How I Used Guest Blogging To Add Subscribers To My List… And Sales…



Guest Blogging

Yes, I know… It’s one of those “archaic” traffic generation methods (like some people like to call them).

Nowadays people love money making methods that bring you loads of cash overnight; however, such things don’t really exist. ย If you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the rewards; it’s that simple! It’s very unfortunate that most people are too lazy these days…

However, I am a geeky gal who loves writing and being a computer nerd, so I don’t mind spending a few hours blogging or connecting on forums etc. So let me tell you about a little case study I did back in February/March of this year…

This is a bit overdue as I’ve been meaning to share it for some time, but hey, better late than never huh!

So here’s what I did…

I normally am always looking for guest blogging opportunities so I was just browsing the Warrior Forum looking in the JV section and I found a post asking for a few guest bloggers on his blog. It turned out it was my friend Jay Orban fromย Jays Online Reviewsย and I contacted him and said I was interested in writing on his blog.

I don’t mean that you need to know the person prior; it just happened that I knew him.

So I wrote a unique piece of content and sent it to him. After a couple days, he sent me a message saying that my post was up. That was all I did; just wrote some good quality content, and published it on a high PR blog.


Why don’t you see for yourself?

New subscribers:






That’s 27 subscribers and 6 sales totaling $46.19 from ONE single blog post. And the best part? All free traffic!

I know that it may not seem like a lot to a lot of people, but hey, getting 27 new subscribers on my list (who can be potential buyers) is not too bad for one post, don’t you think? And resulting in 6 sales just gave me more motivation do to more guest posting.


How I did It?

Here’s how I did it…

1. I wrote a super awesome epic and UNIQUE blog post.

2. I sent it to Jay.

3. Jay posted it on his blog.

4. I got traffic.


Now, normally all blog hosts allow you to have at least one link back to your website at the end of your post. This is how I added my own twist to it and this is what allowed me to get those results.

I submitted a post that was full of value and that gave a lot of information on a certain topic, and at the end of it, I finished with a sort of cliff hanger. In other words, I left some information missing and wrote something like: “If you would like to know more about (X) and download this whole blog post in PDF format so that you can refer to it whenever you want, please click here.”

That lead them to my squeeze page where I offered the whole thing in PDF format. So that’s how I got the subscribers.


How Did I Get The Sales?

I sprinkled a few affiliate links here and there inside the PDF. Of course, those affiliate offers were related to the content. So I got a lot of clicks and 6 sales.

And that’s it!

Why Am I Sharing This?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself that question? Why is she sharing something that is not really considered a success?

Well, my point is:

First: to confirm once again that guest blogging does work and that yes you can get traffic, subscribers and sales with it.

Second: so many people out there (who hopefully will end up reading this) have never made a dime online, and making a couple dollars for the first time is so exciting. So I wanted to tell them that it doesn’t require you to be a genius to do it.


It’s very simple really: you do the work, you get results – you don’t do anything: you get nothing ๐Ÿ™‚


So How Do You Find Places To Guest Blog?

A simple Google search will help you find blogs looking for guest authors. You can try these search terms for example:

โ€“ keyword +ย  submit a guest post

โ€“ keyword + guest posts wanted

โ€“ keyword + write for us

โ€“ keyword + contributing writer

โ€“ keyword + looking for guest posts

โ€“ keywords + become an author


There are so many variations, so you can get creative with it. You will definitely find hundreds of blogs to guest blog at. However, you need to know that not all blogs are good for you. Some will get you a lot of traffic, and some won’t.

To know how much traffic you will potentially get from a blog, you need to search for their Alexa and PR rankings. To learn how to do that, check my blog post on traffic strategiesย here.

So I really hope that you see the potential of guest blogging by now and that you will give it a try. If one post can make me 6 sales? How many sales would I get with 10 posts? 20 posts? And so on. Think about it.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this and, if you like this information, please share the love ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Guest blogging is great to grow your email list, sales and leads. Bloggers use this to promote their blog and there are lots of niche easy to find that can help you get more traffic to your site.

    You have to gather knowledge in your niche, I must say since you can attract more traffic or readers if you will invest education in guest posting.

    In your experience, pretty sure newbies will be motivated to give guest blogging a shot and take note of the important things to consider in writing a blog post.

    The additional tips on how to find places to guest blog is helpful to know. Thanks for sharing your success and the motivating experience you have.

    Great article all in all!
    Metz recently posted…5 Ways To Make Money Online โ€“ You Havenโ€™t Tried #4!My Profile

  2. Hi Houda,
    You have simplified the how on making money with guest blogging. It requires a little bit of creativity!

    I agree with you that “If you donโ€™t put in the work, you wonโ€™t reap the rewards” The discipline to put in the hardwork is what is lacking in many Internet marketers. This is equally denying them the reward accrued.

    Guest blogging is still functional today and marketers must truly be creative about it.

    Thanks for sharing your process. It is clear and practical. Many readers of this post would truly find it helpful!
    Sunday William recently posted…Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Content Ideas For Your BlogMy Profile

  3. Hi Houda,

    Its really an awesome post.

    Guest post really helps a lot for getting traffic and authority as well as trust flow to your blog.

    Yes, it is necessary to have a unique and valuable content which you are going to submit on any blog.

    If it is, then you will get fruitful results for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the results and tips.

