Yes, it’s possible for you to become famous without talent!

This very insightful article reveals exactly how, the very best ways and tips to help you become famous without necessarily having talents.



In 2011 a homeless man stood on the street and was holding up a sign stating, “I have a God-given gift of voice.”

A photojournalist with the Columbus Dispatch took a video because he was under a mandate to find something interesting that day for his editors.

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As fate would have it the man did have a golden voice and that video became viral.

Ted Williams became an immediate sensation and eventually received over 20 million hits on YouTube.

Ted Williams had become famous for holding up a sign.

Perhaps, this story can be repeated for you if you have a desire to become famous but really don’t have a talent.

Therefore, let us look at ways that you can possibly become famous by doing simple or outlandish things to gain notoriety.


25 Insightful Ways & Tips to Becoming Famous Without Talent


1. How Do You Define Fame?

The first question in wanting to be famous and yet having no talent is for you to define fame.

The reason is that once it appears and you know what it looks like then you know you have achieved your goal.

It is also important for you to be realistic about achieving fame and understand that fame may be enduring and yet on the other hand may be fleeting.


2. Goal?

In trying to achieve fame, it is important to know when you have reached that objective.

Is your goal to have money associated with being discovered, is it the possibility of gaining a notable job, is it to be popular, or is it a combination of these or other things.


3. Publicity

One of the main factors in propelling you to the stage of fame or being famous is the use of publicity.

What you do or don’t do needs to be captured by the press, radio, TV, social media, or other platforms that will capture your activity and ignite it over all of these media outlets.


4. Famous Family

A great and easy way to achieve fame is to be born into a famous family.

This will bring immediate notoriety and attention in that whatever you do or say will bring attention because of the recognizable family that you were born into.


5. Risque Video

A surefire way to become famous with no talent is to create a video that can be defined as risque.

Without going into great detail, the more the video can be defined as “in your face” or raw the greater will be the allurement of that video to the general public.


6. Dancing

Dancing is another way to get the attention of people when done out in public.

Because you have no talent, your ability to dance probably leaves a lot to be desired.

However, even if your dancing is clumsy or pathetic that will probably be just as good because people will have a great time at your expense and perhaps you will be offered dance lessons.

The possible fame or notoriety may come from the fact that you endeavored to dance and knowing that you couldn’t be unafraid to share that with the world.


7. Making It about Others

When wishing to become famous it is important to take on the perspective that it is not about you, but it is about others.

In other words, even though you want to be famous, you have to be genuine or at least give the impression that you are there to be of service or bring value to the lives of others and not concentrate on yourself.


8. Inspire

Another important human action that we can take is to inspire others or be inspired.

Therefore, an activity that you are involved with in order to be famous should have an inspirational aspect to it.

For example, a video of you helping an individual who is homeless, a child in distress, or helping an older person across the street, can be inspirational and meaningful to others.

It should not be staged but spontaneous and if recorded it may have the opportunity to go viral and for others to view this act of humanity and be inspired.


9. Entertain

It is also important to remember that people are looking for entertainment value as it relates to the time that they spend viewing videos on various social media platforms.


10. Social Media

The various social media platforms that are available can be a great way to become famous even though you have no talent.

Your actions should always be on the lookout for being of service to others or ready to help others in challenging situations.

The trust factor that comes into play is that perhaps someone will capture that demonstration of human kindness and post it on their social media platform and have it take off as a viral sensation.


11. Extrovert

An important action that you need to take is to take on the role of being an extrovert.

Wanting to be recognized and propelled into fame will not occur if you are in the shadows or never put yourself out there.


12. Take a Risk

It is also important, in order to be noticed and possibly achieve fame, to take a risk.

This does not mean that you indulge in risky behavior or put yourself or others in danger.

By taking a risk it means leaving your safe zone, seeing a potential action that needs your involvement, or putting your ego or pride aside and doing something crazy and exotic.


13. Use Technology

An important tool that is needed in order for you to achieve your goal of fame is for a large number of people to witness what you have done.

This can be accomplished through the use of technology and the uploading of videos to various social media platforms.

Others will see what you have done, and that video will take a life of its own as others view the action and so begins the snowball effect.


14. Reality Show

Another opportunity to catch a break and potentially propel yourself into stardom is by taking advantage of any opportunity to apply for a reality TV show.

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In search of talent and unique personalities, you can make the application to become a TV reality contestant.

It is just important to be yourself and hopefully be different.


