It’s not that hard to learn how to become a Jewelry designer if you know what needs to be known.

Thankfully this article reveals a lot of what needs to be known to help you make money becoming a Jewelry designer.


Importance of Becoming a Jewelry Designer

There are many manufactured items that when created have the basic common features that are needed to fulfill their purpose.

For example, with clothing, there is a fabric used, possible buttons, zippers, sleeves or no sleeves, etc.

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Each of these basic components is utilized and is part of fabricating the clothing in its practical use.

However, what sells an article of clothing is its design and possibly the name of the designer.

With the design of clothes, there is a certain uniqueness to the item such as silhouettes, fabric, prints and patterns, design lines, and more.

Of course, add on a famous designer’s name and you have the recipe for an expensive clothing design.

The same can be said of a jewelry designer who can transform a piece of jewelry into a work of art.

If there is no creativity or imagination invested in the jewelry, then it just becomes another piece of jewelry in the vast sea of accessories.

However, take an exceptional design that highlights the precious metals and gems that are used and create a fabulous design accenting all of those features and you have the possibility of exceptional jewelry being created.

Let us, therefore, enter into the jeweler studio and retrace the steps of that artist and how they got to the point of becoming a jewelry designer.


20 Helpful Ways & Tips to Becoming a Jewelry Designer


1. Know about Becoming a Jewelry Designer 

A jewelry designer is a creative and imaginative individual that plans and creates various patterns for several jewelry pieces.

Those jewelry items could be rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

A jewelry designer may specifically work in a jewelry store that focuses on custom designs, work within a design studio or workshop, be involved in a manufacturing facility, or possibly be a jewelry repair shop entrepreneur.


2. Learn the Fundamentals

The fundamentals of a jewelry designer include drafting designs on paper or utilizing computer software.

Also, the quality jewelry designer will understand the value and creative possibilities in working with a variety of gemstones.

Some of those gemstones could include diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Often, a jewelry designer will work with wax models and use this as the basis for their creation.

A jewelry designer will craft custom designs of their own making.

A jewelry designer may also work with owned jewelry to make sure that the accessories are maintained and repaired as necessary.

Also, a custom jeweler may be called upon to clean jewelry utilizing a variety of chemicals and polishing wheels.


3. Take Online Courses

There is no particular degree associated with being a jewelry designer.

However, there is an educational component to being a jewelry designer which could include an associate or bachelor’s degree in such acumens such as terminology, jewelry design accessory design, or other appropriate subjects.

Another important learning component to be a jewelry designer could be taking online courses and particularly learning how to use software to help with the creation of designs.

One particular degree that is very powerful in earning within the jewelry design field would be a degree earned through the Gemological Institute of America.


4. Gain Experience 

Another important component to becoming a jewelry designer is to be involved with a training program underneath the tutorage of an experienced and noted jewelry designer.

The value of learning first-hand underneath the shadow of a noted jewelry designer cannot be emphasized enough.

Underneath the teaching of a quality designer, you will learn the nuances of designing jewelry and adding that specialized and distinctive flare that will be your trademark.


5. Sales

Another important aspect of becoming a jewelry designer is to understand how to engage customers and be a salesperson.

You can have the most outstanding jewelry designs in the world but if they’re not marketed properly and sold accordingly, then it is rather a futile effort to be a jewelry designer.

You can always get others to sell the items for you but most likely will not have the same passion and drive to sell the items as you would bring because of them being your creation.


6. Production 

Often, similar to other industries, the opportunity to focus on one aspect of jewelry design is a possibility.

In this world of specialization, the medical field is a prime example, you can be the go-to jewelry designer if you are known as the authority on that particular discipline within the jewelry designing business.

For example, your particular strength or expertise can be in the area of gem settings and creating that particular and unique setting in which the precious stone is placed.


7. Design 

Another aspect of your overall desire to be a jewelry designer would be in the area of design.

In a studio, you have the opportunity to create a prototype.

The prototypes are made from carving wax.

The prototype is the basis of the design and can be enhanced or other features added or removed.

Also, in the design studio, you may be called upon to provide finishing touches such as polishing the jewelry, sizing the item, and providing any potential engraving.


8. Metal Care 

Another important aspect of moving forward in your jewelry design career is to learn all there is about the precious metals that are utilized in the design process.

Some of those precious metals include platinum, silver, and gold.

Metal care requires that the individual learn how to clean these metals utilizing the right solvents as well as how to cut gemstones and even the basics of jewelry repair such as cleaning, polishing, repairing metal devices on watches as well as bracelet clasps.

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9. Admin 

As with all things, there is usually paperwork involved.

Being a jewelry designer is no different as to know how to fully administer and keep track of the various jewelry items.

This is done by knowing how to record inventory, addressing any questions that potential customers or customers have, assisting a marketing team to properly provide a narrative describing the item, etc.


10. Portfolio 

As a jewelry designer, similar to an individual who takes photographs or has investments, it is important to maintain a portfolio.

A portfolio is a reflection of your creativity and imagination and contains items that you have designed and created.

It is an accumulation, represented by photographs, of your work that you can present to customers, and if wishing to work for an employer, showcase your skills.

The basics of creating a portfolio are to have professionally captured photographs that reflect the brilliance and unique design of your creative pieces.

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Also, the portfolio should represent a variety of creations and not just one piece of jewelry but a broad range of your creations.

