Are You Making Sales With Webinars?


webinarThere are different ways of generating leads and making sales as an Internet marketer. One of these ways is through organizing and hosting a webinar.

It is way too often avoided by many because they see it as time-consuming, resource-straining, and complicated.

On the contrary, a webinar can truly help you save cost, save time and improve conversion. If you still struggle to generate leads or make sales in your online business then it’s time you consider organizing or presenting a webinar to your target audience.

What exactly is a Webinar?

A post from clearly defined a webinar as “a live web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect the individual hosting the webinar to an audience–the viewers and listeners of the webinar from all over the world.”

 In other words, a webinar is short for “web-based” seminar.

What you benefit from a Webinar

In case you are still not sure why hosting a webinar is important, here is a list of clear benefits  you can enjoy:

 A Webinar offers you the opportunity to interact with your target group. You can chat and communicate directly with your target audience. This will make your message have better impact. You will get to know your audience better through questions, comments and feedback they will leave in the seminar.  The live discussion can be complemented with polls, slides, videos, etc. With all these, the audience will experience better value in your delivery.

You save time and money with webinar. Because a webinar is broadcast online, participants are saved the stress and cost of travelling to a particular area for the event.  This is a key benefit of running an online seminar. You will eliminate expenses involving travelling of participants from spot to another, and logistics involved in moving equipment and hiring a conference venue in a specified location.

You can build a list with a webinar. List building is significant for target marketing. The details of registered participants or those who have shown interest to attend the webinar can be compiled into a list for future marketing and re-marketing.

You can build authority with a webinar. Attendees see the organizer or host of webinar as professional. Hence, you must ensure that moderation and interaction is professionally handled. This will help establish you as an authority as well as authenticate your brand.

You generate leads and make sales with a webinar.  A Webinar serves as a platform for lead generation and lead conversion. Those who have shown interest in the discussion can be pitched and marketed to. Also, the participants that find value in the webinar are more likely to obey the call-to-action.

How to improve Sales with a Webinar

One of the key benefits of creating or organizing a webinar is to make sales. However, not everyone is generating enough leads or making enough sales with webinars.  Some would be discouraged after one or two streaks of poor sales.

However, if you want to improve your chances of making sales with a webinar then the following  tips can be helpful:

♦  Make sure that the content of your webinar presentation is valuable, useful, unique, and relevant to the audience.

♦  Create a sign-up page and a compelling title which will show attendees the benefits of participation from the onset.

You should deliver the sales pitch with confidence in the webinar. Take time to explain the solutions or goals your product will achieve, and how it is going to be done. If people are clear about the value you are providing then it would become easier to buy – even during a webinar.

You motivate the buyers to take action immediately by adding scarcity to your offer. This can be achieved by offering limited time benefits, juicy bonus or fast-action bonus in the form of free reports, extra coaching, or good discount for earlybirds and those who buy from in specific time frame.

  Provide a working link that will easily lead to the checkout page. This will enhance a smooth user experience in the purchasing process.

If you are mindful of the above then you are more likely to make more sales with a webinar. There could be other tips you would like to share if webinar presentation has been part of your marketing strategy.

What is your webinar story so far?

Are are you making sales with webinars?

If yes, care to share how you are making sales with webinars?


  1. Hello Sunday,

    I haven’t done any webinars but have attended a lot.

    It looks like more marketers are jumping on the webinar train, which means it’s working very well for them.

    I read once of a trick some marketers are using. They use automated webinars instead of live webinars.

    This allows them to keep using the same webinars for lots of people.

  2. Hi Sunday;

    You made a good case for the why. Now, would be a great time for a follow up on the how. I have been doing my radio show for a few months as a once a month show and have started weekly episodes this month.

    One of the things my co-host anna banguilan mentioned in the beginning was the possiblity of using the show to launch webinars that would lead to product sales or coaching opportunities. so for example if you have a $997 package you could offer it for $497 at the webinar or offer it for full price but include additional one on one time.

    Question how about the promises made. I can guarantee to get people on podcasts and radio shows. I can even promise getting them on at least one show with an audience of over 50000 listeners. BUT I can’t promise them that the exposure will result in product or services sold. How would you handle that?

    Thanks for continuing to bring us such topical posts,

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  3. Hello Sunday,

    I haven’t done any myself but have attended quite a number of webinars and they all mostly seem to be selling something at the end. Usually pretty expensive too.

    This means they are making sales with webinars for sure.

    I prefer webinars that really provide helpful content though, before trying to sell. Such get more results, I’m sure.

    When you provide great helpful content, it becomes easier for people to buy what you are selling at the end of your webinar.

  4. Hi Sunday,

    Webinars are big money makers, that’s why everyone is making them.

    There are tools now to even automate the process, without attendees knowing it’s automated.

    They are called evergreen webinars that run 24/7 on your website and sales funnels.

    WebinarIgnition and EverWebinar can both can be used to create such evergreen webinars to run 24/7 on your site and sales funnels.

    WordPress users can use EasyWebinar, it integrates with WordPress sites.
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  5. Hi Sunday,

    Terrific topic, drew me right in.

