If you want to know how to become a Copywriter and make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It explains a lot about making money copywriting, tips to help you achieve success and a lot more.

First things first though…

Do you want to become a copywriter and make thousands of dollars?

Copywriting is an important aspect of marketing today.  Business corporations spend thousands of dollars monthly on marketing, and copywriting is not exempt.

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Copywriting is a type of marketing done through words. The words are called ‘copy,’ and it is for one purpose ‘to sell the product.’

Meanwhile, a copywriter is the one who writes the copy.


Why the Need for Copywriting?

Copywriting is done to sell the product. The words convince the consumers to buy the product.

Even if they did not intend to buy the product, after reading the copy, they are more likely to buy the product.

The copy replaces a marketer convincing the consumers of what they stand to gain if they buy the products.

A copy also targets a specific audience and uses their likes, dislikes, and fears to convince them.

For example, the copy may state if you use this product, you will get healthier.

This copy is for a target audience who values their health.

Or a cigarette may have the copy “Get high in five minutes” that targets people who want to get high.

Every business in the world uses a copy in one way or the other to market their commodities.

For example, a green tea product for losing weight may say “thinner waist in 7 days’ ‘ this immediately hooks people looking for thinner waists, and they buy (which is what a copy aims for).


What does a Copywriter do?

A copywriter is the one behind the words of a copy. They are the professionals who know exactly how to place each word and convince consumers to buy.

There is a way to place each word of a copy before you hammer the last nail.

With each enticement, the next is better than the last before finally asking them to ‘click the link or get the product now.

Copywriters write what seemingly short words but lots of money are.

A copy might seem short, but it takes a lot to learn to convince an audience to buy.

Most copywriters are freelancers. That is, they write for different companies and are paid according to each project.

A copywriter mainly does the following

  • Writes copy
  • Edits copy
  • Gets paid

Before a copywriter can reach the get-paid stage, the work has to be good. Nobody is going to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a copy that does not sell.


How to Become a Copywriter 

Do you want to join the rank of copywriters and make cool money?

Copywriting, like any work, requires knowledge. You need to go through the learning period.


1. Be Proficient in Grammar

Grammar is the first thing you have to learn as a copywriter. And it is not only the English language; there is Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and more.

Whatever language your copy is going to be, make sure your grammar is good enough.

No matter how compelling your copy is, if the grammar is incorrect, nobody will want to read it.

So, take grammar courses on sites like:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera

With good grammar, you are one step away from becoming a copywriter and earning thousands of dollars.

2. Learn the Basics

As a copywriter, the basics are the most important to learn. The basics are tried and tested methods that work in copywriting.

They are methods that have been working for decades and are still working.

Many copywriters try to be creative, and they write entertaining copywriting.

But they went wrong because the copy did not ‘sell’ as it was meant to. It just put a smile on people’s face when they read it, but it does not ‘sell.’

3. Connect with People

As a newbie to freelancing, 70% of your jobs come from your connections.

People you know, people who know you and trust you. And from there, you build your brand to a higher level

Connect with people doing the same work as you. Join Facebook groups and forums.

Follow the experts in copywriting on Twitter and learn from them. You can pick up things from their tweets and by association with them.

4. Get a Mentor

If you can get a mentor in copywriting, then it is the best deal for you.

A mentor will cut down your learning time by year. By using the tricks they have learned over the years, you can avoid the same mistakes.

You can do both practical and physical learning with a mentor.

More so, you will get access to useful contact in the field from your mentor, and this is the best method to become successful as a copywriter.

5. Practice

To become an expert in anything, you have to practice it a lot. Practice writing a ‘copy’ daily.

The more you write, the better you get. Do not just learn from textbooks how to. Practice the how-to.

Once you become an expert Copywriter, people will come begging you to work for them. They need you, and they will pay you for your expertise.

But first, you should create a brand for yourself. Develop the reputation of always being on time.

Let your work be satisfactory and improve each day, not losing quality. With this kind of reputation, you will make a name for yourself in the copywriting community.

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How to Make Money from Copywriting

So, you spend time learning, practicing all to become a copywriter.

What next?

How do you make money from it?

You become a freelancer like 85% of copywriters.

You can always work for a corporation for a wage, but you may not make as much as freelancing.

Join sites like:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelance

From the above sites, you will get jobs from people posting jobs there for freelancers. Once you find one that deals with copywriting, grab it.

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After writing copies for companies and businesses who request your service, they will pay you.

And they pay you up to thousands of dollars.

The pay varies from project to project and from employer to employer. But you get your money.

However, to be candid, the sites are competitive. It is hard, if not impossible, to get a job there as a newcomer.

