How Many Websites Do You Really Need? A Lesson on the Power of Focus for Entrepreneurs


I’m a mess.

But I am getting better.

I dabbled into so many things in the past 6 years. I’ve literally gone through over 700 sites of my own and at one point, 420 of them were travel blogs.

I’ve done affiliate sites, small business sites, sites that were solely landing pages that sell a specific ebook and so on.

I was so hungry to do something, to try everything I read about, to apply new things that I learned from a course I bought, to create content, to learn outsourcing, to service others, to create my own products, to sell leads.


I was spreading myself too thinly.



As you can see. An entrepreneur’s mind can be a very unique thing.

It can come up with solutions, new business ideas, new procedures to make processes easier.

You always want to have a piece of everything. You want to start a new business when you just started one. You hop on one idea to another. You always want to try that new shiny object that came as a referral in your inbox.

It’s a rather tiring cycle that often reaps little to no rewards and I would like to address that problem with this post.

Because of THAT kind of mind, we often go all over the place and lose focus rather easily.

Right now, I’m dabbling into my first major start-up that’s probably going to take up most of my time and focus for the next year or so.

Through my own experiences, I now know that I needed to focus on the ONE thing that was important to me and it was this new startup.

I’ve already been absent from blogging on LeapFroggr and commenting on the blog posts of my great blogger friends for the past 2 months, so for that, I apologize guys. With that being said, I will slowly start to make it up to you guys this month.

I took 2 months away from blogging and everything related to it. Even my social media activity was scarce.

I’m only able to write this post because I have a bit of free time now after focusing the past 2 months on it. I LOVE blogging and interacting with all of you so I had to make time, even if it’s just a couple hours in a week.

I learned about focus the hard way. Years of marginal success and a string of epic failures… I hope I can help some of you out through this post.

How Many Websites Do You Really Need?

A lot of you are bloggers. I don’t know what business you are in, what services you offer or what products you promote.

What I’m sure of is that we are all entrepreneurs.

Many of you own 1 blog , some of you own 5 or more, some here own over 100 blogs.


I often get asked how many websites does one need to be successful.

My answer is always the same – “as many as you can make successful.”

It can be whatever number you want just as long as it has good returns.

Nowadays, I treat each website as a business on it’s own.

I never move to the next “shiny object” until I am absolutely certain that it’s working and can be left alone, delegated or shut down.

Naturally, I’ve cut down a huge chunk of my own private websites & blogs to 1/5 of the original number. I dropped everything else that wasn’t really making significant yields.

So, if you are planning on building one site after the next, then you better take a look at what you can do unless you already have a system that can be replicated over and over.

In most cases, it’s actually best that you focus all your efforts into one place first and scale that.

Treat that as an actual business and finish what you need to accomplish with it before moving to the next apple in line.

“I Know Someone That Has 1 Business and Is Killing It”

Yup, you can actually see this pattern everywhere, everyday.

Successful online entrepreneurs that focused 180% of their efforts into one site usually yielded better overall results.

Actually, this works for everything that we do.

I was just too full of myself to realize it. I often ended up not finishing anything significant in the day.

A lot is said about multi-tasking. With all the productivity blogs out there, you can see that some people despise it, some swear by it. I’m pretty sure you’ve come across some posts here, too.

One thing is for sure though, nobody will argue that you can put your full concentration (even conserve more energy) if you focus on one task at a time, especially if you have been constantly overwhelmed for so long just like I was.

Not buyin’ it?

Well, look at it this way, if you are one of those with a ton of things on your to-do list app. You tend to go through them each day, right?

Then you suddenly need to add a couple new tasks, you multi-task to speed things up, you encounter new things and add them in again, then you tend to finish the easy ones first and by the time you reach the harder ones, your concentration/energy is so low that you just push it for tomorrow.

The problem is, those are the important tasks that you should’ve finished first!

With enough days like this, you will eventually realize that you aren’t really finishing anything “big” and that’s why you aren’t progressing with your business.

It took me a while to realize that and I would never want you to take as long as I did.

The Takeaway. How About You?

I’m not perfect. I still fall off the wagon but I have acknowledged my mistakes.

I sometimes feel that I am doing things too slowly (by focusing at one at a time) and I get tempted to multi-task often.

I get hit with a bright idea and I immediately want to put up a new website. I see a cool topic and I immediately want to put up an affiliate blog centred around it. It’s just so tempting!

