If you want to know how to become a Professional Organizer and make money, this article is absolutely going to help.

It reveals a lot about becoming a Professional Organizer, what is required, how to get started and exactly how to make money from the process.


Why Become A Professional Organizer?

If you have a knack for organizing things at home, in the office, or at any event, then you are a natural organizer.

Have you considered the idea of becoming a professional organizer?

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If you do then you could be making a lot of money with this hobby or talent.

In case you don’t know how to go about becoming a professional organizer then you will find helpful tips in this.

So, read on to learn tips that would help you become a professional organizer and also make money.


Who Is A Professional Organizer?

First off, it is important to define and highlight who a professional organizer is.

He or She is someone who helps other people to bring order and take control of their surroundings.

He or She can design a system and a process so that things are placed at the appropriate location, at the right time, and in the right order.

Professional organizers educate and enlighten the public on various organizational solutions which would bring present order and resulting in future benefits.

Most professional organizers have formal training and they employ their skills and experience to make money.


What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

A professional organizer brings order to a place and process.

He or she can achieve this using specifically tested and tried principles and practices.

He or she can perform various tasks based on her job descriptions.

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Different Types of Tasks for Professional Organizers

The following is a sampling of the various tasks which professional organizers regularly perform for clients.

Behavior modification

He or she helps others to change the way they think about organizing things so they can live a more organized, simple, and productive life.

Business organization

He or she helps businesses to put their offices and workplace in order.

Chronic disorganization repair

He or she helps to repair and bring order to situations or places that have suffered continuous or chronic disorganization for a long time.

Closet System Design

An organizer with professional experience can help design the perfect closet system for a home and that meets the style of a client.

Clutter control

Focuses on bringing order and control to clutters in the home or place of work.


He or she can help others learn the steps needed to become organized.

Computer Organization

Most professional organizers are trained to help clients organize their computer systems. They help them typeset, edit, and save documents.

They also help clients create a database and do backup on all the relevant files.

Designing And Organizing Kitchen Spaces

Professional organizers are trained to design and organize spaces in the home.

The kitchen is an important room in the home. Therefore, organizing the space becomes crucial.

The skill, training, and experience of a professional organizer will help manage space so that all kitchen appliances, plates, cooking utensils, and more are accommodated.


Professional organizers can run errands as part of their job description. They can help clients to deliver packages, and send mails, etc.

Event Planning

Most professional organizers are event planners. They can help clients plan their memorable events from start to finish.

They plan events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, seminars, conferences, and other events.

Filing Solutions

He or she helps individuals and businesses with the preservation and methodical arrangement of documents and papers etc.

Financial Management

Professional organizers can help clients manage their money. They can help draft a working budget and put a system to track and reduce expenditures.

Home Office Organization

If you have an office or workstation in your home then you can trust a professional organizer to help organize your system, equipment, furniture, and space.

Memorabilia/Photo Organization

Organizers with professional statuses can help design and manage memorabilia like photo albums or scrap-booking for clients.

Packing And Moving

Some professional organizers with the right equipment, vehicles, and tools, can help clients move from one home to another even without money.

They can move furniture, appliances, and other home items and place them in the package.

Also, at the new home, organizers can help families unpack, arrange, and organize their home items.

Paper Management

Help organize the use of papers in the office, store, or home.

Personal Shopping

Professional organizers can do personal shopping for clients. They can help shop for the right items at the right time and in the right place.

Public Speaking And Seminars

Most professional organizers can engage in public speaking and attend seminars. They do this to motivate clients as well as improving their knowledge base.

Records Management

Organizers can help clients arrange and keep all kinds of records whether they are documents, discs, DVDs, books, and so on.

Residential Organization

An organizer may focus on helping people organize stuff where they live.

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Space planning

Helps clients plan their available space so that the necessary items can be accommodated.

Time Management

Helps individuals and groups to plan and manage their time to achieve productivity.

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Training And Education

Professional organizers frequently organize and participates in various types of training and education that will benefit them and their clients.

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Wardrobe Organization

Helps to arrange and organize wardrobe items like clothing, footwear, jewelry, and other valuables.


How Professional Organizers Accomplish Their Tasks

Professional organizers can accomplish their tasks in different ways. These include:

  • They can focus on one area or branch out to include multiple areas.
  • They can focus on specific targeted audiences. For instance, they may decide to work with students, seniors, medical offices, legal offices, children, or people with Attention Deficit Disorder( ADD).
  • They can decide to offer instructional, educational, or entertainment materials in the form of books, videos, CDs, and software to clients.

This is another way of supplementing the income they receive from organizing.

It should also interest you to know that professional organizers can offer these materials to both local and international clients.


Why Become A Professional Organizer

Everyone may not be cut out for organizing things.

Nevertheless, people who have succeeded in becoming professional organizers share these traits in common:

  • They love organizing things, people, ideas naturally.
  • They love people and would always like to work with them.
  • They have a deep desire to help transform lives.
  • They are non-judgmental about the organizational habits of others but would rather work with them to find solutions.
  • They can run their own business and have the deep desire to make money with it.

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Essential skills Successful Professional Organizers Have

Most top professional organizers have developed the following skills:


Personal Organization Skills

Before starting as a professional organizer. You must have established a system of personal organization by yourself.

You need to put your house and life in order first before wanting to help others put theirs.

So, being personally organized is a vital skill that would precede other skills you need to succeed as a personal organizer.

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Creative And Problem Solving Skills

Professional organizers are problem solvers.

They could become creative with the jobs they do for clients.

Each client has a specific organizational need.

You can apply the right solution to the problem of a specific client.

Being creative is important and you also need to have an eye for detail and design so you can come up with the best creative solutions for the specific need.


Can Understand The Psychology Of Clients

Professional organizer understands the psychology behind the clients’ disorganization.

If they understand the emotional attachment that clients have on their items, then they can also find a way of helping the clients let go of those items.

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Can Show Empathy With the Clients

A professional organizer must have empathy towards clients. This means you have to understand and enter the feelings of clients.

You can exercise great listening, understanding, patience, coaching, and support to feel what others are feeling.

If you show great empathy towards clients’ needs then you can easily provide him or her with the suitable organizational need.


Listening and Intuiting Skills

A professional organizer must have great listening and intuiting skill.

He or she must be a good listener and have an intuitive knowledge of what the problem is and how it could be solved.

This skill also demands that you understand what the client is revealing about their environment, problems, and family, and so on.

Pay attention to what is revealed and not revealed so you can create an organizational system that matches clients’ needs.


Great Communication Skills

communication is a great skill you must have if you want to succeed as a professional organizer.

You should be able to communicate well both in the oral and written medium.

Let the client be clear about what you are going to do, how you are going to do it when you are doing it, and if there are any changes.

Professional organizers are great communicators, so, you need to invest in communication.

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Great People Skills

Professional organizers should have great people skills.

They can build a relationship and trust with clients. If this is in place then you can easily provide the best services.

Working with the work people you understand is easier. Of course, you will have a hard time keeping clients you don’t easily relate with.

So, as a professional organizer, invest in people, relate, and communicate with them.


Great Time Management Skills

Time management skill is important if you want to succeed as an organizer.

If you are contracted to complete a job as an organizer then you must designate the most suitable timeframe for completion.

Of course, you also need to factor in possible constraints and hiccups in the course of the work before setting the time.

A proper time management skill will help you avoid working more time than necessary.



If you understand what your role is as a professional organizer, you can take steps to become one and start making money.

You should get to know the kind of organizer you want to be. Join professional organizations like the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

You can invest in education and training. Get coaching from other established organizers, and promote your skill online and offline.

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