How Do you Woo Customer Loyalty with Ease?



If you recognize and appreciate customer loyalty, then you are setting up your business for super success. You will get repeat customers who are willing to buy again and again when they discover the value in the product or service you offer and are willing to share these benefits with others. This, for me, is “loyalty of the customer”.

Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services.

If you are not taking cognizance of customer loyalty in your business then I bet you will be having problem with sales, conversion and profit. Building a customer loyalty is important for business growth and development.

 If you have done all things necessary to run your business like customer service support, reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, personnel development and management, etc., but still struggle to make headway with success then its time you should  checkout one piece of the puzzle – Customer Loyalty

You need to court customer loyalty because:

  •  Most customers will return again if they are offered good service
  •  One unsatisfied customer will lead to many more unsatisfied customers that will never return
  • Customer loyalty is cost effective because it is cheaper keeping customers than finding them.
  •  Satisfied and loyal customers will easily refer your brand to others.


How Do You Woo or build Customer Loyalty?

The truth remains that building customer loyalty is tactical. It must be planned and pursued with a purpose. It doesn’t need to be difficult. The following are suggestions to court loyalty from your customers with ease:

Be attentive to their responses – by responding to reviews and comments, and questions from customers. If you are able to respond to the feedback of the customers before, during and after using your product then you would be seen as business that cares. Also, you would be seen as trustworthy.

Appreciate their effort and sacrifice – You need to say Thank You for the efforts your customers put in buying from you. A simple Thank You message will make your customer feel good and appreciated. It’s just a small price for you to pay, after all!

Share your values to connect with your customers – It is important that your customers understand what values your brand stand for. If you include your values in advertisements, the customer will feel you are honest with your approach. Values include making clear what your product stands for, who will benefit, what mission you are set to fulfill, etc.

Get personal with the customer – you can build customer loyalty by sending personalized communications – email, newsletter, birthday messages, reminders etc. The most important thing is that you ensure there is a personal touch in the message by using the customer’s name, highlighting what they want and connecting with their values. You will be creating a strong bond with the customer as you get personal.

Use your communication lines to connect – Your weekly email digest, newsletter, social media messages, text messages, etc., are possible communication lines you should be kept open for your customers. The interactions on these formats will help the customers connect and imprint your “brand” in their minds. When you are contacting or sending communications to customers, it is essential you focus on the ‘connection’ aspect so the customer will easily ‘bond’.

Tips that will help in this respect include:

  • sending only “wanted” communications
  • making it easy for the customer to “unsubscribe
  • Responding appropriately to feedbacks in whatever format you have used.


Invest in employee loyalty to create customer loyalty – Your employees often interact with your customers, hence it is crucial you build employee loyalty first so it can extend to the customer. If the employees are happy then you are sure to get “happy customer”.

 Happy employees will go the extra mile to ensure customer loyalty. They would be articulating and promoting your brand’s value and what it stands for. In addition, the employee will eventually become your brand ambassador long after they leave your company.

 Investing in your employee by:

  • Creating a supportive environment for them to work
  • Solving and responding to their individual personal needs
  • Compensating and Rewarding their hard work regularly and
  • Recognizing and appreciating any extra effort they put in their task, etc.



 There are many ways that can be employed to court or build customer loyalty. The above tips are easy and can help you start off if you are not too sure of how to go about courting loyalty from your customers. Don’t take your customers for granted if you want to remain in business. Start employing the above tips to keep your customer happy. Remember, A happy customer is a loyal customer”. 

 What other easy ways can you employ to woo or build customer loyalty?