The trick is to realize this early and snap out of it so I can finish the important things.

I also make sure I schedule “timeblocks” for what I’ll be doing in advanced.

For the day to day tasks, I arrange them the night before.

Things definitely have moved forward for me because of the focus that I can give to my websites and projects.

It’s definitely not easy because I’ve been diversifying my focus for so long so don’t worry if you fall off. Stick with it. You’ll see a world of difference in your results.

How about you? What’s your belief on focus? Do you prefer to multi-task instead?

Do you manage a lot of business sites? How do you manage your time effectively? Let me know in the comments section below. I’m excited to learn from you!




  1. Hello Dennis,

    I enjoyed reading this because it’s very true what lack of focus can cause.

    The more focused one is, the more results can be got, particular in today’s making money online world where things are much more difficult than previous days of easily ranking in Google with lots of sites.

    The spreading oneself too thin is so common and you’re right, it’s mainly why most don’t of us succeed online.

    I agree with your conclusion in this post, the fewer websites, the better.

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. I felt every word of this post because I’ve lived every word of this post. At one point I had almost 40 sites live – not nearly your figure but just as useless, I assure you.

    Now I’m down to two sites that I spend the vast majority of time on – one for marketers and one for my marketing clients. I spend all my time doing these two things and yes, both are gaining traction far quicker than when I had 20 times as many sites including such obviously related things as food photography, biohacking & wearables, parenting, camping equipment and yes, many marketing sites.

    Once I started letting domains lapse I just bought far fewer. I had 40 live sites but owned over 100 domains at one time. These things just sit around costing money – glad I made the change.
    Matt A recently posted…The Problem with Cheap SEO PackagesMy Profile

  3. I would say as many as one can handle.

    Some people can’t concentrate on just one website, for such people they should go with what as many as they want, 🙂

    Whichever number of websites makes them happy.


  4. Hi Dennis,
    Focus is crucial for personal and business achievement. Entrepreneurs with a lot of concentration easily gain confidence and fulfillment because they achieve greatly.

    While there may be time when multi-tasking is acceptable but focusing on one project per time brings about better results faster.

    Ultimately, if one is focused then he/she can become better person in the skill. The best experts are readily focused individuals!
    Sunday recently posted…Will Desktop Traffic Fade Away In 2016?My Profile

  5. Hey Dennis,

    It’s funny that you came up with this post. I was just thinking about this because I started some projects in August and thought that I would be done with one of them by the end of September, and here we are in the beginning of October and I’m so far from finishing just one.

    So this applies to everything we do. One thing my piano teacher told me was to slow down and concentrate on one key at a time in order to see improvements. We all want to either do things fast or be involved with everything, but in this case we need tunnel vision to optimize these projects we take.

    Great topic Dennis! Now this inspires me to narrow down my projects even further.
    Sherman Smith recently posted…5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion PlanMy Profile

  6. I think we all fall into that trap of taking to many of the wrong actions. I used to think more websites meant more money until I figured out I couldn’t manage them all even if I outsourced. Then I came across a blog by Matthew Woodward and we had a conversation about blogs. He simply asked me how many subscribers I had on each blog and wouldn’t it be more profitable if they all subscribed to one.

    So from that conversation I learned to focus my energy on making one blog all it could be before I moved on to the next. It actually worked and my subscribers list grew daily now I’m becoming a brand. Once my brand is established I’ll outsource the daily grind but still keep the engaement for myself.

    It’s important that only you engage your audience to maintain the one trusted voice they’ve come to recognize. I’m almost there so of course I’ve started another blog. Focus is everything.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…How To Write Headlines That Convert (The 15 year experiment.)My Profile

  7. Gets you thinking Dennis 🙂

    This is one of those things that sneaks up on you, least it has for me in the past. You start this, then you start that. Then there is another idea. Before you know it you saying, “Hey I have alot of crap”. Then you probably discover, “Hey I can’t take care of all this crap”.

    Been there done that.

    I agree completely that when you focus on one project, you do get better results. Very good tip.

    The only problem with focusing on one site, and it can be a big one, is that if it’s your sole source of income, and something happens to it, such as losing search engine traffic, it can be a devastating. Usually multiple streams of income can provide a more stable income. I’ve learned that one the hard way far too many times.

    But I think you meant to focus on one, get it done before you move on to the next. And like you said, to be mindful that you don’t spread yourself to thin.

    Was just throwing it out there.

