A good content creator has earned the right to walk tall. After all it is painstaking work starting with finding a topic and then spending frustrating hours searching Google Keyword Planner and others to decide on keywords. After that you have to drink deep from your inner fountain of inspiration and creativity to find the unforgettable words and arrange them in a way that they blend together into greatest article ever written.

Along the way there may be some bumps and hiccups. More often than not we find that

fountains tend to dry up when we need them the most.

Yet somehow we manage to come up with some content. By that time our vision may be a bit distorted and we see the pumpkin we have created as a masterpiece.

We want people to read our creation and come to our blog to give us a pat on the back – and pretty please buy from us. A wise man once said we should be active on social media to get visitors.

 My problem is how to do that effectively and still have enough time to eat and sleep an hour or two.

I do not want to offer any suggestions here, I just want to tap the brains of the many knowledgeable people here for advice.

How do you spread the word about great content?

Do you use contact management systems and if so which one?

Hootsuite, Buffer or  BuzzBundle or what else is there?

Do you use them and do they work?




  1. This is a very timely question, at least for me.

    There was a person who emailed me yesterday about promoting or link back to her post. I clicked the link and browse through her post. The person was obviously a student of the digital marketing game, as her post was exhaustive and chockful with examples. The way the person reached out to me (blogger outreach) shows that s/he knows the best practices of reaching and promoting their content.

    However, I decided against linking or promoting the post, despite its quality.

    The reason? I don’t know this person

    It’s not because s/he is unpopular or a newbie. It’s because, after reading the post, I did not learn anything about the blogger.

    There is a connection to what I’m saying with regard to social media, and that is to…

    Build relationships with people.

    It’s easy to learn how to share your posts using social media using the tools you listed above. It’s easy to observe the best practices when promoting or sharing your content with people. And I’m pretty sure that Kingged members will provide actionable items on how to do this (as if Google results about this question won’t be enough).

    But the most important thing is to make an indelible mark in the minds of influencers and your audience alike!

    Here’s how you can do it in an hour or two a day:

    1) Sign up/join to FB groups, Linked groups, G+ communities, subreddits, social sites (like Kingged.com), discussion boards, forums, etc. related to your niche/business

    2) Make your profile as descriptive as possible. Show your true face, link to your website and social media sites, and post some of your sample works

    3) Help people with their problems, provide value with your answers to their questions. Be as informative and exhaustive as possible. Answer at least 3-5 questions during this period. if possible, slip in your content as part of your answer as long as it is relevant to the question.

    Now, this still may not have anything to do with social media, but here are a few benefits that you will get from this tactic:

    Establish your knowledge in the group – If you continue to provide value to the group with your answers on a consistent basis, then you can be sure that people will eventually look up to you as an authority figure.

    It will be easier to get your content shared – By providing value, you instill trust in the minds of influencers and audiences. This way, people will respect your content more, thus increasing the chances of people sharing your posts.

    Building relationships is the true foundation of content promotions, whether if it’s in social media or other channels. By building your reputation and relationships with people, you will make it easier to get your content shared by people. There are a lot of ways to building relationships aside from the one mentioned above, but this should help you for now.
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  2. How Do You Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media?

    Now this is a great question?

    The first thing I do after I publish my post is to go and hit the share buttons, from there I head on over to Facebook and share on my Fan Pages and in my groups as well as a few that I am active in.

    I find that if I stay active in these groups and share others content that they follow suite.

    So it is like a give and take thing, if that makes any sense.

    I also then do the same with LinkedIn and G+, although I am not as active there, but I still get a lot of traffic just for letting people know I published a new blog post.

    I do everything myself, I did purchase a FB poster a while back but I kept landing in Facebook jail LOL

    It doesnt really take all that long, you just have to have a game plan and stick to it.

    Hope this helps.
    Chery :))
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  3. Hi Red Tiger.

    Let’s start by dispelling your illusions. You get to eat and sleep, or you get to be a social media rock star. You don’t get to do both unless you are living in two dimensions (Perhaps Rose and Mickey can give you some pointers on that).

    That being said, if you are smart about it, you can leverage various networks to expand your coverage.

    One way to do this is with unofficial tribes. I am in a number of tribes on Skype, as well as some on Facebook. Some of these are general mastermind groups; others are specifically set up to drop links that other members can share. You end up making friends and becoming each others fans…and picking up some great ideas for future blog posts, as well.

    Another way is through more formal amplifiers, of which there are enough to populate a small country. My favorites are:

    1. ViralContentBuzz
    2. Triberr
    3. JustRetweet

    Other good ones include:


    A third way is to maintain a private list. Learn who your fans are. Ask them if you can contact them when you have one of your better posts that you would really love to have shared.

