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What Is Grammarly 

Grammarly is an online tool that is designed to help individuals with their writing.

This software program reviews writing in real-time or when an individual cuts and pastes their narrative in the online software program.

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The review of the document includes checking for punctuation issues, misspellings, the tone of the article, and its readability to its intended readers.

Grammarly is an especially useful program that is designed with bloggers, copywriters, writers, students, teachers, and just about anybody who enjoys quality writing or whose livelihood is dependent upon their writing skills.


History of Grammarly

Interestingly, the focus and purpose of Grammarly and were directed to the higher learning educational system.

Specifically, the marketing efforts were going to be directed towards university students to help them improve their speaking and writing of the English language.

The business plan was for the universities to purchase the licensing of the software and dispense it to those students that were identified as needing this additional instruction.

However, the commitment of the universities was slow in arriving and subsequently, the business decision was made to alter the focus and provide it to a broader marketing audience.


Importance of Grammarly

The three Rs.

If you are a baseball fan it could be the Rangers, Rays, and the Rockies.

If you are a Beatles fan it could be Rocky Racoon, Revolution, and Rain.

Or if finances are your thing it could be revenue, revenue, and revenue.

Most likely, the most important three R’s are reading, writing, and arithmetic. These are the core teaching essentials of basic education.

Fortunately, in today’s technological society, some programs can help us if our three Rs are found lacking.

One such program that can help us grammatically with our dangling participles, use of tenses, and spelling is a software program known as Grammarly.

Before my retirement, one of my responsibilities or roles was to hire individuals.

When we had the job posted, several applicants would submit their cover letters and resumes.

Often, the cover letters were a strong indicator and reflection on the individual’s ability to fulfill certain job vacancies that came along.

Unfortunately, for some, their grammar and particularly their spelling of words made the employment hiring decisions a little less difficult.

The hiring decisions, as it related to administrative positions, certainly required that an individual could spell words correctly or at least proofread their work before submitting their writing of a cover letter to secure an interview.

That’s why Grammarly is important!


How Grammarly Makes Money


Premium Plan

The premium plan offered by Grammarly and includes the basic features as well as advanced features.

Some of those advanced features include the tone of the written document, how it flows or readability, whether the document is wordy if there are any plagiarism issues, and more.

As of this writing, the annual fee for the premium plan is $144. If the subscriber pays annually, they received a discount over the option of paying monthly.


Business Plan

The business plan offered is specifically designed for companies that need to utilize Grammarly and provides the service from 3 to 149 users.

This plan offers the same features that the premium plan offers, except it is designed for additional users.

The cost of this monthly plan for a team consisting of 1 to 9 individuals is at an individual cost, of this writing, at $12.50.

The next tier of subscription cost is a team of 10 up to 49 at a monthly cost of $12.08 per individual.

The highest cost is $11.67 per month for up to 150 individuals to use the Business subscription.



Another way that Grammarly brings in a revenue stream is by offering this service to universities and other institutions of higher learning.

They have branded this service as Grammarly@EDU.

There is a cost for accessing this aspect of Grammarly.

However, the pricing is not made available but indicates that quotes can be provided when these educational institutions express an interest.

Adding to the quality and power of this service provided is the reflection that close to 100% of the students that were surveyed indicated an increase in their quality of writing.

In addition to the increased level in the quality of writing, 70% of those students surveyed stated that their writing confidence increased as well.


Human Proofreading Service

In addition to this proofreading service offered through artificial intelligence, Grammarly offers, as a revenue-generating option, the ability of documents to be proofed by a qualified professional.

The documents that are review by a professional proofreader can include writing from businesses and private individuals.

Grammarly charges a one-time fee, and the fee is dependent upon the number of words that need to be proofed as well as any imposed deadlines.


How Grammarly Works

There are many ways that Grammarly can be utilized.

First of all, one can go to the online presence of grammar and create an account.

Once that account has been created then the individual has a variety of options whether they want the free version or would like to upgrade to a subscription-based option.

Once the individual has written a document, they can either upload that document into the Grammarly program to have it checked grammatically or they can cut and paste their document and insert it into the review panel.

Once this has been accomplished, Grammarly goes to work and indicates to the individual several potential grammatical issues within the document.

Some of those issues that are detected include suggestions for punctuation, spelling, sentence structuring, redundancy, etc.


Free Version

The basic offering from Grammarly is provided at no charge to an individual wishing to have their writing content reviewed for basic errors.

Specifically, the free version of Grammarly suggests grammatical punctuation, rephrasing of sentences, spelling errors, use of articles, etc.

