How Many Times Have You Heard “I’ve Been Marketing Online for Years and Still Haven’t Made Any Money?”


I was recently in a discussion on a private membership forum and one of the members asked a question that basically shocked everyone who read it. It wasn’t like they had never heard the question before, but they had never heard it on a forum that provided real case studies of actual campaigns on how to make money. They couldn’t believe there was a guy who paid money to join a forum with real case studies that made money, asking it’s members why he couldn’t make money.

Well needless to say he generated a lot of conversation and a bunch of confusion. The problem wasn’t the fact that he was on a forum designed to help him make money, not at all. Most members were confused as to why he never asked for help. They couldn’t understand why you would pay for a monthly membership that was designed to help you, yet you never asked for help. Of course there was also skepticism as to weather or not his claim was even true and even more skeptics saying it”s doubtful that he even tried.

Personally I wasn’t shocked at all, I’ve heard this at least a thousand times. Most of the people who have claimed they’ve been marketing online for years and still can’t make money aren’t lying, they just never learned how. A lot of marketers out there believe they’ve made decent attempts at setting up there business for profit, but never actually put in the work.

Now in this particular case one of the most successful forum members (a seven figure marketer) wanted to help so he asked a series of questions to see where this guy may have went wrong so he asked him some questions.

His first question was, “What have you tried? and like most responses we receive, the guy replied “Everything”…..

So he attempted to narrow it down and asked: Do you have a website with content posted on it? No Reply.

Being the seasoned marketer that he was he already knew that the guy’s problem was himself, so he just fired off a series of questions to verify whether or not the guy had tried “Everything” as he stated.

So he asked him:

Do you market on your Facebook group?

Can you show me your squeeze pages and the ads you’re using to drive traffic to them?

What product are you selling?

Do you have a YouTube channel where you market your products?

What groups / forums related to your niche have you joined and actively participated in?

His answer: ” Well I haven’t tried everything”.

We all knew why he hadn’t made a dime yet and so did he. To make money online requires you to take a lot of action. Starting a Facebook Group and not posting content or refusing to advertise your group is not taking action. Having a You Tube channel with no videos or joining forums and not participating is not taking action. Even if you just chose one of these methods to concentrate on it wouldn’t take years for you to make a profit unless you’ re just not taking action.

The only marketers I’ve ever meant that hadn’t made money after years of trying suffered from one of two things. They either never stuck with a method long enough for it to work or never put in enough work to make it profitable. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do there are just too many people willing to help for you to remain stuck. If you need help in any area of your marketing there are forums and plenty of websites with members who are willing help you, all you need to do is ask. If you’re shy and afraid to comment for fear of sounding stupid, you can actually Google ” How to set up my Internet Marketing business” and get exact strategies. Iv’e seen step by step instructions on a variety of subjects from sites like Forbes, Entreprenuer and even Wiki How, but none of them will work unless you take action!

Sure, there’s plenty of people who actually believe they’ve taken action, and some are probably even reading this article. But the truth is when you ask them the specifics of the actions they ‘ve taken you always here excuses for the actions they didn’t take. They may have a website with great content but don’t advertise it because they claim they can’t afford to. Or they have a Facebook Group stacked with content but claim they don’t have the time to be social or the money to boost a post. The truth is if you have your marketing set up correctly and you’re driving traffic you’re eventually going to make money.

Internet Marketing is like every other business it requires work and a lot of it. Would you open a business and run it for years without making a profit or at least break even? Of course you wouldn’t. The fact is if you do anything for years and still get no results it means you really have no knowledge of what you’re doing and you may need learn.

So the next time someone tells you they’ve been marketing online for years and haven’t made a dime, your first question should be How and your second should be why. And if you happen to be one of these people you need to ask yourself these same two questions:

1. How can you market your products better? (i.e, Improve the methods you’re using)

2. Why you refuse to get help with the process if you don’t know how?

If you don’t have an answer for these two question you’ll probably never make any money online. But don’t worry there is an answer to your dilemma, all you need to do is Take Action and find out what thousands of others that make money online are doing that you aren’t. Just ask them, believe me they’ll tell you.



  1. Hi Gordie,

    Interesting article. I think another thing that prevents people from making money is that most marketers are on many lists and they are constantly barraged with the latest so-called, “easy” traffic techniques.

    They might try Facebook but then someone is selling a course on SEO, so they give up and try that and before they learn the SEO someone is seeling a course on PPC and they give up on learning SEO… and around and around it goes.

    Everyone is distracted by so many products that they never “fully” learn a traffic technique.

    You do need a lot of hard work but I think consistency is key too.

    Nice article my friend, look forward to reading more.