    One other big thing I see, is that some marketers don’t automate as much as they can. For example, still see people thinking it’s a good idea to manually email subscribers something like give-away reports.

    Glad your getting everything straightened out and your back on track Dennis 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, something that needed to be said.

  8. Dennis,

    Great advice. I started with one site, but felt like my topics were so unrelated and irrelevant. I branched out into 25 sites, but only 8 that are active. I advise people to NOT do what I am doing. I think I will continue with my eight, but definitely requires balance and I would recommend that people keep it simple. Great advice, again.

    Deborah Anderson recently posted…6 Productivity Tips for Gmail (Getting More Out of Your Email)My Profile

  9. Hi Dennis

    Thx for the sharing I hear what you are saying my friend. I think its a problem that inflicts many of us, being over zealous.

    But what can you do, we all just want to earn a little money from this damn internet. But it really isn’t easy no matter what system you use. The problem is it all takes so long to see a result, so you feel like you are forced to diversify, spread the net wide to catch more fish as it were.

    Myself I am getting rid of all the sites I started with stupid names, from now on all my sites will have a one word name two words tops. No more Bit-Coin sites that was a complete waste of time lol. If I could warn you all against one thing it would be bit-coins, the day is coming when it will all crash and burn. Its the same as buying gold certificates, the worst mistake you will ever make.

    If you want gold keep it in the house. If a war starts you won’t be traveling anywhere to pick up what you paid for. Well goodluck all no rest for the wicked got articles to write for the blog.
    Gordon Dewar recently posted…Testosterone And MenMy Profile

  10. Hello Dennis,

    I have two blogs but I have just been focusing on my one. I plan to get back to my other one eventually. I’m not that good at multitasking. I’m a one on one person. It’s easy to get sucked in joining from one program to another. I’ve definitely joined my fair share of them. Especially affiliate programs. I have been in too many to count. You just can’t promote all of them and eventually you end up not promoting anything. I say concentrate on a couple and go from there. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…How To Be Positive Even When You Think You Can’tMy Profile

  11. Hey Dennis,

    Interesting post. You are certainly not the only one who is (or was) a mess when it comes to this.

    Truth is that most of us, so-called Internet entrepreneurs, have been (and are still) guilty of doing too many things at the same time.

    First, the issue of doing too many things at the same time, the truth is – if we didn’t do as many things as we did then, we won’t know as much as we know now. The more one does, the more one knows. Of course knowledge is nothing if not put into good use. If too much knowledge leads to confusion, then it’s not helpful knowledge, 🙂 especially having too many websites.

    Second, the issue of having too many websites, I think it’s the early Internet marketers who sold us all on the idea of rinsing and repeating with many sites, instead of focusing on one or few. The thinking then was always – if you could make $10 a day with just one site, imagine how much you would make with 10 sites? What about 50 sites? 100 sites? 🙂

    It works great in theory when you pull out the calculator and do the math, but not so much in practice when rubber meets the road.

    I once had over 1,000 domain names (yes, remember the days of EMDs?) and developed hundreds of them. I spent a crazy amount of money on these domains getting them up, getting content for them, etc.

    Talking about content, I even had over in-house 20 staff writers churning out tons of content for lots of these sites. Crazy times, I tell you.

    Profitable? Yes, but not as much as you would have expected, especially long term… no thanks to the many Google algorithm updates. Even high quality sites got caught in the many algorithm updates. That was good old Google’s way of shaking the industry and throwing everyone into fits of hysteria, 😀

    Knowing what I now know, would I have ventured into creating so many websites? Absolutely not. Focusing on one or few sites is the way to go. Sadly it has always been the way to go, right from the beginning, if we had listened to people like Bruce Lee:

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

    Very true, 🙂

    admin recently posted…[NEW] Get $10,000+ In’s MONTHLY Blogging ContestMy Profile

    • I cant agree more Kingsley.

      I think I did get that idea from the early days of internet marketing where people keep pushing turnkey stuff – then we tried it and got something out of it and tried to keep repeating it. Definitely not worth my time if I look at it now but you are deadon again about how we wouldnt know what we know now if we didnt go through that phase haha.

      Thanks for checking this post out. I appreciate it a lot!

  12. Hi Dennis,

    I’m like you, but I also burnout easily, so over the years it was no longer just a matter of business, but a matter of health, too.

    Every time a new idea comes up, I write it down on my notebook, with a few details and sketches. Then I leave it. That way, I know I’m not losing it but at the same time I can go back to what I was doing (my top priority) and know the idea is there for when time comes to use it.