    The bottom line is that social media success is not based on how many followers you have, nor on what you post for your followers. Your success is based on the size, relevance and energy level of your network, and what they share with their followers.
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  4. Hi Redtiger!

    I’m glad you asked 🙂

    I believe that every person who does any sort of content marketing should spend 50% of the time creating it and the other 50% promoting it. Otherwise, how would you get eyeballs on your masterpiece?

    Here are the steps that I like to take when I publish content. They are not all related to social media though:

    1. First and needless to say, your content should be epic 🙂

    2. Email your list of subscribers if you have one.

    3. Share it to your social media accounts.

    4. Put it in related Google Plus communities.

    5. Share it on JustRetweet.

    6. Share it on Triberr.

    7. Submit it to social bookmarks.

    8. Post it on Linkedin related communities.

    9. Repurpose your article to other formats like PDF, PPT, video, podcast and submit it to the related places.

    10. Place a StumbleUpon ad to jumpstart your promotion. Alternatively, you can also do a page post engagement ad on Facebook. Or both.

    11. Contact influencers in your niche and let them know about your new piece of content.

    12. Submit it to content aggregators.

    13. Post it on your blogging alliance if you are in one.

    Hope this helps 🙂
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    • Hi Dot Com Gal

      This is a complete road map and judging by the title of your recently posted content displayed under your comment it works absolute wonders. I am not at all surprised. No marketer in his right mind would not immediately start to understand and implement your methods or at the very least some of them.

      For the newbie it may sound like a lot of steps to go through just to get people to read your post but maybe that is the secret why so many people are struggling.

      Don’t neglect Point One but set as much time aside if not more for promoting your post as for writing it.

      Your list is easy to follow and it makes perfect sense. It is obviously very powerful as well.

      Thanks for posting.

  5. What I do to “syndicate” my content is that first I build up a following on the social media sites I want to target. For me that’s Twitter, Facebook, etc…

    I then do (1) or more of the following:

    1. Post links directly to my blog posts on these social networks. I do some manually or I’ll use a service called Post Planner.

    2. Use Just Re-Tweet and Viral Content Buzz to get retweets, Facebook Likes, Stumbles, Google+’s etc… This gives me more traffic to my content.

    3. Buy “Likes” or other campaigns on Facebook. This is what I’ve done a couple of times and will be doing this more often in the future.

    When it comes to a social marketing strategy, you have find the one that works for you considering your available time, expertise, and dedication level.

    Dot Com Gal is right on the money when she says you have to spend an equal amount of time promoting the content that you created.

    If no knows your content exists, then what’s the point of writing it in the first place?
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    • Hi Corrisa

      You mention some very important aspects. “Find the one that works for you considering your available time, expertise, and dedication level.”
      Sound advice indeed.

      1. Make the most of the time you have. That takes careful planning.

      2. Learn first and make sure you have the expertise to use a tool or platform before you jump in.

      3. Online marketing takes dedication. Make peace with that and be as dedicated as you possibly can.

      You also mention strategy. Without developing a strategy right from the onset you are going to be lost.

      Food for thought.

      Thanks for posting.

  6. Hi redtiger,

    This is an interesting question. It sounds simple but has varied answers.

    My view is this, before promoting my blog posts on social media, of course I have already determined where my target audience hangout most.

    Thus, I may have to check out if they are popular in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

    Identifying the most viable social platform for my audience will give me idea of the best tool to promote my post to them.

    Presently, I utilize Hootsuite and IFTTT. These tools enable me to post as schedule and also make analysis for future decision making!
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    • Hi Sarah Jane
      Great point about the target audience. After all we take aim at what marketers love to refer to as “laser targeted traffic”.

      I think finding the best and most responsive audience is a very good departure point when promoting your content.

      I also agree that the analysis-feature can only be good. You obviously put a lot of thought into the process.

      Thanks for posting.
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  7. Hey redtiger,

    To promote my blog posts on social media, these are the steps I take:

    – I ensure my posts or contents are top notch and audience-friendly. The post should also have clear-cut call to action.

    – I share and syndicate the posts and links on various platforms I have registered with. It could be Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Scoop It, Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc. To get best results, I post on groups relate to the niche I have written or shared!

    – I revisit these platforms to participate in the conversations or answer comments related to the post(s) I have shared.

    – I also look for influencers’ platform and leave comments.

    Conclusively, I utilize tools that make for easy shares like Buffer and Hootsuite!

    • Hi Celine
      Now that is what I call a well-rounded strategy.

      I am glad you mention the idea of syndicating on more than one platform. It gives you so much more exposure.

      Comments on the work of influencers is a strategy I have also found to be effective in getting traffic. People like to learn from the best and usually their blogs are busy places with a lot of visitors. You can build relationships there not only with the leaders in your niche, but also their followers.

