You can learn how to become a LIC agent from reading this article. It explains the process of becoming one and tips to help you.



One of our precious human senses is our vision.

In fact, of the five senses that we have (smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing, and seeing) two of the senses that we have checked periodically are our hearing and our vision.

In days gone by our vision used to be evaluated through what is known as the Snellen Chart.

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An individual would stand 20 feet from the chart and look to see what rows of letters they could read from that distance.

20/20 is thought to be normal acuity and was demonstrated if they were able to stand 20 feet from the eye chart and clearly see each row of the letters.

Not all of us have 20/20 vision and therefore we need to wear corrective lenses in order to give us that vision needed for a variety of functions.

However, it can be argued that we all have a 20/20 vision when it comes to hindsight.

Hindsight is the ability to look back on circumstances, see things more clearly, and realize what we should or should not have done.

The reality of life is that things happen and to mitigate those challenges or detrimental things in our lives one of the options that we can take advantage of is insurance.

Insurance can aid us financially if unforeseen circumstances such as fire, flooding, or even loss of life will provide policy payouts to help us through those situations.

Insurance and speaking with insurance agents are like an umbrella and we don’t need it until it rains.

Let us, therefore, open up the insurance umbrella now and take a look at what it takes to become a LIC agent.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Become a LIC Agent


1. Know all about LIC

LIC is an acronym that stands for the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

LIC was the first life insurance company in India and continues to be a popular choice of the citizens of India when looking for a life insurance product.

The life insurance company is headquartered in Mumbai, India and it is under the ownership of the government of India.


2. Know all about being a LIC Agent

A LIC agent is a representative of the company who works with clients in order to find the best premium rates and the appropriate coverage for their clients.

To become a LIC agent is an extensive road of interviews, certifications, etc.


3. Personal Requirements

When considering becoming a LIC agent it is important to evaluate your personality and your work ethic.

Specifically, you should have good communication skills, a strong work ethic, a good moral compass, and be well-behaved or professional.


4. Working with Customers

Another consideration when thinking about becoming a LIC agent is your ability to interact with others.

Your job will entail considerable involvement and interaction with customers.

Therefore, you should respect other individuals, be honest and forthcoming, and ensure that any communication with the customer is completely transparent and thoroughly understood by the customer.


5. Fees

There are fees associated with the online exam and registration as it relates to being a LIC agent.


  • The registration fee is 50 Rupees
  • The online training fee is 150 Rupees
  • Study materials 200 Rupees
  • Pre-recruitment test 500 Rupees

The total expenses or fees as it relates to becoming a LIC agent are roughly 1000 Rupees.


6. Register Online

If an individual chooses to register online the process involves the providing of personal information.

Once the registrant enters the personal information, they are assigned a password and a unique reference number.


7. Exam Fees

If an individual chooses to not utilize the online exam and registration process there are fees associated with doing this offline.

Those fees include:

  • Registration fee of 150 Rupees
  • 200 Rupees for the study materials
  • 500 Rupees for the pre-recruitment test

The total expenses associated with processing your off-line exam and registration are around 850 Rupees.


8. Requirements

The first step of being a LIC agent is that they need to have received their 10th passing certificate.

This is the way of saying that the individual has achieved this level of schooling with the 10th passed certificate being an indicator of that achievement.

Also, to be considered to be a LIC agent you would need to be at least 18 years old.


9. PAN Card

As part of the documentation required to be a LIC agent, the applicant must present their permanent account number.

The Permanent Account Number or PAN is issued by the Indian income tax department.

This card not only serves as a unique identifier for Indian citizens as it relates to income tax but also serves as an important document for identification purposes.


10. Interview

With all of the documentation in hand, you can set up an appointment to be interviewed with a development officer.

This is the first step on your way to becoming a LIC agent.

It is through this interview that you are evaluated initially to ascertain whether being an agent is a good fit for the insurance company as well as for yourself.

At this interview, you will present all of your documents and if the interview is positive, you will then be registered to begin a training program.


11. LIC Training Program

The training program is conducted by LIC of India and its purpose is to provide your education as it relates to being an insurance agent.

The training is conducted at one of their many training centers with the purpose being in not only training you but preparing you for your final exam.

There are also training courses available online that you can enroll in and while in the training program you will register for your exam.

The program requires the completion of 25 hours of classroom study in order to cover and complete all areas of the life insurance business.


12. Exam Syllabus

The LIC syllabus is a combination of the Hindi and English languages.

The questions asked are general knowledge questions as well as in the area of mathematics.

Also, a section of the exam syllabus consists of rules, regulations, and laws that pertain to and govern the life insurance business in the country of India.


13. Study

After you have completed your training, you will then be given the opportunity to study in preparation for the final exam.

To help in your study there are a number of books that are available as well as the provision of practice tests to aid in your successful passing of the exam.

Many of the branches of LIC will provide a preparation book that you can use and is provided to you at no cost.

There are also available materials that can be found online in preparation for the exam as well as videos that can be viewed on YouTube.

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Also, to help in your preparation for successfully completing the exam you can utilize professional tutors to help you obtain a good to an excellent score.

