How Much Is a Squeeze Page Worth?


I decided to write this after talking with a “dirt world” businessman about his web presence. He had no idea what I was talking about to start with but eventually cottoned on to the idea… I think he’s got it now.

I am sure you are aware how important it is to have a good squeeze (landing, splash or sign up) page. Call it what you will, its probably the most important page in your whole internet marketing arsenal.


I get the creeping feeling that many of us marketers undervalue the strengths of both the landing page and our ability to build them. I know what comes after is where the money lies but if you can’t get them to sign up, you’re like a cheesy doorman handing out flyers on a wet Wednesday night in WaggaWagga.

So landing pages are important.

There in lies the rub. How do you build a squeeze page that converts? I ask you and welcome your comments. In the meantime here’s my take on it.

It all depends…

OK that wasn’t too helpful was it? Let’s elaborate and ask ourselves some questions.

For me, in many niches simple works just fine. Plain Jane black headline, stating what’s on offer and a straight forward email submit. I like that. With 35 – 65% conversions why not stick with that?

Well what about video splash pages? Yes, they can be cool if done right and so do images of videos that promise that the good stuff is inside. Cool, it works too, so do it.

Then there are backgrounds to consider.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen the beach scenes and scantily clad women, sports cars and mansions… come on… really? But hey, if it works for you that’s good but they don’t work for my target audiences.

I have tried them of course but beach lovers and tire kickers seem to go together as far as this type of landing page goes… unless it is specifically tied into what ever it is you’re promoting. Otherwise you’ll just end up with a bunch of dreamers on your list.

Now I have only scratched the surface here.

Look at the landing page services that are offered at so many dollars a month. Sure they are great and do convert but do you really want another monthly payment being sucked out of your account?

I think not.

When you have your full sales funnel in place and are making money is the time to consider riding that horse… not before.

And have you thought about the time it takes to build and set up various pages? By the time you have tinkered around to find out what on earth you’re doing you could have been marketing and making more sales.

Sticking to what you know and to what works is best. It may not be glamorous but once you hit that winning formula, make yourself a template and work it for all its worth.

You can always and should always,split test your pages anyway.

So how much is a sueeze page worth?

If you are getting folk signing up for your free offer then the next step is to move them as rapidly as possible onto a buyers list.

That’s where the value is.


So the answer to this riddle is what you sell and to how many people will dictate the value of your squeeze page.

Moral of the story?

Don’t undervalue your squeeze page and don’t take too long making it.



  1. The Squeeze Page is one of the best pages on a website – at least, if it provides value to the readers who land on it for the call-to-action!

    Creating the ‘perfect’ squeeze doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Simplicity of design and content can appeal to the target audience.

    What a marketer must keep to heart is that quality design and content on the squeeze page pays off. This must never be ignored!
    Sunday William recently posted…You need to customize the 404 error page on your website (With examples)My Profile

  2. Hi Ed,

    Oh Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. The landing page is the most important page on any website. This is the page on which conversions occur from lead to paying customer. I don’t think that any other page has greater importance.

    I pretty sure that 90% of the digital marketers understand just how important a landing page really is, but judging from the many pages I’ve encountered, I believe that a large portion of digital marketers really are clueless on building one.

    They tend to copy other websites landing pages that look good, but the content they put on the page, especially above the fold is so often, breathtakingly bad.

    Plain Jane landing pages are fine. They have stood the test of time generating decent income. That said, this works only if the copy writer is a word smith and the business owner has the wisdom to hire them.

    Too often it’s the business owner who writes the landing page content and that’s where the landing page, conversion problems begin.

    Very many of the stalwarts in digital marketing insist that a video on the Landing page is a major distraction unless it’s about a minute or two in length while clearly highlighting the product (or service) major plus points for the purchaser.

    Too often these videos go on for 25 to 30 minutes of fast talk / sales talk and the sale does not go down instead the viewer leaves the landing page with a slightly distasteful feeling and a whole load of doubt sown in their minds. Bad for business.

    I never will underestimate the value of my landing page Ed, it brings money into my bank account.

    Great article, read and learned from it.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Guest Blog PostsMy Profile

  3. Hi Ed,

    I know the importance of squeeze page to capture email leads, but when it comes to landing page services they are very costly at present, if we are new blogger then we may not spend that much money around 35$ per month.

    Of course, it is very useful when we doing paid campaigns on social media, and one more thing landing pages with beach sceneries will not convert well in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing the information.
    siddaiah recently posted…How To Use SEMrush SEO Tool For Search Engine Optimization?My Profile

  4. Hey Ed,

    Squeeze pages are the important piece of the online marketing/marketing funnel world. I’ve used them on my blog and on paid advertising.

    The one thing you want to make sure of is to keep it simple and yet make sure you just give your audience enough information just for them to smell the sizzle of the steak.

    And one thing is for sure and that is to make sure that the information within your marketing funnel gives the the information that they ask for. This helps builds a great reputation!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!
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  5. Hello Ed! Oh Yeh Ort landing pages are the most important page of our website, And of course we should always be testing testing and testing, But I do like your advice of not taking to long to get it out there..

    This is advice I need to take
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  6. Good post. It’s a short post but hit the point without wasting time. You’re right about the importance of squeeze pages, particularly those that do what they were meant to do. If they do what they were meant to do, then they are valuable and worth a lot. It’s hard to put a dollar value to a squeeze page unless you have all the details.

  7. You are right about this Ed

    I get the creeping feeling that many of us marketers undervalue the strengths of both the landing page and our ability to build them. I know what comes after is where the money lies but if you can’t get them to sign up, you’re like a cheesy doorman handing out flyers on a wet Wednesday night in WaggaWagga.

    The squeeze page is worth considering and designing for improved traction!

  8. Hey Ed,

    From the details of this post, it is clear that we need to place more value on the squeeze page. The more appeal and value we make this to have, the better conversion we would expect!

    How much is your squeeze page worth? This is, indeed, the right question to address how well we access the squeeze page!

  9. To say that the landing page or squeeze is important is an understatement.

    This is page readily leads to conversion. There are many landing page services that readily work for all.

    Its important to check them out at the moment!

  10. landing page or squeeze are very important- too important.

    Snag a customer with a freebie or an e book or manual and you are half way there.

    An email list IS the most important tool you have as long as the right people are on it.

    I saw on Fiverr someone selling 10,000 email list- when I asked where they were from as in subscribers I was told everywhere!


  11. Hello Ed,

    I’ve never made a squeeze page myself, but have always found them to be very fascinating. My take is a good squeeze page that has a great, can’t-miss, call-of -action can be very valuable. A landing page is everything obviously, because you need to get that page to convert.

    A lot of detail and effort and research must go into it. A little outside of my expertise at this point, but eventually I’d like to give it a go.