    You found your balance. 🙂 I found mine, even though, like you, I still make mistakes from time to time.

    We are creative and sometimes it’s hard to control ‘the muse’ when it visits us, but we can make compromises with her to keep both our business and our mind sane.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post! ^_^

    ~ Luana
    Luana Spinetti recently posted…29 Freelance Writing Challenges For The Next 12 MonthsMy Profile

  13. Hi Dennis

    Very thoughtful post indeed.

    Actually people diversify their venturing just keeping in mind the risk factor that also diversified by doing so.

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is really a very powerful message but sometimes it is taken irrationally by many.

    Beyond a certain limit is always risk be it business expansion or diversification of any type.

    I still remember a friend of mine in London used to run 7000 website with the help of a software but could hardly earn $300 daily with them.

    Afterwards he consolidates many and now with just 56 website he is earning $1000 daily.

    I am nowadays managing three blogs but I love to do all these chores without a wrinkle on my forehead and one of them is not paying me single penny but I am so happy managing them regularly.

    Many thanks for sharing this very useful post

    Have a super nice week ahead
    Mi Muba recently posted…What to sell and what to offer free to your blog visitors?My Profile

  14. Hi Dennis,

    Wow! The opening paragraph just blew me away, 700 sites. My lord. I have 3 sites and it’s a daily struggle to do anything really useful (read attempt to earn money from them) on any of them.

    Okay I do work for clients as well. Hey! I have to pay bills every 30+ days just like everyone else. The toss up for me is devoting 1 hour to my sites or devoting that same 1 hour to a client so that it becomes a billable hour.

    Billable always wins. What a hoot.

    I’ve been very lucky in my life I’ve had a governor in my life. All good motors need a governor, the more powerful the motor the stronger the governor required.

    I’ve had a beautifully strong governor for 46years. Her name is Cynthia and she is my wife.

    Oh! She helps keep me firmly focused on bringing home a steady income versus playing with that shiny new bauble that came into my in-box that costs a trifling USD 1290/- only (which BTW is a tiny fortune when converted to Indian Rupees).

    Like all entrepreneurs my mind is always trying to figure out the quickest way to bring home the next one million USD, it wanders about from one great business idea to another.

    Like making a choice between a vanilla cupcake and chocolate / strawberry cupcake is easy? I’m sure you’ll agree that you really really have to try both.

    It’s my governor that keeps entrepreneur mind fixed firmly where it should be.

    Oh! who am I kidding? I’m successful almost solely because of Cynthia keeping my shoulder to the wheel with the occasional cupcake surprize to keep me going.

    Years of marginal success and a string of epic failures

    Hey! That sounded so much like the perfect reflection of me. You startled me there for a moment.

    I’m sure the 8 weeks holiday your took to focus on your business model will pay off big-time otherwise you can always ask the wife to fund you a week’s stay in Bali, rest and recuperate is what you’ll be needing to get the grey cells working again.

    Somehow (it’s a miracle really) wives always seem to have money stashed away somewhere. Perhaps it’s because I usually have none hmmmmm food for thought there.

    I’ve lived a long time by the axiom – Do one thing and do the darn thing right. Has always worked for me so far . . . but times are a changing and I must confess that I often wonder if this axiom is as sound as it was when I first started business.

    Seems like you are strongly endorsing this in your Blog post. Excellent validation Dennis.

    I enjoyed reading this Blog post. Terrific information, tickled my funny bone no end.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+My Profile

  15. Hi Dennis
    I am always impressed of people’s eagerness to learn and apply new techniques, to create and share content with the world.
    If you do try various things you will never know what works the best.
    I learned so many things from my mistakes that sometimes I ask myself if I shouldn’t do a few more (LOL).

    I agree that actually it is not the number of websites that is relevant but rather their quality.

    Lack of focus is a widespread problem.
    Mastering how to focus your mind will be very beneficial because you will do fewer mistakes and errors.
    You will improve your ability to learn and study faster, and the chances of success grow considerably.

    Thanks for this great post.
    Remy recently posted…How to Build an Email ListMy Profile

  16. The problem many of us have, I suppose, is that we try to want to do things like the BIG boys when we aren’t big yet. If you are working solo, it’s best to concentrate on just one thing and one site. Make it work first before moving on to the next project.