Also, you should provide your description of the item and utilize words that will resonate with individuals that are observing your work knowing that they will want to sell your creations for a profit.

Another great way of capturing the uniqueness and specialness of your jewelry creations is to create virtual versions of your design.


11. Education 

Continuing education is always a good thing.

For jewelry designers, certain classes will enhance your education and skills.


12. Gemology 

One of the educational opportunities would be to learn how to study gems or be involved in gemology.

One such study program could be enrolling in the graduate gemologist program and learning how to verify the quality and substance of gems utilizing magnification and other specialized tools.

Also, by enrolling in a gemology course you will learn to inspect the gems and look for possible defects.


13. Appraisal 

Another learning track that you could be involved with is in the area of appraisal.

By taking courses on how to be a better appraiser, you will enhance your skill level and could be involved in auction catalogs, updating prices, etc.

Often, that appraiser would be engaged by such organizations as appraisal companies, insurance businesses, jewelry stores, and a variety of houses that facilitate options.


14. Metalwork 

Individuals and potential customers are always looking for unique designs and utilizing a variety of specialized materials.

If interested in being involved with these more progressive designs, you can take courses on working with unusual metals or utilizing a variety of different materials incorporated into your designs.

These additional courses can be through workshops, online courses, or reaching out within your network to find out what classes are available.


15. Network 

Another important strategy to become a quality jewelry designer is to develop a network.

Not only can you learn from others, but you can also have a cadre of professionals that you can reach out to and ask for their input and ideas.

Also, a well-connected network can help each of the participants know about new processes and perhaps gain an advantage when the trends are beginning to emerge in the jewelry design arena.

Ways to develop a network include fully utilizing social media platforms, following various jewelry design blogs, attending trade shows, conferences, fashion events, etc.


16. Ask Teachers 

If participating in formal classroom settings, you can also ask teachers for references or ask if they would be willing to connect you with other professionals to enhance everyone’s career associated with jewelry design.


17. Skills 

To be a quality jewelry designer, there is a certain skill set that one must have to be successful.

That skill set should include the ability to be creative and imaginative and utilize those aspects of your mind to make your creation come to life.


18. Attention to Detail 

Being a jewelry designer is not about mass-producing items.

This particular artisan position is a skilled craftsman and as such should have a commitment and ability to focus in on in detail.

The greater the detail and the better the quality work without flaws are presented, the greater opportunity to distinguish yourself as a quality jewelry designer.

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19. Communication 

A jewelry designer is an individual that should have good communication skills.

Those good communication skills are not only exhibited in the work that they performed in which it communicates quality, elegance, and attention to detail but communication in relationships such as other professionals and customers.

Good communication school’s skills exhibited by the jewelry designer can effectively share their thinking and imaginative concepts in displaying the items that they have created.

Also, when dealing with customers, it is important to communicate the simplicity of the design but also the complexities as well in the process and make the creation as unique as to whom the jewelry will be purchased by or for whom.


20. Technology 

Most areas of our lives have been touched and enhanced through the use of technology

To become a skilled jewelry designer and showcase your quality work can also use technology for your benefit.

By using a specialized program, the process can become more efficient, allow for ease of access as it relates to editing, and provides a more rapid response in jewelry production.

Technology can include the use of 3-D printers, graphic design software, and the basics of word processors.


Personal Story

After I recently got married, one of our favorite past times was to tour several new homes that were part of a parade of homes event.

It was something we always looked forward to on an annual basis just to get an idea of what the new homes were like, how people would decorate them, and what sort of features the homes contained that we dreamed about.

In retrospect, the homes were the same.

There would be a kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, a possible dam, bathrooms, etc.

Each of these rooms contained the basic components of the home.

However, what distinguished the homes from each other was the way that they were designed.

Some creative individuals had taken a unique feature of the home and decorated that particular area using colors or objects that would significantly accent the feature of the home and bring out, even more, its uniqueness.

In particular were the ways that they made the bedrooms so inviting by having splashes of color, pieces of furniture such as a reading chair or reading table in a nook within the bedroom, or a wallpaper trim where the walls met the ceiling.

It was the design and the designer that would use their creativity and artistic talent and bring the house into a home by providing and creating a unique tone.


Becoming a Jewelry Designer FAQs


What is the Average Salary for a Jewelry Designer?

The average salary for a jewelry designer is $53,072 per year.


What Are Some Interesting Statistics Regarding Jewelry Designers in America?

According to some interesting statistics regarding jeweler designers include:

  • 73.4% are women
  • 76.1% of jewelry designers are white
  • The average age of the jewelry designer is 37 to 38 years of age
  • 60% of jewelry designers have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Over 40% of jewelry designers employed work in companies that are either 50 to 1000 employees or 1000 to 10,000 employees.


You Can Do It

What resonates with people today in this age of mass manufacturing is to have a personal item that is unique and is set apart from others.

By being a jewelry designer, you have that opportunity to provide that uniqueness through your style, imagination, and skillful artistic ability.



There are no greater words for a jewelry designer to hear that the item that was created from their mind and being is that it is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

A quality designed item is not overstated and yet fully utilizes the proper blend of metals, gemstones, settings, etc.

A jewelry designer, in essence, is an artist and their canvas is in the form of a bracelet, earrings, rings, etc.

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