A good content creator has earned the right to walk tall. After all it is painstaking work starting with finding a topic and then spending frustrating hours searching Google Keyword Planner and others to decide on keywords. After that you have to drink deep from your inner fountain of inspiration and creativity to find the unforgettable words and arrange them in a way that they blend together into greatest article ever written.

Along the way there may be some bumps and hiccups. More often than not we find that fountains tend to dry up when we need them the most.

Yet somehow we manage to come up with some content. By that time our vision may be a bit distorted and we see the pumpkin we have created as a masterpiece.

We want people to read our creation and come to our blog to give us a pat on the back – and pretty please buy from us. A wise man once said we should be active on social media to get visitors.

 My problem is how to do that effectively and still have enough time to eat and sleep an hour or two.

I do not want to offer any suggestions here, I just want to tap the brains of the many knowledgeable people here for advice.

How do you spread the word about great content?

Do you use contact management systems and if so which one?

Hootsuite, Buffer or  BuzzBundle or what else is there?

Do you use them and do they work?


  1. Hello!

    So at the moment I use only free methods and this is what I do:

    I use Buffer for Twitter mainly , but once in a while for my Facebook.

    I post to the following:
    1.Facebook timeline (without link to just get engagement) Facebook FanPage, and about 10-15 Facebook groups
    2.LinkedIn and about 10-15 groups
    3. Both of my Google + profiles, and around 8 groups
    4.Pingler-just google it and you’ll find the website
    6.Pinterest (I have my own boards and I also pin on “group” boards-about 6 of them
    10.I email it out to my list

    Now to make it a little easier I do have my Twitter and Facebook linked up together. Therefore whatever I post to Facebook goes to Twitter, as Facebook is my main place. All you do is go in your settings and search for the relevant app and accept. Then you can agree to let it post on whichever site you want. For me I don’t want Twitter posts on my Facebook, only the other way, so I just checked my preferences.

    I also used If This Then That (IFTT) and you can do many things with this, so you’d have to have a look at it and see how you want to link your accounts up.

    This can be a tedious task but you have to take time to promote it, just like you did writing it.

    Mind you these are all free methods, but you could also use paid methods if you have the budget and want to cut out time consuming promoting!
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  2. Hi redtiger,

    I simply follow the basics: publish a post on my blog, share the url on all my registered networks. Then, interact valuable with followers and readers.

    Sometimes I use powerful tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule and post series of content for a some period of time. I truly get results this way!

  3. Hi redtiger,

    First, sorry if you included your name somewhere here but I missed it.

    I just found this post and am very surprised at the great tips shared here by many of the commenters.

    There’s so much to learn here that I have bookmarked this post.

    I will be busy reading and taking notes.

    Thanks to everyone who commented here and you for starting this.

  4. Amazing contribution from everyone on this post.

    This post is obviously one of the most participative posts on how to promote blog posts on social media.

    So much to learn and take in from the contributions here. Definitely bookmark worthy.

    Thanks guys!

  5. I have learned a lot from the expert responses here. I didn’t know there were as many ways like these to promote on social media.

    I have learned of some techniques here which I previously thought were difficult or too time consuming, but it turns out some can be automated.

    This post is really really rich. I am not surprised it’s still on the frontpage.

    Thanks for starting it, redtiger.

      • Hi redtiger,

        You are right, this post is now like an instruction manual on its own. I love the many personal experiences shared by the contributors here.

        Instead of just theory, many on this post have shared what they actually do and the tools they use to promote.

        As I replied to Marie above after her detailed follow-up comment, this is one of the main reasons why I love Kingged.com so much. Members like you, her and many others here and on other posts providing so much value for free. It’s amazing.

        Thanks a lot to you all!

  6. Hello redtiger

    When it comes to sharing my blog on social media, I utilize a costume posting features on each social media platform. In fact, the more you optimize your posts for a particular platform, the more effective your social media strategy will be.

    My strategy starts from setting my top must-have plugins for making everything else in the entire process a breeze. Below are my favorite plugins:

    1- Yoast SEO
    2- Jetpack by WordPress.com
    3- Share Buttons by AddThis

    These plugin will help you setting a customized posts professionally for the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 and Linkedin.

    So I try to make sure that every post I publish has been well optimized for social media and search engine as well.

    Another great resource that helps me so much with promoting my content on social media platforms is canva.com. It`s free and fantastic tool to design graphics for social media like Twitter Images. Pinterest. Facebook Posts. Tumblr Graphic. Instagram post and much more.

    By using my recommended plugins and Canva tool, I produce custom posts for each my social media platform to ensure and guarantee the best results.

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Omar

      You highlighted a valuable and very important point. Social media are not the same.

      Each medium has its own character and you can only get the best benefit from it if you respect that. Facebook is chatty and all about light conversation, Twitter is short and sweet and Linkedin and Google+are more businesslike, each in its own way.

