You will surely learn how to become a CBI Officer, after reading this article.

It shows 25 powerful ways and helpful tips for anyone considering becoming a CBI Officer.



In just about every field of endeavor, there are several entities or people involved.

For example, take the world of automobiles.

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There are the “run-of-the-mill” cars that provide the function of transportation and may have a few added features that distinguish themselves from the rest of the automobiles.

However, certain automobiles are significantly distinctive and separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

An example would be a Maserati, Lamborghini, or Ferrari as it relates to sportier cars.

The same can also be true in the world of sports as you have distinguished greats such as Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, etc. in the world of baseball.

These vehicles and sports stars have an added edge that makes them just a little bit more special.

The same can also be said of professionals in the world of law enforcement.

You have dedicated and committed police officer who does their daily job of law enforcement and public safety.

Then you have other law enforcement individuals who have distinguished themselves in this public service arena and either have the natural skill and talent or special training that allows them to fulfill a different role.

For example, you would have detectives, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, CIA agents, etc.

Individuals in these law enforcement agencies are above average for a variety of reasons.

Then you have an agency that takes the best of the best.

This agency is known as the Central Bureau of Investigation or the CBI.

Let us pull out our magnifying glass and do some sleuthing and find out what it takes to become a CBI officer.


25 Powerful Ways & Tips to Help You Become a CBI Officer


1. Know all about Central Bureau Of Investigation

CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation is the main agency that carries out investigations in the country of India.

The CBI is comprised of the smartest police officers available and is accountable for the investigation of criminal cases that could be classified as high profile.

Specifically, they carry out investigations in matters related to corruption and economic crisis.

CBI also investigates international cases and cases involving human trafficking.

It is headquartered in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, India.


2. Know What They Do

The Central Bureau of Investigation was restructured some time back and was charged with investigating corruption.

Their caseloads have now expanded and involve high-profile cases involving the criminal activity of murder, kidnapping, drugs, terrorism, etc.

CBI gets involved when they are requested by the state or central government.

Additionally, the CPI can take up an investigation without a request and based upon their initiative.


3. Know all about beting a CBI Officer

A CBI officer is an individual who works within the Central Bureau of Investigation and their role or job description is to solve high corruption cases, investigate significant crimes, and correct economic and fraud criminal activity.


4. Motto

CBI takes seriously the law enforcement role they play.

This is evidenced by their motto which embraces the ideals of:

  • Industry
  • Impartiality
  • Integrity


5. Available Positions

Available positions with the agency include the roles of:

  • Director
  • Special Director
  • Additional Director
  • Joint Director
  • Deputy Inspector
  • Senior Superintendent
  • Supervisor Of Police
  • Additional Supervisor Of Police
  • Deputy Supervisor Of Police
  • IPS


6. Seven Branches

There are seven branches associated with the CBI.

Those branches include:

  • The Anti-Corruption Division
  • Special Crimes Division
  • Economic Offenses Division
  • Policy and Interpol Cooperation Division
  • Division for Administration
  • The Directorate of Prosecution Division
  • Division for Central Forensic Science Laboratory


7. Direct Enlistment

One of the ways that an officer can be recruited into the CBI unit is through direct enlistment.

This is the most common method.


8. Already A Police Officer 

The other method of being involved with CPI is if you already are a police officer.

The selection process involves the individual police officer taking an examination.

The offering of this examination is limited to certain individuals.

For example, those already working in the income tax department


9. Nomination

If already a police officer, the process of being a CBI officer entails being nominated.

The nomination would need to come through your superiors and be based on merit and performance.

Additionally, even though nominated, there are still hurdles or exams that need to be taken before full consideration can be given to be a member of the Central Bureau of Investigation.


10. Seniority

The status of seniority can also be part of being nominated as it relates to being promoted.


11. SSC Exam

Direct recruitment of an individual to possibly be part of CBI requires the prerequisite of taking an examination.

The examination is known as the SSC exam or the Short Service Commission test.

The taking and passing of this test are one of the more popular methods to join CBI as an officer.

As one can imagine it is very competitive to be considered and requires that the individual have a graduate level degree, be the appropriate age, meet the physical and medical standards, and successfully passing of the SSC exam.


12. Written Exam Level One

The exam is in four parts.

Those four parts are levels one through 4.

Level one is an objective multiple-choice exam and takes on average 2 hours to complete.

The total marks that can be earned are 200 marks and the paper or exam is divided into four sections.

Those four sections include:

  • Reasoning and intelligent
  • General awareness
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • English comprehension

Each section can earn the individual 50 marks.