    Naveen Kumar recently posted…ThoughtBuzz – Asia’s leading Social Media Management and Analytics PlatformMy Profile

  4. Hey Houda,

    This sounds like a simple but yet really productive process.

    I’ve started guest blogging this year, and I’ve had some minor success as far as traffic is concern.

    But I do want to increase my subscriber based though. I’m getting subscribers every week, but it doesn’t hurt to get more targeted ones, right?

    But that’s a smart move to put a link that leads to your opt in so that you can get subscribers!

    Thanks for sharing Houda and I hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail KeywordsMy Profile

  5. Guest blogging is a great technique to gain traffic and make sales. When you guest blog for someone who has a lot more traffic than you, you have the chance to reach the same people that their blogs reach which would probably be different from your own reach. Guest blogging has worked really well for me and it will be something I continue to do in the future. You want to be sure to not waste time guest posting on blogs that don’t reach many people. Great post!
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…9 Factors That Can Improve Your Chances Of SuccessMy Profile

  6. Houda THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love this post. It’s so simple and yet it solves so many problems. I’m jumping on this and when I create some results with this method I will show my results and tell everyone who taught me how to do it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Again, thank you so much. It’s just what I wanted to research today and I find your post. How lucky am I? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have an awesome day!
    Viktor Mauzer recently posted…Is There Too Much Competition In Online Marketing? (Video)My Profile

  7. Hey Houda,

    You wrote a simplified guide on guest blogging. I did not try it yet. Now I am determined to try it tomorrow. I an writing an epic post and will submit it on a great traffic website. I have one question which I like to ask you. Should we post the rejected guest blog post on our own blog? I think we can do it by making a revision. What do you say?
    Nikhil Kumar Saini recently posted…238 Catchy Words List to Write Unique And Powerful TitlesMy Profile

  8. Hey Houda,

    You got an interesting way of delivering the importance of guest posting, and letting us know how you’ve benefited from it.

    I also guest post a lot, and I can attest that doing this can help you build trust with other bloggers, as well as generate floods of traffic to your site. If you have great value to offer, be it from products or through providing valuable info, you’ll enjoy making sales off your blog.

    Thanks for this.

    ~ Enock Machodi
    Enock Machodi recently posted…Warning Bloggers! Are You Doing This The Wrong Way?My Profile

  9. Hey Dot Com Gal,

    This is a really convincing post that shouts out – Guest Blogging – works.

    Beautifully and succinctly written, backed by a screen grab that shows your increase in subscribers and an increase in money, Wow!

    I can definitely vouch for the fact that Guest Blogging works.

    I’ve use it regularly and I’ve always been very pleasantly surprised at the amount of traffic that guest blogging drives to my site.

    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Inbound Marketing Methodology – Convert Strangers to Customers to Advocates.My Profile

  10. Thanks for sharing this! We always feel that any blogger not utilizing guest blogs is selling themselves short. No matter how good your content is, building a successful blog will always be 80% marketing and 20% content. Participation inequality is a prominent issue online, so the more ways you can get heard, the better! Great post.

  11. Great way to get more out of your guest blogging efforts!

    Adding some value for readers to get them to subscribe is really a great idea and everyone who publishes guest post should do it. Just sending them to your homepage will not do it.

    And of course, I love how you instantly profit from your articles, even without your own product. I think this is great for many others since many still don’t have their own product to sell to their list.

    Thanks for the post!
    Dani Schenker recently posted…How this handwritten checklist doubled my trafficMy Profile

  12. Congrats on making multiple sales with just one guest post. As an advocate of guest bloggers, your case study is further proof of guest blogging’s effectiveness despite reports from early last year. I do suggest that you keep blogging at other sites so drive more sales.

    Aside from using the Google search queries you listed above, you can also go to and find blogs related to your niche there.

    Another way to find guest blogging opportunities is to find the top guest bloggers, go to their Google+ profile, and check out their About page. It will reveal some of the sites that the person has contributed to over the years. You can reach out to these sites and send them a guest post pitch.

    Doing these will help you find sites to send your guest post so you can start reaping the benefits!
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…Factors to Determine Site Quality for Guest BloggingMy Profile

  13. Vow, result is really amazing.

    One simply needs to stay focused as you did and very accurately bring the traffic from hosted blog to the place of conversion at your blog.

    Just getting traffic with guest post was a great strategy in the past. Now this is an era of list building so our every move should be maximum conversion instead of bring just window shoppers or spectators.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very to-the-point post on building email list with guest posting.
    Mi Muba recently posted…Should you learn blogging formally or do it yourself?My Profile

  14. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us.

    When I guest post for someone else, I do the following:

    Link to the post from my blog
    Promote it on Twitter (several times)
    Share it on Facebook
    Thank the person
    Stick around and respond to comments on the post

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      Our moderators check every comment made here on If you can’t spare time to contribute positively then we don’t need you here. Once again, please don’t do this again. If you do, the comments will be deleted and you will be banned permanently!

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  15. Good post and good technique. One problem with this is that it doesn’t work all the time for most people. But it’s surely worth trying, particularly if we build relationship with the blog owner and have great content to guest post on their blog.

  16. There is no doubt that guest blogging is one of the best way to promote services and invite traffic and increase sales. But I want to know:

    Is guest blogging right choice for a new blogger, who don’t have well known online identity?