15. Enter Contests

We live in the day and age where television shows abound in which the contestants selected are everyday average people.

Every chance you get you should enter these contests in hopes of being an open quote discovered.


16. YouTube

Another way that you can possibly get noticed is to create your own YouTube channel and produce a variety of presentations.

You can display your singing talent or lack of or other attempts of being famous by doing weird and crazy things, etc.

Maybe just crazy enough that you are over the top to get you recognized.


17. Use What Talent You Have 

Even though you self-admittedly indicate you do not have a talent, it is important to use what you do have in your attempts to gain attention and fame.

It may be “pathetic” enough in that someone will feel sorry for you and give you the chance you’re looking for.


18. Go Public

Even though you may not have a talent that could possibly bring you fame, everyone has some sort of talent or skill that they are capable of doing.

The reality is that there is most likely something that you can do that distinguishes you from others.

Possibly it involves a physical part of your body and doing something weird or different, having an uncanny memory, the ability to play a song using the sounds with your hand underneath your armpit, etc.


19. Break Records

Another possibility of becoming famous is through the breaking of a record.

Perhaps you can solve a Rubik’s Cube in record time, or perhaps you have a record-breaking collection or something else that is unique and has the possibility of breaking a record, etc.


20. Network 

Another important strategy for getting recognized and achieving fame is to network with other people.

Through the strategy of networking with other people, you can bounce ideas off of each other and come up with something unique and eye-catching as it relates to getting the attention of others.


21. Expectations

As a precautionary note, it is important to manage your expectations.

Your efforts to become famous without any talent may take a while but it is important to keep this important goal of yours in mind and not to be discouraged or give up despite your many attempts.


22. Diversify

By diversified it means that you try a variety of things in order to attain fame.

Also, diversification is also an important element in fully utilizing all of the social media platforms and available ways of getting your attempts of being famous out in front of everyone.


23. Personality

An important tip to incorporate in your life when trying to achieve fame without talent is to be aware of your personality.

An individual who is effervescent, positive, confident, etc. is more likely to resonate with an individual and a viral community rather than someone who is dissatisfied, negative, feels the world owes them a favor, etc.


24. Become Rich – Business

Everyone, for the most part, enjoys stories of people striking it rich.

Perhaps you had a great business idea and have been successful and have earned considerable amounts of money.

This has great value in resonating with people and inspiring them and may provide the option of making you famous.


25. Believe In Yourself

Above all, it is important to believe in yourself.

Everyone has a goal, and it is not up to others to judge that goal as to whether it is good or bad.

It is your goal; you should do your best to achieve it.


Personal Story

I used to be involved with a not-for-profit.

During the holiday season leading up to Christmas, we would be involved with raising money.

Our method was a time-honored way of raising money and the site of the familiar money-collecting container was well received by various communities throughout the United States and around the world.

On two separate occasions in two separate cities, I chose to take my baritone out to a location where one of these fund-raising stands was placed.

My hopes were that people would be kind and give extra money for the extra effort taken.

On one occasion I was playing Christmas Carols and a man gave $20 and said $10 was for food and toys and $10 was for music lessons.

His comments made the local news.

On another occasion, I was out playing my baritone and a reporter for the local newspaper came up to me and was evidently aware that I was out there “tooting” my horn.

He took pictures, ran an article, and embellished it to the point where it made the newspaper and our donations increased.

All that to say I have no desire to be famous but certainly, one of the activities that draw attention is the playing of music.


Becoming Famous With No Talents FAQs


Who Are Some Examples of Individuals Who Have Achieved Fame but Were Classified as Having No Talent?

Some of those examples could include:

  • The Kardashians
  • Michael Lohan
  • Tila Tequila
  • Paris Hilton
  • Tara Reid


Can the Opposite Be True in That Someone is Told That They Had No Talent and Became Big Celebrities Because of Their Talent?

Yes, a sampling of those individuals would include:

  • K. Rowling
  • Winona Ryder
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Shakira
  • Oprah


You Can Do It

You are looking for fame and want to be recognized and have more than 15 minutes of notoriety.

The problem is you don’t have any talent.

If this is your goal, you can endeavor to make it work by strategizing and thinking of ways that you can be recognized by using what you do have to its fullest effect.



Everybody has a goal in life, for the most part, and the goal of fame is neither good nor bad it just is, and it is your goal.

The reality is that we can succeed at whatever we put our mind to.

Being famous can be within your grasp with a little creative thinking and strategizing.

Besides, people have become famous for just doing nothing.

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