the exact instructions in these programs or sites to start earning. The more videos you watch the more you increase your chances of earning more money from these sites.

Each Individual site will have its peculiar earning system, so spend a bit of time on each first, to understand exactly how they work and how to earn the most from your efforts.

The video watching sites that pay individuals as listed above are popular. They provide members with the opportunity of watching different types of videos, movies or TV shows.

You can watch each clip for a few seconds and leave your comments, ratings, feedback, etc.

Some of the videos promote adverts and the sponsors pay the advertisers who in turn reward you for viewing and performing specific tasks on the video.

From these sites, some of the videos shared are from YouTube and you are provided with more opportunity to make money with this video platform.

The above details come handy in showing you that it is possible to make money or earn by just watching videos. Although the payment may not be much but accumulation of earnings with time can add up.

Also, very important to note that many of these sites only allow members from US, UK, Canada, Austalia and New Zealand.

Make sure you check and are aware if your country is allowed or not, before signing up.

I know some may be tempted to hide their locations before signing up using tools and software, but it’s very likely they will get found out eventually.

I mean, it’s not just about signing up but also about giving your payment information to receive payments.

If you are located in a country not allowed but use a different IP to sign up, what happens if they eventually find out your country of location is different?

This might end up costing you all payments due; ultimately resulting in complete waste of your time and efforts.

You certainly don’t want that, so don’t even get started in the first place if you are not located in the countries allowed.


Other Activities To Earn Money From Watching Videos on YouTube

Apart from just watching the videos, other activities that you can earn from on these sites include:

  • Taking surveys while or after watching the videos
  • Giving comments or feedback on the videos,
  • Answering questions about the videos
  • Rating the videos
  • Referring others to also watch the videos
  • Sharing the videos with others
  • etc

These various other activities help you earn more.

The good thing with these programs is that you can earn with most of them completely from the comfort of your home, thanks to the Internet.

These are unlike other programs that you have to be physically present such as getting paid to donate sperm, getting paid to become a mystery shopper, getting paid to deliver groceries, or even making money selling at flea markets.



If you are looking for another way of earning extra side money online then watching YouTube videos isn’t a bad idea.

Just note that you can’t get rich from the process. Consider it as a way of earning side hustle money that can be put to other important uses.

Again, if you are going to watch videos on YouTube anyhow, why not get paid for your efforts. You might find it enjoyable watching and even learning from some of the videos. That way, getting paid for your efforts become a huge bonus, even if you only get paid very little.

To get started, sign up with any of the websites mentioned in this article.

So, yes, it is possible to earn money watching YouTube videos. The platform offers great opportunities for both individuals and businesses. You can actually make money doing what you love.

Again, apart from getting paid just to watch videos or in addition to that, if you are looking to earn a bit more from just filling out surveys, click here and check out this amazing survey program.

You can make an easy $5 to $25 each day you spend with this program. And you can do the activities in your spare time to earn this much. It’s a 100% genuine program and has over 4,000,000 members, at the time of writing this (yes, over 4 million members).




  1. Hi Norma,

    Interesting this article is.

    I certainly learned a lot from this as I didn’t know one could get paid just from watching videos on Youtube.

    And thanks for letting us know in advance that we can’t rich from this, but as you said, since we will watch videos anyway, why not get paid for doing so!