This article reveals a lot of powerful tips to help you become a better man.

Yes, the tips in this article can work for just about anyone, if properly implemented.


Importance of Trying to Be a Better Man

Being a man is more than just having the ability to grow a mustache or a beard or have the other physical attributes that are associated with being a man.

Being a man is about strength.

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This strength is exhibited both physically and internally.

Being a man is not about being macho.

Nor is it about being a knight in shining armor.

Realistically, being a man is being strong in all situations and to be a tower of strength for those who depend upon his support.

Masculinity is also about being vulnerable and sensitive to others and in various situations that call for that sensitivity.

Therefore, being a better man is about strengthening all components that are associated with manhood.


Family Man

I believe that the greatest compliment that can ever be received by a man is to be known as a “family man.”

Being labeled as a family man incorporates all aspects of what a real man is all about.

Therefore, a family man is an individual who loves his wife and is devoted to her happiness and success as a woman.

A family man is also committed to his family.

His paradoxical role is to be vulnerable and strong, sensitive and resolute, open to discussions, and yet make the hard decisions when necessary.

A family man cherishes and protects his children.

And yet pushes them out of the nest when the time comes.

A real man at a family man is a provider, protector, and teacher to all those he is involved with.

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15 Ways and Tips to Help You Be a Better Man


1. Comfortable 

In today’s world, it is sometimes less than permissible to be who we are.

So often we are judged and demeaned for simply living our lives by being what we were created to be.

We are the sum of our experiences, education, and natural talents.

Denying who we are is a perilous journey that will only lead to unhappiness and frustration.

Therefore, it is important for a man to accept the reality that in fact, he is a man.

Accepting this fact and endeavoring to be the best man possible will not only benefit his sphere of influence, his community but will provide empowerment for him as well.


2. Responsibilities

To be a better man means that an individual should be responsible for his role in life.

This means that for himself and if there is a family involved, he needs to step up to the plate and fulfill his significant role in his personal and family relationships.

That role is to be responsible as it relates to a number of factors in his life.

To be a better man means that he takes his responsibilities seriously.

Those responsibilities include working if he is able, be financially prudent as it relates to paying bills and saving, be socially mature as it relates to managing one’s pleasures in life, being a role model to those who look up to him, etc.


3. Honor Your Male Physique

It will, as no surprise to an individual, to hear that men and women are physically different.

As a man, your physical needs and requirements are different than those of a woman.

Although both sexes require that the body be physically stimulated as it relates to exercise, the physical requirements for a man differ.

Therefore, it is important for a man not to be a couch potato, but to honor his body by engaging in physical exercises that are relevant to his male body.

To be a better man means to engage in physical activity that is designed to challenge his male body.

Although weightlifting is good for both men and women, possibly a greater amount of weight utilized to challenge the body is indicated.

It is important to honor one’s body.


4. Eating Healthy 

Another way that an individual can become a better man is to provide the proper nutritional care.

A better man will not overindulge in eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and with sugary content.

To be a better man requires that the individual manage their diet well and eat nutritional food.

This includes a healthy serving of vegetables, drinking water, cutting out empty calories, etc.

A simple word search on obesity in America will reveal that obesity is on the rise and almost reaching epidemic proportions in America.

In fact, it is estimated that 75% of men over the age of 40 are classified as obese.


5. Integrity 

Of course, both men and women needed to be people of integrity.

To help a man be a better person it is important, to be honest, sincere, straightforward, have a good reputation, and be a person of sound character.

These characteristics and more of being a better man can be accomplished through the lifestyle choices that are made.

Those lifestyle choices include what the man does with the gift of daily time, what sort of habits are they investing in what sort of activities could be considered as time valuable or time-wasting, etc.

Another great way on the road to becoming a better man is to educate one’s self.

By reading books from other men who have distinguished themselves as good role models, significant learning can be accomplished.


6. Dress for Success 

In addition to paying attention to one’s inner self, it is also important to maintain a proper physical appearance.

This means that the individual should groom themselves appropriately.

Any hair whether on the face or head should be groomed.

Although at times it’s appropriate to be in a torn sweatshirt and faded jeans, it is also important to be stylish and confident in the way that one wears their clothing.

It is important to take pride in one’s self and allow that pride to be reflected in their outward appearance.


7. Work Hard 

To be a better man requires that one work hard and aggressively at whatever their career or vocation is.

A man should be noted for his hard work whether it is behind a workbench or desk.

The wages that they receive are indeed earnings as they work hard for every amount of money that is provided as their salary.

To be a better man means that that individual provides not only for himself but for those that he loves.

In addition, it is not only working to provide for others in the present moment but also to provide a secure future for himself and others.

