This article looks at all you need to know about how to do affiliate marketing without a website and still make money online.

And yes, it’s possible, whether you are a beginner or seasoned online entrepreneur.

Apart from just looking at how this works, I will also look at how you can do this with in the IM (Internet Marketing) or MMO (Making Money Online) niche and non IM/MMO niche.

First things first though, although it is possible to make affiliate sales without a website, it is a good idea if you can get started with a website.

What’s great is you can get great hosting at a discount here at Kingged.  You also can get a top of the line, discounted autoresponder service through Kingged too.

A website and an autoresponder are necessary if you want to take things to the next level.

Maybe you are just getting started with affiliate marketing?  I will show you how to make money without a website.


What Is Affiliate Marketing

earn from affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you earn a commission for any sales that you make for a product. On the internet, digital products are the most popular.

Many digital product owners  give you a commission of 75% or more! What’s great is you can do affiliate marketing even without a website.

I will cover 2 different ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:

  1. By promoting IM (Internet Marketing) or MMO (Making Money Online) type products
  2. By promoting non-IM or non-MMO type products


How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Promoting IM Products

Most online entrepreneurs get started in affiliate marketing promoting IM or MMO products. While there are many IM products out there, it can be hard finding a really good one.

It’s even harder finding a good one that pays affiliates very well and actually works for the buyers.

My most recommended IM product to promote is Kingged Done-For-You 30 Days To Affiliate Marketing Earnings.

I like the fact that it’s the first ever IM or MMO product that not only teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing but starts the process off for you from the first day you join. This allows you to start earning while learning.

It’s crazy but they actually start helping members make money even before their activities yield results.

You can read all about it here.



How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Promoting Non-IM Products

For the rest of this tutorial, I will show you choosing non-IM related products.

With non-IM related products, you want to pick products that provide a solution to an “urgent” problem.


What Products Do Want To Promote?

This is one of the first questions to ask and answer when promoting non-IM products as an affiliate without a website.

With non-IM related products, you want to pick products that provide a solution to an “urgent” problem.

An affiliate program on photography would not be a good product to promote.  There isn’t an “urgent” desire for a solution.

Often the health niche is a great place to find these type of products.

We will use ClickBank to find such products.

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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using ClickBank

Keep reading to learn all about clickbank and how to use it to get started with affiliate marketing and start making money online without spending much money, even if you don’t consider yourself an expert.


What is ClickBank

ClickBank is a service that sells many digital products.  The product owners let ClickBank handle their sales.

ClickBank affiliate marketplace

What is great about ClickBank is they allow a product owner to easily create an affiliate program for their products.

Head over the ClickBank affiliate marketplace.

how to do affiliate marketing

If you haven’t already signed up for ClickBank, do so here.  Once you sign up click here to go to the ClickBank Marketplace.

Next, click on the health & fitness tab on the left hand side. (Note: self improvement and dating could be good niches too).

You want to search by gravity.  On the left hand side you want to select a gravity between 20 and 60.

gravity - affiliate marketing

You don’t want a gravity much lower than 20 as this means the product isn’t selling.  You don’t want a product over 60 as there will be too much competition.

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Picking A Product

As I scroll through the results, this product stuck out to me.  It is a product to cure yeast infections.

A yeast infection is a problem where people are looking for urgent solutions.

yeast infection - affiliate marketing

Notice they have an affiliate resource site.  You want to pick sites like this because they often have proven ads and keywords.

Also notice that the average sale is “$32.90.”  This is a good commission.

Note: Many people reading this article may try to promote this same product, so you might want to choose another product so there is less competition.

You also want to choose sites that can provide a sales page without a popup as we will advertise on Bing and they ban sites with popups.

Check the site first to make sure there is no exit popup or go to the affiliate resource page to see if they have a version of the sales letter without a popup.

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Get Your Affiliate Link

get your affiliate link

If you can get your link from the affiliate resource page, do that.  If not, you can use the option below.

Once you find an affiliate product you want to promote, click the “promote” button.  The following menu will pop up.

clickbank promote - affiliate marketing

Type in you clickbank “nickname” and click “create”  This will give you your affiliate link.

Whichever way you got the link, copy and paste it into a .txt file.  You will need it later.


Getting Our Keywords

We will advertise on Bing to get our traffic.  We will pay “per click.”  So the first thing to do is to develop a list of keywords to bid on.

To develop our keyword list use a service called Ubersuggest. Click here to visit Ubersuggest.

(Note many affiliate programs already include researched keywords in the affiliate resource page, so you can even skip this step)…


yeast infection keywords

Ubersuggest gives you a long list of keywords.  Select all that apply.

I noticed some keywords like “yeast infection dog paw.”  Obviously this one would not apply.

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You also do not want to add any keywords like “what is a yeast infection.”  If someone is looking for a definition, they aren’t looking for a solution.

Don’t include keywords like “free” or “no cost” as these people are looking for free information and are not buyers.

You also can click on a keyword in Ubersuggest to explore even more keywords based on that phrase.

