How To Build Your Own Huge List Using Safelist?



Is using A Safelist a Waste of time for building a buyers list?

Believe it or not this is a question I get all the time from newbies and the answer is an uneqivocal, NO they aren’t. I personally know two marketers that have built tremendous list that generate 5 figure monthly incomes from using Safelist.

All of the Internet Marketing gurus tell you these sites are a complete waste of time and energy and do nothing but attract freebie seekers, but they’re wrong and have probably never used them correctly.

What is a safelist?

For those who don’t know, a safelist is a mailing list of members, where all members can sign up for free and mail their offers to each other. This is the reason they call them safelist, because the emails cannot be considered as spam since every member has opted in to receive them. The list is considered safe because the members have comfirmed it with their email adress and have whitelisted the safelist to recieve emails from other members.

Safelist are some of the best tools an internet marketer could have if you learn to use them properly. The problem is most safelist are’nt being utilized with the right strategy in mind.

Should you use a safelist to link to an affiliate offer and expect to make a ton of sales? Probabaly not. The reason you won’t get a lot of sales is because most people are using safelist for the same reason you are, and that’s to get free advertising for their product or website.

Can safelist be beneficial to building your business?

If you set them up correctly and have a specific goal in mind safelist are some of the most useful tools in marketing. I should know, I use safelist to test my landing pages,banner-ads and my email scripts before I even think about using them in paid advertisements.

You can also use Safelist to grow your own personal list and grow your own customer base to promote anything you wish whenever you want.

How do you know which safelist are working for you?

You have to track everything, if you’re not tracking the effectiveness of your safelist campaigns you’re wasting your time and defeating the entire pupose of using a safelist. Tracking will not only show you which safelists are the most effective but also which of your subject titles and ads pull better and how effectively your landing page converts. In short, you must track every aspect of your safelist advertising campaign to determine what’s working. If you don’t have tracking software use Linktrack or some other free tracking site but you must track your links if you want to know what’s working.

Safelist are also effective for branding. Simply adding your email sig and a photo to your ads will brand you rather than your program or product. It’s this branding or familiarity with your name and picture that will get your emails opened.

Whether your intention is to create a brand for yourself or build a list you must have four things in place to be sucessful with Safelist.

1. A series of compelling emails that call for action.

2. A landing page to collect email adresses

3. An incentive be it video, ebooks, content or a contest (Just look at the incentives you receive that compell you to give up your own email address and mimic them).

4. An auto-responder

Once you have these things in place sign up to as many safelist as you can ( I personally recommend no more than 20), and track everything to weed out the one’s that aren’t effective. If you’re not sure which Safelist to sign up for List Hoopla  is safelist ranking site that can show you the higest rated safelist to join so you can start out on the right foot. The frequency and consistency of ad placement on your Safelist is also important, place your ads daily at least 5-6 days per week and you will eventually be rewarded (consistency is the key to unlocking the power of Safelist.

How to automate the entire process?

Once you’ve signed up for a gmail account and chosen a quality safelist manager like Safelist Genie or any othe downline builder or ad rotator it’s easy to schedule and post your ads to each safelist and track their progress.

However if you’re already to busy to use these methods you can always outsource the entire procedure and hire someone to read your Safelist emails everyday and manage your Safelist using Safelist Genie. An excellent and relatively cheap out sourcer can be found at Online Jobs  an outsourcing site that uses Philippino outsources.

Recap: Sign up for a new gmail account just to use for your safelist membership. Join 20 safelist and rotate all of these safelist out of one website like Safelist Genie, Easy Downlines or any central rotator, and watch your list grow. I cannot emphasize enough that safelist should be used to build your own list not to market products, your goal is to get their email so you can market your products automatically using an email sequence.

Now for those of you who don’t already have an autoresponder this one will work magic for you and it’s designed specifically for the purpose of building list,plus it’s only 1$ for the first month. Check it out >>>Sendlane  no I’m not an affiliate but I love it enough to promote it anyway.

Now get to building your free list….

WARNING: Don’t waste your time or energy on Safelist that claim to give you millions of views because most reliable Safelist only have 10 to 50 thousand members, the rest are scams…

Gordie Chase
The Traffic Guy


  1. Hi Gordie,
    There is always an effective way to achieve result with all we do. A Safelist is new to me but I am intrigued with your analysis on how best to make it work.

    After going through this post and seeing its recommendation, I guess its time to get real practical. However, I am curious to know what Google really thinks about this system!
    Sunday William recently posted…Is Long In-Depth Content Your Weapon for Mass Seduction?My Profile

    • Google is ecstatic that you have more than one email account, trust me. some marketers have numerous accounts for different businesses. Remember you’re not sending emails from Google, you’re receiving them. The reason I mention Google is because most safelist won’t allow you to join unless you use a Google email because of the reliability of Google to get the emails to your in box. check out safelist,com it’s the easy way to automate.

