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There are many philosophies that individuals embrace as it relates to life.

Some philosophies state emphatically that one should eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may die.

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On the other hand, there are some philosophies or ways of thinking that we should not overindulge but be content with what we have in life.

And then some say that everything should be enjoyed but in moderation.

If we take these three philosophies as it relates to thinking about money, what do we come up with?

The individual that says eat drink and be merry may embrace a philosophy about money that it should be spent and spent in the moment and not worry about tomorrow.

Most likely their response about having too much money is that it would not be an issue for they would spend all of their money during the day.

The individual who believes we should not overindulge may choose not to spend their money in fear of it running out.

The individual that says everything in moderation would strike a balance with money.

That balance would be spent on what is needed today with money saved for tomorrow.

This individual would strike a moderate position with the question and would respond by saying that enough money has been accumulated when there is money for tomorrow.


20 Tips to Help You Know How Much is Too Much Money


1. No Magical Number 

When asking the question of when does an individual know that they have enough money, there is no magical number.

For some individuals, having $500,000 may be that point of satisfaction or for others, it may be in the multi-million-dollar range.

The answer to the question of whether a certain amount is too much money is dependent upon several variables.


2. Personal Decision

The point at which an individual feels that they have achieved that level of financial security or financial independence is a personal decision.

It should not be a decision made by a financial advisor, one’s broker, family member, etc.

The decision is strictly up to the individual and or their partner as to when that level is reached and earning more money becomes less of a goal and a significant drive in accumulating more revenue.


3. Focus 

An indicator that a level of financial security has been reached or one is comfortable with their net worth is their focus.

Perhaps, once the focus of your efforts and life was to accumulate more and more wealth.

Now, it has changed and is being redirected or refocused on other things, people, or situations.

perhaps that focus


4. Obsession 

Another indicator that perhaps a sufficient level of enough money has been reached is if the obsession to accumulate more and more assets is not as strong or not as passionate in one’s life.

Before reaching a certain level of finances, the individual may have been obsessed with earning as much as they could and aggressively investing those dollars.

Now perhaps, that obsession has been tempered and is no longer the driving force in one’s life.


5. Hoarding 

Another strong indicator that one may have reached that saturation point in having enough money is if they begin to hoard their money.

This means that they clench their fist tightly, figuratively speaking, around their dollars and are unwilling to use the money on themselves, worthwhile causes, or for others.

This saturation point of hoarding is when there is only an accumulation but no outflow.

This is not a healthy use of one’s financial resources.


6. Things Matter More Than Money 

It is important to evaluate our lives and refocus our purpose on an occasional basis.

As part of that process, as it relates to money, perhaps money has become the overwhelming drive in one’s life to the detriment of those around them.

In essence, the drive to accumulate more riches has become more important than relationships.

Maybe, at that point, one may realize that they have accumulated sufficient financial resources when they realize that money is not as important as personal relationships.

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7. Mentally 

Another dynamic that money can demonstrate is if an individual’s sole focus is on accumulating more and more wealth.

This could be a mental attitude issue.

In addition, if their thinking or the mental attitude is all about money and that’s what they think about day and night and have accumulated wealth to meet their needs and goals then possibly their mental health may be a reflection of having too much money.


8. Physically 

Another reflection of an individual’s being as possibly having enough money is the toll that it may be taking on them physically.

If their financial goals have been reached and they continue to aggressively workday and night for additional accumulation of money, this may also suggest that sufficient money has been accumulated.


9. Spiritually 

The unfortunate reality, as it relates to money, is that its accumulation can be all-consuming.

Sometimes, the accumulation of wealth becomes our sole priority, and looking at our financial accounts becomes almost an act of worship and adoration.

If it gets to this point, our priorities in life have shifted dramatically and some would argue negatively.

If our money becomes our sole purpose in life and its accumulation, then perhaps we have too much money and there needs to be a shift in our attitude.


10. Goals 

Most likely when you began your journey of accumulating your wealth you had specific goals in mind.

Some of those goals could’ve included a portfolio of $1 million or more.

In assessing whether you have too much money or not, it is important to revisit those goals and what your purpose was in working towards their achievement.

If the goals have been met it could be easily argued that you have enough money sufficient to live your life comfortably because you did your due diligence in creating the goals and meeting them.


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11. RMD

A strong indicator that an individual may have too much money, or a sufficient amount is if they are taking out their required minimum distribution from their retirement funds and find that there is excess money after the expenses have been paid.

Therefore, if there is an accumulation of money following the expenses each month, it may be an indication that there is enough money.


12. Meet Bills 

Some people would respond by saying they have enough money if they can meet their financial obligations, have set money aside for their future, and have a nest egg as an emergency contingency plan.

These individuals would then argue that enough money can be defined as meeting one’s current obligations as it relates to maintaining the household and a comfortable way of life.