Once you selected all the applicable keywords, click on “download all” at the top of the keyword list.

download all

The keywords will be downloaded in a csv file.  I like to copy the keywords to a .txt file.


Adding Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Keywords

Once you copy and paste the keywords into a .txt file, add broad, phrase and exact match keywords.

This will triple the amount of keyword phrase you can bid on.

To do this we want to go to a website called Jumbo Keyword. Click on the jumbo keyword tab at the top of the page.

Paste your keywords into jumbo keyword and click “Broad, “Phrase” & [Exact Match].”

jumbo keywords

Then you want to recopy these results into your keyword .txt file…


Creating An Ad In Bing

If you haven’t signed up for Bing Ads already do a google search for “Bing Ads Coupon.”  Often you can get a $50 credit when you sign up with Bing Ads with certain coupon codes.

Once you are signed up, log into Bing Ads.

Once you are logged into Bing Ads, click the “Campaign” tab and then click “Create Campaign.”

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create campaign


Next click “Visits to my website.”

visit my website

On the next page, in the campaign name, type a name.  Under “campaign budget” set it to “$5” to start and make sure “English” is selected as the language.

Click “Daily budget options” and choose “accelerated.”  This allows you to get clicks as quickly as possible.

campaign name

For Location, select United States and Canada… (Once you find a winning product you can add Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa).

If you live outside of the United States, you may have to manually choose United States and Canada.

Make sure you uncheck “People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations.”

target locations

Hit “Save and go to the next step.”

Next add the main affiliate website, add an ad group name and type your main keyword.


ad group name

Click “Save & go to the next step”


Create Your Ads

Next click “Create ad.”

create your ad

In “Final URL” type your affiliate URL.  Try to get the one from you affiliate resource page as this looks nicer than the one directly from ClickBank.

Both will work.

For example my link from the affiliate resource page is

The link from clickbank is

Check your affiliate resource page for sample pay per click ads and enter the relevant information into the Title Part 1, Title Part 2 and Ad text fields.

Enter a URL path if you want more relevancy.  For example I might enter /yeast-infection/cure


ad creation

Click “Save.”

On the next page, leave everything as is and click “Save & go to the next step” at the bottom of the page.


Setting Your Bid

On the next page under bid amount add 1% of your estimated final sale.

For example I will earn $33.07, so I will bid $0.33.  By averages, good products should earn you a sale within 100 visits.

set bid

Once this is done click “Save.”


Pause Your Campaign

On the next page, select your newly created campaign.  Click the down arrow as you hover over the green circle under the checkmark.  Finally “pause” the campaign for now.

pause campaign


Adding Your Keywords

At the very top, click on “Keywords.”

Then click “Add Keywords.”

add keywords
Under “Select an ad group,” select your ad group.

Select an ad group

Next, copy and paste your keywords.  If you have more than 1,000 keywords you will have to add half and then repeat for the other half.

adding keywords


Change The Keyword Bid For Your Keywords

To change your keyword bid, select the campaign from the left hand side.


Check the checkbox to select all keywords on the page and then click the link “Select all rows on all pages.”

select all keywords

Under “edit” select “Change current bid.”

Change current bid

Set the amount to 1% of your expected commission.  For example, this product earns $33 so I am setting the bids to $0.33.

Change current bid

Finally click “Save.”


Enable Your Campaign

Select your campaign again and “enable” it.

Enable Your Campaign

That’s it, your campaign is now set to run.


Some Suggestions


1. Start off slow and evaluate your progress.

make money online without website

It can be very easy to go through a lot of money on Bing.

Test one product at a time.  Once you see that you made a profit, try another product.

If you don’t make a profit after 100 clicks, try a different product until you make a profit.  Scale up VERY slowly and test one product at a time.

2. If you find certain keywords are very popular you might want to increase your bid.

3. Experiment with different headlines and ads until you find the most profitable ones but do this slowly.

4. Consider starting a blog or your own website.


do affiliate marketing without a website

I know this article is on how to do affiliate marketing without a website, but running a blog is a lot less riskier.

Plus, you can still promote affiliate products on Bing but have much more control with your own website.

For instance, send the traffic to a lead page and have them opt-in.

Then just redirect them to the sales page after the opt-in. Add some of the emails from the affiliate resource page to your autoresponder.

Plus, you can always promote similar products in the same niche to the list you build.


Closing Thoughts

This article explained how to do affiliate marketing without a website but if you are really serious you need your own website and autoresponder.  You can even get them here from Kingged.

You spend less money if you buy here and best of all you get many more benefits.  You also with get a the same brand name services like GetResponse and Aweber at a discounted price!

Take your affiliate marketing to the next level and invest in hosting and an autoresponder.


More Ways of Making Money Online

Below are some ways to make money you might not have taught about:

You can read and take action on any of these methods without spending any money. Yes, most are completely free to get started on, if you are serious.


Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.  If you have any questions or comments please post below.

Feel free to add me as a friend here on Kingged so we can connect and network.

Have a blessed day!



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