      It is good to have one or two of the “automated posters” in your arsenal as well. It does give you peace of mind that there is a process running in the background working to promote your content.
      Great comment.
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  8. To tell the truth running a blog and engaging in social media are two full time ventures in themselves.

    So if you don’t want to take away from one of these task to perform the other, you need to either outsource or automate.

    The easy way to post your articles on social media is to use an automated system like IFTTT ( If This Than That .)

    With over 209 channels you can connect and automate every facet of your social media network and post content on any channel you choose. I’ve used a lot of social media tools but IFTTT still stands out in the crowd.

    Give it a try and shave hours off your social media duties.
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    • Hi Gordie

      Thanks for your comment. I fully agree with you. A blogger wants to write. A good blog post takes time. Sharing is an additional but necessary duty. It you use the right tool to take care of that duty life becomes just that much easier.

      You strongly recommend IFTTT. The idea of using recipes and channels may look confusing at first but it seems that this tool is in effect easy to use. It is a very popular choice and definitely worth investigating.

      Great post.
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  9. Hi redtiger,

    First off, I want to state that Promoting a post on social media should take more time than creating or publishing the content.

    I advocate 30% for content and 50% for social media promoting and 20% for other sources/activities.

    Now, to the question, how do you promote your blog posts on social media? This is an interesting question and one which will affect the success of an Internet marketing campaign.

    My social media promotion strategy is simple and straight:

    – Write a valuable and shareable blog post. Publish the post on my blog.

    – Share the post on various platforms depending on the target audience and group.

    – I sometimes use manual sharing and some other times I utilize automated sharing tools like Hootsuite, Bit.ly, TweetDeck, and Buffer.

    – Most shares go to LinkedIn because that is where my target audience are found mainly.

    – Some times I syndicate some posts using tools like IFTTT and Zapier to connect two or more platforms.

    – And of course using Kingged.com is the best way of promotion for me, without any doubt.

    This has worked for me and I am still utilizing it!

    • Hi Sunday

      Thanks for pointing out the value of Linkedin. This is ideed an unbeatable tool for business related posts.

      It is so important to understand the role of your target audience in the whole process of sharing content.

      I like the idea of combining manual sharing with the use of automated tools. The more “weapons” you have in your arsenal the better you can take aim at your target audience.

      Valuable information.
      Thanks for sharing.

  10. First, I think we have to understand the economy of content is shifting dramatically as more and more content is being created.

    To create content costs us something and with so many blogs and social posts that means we are getting to the point to where we are paying people to view our content.

    Supply and demand is at work hard here.

    So, my take is we have to move from just provided exceptional content and digital strategies to thinking about human strategies.

    What this means is each of us has to work harder at researching and understanding our audiences and start creating content that is for one person with one problem/need/desire over content that is broad.

    By doing this we are positioning ourselves as authoritative, relevant and compelling.

    Second, start building your community.

    By itself, social media has very little influence upon our individual blogs. But, our communities have incredible influence and ability to propel the blog.

    Include your community in your blog, especially those who share your content often. In my next blog article, for example, I’ll be linking to my most loyal twitter followers who re-tweet my content every single day.

    We have to move social followers from social engagement to personal engagement.

    Digital strategies are working less and less, but human strategies will always work!

    Build the right relationships and over time your audience will propel your message and content and promote you everywhere!
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    • Hi Don

      Thanks for an eye-opening comment.

      Everything is in constant motion. It grows and develops therefore it changes. What was good enough yesterday is not so effective today.

      One thing that does not change is human emotion. Humans have a need to belong. They want to be accepted. Make them feel that you need them and that they are special. In return they will give their best for you. Embrace them as part of your community.

      Do not leave your marketing strategies dependent on the flavor of the day. Prove yourself to be a warm and caring human being by helping others. In this way you touch emotions and in the process you become a leader. People need leaders and follow them unconditionally.

      Thanks for commenting.

  11. Redtiger,

    This is how I promote my blog Post on social media:

    Pinterest has several groups for different niche with large following. I am a big fan of Pinterest. And so when my content is publish. Pinterest get my first share. Pinterest Encourage involvement by following and sharing others pins.

    Need to find boards in your specialize niche. Sharing your content to the group boards that already has tons of followers will help.

    Also make sure to create your personal board for your blog Post. You will get many interesting followers if you position blog Post first to be seen on your Pinterest site. Pinterest followers are housewives and stay at home moms. If that is your target audience then you are in heaven.

    But I would not recommend Pinterest only. Join a forum that is active like Kingged.com. But you must be an active participant. And being an active participant in Kingged.com for example is something I am working on. They will more than likely want to share your post.