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13. Level Two

The second level of the exam has multiple choice questions and is both objective and subjective.

The total exam can earn the individual 400 marks if completed successfully.

This level is divided into two separate exams with each exam being 2 hours in duration.

The first exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions and the second exam revolves around the English language and comprehension.

This aspect of the exam requires that the individual write an essay


14. Level Three

The level three test involves the use of old-school methods involving a pen and paper.

It is an offline exam and involves the writing of an essay, application, and a letter.

The value of this test is set at 100 marks and 1 hour is given to complete the test.


15. Level Four

The level four exam is an exam designed to test the individual’s computer skills.


16. Medical

Also involved as part of the rigorous pre-qualifying test is an extensive medical exam.


17. Personal Interview 

The final stage of the process of accepting a candidate to CBI is the conducting of a personal interview.

The interview involves the interaction between a panel of officers of CBI.

The panel will ask a variety of questions and is comprised of not only field officers but administrative officers and psychiatrists.

This is a particularly difficult stage as you are questioned about your decision-making skills and questions designed to allow assessment of your mental psychology.


18. Graduated From An Accredited University

The educational requirements for a candidate to be considered to be part of CBI require that they be a graduate from a credited university.


19. Age Limit

There are age limits that are required for different categories of CBI officers.

The age range associated with the general category is 20 to 30 years of age.

The OBC category age limits are 20 to 33 years of age.

The SC/ST category age requirements are from age 20 to 35.


20. Physical Requirements – Men

To be a CBI officer requires that the male individual meet certain physical qualifications.

Those qualifications include meeting the minimum as it relates to height, measurement of their chest, taking of their weight and being within the standards of body mass index, and vision test with and without glasses.

The height requirement for a male is a minimum of 165 cm.


21. Physical Requirements – Women

The same standards for physical attributes need to be met for female candidates as well.

The minimum height requirement for a female candidate is 150 cm.


22. Salary

The salary for a CBI officer is based on their position within CBI.

The highest paid salary position is at the director level with an amount of 80,000 Rupees per month.

The lowest paid salary is for a constable at a monthly payment of 5200 Rupees.


23. Benefits

There are a variety of benefits associated with being a CBI officer.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Accommodation facilities from the government
  • Transport facilities provided by the government
  • Vacation
  • Elevated status
  • And more


24. Take Several Tests

To familiarize yourself with the testing process and the timing involved it is a good idea to take a variety of samples or mock tests as you can.

This is a good strategy because there is a time limit in taking a number of these tests and getting acquainted with the questions will help you to speed up your answering process.


25. Research

Because this is an investigative agency it is important to stay current with news that is happening in India.

Therefore, it is important to read newspapers from the Indian press to stay current on up-to-date situations and events that are occurring.


Personal Story

I enjoy music and one of the churches that I belong to have a band that would play every Sunday morning as part of the worship service.

In the beginning stages of playing a certain instrument within the band, I started as the second chair and began practicing, learning how to play better, and going over the music in preparation for the Sunday morning service.

Eventually, I started moving up within the band and, with the same instrument, achieved the opportunity of playing a more complicated part in the band which included significant counter melodies, playing of the whole, quarter, and 16th notes, etc.

It was at this point that I realized I was getting in over my head and that my competency in my musical ability had reached the highest level that I could attain.

I had reached my “Peter Principle” and was no longer able to move higher than that level of music ability.

So, it is in our professional lives where we reach the highest level that we can attain based on our skill set and talent.


How to Be a CBI Officer FAQs


What is the Salary of a CBI Officer in India?

The salary of a CBI officer in India ranges anywhere from 9300 Rupees to 34,800 Rupees per month.

An inspector can earn Rs. 44,000 per month.

As of this writing, the value of the Indian Rupee to the American dollar is 79.85 cents


When Was the CBI in India Started?

The CBI was founded on April 1, 1963.


You Can Do It

If wishing to be part of the CBI team, there are many factors involved to attain this level of professionalism in law enforcement.

There are stringent requirements both at the physical and skill set level.

However, if you are up for the challenge and equal to the task of meeting the competition then being a CBI agent may be in your professional future.



The CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation is comprised of individuals who are the best of the best.

They are the premier individuals as it relates to investigation and providing detective work.

To be part of this elite group necessitates meeting stringent requirements

This is true of all areas in our lives that we are involved in and is especially true as it relates to law enforcement.

The quality of the individuals involved equates to the quality of services or actions provided.

To settle for anything less is a disservice.

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