If you want to know how to become an Amazon reviewer and make money, this article is absolutely going to help.

It reveals a lot about becoming an Amazon reviewer, what is required, how to get started and exactly how to make money from the process.


Why Become An Amazon Reviewer?

Making money online is quite easy when you have the right information and guides to follow.

Reviewing different kinds of products for various brands is one way to earn money online.

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While your earnings might not be able to get you the car of your dreams yet, they will surely help you take care of those basic bills.

Inarguably, Amazon is one of the best platforms you can choose to review products and earn.

According to an All-American survey carried out by CnBC.com in 2017, it was discovered that 75% of U.S online consumers make purchases on Amazon the most.

This proves that it’s a leading eCommerce site that will surely showcase your reviews to a larger audience.

Keep reading to learn how to become an Amazon reviewer and things you can do to become a top reviewer on Amazon.


3 Benefits Of Being An Amazon Reviewer

Naturally, Amazon policy doesn’t support hiring reviewers for products, but that shouldn’t stop you from dropping your review on your best or worst products.

Below are some of the benefits attached to being an Amazon reviewer:

1. Earning

You can earn from dropping reviews on purchased products.

Reviews help product manufacturers get valuable feedback and also aids potential customers’ decision-making.

You’ll get to know the various available methods of earning on Amazon before the end of this article.

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2. Discounted Prices

If being a product reviewer on Amazon isn’t earning you money, then it’s saving you money.

A lot of brands and product manufacturers give discounts or even free coupons for reviews that seem helpful to potential customers.

3. Free Products

The idea of getting free products is pleasant, but your creative reviews are the currency that gets it for you.

Sometimes, brands decide to reward honest, helpful, and well-crafted reviews for any of their products with free incentives and gifts.

So, if you’re still in doubt about being an Amazon reviewer, it’s high time you got those doubts squashed and focus on becoming an Amazon reviewer.

Talking about free products, below are some products you can get completely free if you know how:


3 Ways to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Get Paid

These are three basic ways you can follow to become a paid Amazon reviewer.

Each of these ways has its peculiar procedure, advantages, and shortcomings.

Below we look into the three (3) ways which include:

1. The Conventional Method of Becoming an Amazon Reviewer

This method requires capital or special skills (apart from writing product reviews) to start. It is a simple method that involves three easy steps which are:

Get The App

The App offers you more ease and flexibility to look up products, post your reviews, and enjoy Amazon’s seamless services.

It comes with a barcode scanner that eases the process of finding products you already have.

The App can be easily gotten from the play store, after which you move to the next step which is signing up or registration of the account.

SignUp For Amazon Account

Of course, to be an Amazon reviewer, you need a registered account on the platform.

Visit the website to sign-up for an account by providing your necessary details and a functional email address.

It is advisable to include the types of products you’d like to review and also some information about yourself in the account profile.

Using your full name or real picture isn’t necessary, it all depends on your discretion.

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Start Writing Reviews

After setting up the account successfully, the next thing is to start writing reviews of products you’re interested in.

Ensure that your reviews are honest, unbiased, and most of it is coming from the place of your personal experience using the products.

Becoming an Amazon reviewer is that easy with these three steps. Some companies are willing to pay for you to write reviews for their products.

However, it’s again the latest Amazon terms and conditions, and doing such may get your account suspended. This is the major drawback of this conventional method.

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2. The Affiliate Method

This method is fully supported by Amazon itself, and earning from it is more guaranteed than the conventional method.

While the returns from conventional methods range between discounted prices and free products, the affiliate method tends to give you real earnings from Amazon.

This method requires you to start your blog and post your reviews on any Amazon product there.

It’s a more efficient method as it allows you the freedom to write reviews on any kind of product you want while making money.

This is due to the Amazon Affiliate program called ‘Amazon associates’. Amazon gives each associate a unique affiliate link for any product.

It is this link that you’ll attach to the reviews on your blog. When a reader on your blog follows your link to purchase the product (s), you get up to 10% from the sale.

The review might be what generated the lead, but the payment is made per item purchased, not review.

Using this method, you can continue to earn from your reviews long after you’ve written them.

This makes it a more passive means of earning compared to getting paid for each review.

Overall, affiliate sales are a good source of residual income and a great way to make more money, by reviewing Amazon products.

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3. Through Book Review Websites

Unlike other methods, this method is peculiar to a certain product only — books. However, it is still one of the best ways to make money as an Amazon reviewer. 

Book review websites connect you as a reviewer looking to earn, with book authors on Amazon who need you to provide great reviews on their books.

Book review is in high demand on Amazon, the platform favors books with higher positive reviews, which is why most authors spend more on reviews, sales statistics, and also awareness of their books.