    There are many other ways to market your content. Facebook, Twitter and Google are the popular once but there are others just have to be creative.
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    • Hi Patrice

      Pinterest is indeed powerful. It has a very definite target audience. I would imagine it is also very popular with the younger crowd.
      A picture paints a thousand words they say and Pinterest makes it so easy to place an eye-cathing graphic with your message.

      Of course I agree wholeheartedly that you should join Kingged and yes it is a great place not only to learn but also to promote your posts.

      Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are old favorites and they must be on your list when you share content.

      Thanks for the welcome comment.

  12. By creating valuable connections through commenting on other people’s blogs and sharing their articles on Twitter and Google+ and connecting with them there, I tap into reciprocity. You create a network that tends to share each others content and comment on each others blogs.

    I also use websites like Justretweet, Viral content buzz and CoPromote. These also work in a reciprocal kind of way. You share a post of someone else and in return, you receive credits to get people to share your post. You can pick the topics you want to share so that you won’t spam your timeline with irrelevant tweets.

    If I linked to someone or an influencer, I will email them to let them know they’re included and give them a link if they’re inclined to share.

    Another thing I do is write strong headlines. People often decide to write your post on the headline alone, so this is a part of social media that can’t be neglected.

    If you share someone else’s post, you can also rewrite the headline so that it’ll get more shares which is in your and their benefit.
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    • Hi Jasper

      You have summarized the new wave of thinking sweeping through Internet marketing brilliantly in one word. Reciprocity.

      It is as if Internet marketers have realized that they should rewrite the first law of selling online: You do and I do in return. This is a refreshing approach.

      Thanks for pointing out where and how to benefit from this.

      You also emphasize the power of the headline. I agree with you. This is so important. The headline will determine whether a post gets read or not.

      Thanks for a valuable comment.
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  13. Hello Redtiger,

    It takes sometime to write a blog post and even more time to promote it.

    I use Hootsuite to keep up with who shares my content. So that I can see what is being shared and who is sharing it. I also like to thank everyone who shares it. I can also keep up with certain questions that people ask so that I can answer them.

    I am in some facebook groups as I have many interests but for my internet marketing blog I joined internet marketing groups. You can share your content and also share others content too, if you find it to be interesting.

    I also share my blog on Linkedin and in their groups as well. I do the same for Bebee. They are kind of liked Linkedin as it caters to business but other topics as well. They also have groups too.

    I share my blog on Google+ and in the Google+ communities. My blog is also in Triberr’s feed and I share other bloggers blogs from there as well.

    What I like about Triberr, Kingged and BizSugar is you have a lot of blogs all in one place. It cuts down on my time trying to find content to share and also I get to build relationships by getting to know bloggers and the content they like to read and share.

    I also utilize the question and answer sites the one of choice being Quora. Here you can be known as an expert where you can answer questions. People also can request that you personally answer questions for them.

    I am also a member of some forums where I can have my signature. I have gotten some visits to my blog from these as well.

    I am still a student of social media and is learning everyday. I have by no means mastered it yet.
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    • Hi Maketta

      I am impressed by your strategy. You obviously do your best to spread your net far and wide to make sure your content is seen. In addition you keep record of who shares your content and interact with them later to build relationships.

      You mention Triberr, Kingged and Bizsugar for their potential not only to get your content in front of a larger audience but also for making friends.

      When you have a multi-faceted strategy it is good to have a tool that can take some of the work off your hands.

      Then you are also active on forums. I think you are on a path that can lead to greater success.
      All the best.

  14. Hello Redtiger,

    My personal favorite is Buffer. I have installed the button on my web browser, and when I find a piece of content I think my followers would like I hit the button and add a piece of wisdom I gleamed by reading the post.

    I like Buffer because it allows me to write different things to my Twitter page. You can write a nice long essay to your Facebook and Google+ following, I think up to 1,700 characters, but you are limited to 140 characters for Twitter.

    A few moths ago I tried Hootsuite. I was able to add a button on my browser that worked with my Buffer work flow but I was neglecting my Twitter page because I would have to go through the process for the Facebook and Google+ followers and then do it again for the Twitter followers.

    I usually give the Facebook and Google+ fans more than 140 characters, I like to write.

    Aside from posting links I basically ignore Google+. It is good to have something on Google especially your own links. If you are in someones circle and they search for something that your links relate to Google will put that on the front page as a way to get more exposure to their social network.

    I will usually drop other things in Facebook through their own platform, I run a lot of ads through them and I try to keep my page relevant to my target audience.
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  15. This is a very valuable discussion. Lots of great information!