Also, when the writing is placed into the online software program, the right-hand side of the screen offers a panel that shows how many errors may be reflected in the document as well as other grammatical suggestions.

To access other features requires the individual to subscribe to Grammarly premium.

Also, a score is provided by the online site as to how effectively written the document is.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This writing enhancement software program also provides the ability for the person on the go to utilize the Grammarly app.

This app provides a keyboard that allows the writer to utilize Grammarly and the writing apps provide suggestions on possible changes that may be indicated.


Social Media Platforms

Of particular usefulness, as it relates to communicating on social media platforms, Grammarly will scan writing over all of the social media platforms.

These platforms include Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Its use will certainly prevent any potential embarrassment due to misspellings. Also, it will maximize professional interactions with others through the proper use of grammar.


Grammarly Extension

Another added benefit of utilizing Grammarly is the ability to download an extension for the browser that the individual utilizes for their Internet access.

The Grammarly extension is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Consequently, when an individual is chatting, writing on a website, or other interaction associated with the browser, the Grammarly extension will, in real-time, offer suggestions and allow the writer to choose whether to accept or ignore those suggestions.




If an individual upgrades their free Grammarly access to the Premium Plan they are provided additional features.

One of those beneficial features is the ability to check for possible plagiarism.

This plagiarism can be inadvertent or deliberate.

In either case, the software will alert the reviewer of the document as to this possibility.

This is especially helpful to writers who may have forgotten to properly cite the words penned by others.

It is also important for teachers or individuals who have hired writers for their work and need to ensure authenticity.



Grammarly also allows the writer to check many boxes as it relates to the writing. One of those filters or boxes includes the intended tone of the article or writing.

For example, if the writer wishes the writing to be formal, conversational, etc., Grammarly will analyze the writing accordingly.



The purpose of Grammarly is to review one’s writing and ensure the proper use of English grammar.

Additionally, settings are available that are specific to certain different English-speaking countries. Some of those English-speaking countries include Canada, Britain, and Australia.

According to the website, Grammarly’s vision and mission are to aid in the communication process between people.

Specifically, through the use of algorithms, Grammarly aids individuals to properly write in the English language and relate their thoughts effectively and correctly through writing.

This process facilitates what was intended to be said and offers grammatical suggestions to accomplish error-free or as close to error-free writing as possible.

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Grammarly is an especially useful program that is designed with bloggers, copywriters, writers, students, teachers, and just for anybody who enjoys writing or whose livelihood is dependent upon their writing skills.

Grammarly, because of the instructional component, is also a powerful program to help individuals who wish to hone their writing skills and become more proficient writers.


Personal Tutor

When a potential issue is identified, Grammarly will not only make a suggestion but will also use the opportunity to teach the individual as to why the potential correction may be warranted.

This is a particularly useful function as this program will not only point out the potential grammatical mistake but provide reasons as to why.

The tools offer encouragement to the writer.

Therefore, not only will the individual’s score increase but provide an opportunity to learn and possibly minimize the repeating of that error.

The process can be likened to the writer having their tutor on call.


Grammarly FAQs


Is Grammarly Accurate?

Grammarly is not perfect.

The software does not catch all of the mistakes made in the writing that is submitted for checking the grammar.

One particular review indicated that the program identified 72% of the mistakes that were made on the written document.


What Is a Good Grammarly Score?

One of the features offered by Grammarly is that when you utilize all of its functions your writing is assessed with a score.

A passable score would be 60 or higher.

Most likely a writer would want a higher score than 60.

Therefore, a good score would be an 80 or higher.


Where Did Grammarly Originate?

Grammarly originated in Ukraine. However, it is headquartered in San Francisco.

Originally, the program was released to the public in July of 2009.


What Is the Value of Grammarly?

Grammarly has been successful in raising venture capital investments in the amount of $200 million.

Currently, their user base consists of over 20 million individuals.

Also, they have four company locations. Those locations include a physical presence in San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, and Kyiv.



How often, as a writer, has an individual questioned the proper use of quotation marks, commas, the flow of the writing, the tone, and the overall correct spelling of the words.

Grammarly is that safety net or program to help towards properly communicating in writing utilizing the English language.

Sometimes, even in one’s writing, the message can be garbled.

Also, glaring written mistakes can detract from the focus of the message being penned.

Sometimes it’s hard to read a message that is not properly and grammatically expressed.

The mistakes overshadow the message.

Grammarly is an option for the writer to review their work and provide the message with greater clarity.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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