    I think Webinars are a great way to engage with, and build trust with a target audience.

    The tough part being delivering a webinar that offer terrific value to its attendees, each time.

    Its only when attendees leave the webinar feeling:
    ‘I want more of this’
    ‘I must get my friends to attend this’
    That the webinar is delivering a Return On Investment to the person conducting the webinar.

    Running a webinar successfully, i.e. meeting all the goals of the attendees and the conductor, does require considerable preparation. I normally spend about two to three weeks in preparation before conducting any webinar.

    It also requires one to have a reasonable knowledge of good quality microphones, pop-filters, sound card adjustments and so on. None of this is rocket science BUT it needs to be studied and practiced.

    Having a great Internet connection, i.e. broad bandwidth, a minimum of 10MB consistent upload speed from the Internet Service Provider is a must to run webinar without a stutter. Greater bandwidth the better it is.

    Always have a second Internet connection available, (I have one main connection and two other back up connections) from two different Internet Service Providers, just in case one fails on the day of the webinar.

    I suggest that one tries out Google Hangouts (it’s a free service) and conduct at least 4 to 5 webinars with friends and family and get a feel of how webinars work and how webinars fail.

    Once several such test webinars have been completed and you’ve figured out what you’ve got to tweak / get right, then go for your first, customer based webinar.

    All that you’ve said about Webinars is true:
    You can interact directly with your target audience
    You can generate sales leads
    You can create a great mailing list
    You can build authority


    All of this rests upon how much value your audience perceives it got when it attended your webinar.

    I am really having a great time conducting about two webinar’s a month. It’s been a terrific learning for me over the last 18 months or so that I’ve been doing this.


    Ivan Bayross
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  6. Hi Sunday,

    Making sales with webinar offers one of the best ways of delivering value and getting rewarded online.

    Personally, I want to align with commenters on this discussion that have not really created a webinar nor used it for marketing.

    It sure would be exciting to try it!
    In the mean time, all of the benefits and tips you have shared here are quite instructive!

  7. Hi Sunday,

    Not yet! I see many sweet stories about making sales with webinar but I am yet to try it. I still need to learn how to perfect the system.

    However, it would still be valuable if you can provide a follow up post on how to truly create convertible webinar. Can You?

  8. Hi Sunday,

    Thank you for taking time to enlighting people like me here.

    However, you I don’t know if you say anything about how to organize a webinar. I mean, what website can one use to organize a webinar?


  9. Great pointers about doing webinars. I agree with you, but also to remember not to be only pitchy…

    I just attended a webinar the other night, and was a bit disappointed as usually these guys give excellent value and tips, But the first half was about their beginning, about 10-15mins of value and the rest a pitch, the total length of the webinar was over 1.5 hours…

    So I would say, just remember to include a lot of value in the webinars (80-20 rule?)

    I’ve only done 2 webinars in my life and 1 as a guest for a friend, was good experience, but hadn’t made any sales, but then again, there wasn’t many people on it.
    Marie Yovcheva recently posted…Asking The Experts-Leads & ConversionsMy Profile

    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience on this topic. I agree with you that more value should be provided during sales that being too”pitchy”. The 80/20 rule is accepted.

      You can still try another webinar after having gathered more experience on how to make sales!

  10. Hi Sunday,

    Actually, I am not into webinar but with the knowledge I have gained from this post and from the comments shared, I guess its time to try it.

    Webinar can be a tool to be exploited for real sales. Learning about it and taking advantage of it should be rewarding for the average Internet marketer.

  11. Hello Sunday,

    One of the most important benefits of the webinar is the ability of giving, receiving and discussing very quality information in real-time over the Web using video conferencing software.

    That means the more your webinar will give your audience the information they need the more sales it will make.

    Personally running webinars is still advanced step since I`m seasoned or amateur internet marketer, however my point of view is based on my reading and researching on the web.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hey Omar,

      Webinar is a most fascinating tool for sharing real time vital information. Yes, the information shared in webinar can help in the making of invaluable decision.

      To make the most from webinar, the individual or brand must ensure that they understand what it takes to make it work.

      Prior research and testing can go a long way to help the marketer achieve good success fast with this tool.

      Thanks for leaving your thought on this topic!

  12. I’ve attended a few webinars and they have ranged from being a complete sales pitch to being really insightful and useful. The later ones (insightful and useful) have established the webinar author as an authority on his subject in my mind. So I suppose that may be the effect on most people.

    I am yet to have a need for using webinar myself, but I can see how it must be very effective when teaming up with someone. People like Becker and other marketers focus on just doing webinars promoting other people’s stuff and are very successful as a result.

    I’ll have to put my head into it as a wonderful tool for branding, positioning and selling.

    Many thanks for your post

  13. Hi Sunday,

    I think I attended a webinar back in the day. It was more of a training webinar and it probably suited the people who hosted it well.

    I haven’t thought about hosting a webinar. I am not really in the position but you make a clear point on how it could be useful.

    I will consider it in the future.

    Take care and have a great week!


    • Hi John,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience in the above comment. Other readers will benefit from your input!

      Please do let us know if you start taking steps to host webinars for improved online success. 😉