So, it would help if you tried messaging websites directly. You can say:

Hi (name of receiver), I love your blog and find it informative and entertaining. By the way, I am an excellent copywriter. If you need the service of one pls message me. Thanks, pal

The above is just a template. Keep it short, as most websites receive thousands of messages per day.


6 Best Sites to Find Money Making Copywriting Jobs

This is when you receive a request to make a “copy” for an advertising or marketing agency.

You write the “copy,” you get paid. To get copywriting jobs to visit the sites listed below:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiver
  4. Pro bloggers
  5. Blogging pro-Twitter
  6. Flexjobs

You can get a job from any of the sites above. Although payment varies from website to website, the difference is not much.

You can get longtime work (a year or more) or single, one-time projects.

Either way, the site pays well if you can get a job.

The more jobs you do well, the more customers you get, and soon, projects will be lining up for you.

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How to Become a Copywriter and Make Money


9 Best Valuable Books on Copywriting

The best way to learn in this world is through books. Books contain the lifetime experience of others cramped into a few hours of reading.

So, to learn more about copywriting, you need to read books relating to it.

Books on how to be a better copywriter or books from professional copywriters.

Check out the following books for your copywriting career:

  1. The copywriter’s handbook by Robert W.Bly.
  2. The Adweek copywriter’s handbook by Joseph Sugerman.
  3. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz.
  4. The Boron Letter by Gary Albert.
  5. Scientific advertising Claude C.Hopkins.
  6. The ultimate sales letter Dan Kennedy.
  7. Stephen king on writing by Stephen King.
  8. On writing well by William Zinsser
  9. The elements of style by William Strunk Jr.Teressa Lezzi writes the idea.

The books above are among the best to read on copywriting. You will understand what is required of you as a copywriter after reading the books.

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Differences between a Technical Writer and a Technical Copywriter

A technical writer is a person who communicates complex work and words into simpler and more understanding words.

Technical writers do the following work:

  • Business proposal
  • How to guide
  • White paper
  • Resumes
  • Job applications
  • Memos
  • Reports

They transform complex technical work into more concise work on paper. In short, they make complex words easier to understand.

Meanwhile, a technical copywriter is someone who writes “copy” for technical or complex language products.

They use a specific type of language, i.e.e, technical) to write the copy.

For example, a “copy” for a laptop or phone can be classified as technical copywriting because it is not used in simple terms.

But technical terms that appeal to its audience.


What People Skills do Good Tech Copywriters have?

Copywriters need many skills to be successful in their careers.

They need people skills to relate with people. The main purpose of copywriting is relating to people and getting them to buy.

But you also need external communication skills that either complement their work or are the main skills needed as a copywriter.

Some of the skills a copywriter needs are:

  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Social skills

1. Communication

is the best way a copywriter relates with people. Communicating to set people at ease while getting them to buy without forcing them is important.

2. Patience

People might get frustrated and take their anger out on you in the course of job transactions.

You need to be patient if you want to stay long in any business. Not that you should be a doormat, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

But be patient 99% of the time. Your break will come.

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3. Persistence

Copywriting is competitive, with so many people doing it. People might criticize your work; they can even be rude about it.

But it would help if you were persistent and did not give up when you meet people like this.

And soon enough, you will rise above it all.

4. Social skills

What is a people’s skill without social skills? A technical writer should be social and easy to relate to.

Personality reflects in a person’s writing, so it is a great skill to develop. Most writers are nerds, so you do not need to be all happy-go-lucky.

Just be relatable.

So, social skills are important for technical copywriters and any other type of writer.


What Marketing Skills do Good Technical Copywriters have?

Copywriters require certain marketing skills (they need as they have to sell). There are many marketing skills people use.

But we have listed a few good technical copywriters need:

  • Headline creating
  • Special terms
  • Introduction hook

1. Headline

Determines if a reader will read your copy at all.

The headline has to be interesting and straight to the point. In a few words, it must state what you have to gain by reading the copy.

A bad headline will chase people away no matter how good your copy is.

2. Special terms

Technical copywriters write for a particular audience. To communicate with this audience, they need special terms which they understand.

And so, the technical copywriting flows and connects with its audience.

3. Introduction

After the headline, the next thing the readers land their eyes on is the introduction.

The introduction should be a form of marketing enticing the reader to go through the body of the copy.

The introduction should tell the reader exactly what they are getting by reading your copy.



To become a copywriter requires training, mentorship, and dedication.

After the training period, the copywriter starts accepting jobs from corporations. They write “copies’ ‘ for them and are paid thousands of dollars depending on the project.

While copywriting is a sweet online method of making money, it is competitive.

And so, a copywriter must always improve themselves at all levels.

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