    During the last couple of weeks I actually took a step back and done some thinking about how much time I want to spend on social media… At the end I realized that there is other stuff I can do with higher ROI…

    I am focusing more on outreach and building real relationships with people. For example by straight up calling them (skype or phone). That works quite well and the results are more valuable then the traffic I got from social media.

    I still do post. I am using the following tools:


    • Hi Dani
      Valuable post. What can be more rewarding – in more ways than one – than building relationships.

      Commenting on blogs is fine and it can be a good ice-breaker, but a telephone reveals so much more of yourself meaning that there is more of you to like! The connection is just so much more personal.

      Skype again has the advantage of being more immediate. The interaction is two way. That adds excitement.

      Thanks for sharing the tools you use and also for pointing out how much valuable information has been shared by the commenters. Driving traffic is something we all have to do and the more good advice we get the better.
      redtiger recently posted…Traffic comes to those who speak loudestMy Profile

      • Thanks redtiger. It is true, a phone call means so much more than a “like” or a “tweet” or even a message on social media. And it works really well.

        It does help though if you make yourself seen before calling. That can be through commenting on blog posts or other small gestures.


  16. Hi RedTiger,

    Loved the post. Touched a chord in me. I’ve been Blogging for about 18+ years now and I’ve learned over these years how much effort goes into producing value add posts for your site visitors month in and month out.

    For me it’s always been a bit of a struggle to craft and deliver consistently terrific content.

    As you’ve rightly said you have to market your content on social media streams to get noticed by those who matter.

    Here’s what I do.

    Long ago I purchased a WordPress plugin named – NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. This is a plugin that connects with about 48 different social media streams.

    I post to only 12 of these social media streams because, over time, I figured out that my prime audience, hung out on these 12 social media streams.

    With NextScripts you have to add your Login credentials to each social media stream that you want your content to be posted to.

    There are explicit, step by step, detailed tutorials that NextScripts provides on how you must connect to each social media stream.

    This is a onetime effort. Once NextScripts is communicating correctly with the each social media stream you are good to go. NextScripts support also respond pretty quickly and helpfully if you get stuck.

    You can use hashtags with those social streams that accept and process hashtags as well. I found this fantastic. If I’ve referred to another Blogger’s content in my Blog post, I ensure that the Blogger’s hashtag is added when I’m posting my Blog post to the appropriate social media stream. I’ve made and sustained a great number of friends using this simple technique.

    Okay, let’s say you’ve created and published a Blog post. You are now ready to post this information to all those social media stream that NextScripts is configure to talk to.

    You can post your Blog post title, a description, and image, Keywords, hashtags and more to each social media stream.

    You can decide to post this information on a social media stream on a specific date and at a specific time if you want to.

    Drip Feeding Blog Post Content

    Take an evergreen Blog post, and segregate it into several different sections.

    Take the Blog post headline, add a link to your Blog post, an image and an excerpt. Add your keywords, Hashtags.

    Next take the first sub-headline, add a link to your Blog post, an appropriately different image and an excerpt. Add your keywords, Hashtags.

    Take the second sub-headline, add a link to your Blog post, an appropriately different image and an excerpt. Add your keywords, Hashtags.

    Do this till you’ve used up all the sub-headlines in your Blog post.

    You’ve just re-purposed your Blog post.

    Let’s assume that you now have three different snippets of Blog post information. The Headline snippet and two more sub-line snippets.

    Set up NextScripts in such a way that it posts these three snippets on let’s say:
    – Facebook on Monday at three appropriate times in a day
    – Twitter on Tuesday at three appropriate times in a day
    – Google+ on Wednesday at three appropriate times in a day
    – LinkedIn on Thursday at three appropriate times in a day
    – Facebook focus Group1 on Friday at three appropriate times in a day
    – Facebook focus Group2 on Saturday at three appropriate times in a day

    Now you can project this for Google+ groups, LinkedIn groups and you should be thrilled how you repurposed one Blog post, across multiple social media streams on multiple days in a week, Monday to Saturday.

    If you’ve got an arresting Headline, equally interesting sub-headlines, mapped to great images, you will be pleasantly surprised at the large, SUSTAINED, quantum of traffic, which you’ll drive back to your Blog / Website.

    If your Blog / Website delivers great, value add content, to your focus target audience, they will read your material, engage with it by posting comments, share it on their social media streams and more.

    Your signup’s will rocket. Your subscriptions will jump. You will be well on your way converting these leads to paying customers.

    This is exactly what I do and I’m completely thrilled with the results of my social media marketing efforts.

    If you’ve questions, shoot them across I’d love to engage on my favourite subject Social Media Marketing.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Try Not To Gasp When You Read These 20 Ways To Stay A Mediocre BloggerMy Profile

    • Thanks very much for your kind words about the post. You are right, blogging is a unique kind of art with its own challenges. Because it is also a noble art your content has to be great and at the same time you have to help others. These two ingrediens are not that easy to blend once the words flow and your article follows its own course.