    Take care,


    • Thanks for commenting John, you’re right consistency is the key. I’ve heard plenty of people tell me they tried a method and it didn’t work so of course I always ask what did you try, how long did you try it and did you track your results to see how effective your efforts were. The majority of time I don’t like the responses. All I can really say to most marketers is, if you want it done right and you don’t want to learn to do it…Outsourcing is the smart way to go.

      • Good suggestion Gordie,

        I am starting over again in internet marketing and I could see I got distracted easily with all the new methods. This time, I have sought out advice here at Kingged, I will be following their advice until I learn to make it work. I will not go on chasing the next shiny object.

        Take care my friend and God Bless you!

        Your friend,


  2. Hi Gordie,

    For many years I was in the same position as that forum members until I realized something was wrong. I wasn’t taking my online marketing as a ‘business’.

    When I started giving it a business and operational approach with lots of strategies it dawned on me that I could have surpassed the stage I were in.

    Thankfully, over the years, I have learned to put in more action and have been getting needed results!

  3. Hi Gordie,

    Taking action is important for online results. In fact, without action we may not see any result. Online marketers that have not been making money over the years must be sincere with what steps they have been taking.
    Being strategic about their efforts would readily make for increased productivity. Without action nothing would be achieved nor delivered.

    The case study you have shared just reminded me of the plight of many people!

    This is food for thought and we are reminded of the need to take ACTION STEPS ALWAYS!

  4. One of the things that would always convince and motivate some of us to stick with making money online is that many are genuinely taking action and getting results with their online marketing!

    Following the foot steps of the right people would easily help anyone start making money online.

    However, the message about TAKING ACTION is still the core message because even with the best influencers if action is not taken then the connection would have become a waste of time!

    • Thanks Amit, all valid points. You’re right, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Taking action is the only way to get what you want in life and some marketer’s still refuse to do it. They all need to remember that every success they’ve ever had in life was because they took action.

  5. There are lots of people who have been “running an online business” but have not made a dime from their effort. Its probably because of their actions or inactions. The truth remains that one can make money online if the right actions are taken.

    I think the best bet for such people to start making money again is to have change of mindset. They must reassess what they have been doing, connect with those who are doing well and be start implementing actions that are geared towards achieving the required success!

    • While everything you say here is true Black, I also believe in the practice of out sourcing to gain the know how. Right here on Kinnged they have an offer to get you into profit and it is only one of many such offers in the IM world.

      So if an individual has tried to make money online and has yet to achieve the desired results, it’s possible they have no clue what actions to take as you just stated. For those folks I recommend they invest in either learning to do it properly through coaching or buy into an investment opportunity like the one Kingsley has established.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you my brother.

  6. On the Internet, it is wrong to remain docile and not do anything. Taking action is a requirement for success. I have made many mistakes in the past by just sticking with learning. Learning is good but taking action will deliver the results expected.

    Your post comes handy for anyone who wants to make money online with ease. If one has not been getting the required results over the years, then its time to under study those who are already succeeding and TAKE ACTION!

    Thanks Gordie for this awesome reminder of what it takes to make it online!

    • Thanks for commenting Paul.

      I was once in the same boat as you were and trying to get my PHD in internet marketing before I took any action. I over learned while some of my peers just took action and didn’t care whether it was the right actions or the wrong ones.

      What happened was they actually learned to make huge profits online by taking action and while I learned , they earned. I wrote this article with the hope that I could get other’s to understand that the best method of learning is by doing.

  7. Hi Gordie,

    Action is what gives deliverance to all values . Intents and purposes would be barren without concrete action to back it up.

    With this post you have shared, I am reminded that it is not enough to have plans, but it is better to put plans to practice.

    The case study you have discussed should be revealing to readers!

    • Thanks for commenting Winford, I’m glad the post gave you a little intellectual stimulation.

      We all need a little reminder from time to time to push forward and take even more action than we have previously.

      I wrote this post to give myself a reminder to not only take, action but to take massive action.

      Thanks again for joining the conversation.

  8. Hi Gordie,

    This is very interesting topic. My best takeaway from it is where you mentioned: “The truth is if you have your marketing set up correctly and you’re driving traffic you’re eventually going to make money.”

    Online marketing is profitable if the right ideas, right tactics, and right mindset are implemented.

    Success doesn’t come easy but it can be achieved the simplicity of taking the right action!

    • Thanks for your input Celine, and you never said truer words ” Success doesn’t come easy”.

      But if any marketer put’s the same zeal into their business as they do their hobbies it will come faster. I always tell folks that one big break they’re looking for always stems from a succession of tiny breaks.

  9. Hi Gordie,

    I guess the main takeaway from this post would be to “Take Action”. Without this nothing would succeed. The measure of action taken on a specific online program would determine the level of success. There is no doubt about this!