By implication, various authors work with numerous book review websites, just to connect with reviewers that will provide reviews on Amazon to shape people’s perception positively about the book.

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Top Book Review Websites

Below are some of the book review websites you can work with:

Any Subject Books

Their service includes publishing books for independent authors, editing, advertising, and they invite you as a reviewer to give your unbiased review of a book.

You’re free to decide which invite to honor and the one to reject. You’re required to post any successful book review on different bookstores and websites, including Amazon.

You get paid for your review and get a free copy of each book you review.

Their methodology of payment isn’t clearly understood, but factors like word count surely affect earnings.

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Readers’ Favorite 

This website mostly prefers individuals with proven written skills.

They deal more with professional-based review, and you might want to be sure of your writing skills before signing up to join them.

They work with big publishers and a wide range of authors, giving you more opportunity to land a lucrative review gig with them.

The website pays you a certain amount for your reviews and gives you a free copy of the book reviews.

It also grants you eligibility to participate in its $100 monthly free giveaways.

Online Book Club

The Online book club is an old website that has been existing for over 10 years.

They’re well known to pay individuals to review books, while also giving them the book they review for free.

The club runs on the policy of first approving any of your reviews, before giving you the opportunity to land paid book review deals for Amazon.

By effectively following any of these three methods, you can be confident of making money as an Amazon reviewer.

However, just like in every sphere, the top dogs are more likely to earn than others.

To become a top Amazon reviewer, certain things need to be done or considered. They are discussed in the paragraph below.


How to Become an Amazon Reviewer


How To Become A Top Amazon Reviewer

Climbing to the top of any chart isn’t rocket science. It takes dedication, consistency, and doing the right thing.

While we might not be able to help you with dedication and consistency, here are the right things we think you can do to become a top Amazon reviewer.

1. Write Great Reviews

You must have heard this before, and we just confirmed to you that it’s indeed the very first secret to being a top reviewer.

To become great, you need to write better!

Great reviews are what earn you ‘Helpful votes’ from customers which determines your ranking as a reviewer.

Below are some of the tips you can employ to improve your reviews:

Answer Questions

This is one tip you can never miss with. Write your review in such a way that it answers possible customers in the mind of potential buyers.

Ensure that your reviews help them clear their doubts and make the decisions they won’t later regret.

You can also go through the brand’s FAQs, or create one, using the possible answers as a guide.

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Use Simple Language

Your reviews become useless if the readers can’t comprehend your choice of words. This makes it essential for you to use simple languages in your review.

When readers can’t understand your reviews, they find it less helpful. This reduces your helpful vote, and equally reduces your chance of being a top reviewer.


Closely related to using simple language is ensuring that your reviews are near flawless in terms of tenses used, punctuations, spellings, amongst others.

You can only ensure this, by perusing your reviews before publishing them.

Be Honest

Great reviews are unbiased; they give appropriate information about products.

This gives potential buyers real insight into what to expect from such product(s).

If your reviews turn out the opposite of what you post, it will earn you no helpful vote, thereby decreasing your chances of being a top reviewer.

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To write great reviews you need adequate information on the product. Efficient research and personal experience help you achieve this.

You should be able to give information about the good and side effects of each product while stating emphatically the unique selling of each product. 


2. Be Product Specific

Being product-specific makes you master the act of reviewing a particular product.

With consistency, and other needed acumen you will become a household name in reviewing that particular product.

Doing this allows you to know everything about something (the product). Rather than knowing something about everything.

If you ever want to be a top or professional Amazon reviewer, have it at the back of your mind that choosing only one product type to review does better than harm.


3. Check Existing Number of Reviews

You can only be amongst the top Amazon reviewers when your reviews are being read.

The feasibility of your reviews and the probability that they will be read by potential customers largely depends on the number of existing reviews before you made yours.

When the number of existing reviews on a particular product is much, the probability of it being read by potential customers is very low.

However, the opposite occurs when the existing number of reviews is low.

Check this number therefore helps you decide on the product to review to generate more helpful votes, which is needed to be a top Amazon reviewer.


4. Be Conscious of Product Release Date

Most times, product manufacturers release their products a week or two before putting them up on Amazon for sale.

By having a review of these new products, you’ll be able to reach a large audience, since the existing review number would still be at a minimum.

Also, you can most likely be the first person to review such products, which can give you the optimum opportunity of getting more helpful likes.



Reviewing products on Amazon is a stress-free but skill-based method of making money online.

Becoming an Amazon reviewer is achievable through any of the listed methods above, even though their level of return varies from brands to brands, blogs to blogs, and individuals to individuals.

This article contains all the necessary guide, tips, and details of each of these three methods, while also providing insights into other areas of Amazon reviewing you should know.

We hope it is worth the read!

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