    I can perfectly relate with this post as I have personally dabbled into several things in the last 10 years of marketing online. 99% of those things never worked. One day, I DECIDED that all I needed was just one website. Now I run just one website and not overwhelmed by it anymore.

    Focused action is the only that guarantees result. Focus on just one website and if possible, focus on promoting just one product until you make it a success.
    Jeffrey Benson recently posted…120 Top Seo Tools For Ranking Your Website And Generating Social Buzz Fast OnlineMy Profile

  17. Hi Dennis,
    Focus and concentration is vital for success . Your experience is not peculiar. Many of us do experience that instinct to do many things at the same time, or to have the piece of action on many things.

    The reality is that we often get better result with the things we focus on most! So, focusing on one website at a time is better for entrepreneurial success!
    Sarah John recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Researching 150+ Direct Sales and MLM Companies for 2016My Profile

  18. Hi Denis,
    Entrepreneurs truly need to focus so they can maximize their efforts and results.

    Having many websites means lose of concentration on the nitty-gritty or potential of one.

    The power of concentration is vital for online success anytime and any day!

  19. Good post. As an affiliate marketer, I will say it depends on what you need the websites for. If you are promoting a lot of products and each need a website, it’s okay to have multiple websites. But if you can promote different products within few websites, then that’s okay too. Overall, it depends on you and what your needs and capabilities are. I also agree with what you said, which is”as many as you can make successful”.

  20. Hi Dennis,

    Having many websites doesn’t solve the money earning needs of a marketer if the basic principles of making money are not following in them. However, it is important that focus should be applied in the website run. You have already stated the importance of staying focus in this post. If for nothing, it brings about better result!

  21. Hi Dennis,

    This is a powerful post on the power of focus. To be candid, I am not really a fan of multi-tasking.

    I believe in completely one task/project before moving to another.

    This way I get to master the system and replicate the processes if necessary.

    Thankfully, the summary of your post has re-emphasized that what I do is not wrong in anyway 😉

  22. Hello Dennis!

    This is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to life in general…. It is easy to have a new idea, to see the solution play out, but the follow through can be hard or…sometimes I just try to every business idea I have at once.

    Both don’t usually lead to success. I can be quiet a scatter brain. I actually realized I posted a comment on the same post on kingged twice, because I totally forgot reading the article. That is what happens to me when I start too many things…

    Your article was a great reminder to relax(work hard, but relax). It isn’t about the fast bursts, but steadily moving forward with any business idea. That requires discipline and patience, skills I lack.

    Thanks again for the article,
    Joe Wilson recently posted…Engineering a Dish; How to Start Planning A Menu Part 1My Profile

  23. Having a large number of blogs or sites is only really useful if you are using software to autoblog. That was successful for many people before the recent Google algorithm changes meant the pages were not getting ranked and no-one was seeing the content.

    The strategy can still work with aged domains, but there are only limited numbers of aged domains in the market which can be acquired in any individual niche. Building sites from scratch using autoblogging is getting harder than ever before.

    I think a good idea is to have two sites – one for your primary interest and one in the make money niche. If your main interest is in a huge niche with a passionate following, you can spend most of your time building up that site and trying to make that into a full time living, and then just use the make money site as a side business. If, on the other hand, your main interest is in a small niche where making a full time living is going to be extremely difficult if it is even possible, then you can look to dominate that small niche and then make most of your money from the make money site.

    That is just one possible approach which can simplify your career and give you a definite direction.
    Whatever you do, though, you are going to want to keep the number of web properties you need to manage down to a minimum. Extra sites means extra work, usually for no conceivable benefit.

  24. Hi Dennis

    I have also had a large number of sites in the past, but now I find that less is definitely more. I think people increasingly expect high quality content and also in many cases interaction so having a lot of websites makes that really difficult.

    The only exception I can see is if the upkeep of the site is fully outsourced.

    I for one am focussing my attention on one main project at a time.

  25. It’s still tempting to follow the “it’s a numbers game” strategy and build many websites to earn a little from each, but it’s very time consuming and can be frustrated. Because of that, I’d say just one or few sites is better now.

  26. Hello Dennis,

    Wow, you have 700 websites? That’s incredible. You bring up great points by the way. Spreading yourself out too thinly isn’t a good idea. The more websites one has means the less time you likely are building and putting in great quality to each site to really make them blossom.

    I don’t think it hurts to have too many, however, you shouldn’t be just making flimsy websites then go on to the next one. You need quality more than quantity.