13. Comfortable 

As it pertains to your lifestyle an indicator of having too much money is the comfort level that you are experiencing as it relates to your financials.

In other words, you no longer have anxiety or worry that interrupts your sleep at night when you think about the potential of what could happen and how it may negatively impact your financial situation.

A great level of comfort is a great indicator that the level of your financial resources is enough and equal to the potential negative circumstances of life


14. Money is Growing 

If you’re invested money is realizing a good return that not only covers the cost of inflation but doesn’t require you to invade the principal, that may be a strong indicator of having sufficient enough money.

This is especially true if your quality of life has not been impacted and you continue to meet your obligations as well as enjoy the activities that you planned on pursuing.


15. 3 to 6 Months 

An indicator that an individual may have too much money is if their emergency fund has significantly exceeded the suggested amount that is to be set aside.

Most financial gurus suggest that an emergency fund should be in the amount that covers anywhere from three months to one year of household expenses in the event of something catastrophic happening in your life.

Therefore, if you have exceeded that yearly monthly expense amount by a substantial amount, then perhaps you have too much money.


16. $250,000 

The FDIC, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, insures losses up to a maximum of $250,000.

Quite possibly, if you have more than $250,000 in savings or checking account then perhaps, you may have more money than what you need and therefore, a plan of action needs to be developed.


17. Purpose

Of course, if your purpose in accumulating more embraces the attitude that you will never have enough money is certainly a possibility especially if you wish to pass on to the next generation the accumulation of your wealth.


18. If Money Defines You 

A great question to ask in countering the question of how much money is enough is how do you define yourself?

If you had an opportunity to introduce yourself to someone else who didn’t know you what sort of words or terms you would use to describe who you are.

Would those terms include witty, great personality, hard-working, family person, etc? Or, in the back of your mind, would you be tempted to introduce yourself by associating $’s with your name.

It would seem that the constant thirst and hunger for more and more money is a strong indicator of who that individual is and what motivates and satisfies their meaning in life.


19. Marginal Utilities of Wealth 

One of the thought processes or philosophies, as it relates to the accumulation of wealth, is known as the marginal utility of wealth.

This means that at a point in time, as your wealth increases, your happiness or satisfaction with that wealth does not increase proportionately.

It’s almost as if there becomes a balance or a saturation point and when reached, any increase in wealth brings on a sense of boredom or disinterest.


20. Reckless 

A possibility that we have reached that point where we have too much money is that we have become reckless with our investments.

Quite possibly, we become a little overconfident and think that we can do things with our money because we have enough.

The use of this money in such ways would not ordinarily be considered because we were devoted to meeting our goals and frugal with our money.

Therefore, reckless actions with our money, thinking that we can afford it or have enough, may be a sign that we have too much money.


Personal Story

Our bodies are remarkable.

When we don’t have enough to eat our stomach lets us know by creating all sorts of growling sounds emanating deep from within our being.

On the other hand, if we’ve had too much to eat then our body responds accordingly as well by creating discomfort, possible indigestion, along with other physical ailments.

Additionally, if we don’t eat properly or eat too much of the wrong type of foods, our body will help us to reject our overindulgence.

I remember when I was 15 years old, and it was New Year’s Eve and my cousin’s parents and my parents went out for the evening and left us and my siblings and other cousins to fend for ourselves.

We had the run of the house and being New Year’s Eve we over overindulged.

Part of my overindulgence was the eating of excessive amounts of candy, spicy food, and my first sip of Chianti.

Well, all of this proved to be too much for my body and in my overindulgence, my body responded.

Suffice it to say that I had too much of a good thing and my stomach helped me to learn a valuable lesson.

Perhaps, as it relates to the topic of is it possible to have too much money, maybe some indicators will inform us that we have reached that level.

Those indicators can be demonstrated in our body, mind, emotions, etc.


How Much Money is Too Much Money FAQs


What is the FDIC?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is one of two such agencies.

The other is the National Credit Union Administration.

Both of these agencies came out of the great depression era and became part of the 1933 Banking Act.

What precipitated the formation of these insurance entities was that in the Great Depression there was a run on banks and a significant number of individuals lost money when the banks failed.

Individual personal banking accounts are insured, through this legislative act, of up to an amount of $250,000.


What Was That Famous Quote About Having Too Much Money?

Are you referring to John D. Rockefeller when he said, “How much money is enough just a little bit more?”


You Can Do It

The question of how much is too much money can only be answered by you.

No one else can answer that question for you.

You had goals that you worked towards and made your money work hard for you.

Therefore, you are still in the driver’s seat and your decision whether to let up of the accelerator or not is your call.



As it relates to money can anyone have too much of a good thing?

Is there a saturation point where having money gets to the level of having too much money?

Possibly a good simile would be at what point does the sponge no longer become effective in its ability to soak up any more of the liquid that was spilled?

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