How Do You Manage Your Clients in the Midst of Personal Crisis?



Success in online business (as well as offline business) requires perfect harmony of the body, soul and mind.  However, this harmony is often disrupted by life’s events or occurrences that creep to us or impose on us as “crisis”. These can take the shape of disease, divorce, or emotional challenge, etc.

We are humans and not completely immune from personal crisis. Therefore, there is need to learn how to navigate these problems and manage our clients if we are to keep our business during and after the crisis period.  Here three quick tips you can apply to start managing your business while navigating personal crisis.

1 – Be honest with your Clients

If the personal crisis you face will affect the expectations of your clients, then it’s best you honestly communicate with them on what to expect from you during this period. Most clients will understand your plight and some may even offer some form of help. Honesty to your client about personal crisis will help clear doubts on your ability to deliver the target or deadline. You are also going to reassure the clients of their importance in your business if you do so.

2 – Ask for Help and Outsource

You may be used to doing all clients work alone as an online entrepreneur. If personal problems crops up, then you may experience emotional instability, and your productivity will decline. To balance things and maintain your relationship with clients, it becomes necessary that you outsource work or ask help from your friends, colleagues, etc. Asking for help and sharing your work at this crisis will lift a huge ‘burden’ off your shoulder help you maintain sanity.

3 – Manage Your Relationship with Key clients during this period

Every online business has “highly” valuable clients. (I am not saying that every client or customer is not valuable but frankly writing there are clients who provide more value than others). When you face personal crisis, sieve through your clients’ list and maintain solid relationship with these key clients. Communicate effectively with them and avoid anything that could make them withdraw from your services. Thus, it becomes highly necessary to outsource if the personal challenge you are going through is going to affect your business.

So, these are three tips that reveal how you can go about managing your clients while navigating personal crisis. The bottom line from these tips is this: indulge the understanding of the clients and seek help when necessary.

How do you apply to manage clients in the midst of personal crisis?


  1. Interesting.

    To be honest, many have the problem in handling their emotions during personal crisis. It’s totally going to be a crisis if one will talk or communicate to someone in a different feeling. The shared tip is right that one should communicate with them (clients) on what to expect from you during the period. Most clients will understand your plight and some may even offer some form of help. It’s true and I believe that doing so will make you more professional, this will enable you to communicate better even with some problems. This will make you more capable with your work/job.
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  2. When my dad died a few years ago, it was a lot like this. But that did not last too long, because he entered hospital just a day before passing. So there was not too much client-wise to manage.

    But I have two teenage daughters so I live in perpetual crisis. Sometimes managing clients in that kind of crisis means giving yourself a half hour to destress after everybody is in bed, then starting to work the midnight shift.
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  3. Hey Sunday,

    Good sound advice here! This actually applies to when my grandmother passed on this summer. For me it was a good time to take a break for a couple of weeks to recuperate. I focused on the fact that she didn’t want me to quit but yet she knows that in times like this I needed to put the blogging to rest for a while. Her advice rings now in different situation as though she was physically here and I can see that her advice rings through this post.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday! Have a good one!
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  4. Hey Sherman, I just wanted to say sorry for your loss and I am sure you are already coping with it. Life has a way of throwing things at us when we least expect it.

    Sunday, your advice will help a lot of people here. The fact is that if you are honest with your clients, most of them will understand. So it’s always good to be upfront because we are all human beings including the clients.
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  5. Hi Sunday,

    I’ve never been in this position before, but reading your article here has given me some ideas along with your own, which are fantastic. I know that there will come a time when this situation will occur in my life, and I will be ready, I’ll blog about it prior and send clients to read it. Thank you, Sunday. 🙂
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    • Hi A.D.,
      If possible we must avoid personal crisis that will affect our business.

      However, its easier said than done because life has a way of telling us we are not in control, thus, crisis may creep on us unexpectedly.

      At such times, we must brace up and be sincere about the situation when dealing with clients. This is reality check!

      Acknowledging this reality and being transparent with our clients will help boost our chances of getting over the situation.

      Thanks for your invaluable input!
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  6. Hello Sunday,

    I would definitely recommend taking some time off if you can or if you have to work just do only as much as you need to. It is nice just to be upfront with your clients. People can always tell when something is going on. This way they won’t make assumptions about the situation and you can remain on good terms with your clients.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
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  7. Hi Sunday,

    A very interesting Blog post. I was so intrigued by the title I simply let my curiosity draw me in.

    To be honest, I’ve never experienced a personal crisis that caused me to miss a beat dealing with my clients.

    I believe it was because I’ve always been blessed with a very supportive wife and daughter, a decent sized, tech and marketing team, who rallied around me and held the fort until my crisis passed.

    The very same team ensured that I had some space but when I was wallowing in self-pity ensured I got a buffered, but swift kick in the pants, exactly where I needed it.

    Hence, my family, staff and friends rallied around me, supported me through the initial days of shock and pain. Then ensured that I move on, not stay rooted in the past.

    I never forget to count my blessing each day I have to be with all these wonderful, supportive people.

    My clients often never even knew that there I ever had a crisis and there were a few of those in my day. To all those awesome people, who remain nameless, I salute you for caring enough.