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8. Be a Leader 

Another critical component of becoming a better man is to take on the role of a leader.

This can be accomplished by watching a variety of YouTube videos or reading books on leadership.

A leader is an individual that is looked up to, is an encourager, and also motivates others.

A good leader not only takes on the leadership role of planning and preparing others to achieve a goal but leads by example.


9. Find Your Purpose 

In order to be a better man, it is also important to be self-confident.

This does not mean that the individual is braggadocio or overbearing.

A self-confident man is an individual who is comfortable in their own skin and knows where they have been and where they are headed.

A better man lives a purposeful life because he knows what his purpose in being is.

A self-confident man is one who is admired, respected, and appreciated.


how to be a better man


10. 5 Hour Rule 

A powerful exercise in becoming a better man is utilizing what is known as the 5-hour rule.

The 5-hour rule simply states that during the course of the day, one hour over 5 days a week is spent deliberately and intentionally practicing the improvement of their knowledge.

That one hour could equate to reading a book, viewing videos, studying, actually practicing a vocation, etc.

This five-hour rule helps an individual towards their mastery of certain topics or practices that they wish to better engage in.


11. Strive for Success 

The old saying goes nice guys finish last.

While this may be true in the world of sports, but for you, as a man, this settling for last place can have negative implications.

It is important for the individual who wishes to become a better man that they have an attitude of always striving for success.

Certainly, when one strives for success, they may not always achieve that level.

However, it is important not to be satisfied with being in second place or less.

It is important to be dangerous in that the individual who does not succeed continues to work towards their goals and learn from their missed attempts in order to strive to always be successful.


12. Be a Man of Your Word

In days gone by, when entering into a contract, generally a handshake was enough.

Today, due to all sorts of legalities, a contract is usually required and entered into with any transaction.

A better man requires that the man be an individual of their word.

It is important that their yes means yes and that their no means no.

It’s also important for the man to realize that it is okay to say no.

They don’t have to give in to the pressures from other people if their internal beliefs do not match up with physical actions or interactions.

A real man is a man of his word and doesn’t worry about other people’s opinions of him if he goes against the grain or doesn’t indulge in what other people do.

A real man marches to the beat of his own drum.


13. Mentor 

To be a real man sometimes takes another individual to help him in his journey.

Therefore, it may be important to seek out a mentor or an individual who has established himself as being a man’s man.

A mentor can be another man from an organization such as a church or service club.

Or it could be the involvement of meeting with a men’s group on a weekly basis.

Sometimes it is important to hear from other individuals as to their potential or possible struggles that they are experiencing and how they have approached those various issues in life.

Having a mentor or a brotherhood of other individuals can help strengthen a man’s resolve and help to educate and inspire.


14. Be a Good Father 

The world today needs real men to be good fathers.

A good father is a man who cares for and protects his family.

He is there for his family during times of difficulty as well as during the good times.

A real man does not abandon his family.

A significant tip on being a real man and a good father is to be associated with other good men and good fathers.

This association will help facilitate good habits and provide a support system in times of need and encouragement.

Other possibilities of learning how to be a better man and a good father include attending classes of reputable men who have distinguished themselves as real men.

Also reading quality books about fulfilling the role of the father and as a man.


15. Be a Good Husband

A real man does not objectify women.

Therefore, as it relates to women, a real man respects women and is especially a better man if they are a better husband.

Often, it has been said that the best thing that a father can do for his children is to love his wife.

By being a good husband, a man becomes a real man because he honors the vows that were exchanged between him and his wife.

Steps that a man can take to be a better man and good husband include being in touch with his spirituality, learning from other role models, and associating with other men of integrity.

Also, an important factor in becoming and maintaining being a good husband and real man is to continue this educational and inspirational path.

This can be accomplished by embracing a strong belief system that reflects the role of a man and reading books on commitment.

These books that should be read should be educational as well as motivational and inspirational.


How to Be a Better Man FAQs


What Are the Signs of a Real Man?

Some of those characteristics exhibited by a real man include being courteous, kind, taking the responsibility for their actions, not being selfish but paying attention to others, being strong, vulnerable, and more.


When Does a Boy Become a Man?

Of course, each individual is different and depends upon their level of maturity and experiences in life.

For example, a 12-year-old boy can become a man almost overnight if a father is lost from the household.

Additionally, in some belief systems, there is a rite of passage when a boy becomes a man by successfully achieving that challenge.

However, generally, a boy becomes a man when he takes responsibility for his own life and begins that journey of manhood.



As a man, you have decided to step up your game.

You want to be more than just a man biologically.

You wish to become a man that is defined as a “real man.”

The journey doesn’t require shiny armor or riding in on a great steed.

It just requires determination, being focused, and putting on your trousers one leg at a time.

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