  2. Hello Gordie,

    A safe list is a membership site which lets members to send email ads to one another. In marketing, this is simple, powerful, and user-friendly and is suitable for all internet marketers which are interested in marketing their online business.

    The questions here in this article are questions that most marketers asked to their selves. There are answers and additional insight you provide which gives us help to understand more about safe list and which is the best that work for us.

    The step by step guide is a must follow so it will be more effective and doing will save yourself time.
    Metz recently posted…Which is Best Social Networking Sites For Marketing BlogMy Profile

    • Believe me the only way I learned was through experience, I didn’t know how to use them correctly until recently, I’ve wasted a lot of hours on safelist . The one thing I learned early with online marketing is that everything has a system you just have to learn what it is to be successful. The new systems that help automate your safelist are the tools that make this system work so we don’t have to waste our time or even keep track of submissions. It’s worth a new look for building a list quickly.

      Thanks for commenting Chery
      Gordie Chase recently posted…3 Steps To Increasing Your Twitter FollowingMy Profile

  3. Hey Gordie,

    Lately my list building has been growing a lot slower. I’m definitely open to looking into other options that can get speed things up a bit.

    I’ve never heard of safelist but they sound quite similar to solo ads, but i’ll see how it works out. I have a better idea of what I’m looking for as far as subscribers than I did when I was using solo ads.

    Thanks for the share Gordie!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…7 Tips For Growing A Blog While Working Full-TimeMy Profile

  4. Hello Gordie,

    This is an excellent article about safelists. I had been using safelists some years ago but I just learned how to use them correctly not too long ago. I was getting so many emails. I now put them in labels. You have to use them consistently too. Many people if they don’t see results right away they quit using them but you have to give it a couple of tries.

    Since, I know the correct way to use them. Things have gotten much better.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Do Viral Marketing Websites Really Work?My Profile

  5. Gordie,

    This is a very informative and educative article and I am sure many starters will find this very useful. I particularly like the resources you have provided and the way you explain the whole process.

    To be able to automate this is the key here and you have just nailed it. Personally, I have used Safelist for a very long time. I tried it when I was just getting started and it didn’t work for me instead I got my inbox jammed everyday with so many emails.

    But the way you have put it here makes it very easy to use safelist. Thanks for this post.
    Jeffrey Benson recently posted…120 Top Seo Tools For Ranking Your Website And Generating Social Buzz Fast OnlineMy Profile

  6. Hi Gordie!

    Great valuable post on Safelists here man!

    I actually have some good experience with safelists myself.

    If you Google “Free Solo Ads” you will find a blog post I published on this topic a long time ago. It is ranking in the second spot 😉

    I have so many referrals on a lot of safelist sites. And so, I am getting free credits to email every week.

    I gotta admit, though, I have not used these sites in quite a while. Been too busy for them. But, after reading your post here, I think I will get back with the strategy, once a week. It is free traffic after all, and people do opt-in.

    I actually made a few sales, from some of these sites before.

    As you said, you must track everything, so you know what works the best, and so you know what is converting the best.

    Once you know this data, you can improve, and scale up. It can really pay off, if you do everything the right way, with a lot of consistency!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 5 – What is the Best Way to Make Money on the Internet? [Podcast]My Profile

  7. This is the part which makes more sense to me:

    Safelist are also effective for branding. Simply adding your email sig and a photo to your ads will brand you rather than your program or product. It’s this branding or familiarity with your name and picture that will get your emails opened.

    Having a safelist to build a brand is really a very powerful concept I would like to try out.

  8. Hey Gordie,

    Its good to know about Safelist and what it can bring to the table. However, I am glad you provided this Caveat:

    WARNING: Don’t waste your time or energy on Safelist that claim to give you millions of views because most reliable Safelist only have 10 to 50 thousand members, the rest are scams…

    to readers. A word is enough for the wise!

    • Not to some they still believe in 5 million member safelist when the membership on the site clearly reflects that it’s all hype. I logged into a 5 million safelist website just to discover 8,000 members connected to 20 list that still didn’t equal 5 million by a long shot. Call it poetic license.

  9. Hi Gordie,

    From what you have explained about Safelist, I get to understand that with the right strategy in place it becomes possible to use Safelist to ones benefit.

    My Candid opinion remains that before I can invest in safelist, I will ensure I have witnessed where its used effectively. Or, I must have read a convincing review about the system!

    • Thanks for commenting Carl, it’s called due diligence and you should always use it. But make no mistake online marketing is about testing different strategies whether it’s Safelist, Solo Ads or even PPC Only join safelist that are known to produce and always create informative parameters for your test. Everything works when you discover the strategy that makes it work. My safelist strategy has changed from optins to just getting people to join my Facebook group.

    • I recommend you see whats popular and mimic the same type of offer. Most people on safelist want to be in the marketing game but don’t have the resources or even know what resources they need. There’s even the get rich quick crowd who believe in instant wealth, let them believe that, you just need to show them that it’s equivalent to how much work they can in.