    Strange topic Sunday, BUT I enjoyed reading it and thought I’d share as well.
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    • Hey Ivan,
      Its relieving to know that there are people out there who can help you mitigate the effects of personal crisis.

      However,in your case, the help didn’ just happen, but you have consciously allowed your family and work team to workings of your business life.

      Its a good strategy and this will go a long way to help others who seek proactive ways of managing personal crisis.

      Every “selfpreneur” must thrive to ensure there is continuity of purpose despite personal challenges that have become inevitable!
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      • Hi Sunday,

        Absolutely true. Having trustworthy people to lean on is a real blessing.

        My wife Cynthia and our Admin head Kavita are two people who’s financial judgement I rely on. Fortunately both have terrific heads for numbers and are definitely faster that me quite often when looking at Risk versus Rewards financially.

        Our daughter Chriselle, she is an MBA and works as a VP in an MNC here in Mumbai. I often run business ideas past her for her judgement. This has kept me afloat on more than one occasion.

        All these stalwarts that surround me (and I then when necessary) know when to give each other space and when to say enough is enough get a move on.

        In them I am truly blessed.

        Any entrepreneur that has such a support system is always stronger, wiser and safer than one who does not.

        Have a great week ahead Sunday. All the very best always.
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  8. Great post Sunday,

    I remember when my dad experienced his first stroke episode (he’s had 3), I was in the middle of a serious project. Owing to the fact that I had no experience dealing with this issue, you can imagine how unsettled I was.

    I called up the client and explained my situation. They were more than nice in asking me to simply communicate in writing how much extra time it would take me. In addition they called me regularly not to check on their project but to check on my welfare.

    Thanks for sharing


  9. Hello Sunday,

    This is a good discussion you brought up.

    Your first point is spot-on, which is to be honest with your clients. This is one of those times when honesty really pays.

    I think that’s the best way I would manage personal crisis situations. 99% of clients will understand because they know problems happen to everyone, including them.

    The 1% that won’t understand are not good clients to begin with, they are the problem clients.

  10. Good discussion post. I’m going to go with same answer by most here and same as your first point, which is to be honest with my clients about what happened. And if the project is time sensitive for the client, then your second point comes handy to let them have someone else do it, or you get someone else to do it, for them. I think all 4 points you gave are great in dealing with such situations.

  11. Hi Sunday,

    I don’t know, but it might be hard to even think of clients during deep personal crisis.

    I’d say it’s best to let your other team members handle such clients during such times, as it might be hard to even behave appropriately when faced with deep personal crisis.

    So for me, I’d go with your second point of:

    Ask for Help and Outsource.

  12. Personal crisis comes in different forms. However, for a business owner, managing any form of personal crisis goes a long way in handling the projects of clientele.

    The suggestions you have made are in order. Being honest is cool as long as the client will understand but I will prefer that a business put plans before hand to outsource because some clients can be extremely difficult to handle.

  13. I have never thought of being honest with the client about a personal crisis. I am of the opinion that business should be strictly business and personal crisis shouldn’t interfere.

    Well, I guess with your perspective on honesty I guess sharing the details with the clients can help to some extent to keep tempers low and improve chances of completing the project!
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    • Yes Sarah, business should be strictly business but we must not forget about the human aspect of business.

      People doing business together are humans and being honest with realities around will help to promote a healthy business relationship.

      Lets take the chance of being honest if we are in personal crisis.
      Sunday William recently posted…How Do You Generate Blogging Ideas From Personal Experiences?My Profile

    • Hi Celine, Sarah, Sunday:

      I can see both sides of this. There have been times when I adhered to the “strictly business” philosophy and never let out a peep about my own personal crises and challenges. At other times, depending on the client, I might let them know that there were some things going on in my life that might (or might not) affect business dealings with them.

      Sometimes I’ve handled such situations well; other times, not so much.

      I guess you have to weigh things carefully and decide which way is the best way to go on a case-by-case (or client-by-client) basis.

      Excellent discussion topic, Sunday!

      • Vernessa,
        I agree with you that letting clients know about the personal crisis that can affect our business should be carefully weighed, and it depends on the individual or the case.

        If the crisis is something that can be handled without it affecting the contract then its better to be strictly business.

        However, most times, sharing personal crisis with clients after the crisis becomes overwhelming now or in the future!

        Thanks for leaving your insightful thoughts Vernessa!

  14. Hello Sunday! As Alex stated above in the comments, you have a great conversation going on here with this post.

    Sad but true we will all experience some sort of a crisis in our lifetimes and all of your tips are so spot on.

    It so important to be honest and if you need to take time off, DO IT! If you need help Reach out and outsource.

    Most important thing, Take Care Of YOU!!

    Great Share
    Chery :))
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  15. It’s easy to shut down and not want to communicate with people when you’re having a personal crisis, especially when you know you’re behind in client projects.

    I’ve found that most clients are understanding if you just tell them what’s going on and give them adjusted, realistic due dates that you can handle around your crisis, they are going to be more forgiving than you anticipate.

    The absolute worst thing you can do is not communicate at all.
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  16. Hello Sunday,

    Everyone suffers from personal crisis or tragedies at one point or another.

    It’s very likely that clients will be understanding if we are truthful with them.

    Also, letting clients know early is a good idea.

    The mistake will be not telling clients early and leaving them in limbo, particularly when their tasks are due or even late.