    • Yep the main takeaway from this post is to take action and as I stated in my previous comment, any action will do.

      You learn more from the wrong actions than you do from the right one’s which is why taking action is the most important step to profit.

      As Mark Twain said: “Why not go out on a limb, that’s were the fruit is”.

  10. Action breeds results, and this must not be neglected! The average Internet marketer must be practical to succeed online. Without taking the right action it would be difficult to achieve success.
    You post calls for reflection especially for those of us who don’t give full practical attention to what we do online.
    Yes, anyone can succeed in any type of online venture as long as the needed amount of action is expended!

    • Thanks for reading the post James.

      All you say is true, but the average Internet Marketer needs to become above average, that’s the problem I’m trying to address. If you set your goals for $10,000 a month then you need to take ten thousand dollars worth of action every month. That’s where giving practical attention to your business comes in.

      Someone asked me that question last year and I gave him the easy answer. All he had to do was sell 10 people a $1000 dollar product, which is a heck of a lot easier than selling 100 people a $100 product.

      Fear stopped him from taking the actions to achieve his goals not reality. If he took action to sell a thousand dollar product he would have eventually landed on the correct strategy.

  11. For sure, the marketer you have studied and presented to us if bound to generate a lot of controversy because many don’t expect that question from him. Unfortunately, there are millions of people in that same spot as the man.

    “Not taking action” is not acceptable online. A little action taken is better than volumes learning made!

    Targeted action must be understood and implemented for real!

    • Thanks for commenting Carl, You’re right, Not Taking Action means you’re just participating in a hobby not a business.

      Most marketers buy into the hype and get discouraged when it isn’t as easy as the ad said it was. Few know that you have to take as much action as the results you’re trying to achieve.

      You’re right any action is better than none and all actions are steps to learning the right one’s to take.

  12. Thanks for commenting Carl, You’re right, Not Taking Action means you’re just participating in a hobby not a business.

    Most marketers buy into the hype and get discouraged when it isn’t as easy as the ad said it was. Few know that you have to take as much action as the results you’re trying to achieve.

    You’re right any action is better than none and all actions are steps to learning the right one’s to take.

    • Well there’s that and industry greed. It may not be me but the first person to create a standard franchise model for Internet Marketers will likely become a billionaire. With a cut and paste website already branded and optimized to make money that figure of 90% could easily be knocked down to 85%. LOL. In other words you could sell the solution of zero risk and people still wouldn’t take action.

  13. Hello, Gordie!

    This is a great article. I frequent multiple forums and I see the same complaint a lot: I’ve been trying this for years and I just can’t make any money online.

    I think what people are really looking for are details and specifics. In a search for information, they are bombarded with rehashed information and vague lead ins for the next big thing. So much so, that they don’t even know what questions to ask.

    To the effect of…
    ‘You must apply SEO to your websites! You must facebook! Twitter!’

    ‘You must find that elusive product that every one wants no one mentions to sell!’

    ‘Look at others and see what they’re doing! Here are screen shots of all the money I’m making. Do what I do (though I won’t really tell you what it is) and you’ll make money too!’

    “Take Action!”

    You said, “”But don’t worry there is an answer to your dilemma, all you need to do is Take Action and find out what thousands of others that make money online are doing that you aren’t.”

    It’s great advice, but it’s coming from SO MANY different directions, how can one know which way to turn?

    If you had to break ‘TAKE ACTION’ down to 3 steps, what do you think they would be?

    • 1. Pick your method of marketing. (Blog, PPC, Amazon or whatever.)
      2. Set up your delivery system. (Website, email, Facebook page or whatever)
      3. Start your campaigns. ( Facebook ads, PPC, Banner ads or whatever)

      Taking action means just that, taking action. Not reading about how to take action or thinking about how to take action.. Just take action, you’ll learn along the way. Trying to learn everything about online marketing is fruitless and a waste of time. The marketers that are making the money… Just do it!

      • Hi again!

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. I like your answers you provided to my question. I think these specific, simplified answers are what people are often looking for and what a lot of marketing materials are missing. And just to clarify – I didn’t not mean anything you’ve written, but materials in general!

        I think your 3 steps are perfect starts and I had similar thoughts when I asked the question. I would include FOCUS as well. Pick one and Focus on it!

        Thanks again and have a great day!

  14. Hit the nail on the head there, a few times!!

    I too have been in the IM world for a few years and had a small few success’s.

    Why to people fail?? Commitment! Its simple, they give up-put no effort in, I have seen it time and time again!

    I have sold some WSO’s in the past and on occassion have had customers asking for a refund after an hour saying its not for them, no commitment!