      It is not often that I implement advice even before I have responded to a comment, but I have installed the plugin and will use it regularly starting today.

      My efforts in Internet marketing have followed a strange path. First no visitors, then as I started getting serious about promotion it jumped, cooled down and now my traffic comes in a steady trickle which I want to change into a raging stream. My signups show that I have a lot to learn about the right places to hang out.

      Thanks for your valuable advice.
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  17. There are some really good tips on here. Thanks for starting this discussion, redtiger.

    Here’s my social media approach.

    First, I set my blog posts to publish at either 10:30 AM or 3:00 PM, which seem to be the most active times for my followers on all of my social platforms. Then, I use the Yoast SEO plugin sharing feature to automatically post to my Twitter feed, my Facebook You, Improved page, as well as Google + and my LinkedIn feed.

    I manually post to my LinkedIn company page and Pinterest. I use Latergram to publish to Instagram. Latergram allows me to set a later publication time since my Instagram followers seem to be most active at around 5:00 PM.

    I am now using pushcrew.com on my site. This is a service that allows your visitors to sign up to be notified when you post new content. It’s basically a steroid-induced RSS feed.

    I use Hootsuite to retweet posts to Twitter and to LinkedIn. Typically, I RT my posts about 5 days after initial publication.

    My good posts are placed on Co-Promote, where you retweet other’s posts and earn RTs for your own. Sometimes, I’ll also use Viral Content Buzz, which also – like Co-Promote – has a free version.

    I use Quuu – http://quuu.co/ – for posts I really want to get out there. This is a paid, curated service and each post is reviewed before being accepted.

    My blog content powers my weekly newsletter, and I encourage readers to spread the word using GetResponse’s social media feature.
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  18. Hi Redtiger!

    Very cool name, by the way! 😀

    Let me share my thoughts for your questions here;

    * How do you spread the word about great content?

    – I take the time to share my content on as many social networks as possible. And I share it a few times a week.

    I make it a habit to share my blog posts on many social networks every time I log into my computer or even when I’m on my phone just surfing the net.

    I always re-share my old blog post on social networks. I do this consistently. As I mentioned, i have made it a habit to do this every time I get online. It only takes a few seconds to share a blog post on many social networks anyways.

    You don’t even need a tool!

    But if you would like to use a tool – go for it! … if you are using the WordPress Platform – you can use a plugin called; Revive Old Posts. This plugin gives your blog the ability to re-tweet and re-share on facebook old blog posts. I highly recommend to check it out.

    * Do you use contact management systems and if so which one?

    – I only use WordPress for all of my site. It is the best CMS Platform online, so far. I have not seen any other platform with more potential than WordPress.

    What makes it a powerful CMS platform is the ease of use and the library of Themes and Plugins.

    Especially the Plugins Feature. You really do not need to spend a lot of money to use blogging tools and marketing tools when you have a WP Site. For an instance; you can post on twitter and facebook account automatically and for free with that plugin I just mentioned (Revive Old Posts).

    * Hootsuite, Buffer or BuzzBundle or what else is there?

    – I personally do not use any of these tools. I just don’t!

    As I said earlier, it only takes a few seconds to share a blog post on many social networks. I mean, you just click a button and that’s it!

    Now, you do need to make sure that your blog posts Thumbnail Image looks good, and that the Title and Description are relevant and look good as well. These would be your blog post’s social network cards.

    If you are using WordPress, there is a plugin that helps you make sure your blog posts URL look good when sharing in social networks. This plugin is called; Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags.

    This will make it easier to share your blog posts on social networks very fast – if you are not using an automated tool, that is.

    * Do you use them and do they work?

    – I guess I answered this question in the answer above! 😀

    Nothing against tools, I just don’t need them. I do this full time and I get online every day. And even on the days I take off, I cans till share my content from my smart phone and devices with ease. Again, it only takes a few seconds to share!

    Plus, I don’t need to be posting on my social media accounts too often – because I have a good size network in them. So I just don’t want to be over-promoting to the people who follow me – you get what I mean?

    Now, I know that a lot of people here would really say that using automated tools to post on social media is very important – and that is true but only when you are just starting out online and you don’t have a big network in your social media accounts.

    I have not met any successful online marketer who uses a lot of social media tools – just yet!

    I only see newbies using such tools (like hootsuite, onlywire, etc).

    For example; right now I have 4,877 facebook friends (255 pending friend requests), 1,683 facebook followers, my facebook fan pages get new likes every week, I also have over 1,300 followers on pinterest, and I’m still working on Twitter and Google+ these days. I’m still learning about LinkedIn so I’m not sure where to look for how many connections I have LOL

    I’m sharing this with you so you can see what is possible with social media marketing.

