A good content creator has earned the right to walk tall. After all it is painstaking work starting with finding a topic and then spending frustrating hours searching Google Keyword Planner and others to decide on keywords. After that you have to drink deep from your inner fountain of inspiration and creativity to find the unforgettable words and arrange them in a way that they blend together into greatest article ever written.

Along the way there may be some bumps and hiccups. More often than not we find that fountains tend to dry up when we need them the most.

Yet somehow we manage to come up with some content. By that time our vision may be a bit distorted and we see the pumpkin we have created as a masterpiece.

We want people to read our creation and come to our blog to give us a pat on the back – and pretty please buy from us. A wise man once said we should be active on social media to get visitors.

 My problem is how to do that effectively and still have enough time to eat and sleep an hour or two.

I do not want to offer any suggestions here, I just want to tap the brains of the many knowledgeable people here for advice.

How do you spread the word about great content?

Do you use contact management systems and if so which one?

Hootsuite, Buffer or  BuzzBundle or what else is there?

Do you use them and do they work?