In addition to the requirement of passing the exam to become a LIC agent, how you score on the exam also determines your placement as an agent.


14. LIC Agent Exam

The LIC agent exam consists of 50 questions and the time allowance to take the exam is one hour.

The questions are objective and the individual taking the exam selects one correct answer from the choices that are provided as possibilities.

Each of the questions answered correctly awards the testator of one Mark.

Therefore, if correctly answering all 50 questions the individual taking the test will receive 50 marks.

The passing threshold for taking the LIC agent exam is 18 marks and obviously the higher the score the better the opportunity is to become a LIC agent.

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The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the governing authority on the standards required by LIC for its agents.

The test is sanctioned by this regulatory authority.

The test can also be taken online.


16. License

Once you successfully complete and pass the exam a letter is issued to you.

Along with this letter, you are also presented with an identity card with your agency code.

The agency code is your issued LIC license that identifies you as an agent of LIC.


17. Development Officer

Following your successful completion and passing of the test, you are sent a letter that sets up an appointment for you to meet with a development officer.

Upon receipt of the letter, you should contact your development officer to verify your interview and determine whether there are any additional documents that need to be brought to the appointment.

A development officer is your assigned mentor and through this individual, you will learn the ins and outs of being an agent.

It is important that your demeanor be respectful, courteous, and professional.


18. Development Officer Interview

As a licensed LIC agent your interaction with your development officer is critical.

Your development officer will complete your training and it is, therefore, important to interact with this professional so that your training can be enhanced and refined to make you a quality representative of LIC.


19. Field Training

Once you have received your license to become a LIC agent there is a final training process involved to be considered a full LIC agent.

That final training process is field training.

This process involves you being assigned to a team, and you will be directly supervised by an experienced branch manager.

This valuable training will show you the processes involved through this practical education as you are involved with potential customers out in the field.


20. Your Own Boss

As a LIC agent, you are classified as your own boss and a private entrepreneur.

This means that you can choose your own clients, and work your own schedule while still being supported by LIC with marketing tools.


21. Commission

LIC offers over 50 product combinations to its customers and potential customers.

This provides a good opportunity for a LIC agent to earn significant Rupees because of the products sold and remuneration being commissioned based.

The commission rates for a LIC agent for the first year are:

  • Moneyback Plan – 20%
  • New Endowment Plan – 25%
  • Term Plan – 25%
  • Pension Plan – 2%
  • Child Plans – 25%
  • Health Insurance Plan – 25%


22. Full or Part-Time

Being a LIC agent affords you the opportunity to work according to your own time schedule and at your own pace.

Being an agent means that you are not subjected to fixed duty hours and you can work either full or part-time and earn as much or as little as you wish.


23. Employment Benefits

There are many benefits or perks for an individual who becomes a LIC agent.

Those individuals who are newly appointed and perform well will be appointed or given the status of belonging to what is known as clubs.

Those clubs include:

  • Branch Managers Club
  • Divisional Managers Club
  • Corporate Club
  • Chairman’s Club
  • Zonal Managers Club

Each of these levels of club members brings a different status as well as a variety of different benefits and perks.


24. Financial Benefits

Added to the mix of benefits are a variety of other allowances.

Some of those allowances include:

  • Furniture allowance
  • Office maintenance allowance
  • Low-interest home loan
  • Free interest vehicle loan
  • Reimbursement of telephone bills – both mobile and landline

The official website of LIC indicates that being a LIC agent offers one of the best remuneration systems available in the industry.


25. Challenges

Of course, there is no perfect job and so there are a few cautionary notes as it relates to becoming a LIC agent.

Some of those challenges of being a LIC agent include:

  • Competition from private insurers
  • The reduced pool of customers
  • Loss of trust in insurance products because of low return


Personal Story

There are many events in our lives that cause us to rethink and play out scenarios as it relates to being responsible.

For me, the decision to take out a life insurance policy came one night when my family and I were sleeping in an apartment in downtown Waikiki.

We had left the patio door open to allow the air to circulate into our bedroom.

The buildings were close together.

Next thing I knew my wife was shouting that there was someone in our bedroom.

I quickly got up and evidently, in addition to me being scared, we scared the would-be robber away as well.

After this scary event, I thought through worst-case scenarios and decided to contact an insurance agent and take out a life insurance policy on myself to care for the family in the event that I died.




How Many LIC Agents Are There?

As of this writing there are 1.33 million individual agents as reflected at the end of December 2021.


What is the Salary of a LIC Agent?

The salary range of a LIC agent is between 39,200 Rupees to 67,000 Rupees per month.


You Can Do It

To be a LIC agent requires that the individual meet certain educational and personal skill set requirements.

As an insurance agent, you will be providing a great service to others in meeting their insurance needs and this is something that you can be successful at doing when coupling your professionalism and personal care of those potential customers in a sincere and professional manner.



LIC or the Life Insurance Corporation of India is a nationalized insurance program run by the Indian government.

It is an insurance program that may be the standard of nationalized insurance programs for the residents of the country.

It relies heavily upon its well-trained agents to meet the needs of the Indian population and provides not only insurance coverage but also can be used as part of an individual’s investment portfolio.

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