    My point is, you have to build up your social network followings and numbers if you really want to benefit from them. What is the point on sharing your blog posts on your social media accounts if barely anyone will see them?

    Don’t just share you blog posts – also take the time to build up your social media networks and followings!

    Now, let me share a quick reply to your statement;

    “My problem is how to do that effectively and still have enough time to eat and sleep an hour or two.”

    Get Organized!

    That is really all I can say about it.

    If you are not very well organized with your social networks and you are all over the place, you are not going to be effective in the short period of time that you might have to work on your social media marketing strategies.

    I have everything very well organized on my internet browser (mozilla firefox) for an instance. Everything I need is one click away and in categories. And I have also invested a lot in my social media marketing education – so I know exactly what I need to be doing daily/weekly. You don’t want to waste any time online!

    This is something I always teach.

    Get organized, learn exactly what you need to be doing in each social network, and create your own blue print that you can follow very consistently. Especially if you have limited time to work on your social media marketing strategies. Lack of organization and direction will result on a lot of wasted time online!

    I hope this is good enough information for someone who is starting out with Social Media Marketing! 😀

    Great topic, by the way.

    Keep up the great work!

    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Freedom Blogger

      Thanks for confirming a fact that you don’t often learn in Internet marketing school: It’s not really how you say it, it the number of people you say it to that counts. That and of course how many times you say it. It is a numbers game.

      “Get organized, learn exactly what you need to be doing in each social network, and create your own blue print that you can follow very consistently”. I don’t think you will get better advice anywhere.

      If you stand back and look it the whole process of sharing you are right. You don’t need a tool to click the share button if you can do it yourself. The secret of course is getting friends and getting organized. You have to have some kind of system to make sure you know what you have posted where and what you still want to post.

      Whether you reach your audience by means of a carrier pigeon or a fancy tool is not important. It is not the tool that will buy from you.

      Thanks also for mentioning the plugins and the importance of knowing what to do on each social medium.

      Your advice is valuable and really puts everything in perspective. Great comment. Have a great weekend, keep on making friends and keep on clicking.
      redtiger recently posted…Affiliate Marketing ExplainedMy Profile

    • Oh my goodness, Freedom blogger, what a comment!

      I learned so much from this and many of the other comments here.

      So much juice in this post, even worth more than many posts put together.

      I have kingged your comment as many times as I am allowed to, lol.

  19. Great post RedTiger!

    Going through all of these responses has been a breath of fresh air as I’ve learned about some new sites such as Justretweet.

    After I finish writing a blog post, I usually share on all of the social media networks then add my post to stumbleupon and run a couple of missions on a site called Empire.Kred which is a social media stock exchange community with other like minded individuals very similar to this site here; kingged.

    I’m starting to get more active here on kingged and will start syndicating my blog posts here to also get more traffic.

    Another thing I’m going to start doing is these blog post roundups where I talk briefly about each interesting blog I’ve found that’s very similar to mine and link out to their blog to get traffic back to mine.

    • Hi Alicia

      Thanks for an interesting response with several golden nuggets.

      Just headed over to Empire.Kred. It seems like a great place to be. It is always welcome to hear of new places where you can move your content off your blog.

      Glad to hear you are getting more active on kingged and I look forward to reading your content.

      I like your idea of the roundups. I think this is something that one can play with. Everytime you have used someone’s post, connect with that person on twitter and Facebook. I think that should have good potential to get your own content shared.

      Thanks for a great comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Is your paradigm holding you back?My Profile

  20. Hi redtiger,

    My popular option for promoting on social media is through Facebook and Twitter. I don’t use any social media management platforms like Hootsuite of the the like.

    How I promote is simple: produce a content suitable for these platforms, share the links on Facebook and Twitter 😉

    • Hi Carl

      Sounds like a straightforward enough strategy that can produce good results.

      This can work well if you have enough of the right kind of friends on Facebook and hand-picked followers on Twitter. Then of course as you rightly say you have to produce content suitable for these platforms.

      Just to specify by right kind I mean people interested in your content.

      I fully agree with you that Facebook and Twitter are valuable and possibly one can include Youtube into the mix. There is however no harm in looking at Google Plus and Pinterest as well.
      Thanks for a good comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Be a follower to become a leaderMy Profile

  21. Hey redtiger,

    For me, promoting blog posts on social media begins with installing share buttons on the blog. After this, I register with relevant social media platforms.

    Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are my choice for now.

    To save time, I have TweetDeck or Hoostsuite but I prefer using IFTTT or Zappier to share between WordPress and the social platforms. However, Zappier is my preferred sharing tool!

