How Do You Sell To The Overwhelmed Customer?



Busy is the new fine” and it’s having an impact on the way customers decide. Sure, customers have more information available to them than ever before. They are certainly empowered.

However, they also have more options and increasingly a lot less time and attention to absorb all that information. Customers are overwhelmed and anxious about making the wrong decision. That leads to a much longer buying cycle.

I relate. I am that overwhelmed customer. I’ve been driving the same car for more than 10 years. I keep thinking about buying something new and I’ve rolled through plenty of dealerships, but I can’t pull the trigger. Why? Because nobody has “sold” me a new car. I haven’t been convinced that driving a new car is greater than the pain of change. What if I made a mistake?

I can keep going. It isn’t just the car. It’s our CRM software, e-Learning platform and artwork for my loft. These are all sales opportunities that are stalled or stuck in the “I’m thinking about it” zone.

Your customers aren’t that different.

The biggest reason deals don’t get done today? Customers default to no decision. They’re interested in something new, they research and ask for more information, they evaluate and consider all their options … and then all those carefully-composed proposals end up in no-man’s land.

Are you making phone calls to follow up on the proposal?

The lesson: Sellers today need to show up prepared to elevate sense of urgency. You need to be the catalyst for the compelling event! IDC research shows B2B buyers complain that only 29% of sales reps are well prepared to engage with them. How do you prepare for impact? That is where the deals are won or lost.

In the enclosed video, I reveal how the best salespeople respond and win.



  1. Hi Ryan,
    Being prepared today for the sales of tomorrow is fundamental to winning and achieving marketing expectations.

    The overwhelmed customer just needs that “magic” button of conviction to choose a product.

    It is obvious that customers will easily make a decision if a product or service is unique, hence, the marketer or salesman must tap into any strategy that readily makes their product outstanding.

    Being overwhelmed means that there are many features craving for the attention of the customer. There should be that extra touch that distinguishes the uniqueness of similarly products so the customer will easily make a good choice!\

    The video is revealing and I agree that having education, being likeable, and being prepared thoroughly, aggressively and timely things to win the evangelist customer!
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  2. Hi Ryan,
    Quite an educative video I must remark!

    Indeed, the best salespersons acquire knowledge on the needs of the customer; they present themselves and their products likeable – this include present user friendly tools; and they thoroughly and aggressively prepare before meeting with the customer.

    These points are well noted and I think that putting them into practice will help to provide the sales person with the power of easily meeting the needs of the overwhelmed customer!

  3. Hello Ryan! I do agree with the internet, people are more informed then ever! I know myself , I go and Google Everything before I buy and most times I either find it cheaper somewhere else or learn of something else to replace this.

    I don’t think it is a matter of an over whelmed customer I think it is a matter of you playing a smarter game.

    Yes Like following up with a phone call.

    Great Share
    Chery :))
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  4. Hi Ryan

    I think you have spelled out the magic formula very well in one word: preparation.

    Study your product inside out in order to be prepared for when you have to answer questions. Knowledge brings confidence and confidence sparks enthusiam.

    Be prepared by knowing the science of selling.

    Being likable is a little bit like beauty. It is in die eye of the beholder. One person may hate you, another may love you. The general formula is probably to be friendly, enthusiastic and energetic while keeping your mouth in check. Listen more than you talk.

    Winning over people to loyalty level is not easy. There has to be a connection on an energy-level. Going out of your way to contact to your customer even after he or she leaves your shop goes a long way to achieving that.
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  5. Hi Ryan,

    Interesting Post. I liked what I read. Here is my perspective on why I think a lot of sellers fail to connect with their – Overwhelmed customer.

    About 85% of the customers I’ve encountered have done their home work and are pretty much primed to purchase when they hit the seller.

    All that the seller needs to do is recognize this and figure out exactly what needs to be said / done to get past tipping point and clinch a sale.

    That’s where a ton of sellers I’ve monitored – fail.

    The seller’s have not done their homework well. They’re unfamiliar with their customer demographics.

    They are unfamiliar with what’s important to a bunch of customer’s that belong to a specific demographic.

    Hence, they start with the – One size fits all spiel – which can (and often does) turn of the – informed customer.

    It seems the are of – listening has been forgotten.

    The connection between, listening, understanding and customer demographic mapping to get past tipping point non existent.

    This is what worries me most.

    When a sale is broken down and viewed using such attributes, it should become easier to – Close a sale – for most sellers.

    As for the 15% of customer’s who’ve not made up their mind yet, well to me the cost of educating them eats into profits.

    I’d rather get my sales team create the right content, mapped to perhaps a great (Short) video and terrific copy, so that I can sharply increase the % of sale closures with focused customers.

    Superb Video, Ryan. Excellent content. Beautifully delivered.

    Just sharing my POV, Ryan.
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  6. Hey Ryan,
    Indeed, customers need engagement at every opportunity. The overwhelmed customer must be provided with the right engagement that would spur him into taking action.

    “Sellers today need to show up prepared to elevate sense of urgency” and there is nothing truer than this!

  7. Hey Ryan,

    Selling to the overwhelmed customer is the function of establishing the difference between features and benefits. The customer must be made to understand that true value of a product is always portrayed when the benefit of each ‘feature’ is established.

    In most cases, the overwhelming information is about the ‘features’ but selling comes when the benefits are shared!

  8. Selling to the overwhelmed customer is not about presenting and bugging customers with new features and products. It should be about presenting them with new facts and benefits!

    There is often the thin line between features and benefits. However, the extra value or unique advantage that the customer would get from the product may be the ‘game changer’.

    So, every blogger or online marketer must discover this ‘tipping point’ where customers overwhelmed with information and products will become decisive to cling the value!

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Indeed this is a lesson to be emulated: “Sellers today need to show up prepared to elevate sense of urgency. You need to be the catalyst for the compelling event!”

    The sense of urgency in the selling process must be ignited in the mind of buyers. With too many offers in place, only the ‘most desirable’ would be convincing.

    So, selling to the overwhelmed customer remains a function of getting prepared to elevate the sense of urgency!

  10. Hey Ryan,

    I guess this post is to remind us that selling to the overwhelmed customer demands creativity. This should apply in the product creation and in the promotion.

    Customers presented with so many products has to decide what is best for them. It is not always an easy move to make.

    However, efforts must be made to ensure newness of benefits and satisfaction in the process of appealing to customers to buy!