How I Generated 513 Leads To My Startup By Commenting on Blogs


If you take the time to get truly involved in these discussions, this becomes a brand-building exercise in its own right. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I didn’t just generate 513 leads for Content Marketer through blog commenting; I actually made a number of new contacts, got my name in front of tons of new people, and even landed a couple of guest posting spots.

You wouldn’t ignore comments on your own blog (or I hope you wouldn’t, anyway) so why do it on anyone else’s blog?

Read on more about comments and its benefits one can achieve…


  1. Hii Sujan!

    What a great post and case study!

    I think blog commenting is a great way to gain more exposure, maybe some backlinks, and get some free traffic to your blog.

    You just have to do it right, as you also mentioned. You can’t just blindly implement a traffic generation strategy. We must track everything and pay close attention to all the steps.

    Once we know what is working best, that is when the fun times come!

    We do more, in order to get more!

    I do a little bit of blog commenting myself – but have not done it a lot, not yet.

    I think I’m going to put in an action plan and make my own case study soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the knowledge man!

    i really appreciate it!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀
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  2. Hi Sujan,

    Nice meeting you, in fact, I started my online journey by just commenting on others blog pages. This I started doing even before having a blog of my own, seeing my comments some of my readers inquired about my own blog page for which I could not give a proper answer and at a later stage I started one blog on blogger dot com, in fact that was the beginning of my blogging. This art I picked from my very young age by writing letters to the local dailies and magazines and weeklies in the Malayalam language, and I got several prizes for this act and when entered into the internet world that experience pushed me to go ahead with my activities, in the recent times cringed dot com too were giving much importance to comments and they even conducted several contests on comment writing.

    Here again, I learned a lot about comments and its seriousness or value. And the same journey is going on with more vigor and tempo! Nice to get such a lot of information on this subject. Indeed, this is a guide on this subject.

    Thanks Ann for curating this informative post here. 🙂

    Keep sharing.


    ~ Philip
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  3. Blog commenting is an awesome experience for leads and conversions if done well.

    All that is needed to be done is that the marketer would need to engage in good comments that provide value and build relationship.

    Generating leads through blog commenting is possible if there is always value in the conversation!
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  4. Hello Ann,

    Thanks for sharing this. But remember to always click the “king this” to “king” your own posts after sharing. I noticed you didn’t do that for this post.

    If you don’t get enough “kings” and engagement, you don’t get to the frontpage and you don’t get good enough traffic. So, always “king” your posts, to get the ball rolling,

    To get more information about what you can do on Kingged, in terms of the rules and others, please join the mailing list here, if you haven’t –

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  5. Hello Ann, This blog is filled with so much information that I am not familiar with but feel I should know. I’ll definitely have to come back and read it again. Just to put things in perspective, I’m just starting to blog once…may be more than once again. I’ll definitely have to read this over and over again. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    Boaz aka EltonCarr

  6. Hi Sujan.

    You included great way to do comment on blogs. People usually do commenting for the referral traffic. You went one step ahead and generated leads. I have one question realted to blog commenting. I hope you are the right one to answer it.

    Some people use top commenters widget in the sidebar. It shows the link of a post with the commenter name and gravator. That post gets linked to each page of the blog because. When we explore for backlinks for that post, it shows many backlinks from a single blog. Is it good for seo purposes?

    Please explain it………
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