    With these methods, I get my blog post promoted!

    • Hi James

      Valuable input. The list of tools just keeps growing. I don’t think Zappier has been mentioned yet. It seems definitely like it is worth a good look and maybe I’ll take it for a spin soon.

      Quickly scanning through the list I miss another one that I have just started using called MavSocial.

      Thanks for mentioning the share buttons. They are so important to give visitors the opportunity to share your content.

      From the responses so far it seems like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the social media of choice for many marketers.

      Thanks for sharing.
      redtiger recently posted…Be a follower to become a leaderMy Profile

  22. Hey redtiger,

    My approach to social media promotion is purely dependent on the reach I want to make. For each social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, there is a peculiar target audience.

    If I have established who to reach out to then would I take steps to do promotions via the relevant platform.

    Ensuring that the best practices of promoting to that platform is followed!

    This is how I promote on social media. It depends on the audience!

  23. Hey redtiger,

    It is no longer news that promoting a piece of content on social media is beneficial.

    Today, there are lots of tools and social media systems that facilitate easy promotion of blog posts.

    I do use a tool based on the impact it is going to make at the time. For instance, I prefer using TweetDeck , Buffer or HootSuite for Twitter sharing but for other platforms, the share buttons are enough!

    So, its still a matter of choice right?

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for sharing. Choose your tools based on the impact you can achieve. I like your strategy and agree with you that the share buttons are potent weapons in your arsenal.

      Yes it is still a matter of choice. The tools are nor really that important. What is vital as that you make yourself and your content visible to the world.
      redtiger recently posted…Be a follower to become a leaderMy Profile

  24. Hi redtiger,

    For me, promoting on social media begins with identifying where my audience congregates. You will agree with me that every social media platform has its peculiar audience.

    My audience mostly congregates in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The reason for this is that they are mostly women and my products are more visually appealing.

    So, what I do is after publishing a post, I log into each of these networks manually and post on them.

    For now I hardly utilize any software for batch promotion!

  25. Hello Redtiger,

    Most of the ideas that I had, have been covered. Reading this discussion was a good read.

    But I definitely found it easier to connect with people on Facebook and Twitter. Joining Facebook groups that are to my niche definitely helps. Interacting with peoples Tweets gets my blog some attention. With that being said, I just simply share my blog post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

    I have also recently been posting my Youtube videos on my Blog and reminding people on my Youtube channel to click the link below to check out my blog.

    Sometime soon, may be this week on my Youtube videos, I am going to try adding “bonus information” strictly on my blog and refer people to head to my “blog” to find out what it is. This idea is still a work in progress and may not always fit the subject of my video on Youtube but I’m definitely going to give it a try.

    No matter what you do to promote your blog, it will take time to build and sustain a large audience.

    Going back to content, if your blog is good people are going to come back and more importantly commit to reading your blog.

    Thanks for the stirring the brain today!
    And enjoy your day,


    • Hi EltonCarr

      You give us some great golden nuggets here.

      1. Write great content
      2. Join Facebook groups.
      3. Talk to the people in the groups.
      4. When people connect to you on Twitter, connect back.
      5. Dont forget that you can place Youtube videos on your blog.
      6. Make sure that your blog is reachable from your Youtube-videos.

      I also like your idea of an incentive on your blog to make sure your Youtube viewers come visit.

      Thanks also for mentioning that building an audience takes time. Internet marketing is simply not a get rich quick-thing. It takes work and it takes time. So many people get impatient and then they become part of the 90 plus percent who once tried Internet marketing and now tell us that it does not work.

      Great comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Is your paradigm holding you back?My Profile

  26. Hi,

    I agree with what has been written here. I wrote a post about 79 ways I promote my blog.

    I am new. Am I allowed to leave my link here if it contributes to the discussion?

    This thread was timely for me as well since I posted about time-saving techniques for bloggers just today.

    Here are the 79 ways I suggest promoting your articles for free:
    [Link removed by moderators. PM sent to you, to explain why]


  27. Oh my, I have learned so much from this post.

    I think the Kingged team should make this post sticky. It deserves to be on the frontpage for everyone to learn from.

    So many helpful tips from so many of the comments.

    This is easily one of the best discussion posts on this site.

    Thanks the OP, for starting this.

    • Hi Lynn

      First of all a big apology for not responding to your comment sooner. I don’t know how but I have missed it somehow and only see it now.

      Thanks for your kind words about the post. The response was indeed extremely helpful and informative.

      It goes to show the value of moving a blog post off your site and onto a plarform where many eyes can see it.

      There is so much knowledge and experience here on Kingged. It is great tapping into it from time to time.

      Apologies again and thanks for a welcome comment.
      redtiger recently posted…How To Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys to ProsperMy Profile