      It is important to keep these differences in mind and this is obviously what you do. I agree with the plugins you use. They can be very handy and effective. Yoast has saved my skin more than once when it comes to SEO.

      I hear a lot of good things about Canva too.

      Thank you for a valuable comment.
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  7. Useful post and comments, thanks.

    One thing I’d add is that the answer should be different depending on various factors including blog topic and the personality of the blogger.

    Just because someone says that one particular social media site is “best”, doesn’t mean it will be a good choice for your blog, because different social media channels have different demographics, use different media (text, pictures, email etc.) and suit different usage tactics.

    The best answer, as usual, is to test things in practice, while learning from others and getting tips and help from forums etc.


    • Great points Chris.

      I especially like the one about the personality of the blogger.

      If you like Facebook you can spend hours there and enjoy it. If not, hanging around there can sometimes be unpleasant and you will soon find yourself moving away to check the latest news on the net.

      I think one of the main aims of Social media promotion is to build relationships. Some social media attract the kind of people you will bond with and others not.

      I agree with you. Test. Knock on different doors until you find an online home where you feel comfortable.

      Thanks for a great comment.
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  8. Good Post. there is no better way than starting an engagement with the community. share, give, support, help and educate.

    Social media has millions of users and there so much to learn how to post good content to get more likes and subscribers.

    I used to engage with facebook groups and found that very interesting with private facebook groups.

    Thanks so many helpful tips here. i appreciate your post


    • Hi there marckrodd

      I am glad you found the post helpful. Share, give, help, support, educate. Yes I think this is a winning recipe in any niche.

      You mention private facebook groups. That is a very valuable clue. Internet marketing mentors often mention that you should befriend people on social media who are interested in Internet marketing. My experience is different. Normally they already have something to sell. You end up pitching each other instead of building a relationship. Join groups. Find friends where you can. This is very often outside the world of online marketing.

      Thanks for commenting.
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  9. Hi RedTiger,

    I had a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for a blog.

    I would spend time on the weekend finding quality article and videos to share.

    I would use hootsuite to schedule 3 posts per day. One in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening.

    I would randomly intersperse my articles in with the articles I was sharing. Some times I would share Viral Content Buzz articles that were good to earn points.

    One thing that did help me was creating automated messages in Twitter. These messages were REALLY low key.

    I would say something like this:

    Hi, sorry for the automated message.

    If you write back I promise a personalized response.

    I have written an article that you may like on X topic (make sure the article is interesting and relevant to your niche) and I’d like to send you a link if you are interested.

    Let me know if I can send you the article?

    I then would have an optin with a freebie at the end of the article. This brought a lot of readers to my article and even some subscribers.

    You DO have to spend some time writing personal message but people also learn to trust you and are more likely to comment and share your articles. Plus, many will subscribe to your freebie!

    Thanks RedTiger for this interesting discussion. I bookmarked it to come back later to study everyone’s responses.

    Take care,


  10. These are really great ideas for promotion on social media. I haven’t read all comments but already gained so much from the ones I read.

    I am obviously bookmarking this post, mainly for the many great comments.

    Thanks to all of you amazing Kinggers for sharing so freely.

  11. I am surprised this post has been here for a while and am only noticing it.

    What a great collection of tips shared by lots of Kingged members here.

    As others have said, this is a huge and helpful resource for anyone who wants to get more traffic from social media.

    Definitely bookmarking this!

  12. I was posting manually but I don’t have a lot of social media accounts right now anyways. I am using this automated tool right now that automatically posts to twitter and Facebook with the press of a button on my wordpress website.

    It does save me time, but I still manually post to Pinterest. There’s a lot of helpful info in the comment section that I should maul over a bit.

    Thanks to Marie for some awesome feedback.

  13. There are so many excellent tips in the comments here that make this a huge resource for anyone wanting to learn how to promote on social media.

    This is not something to read just once. Like others here have done, I am also going to be bookmarking this for sure.

    Thanks to all those who shared such great tips here.

  14. Hello,

    Promoting blog posts on social media is not easy. Just years ago, social media sites like Facebook did not have these fancy algorithms to pick posts that will show up on people pages and everything that was posted was seen.

    Now its harder than ever to get people to even view your social media posts with all the competition. I would say the best was to promote your blog posts on social media is through trial and error.

    There are countless social media outlets and every single one of them responds to different blog posts differently. The fist thing you will need to do is build some kind of following for your social media profile. You can do this by being creative.

    You can follow people, connect with people, message people, or pay to promote your profile. Do whatever it takes to gain some traction and connect with as many people as you can, but make sure you are targeting the right people in your niche or who are interested.

    Post your blog posts on different social media sites to see which was gains the most traction and stick with just two and forget the rest until you have built a respectable following on at least one. I dont believe that there is a sure fire way to promote blog posts, but I do believe that a little creativity and perseverance is needed.