How Do You Lower Your Prospects’ Persistent Resistance To Buying?



If you must succeed online as a business then your prospects’ resistance to buy must be lowered. The prospects should always inspired, intrigued and interested to reward your efforts. However, this is not always the case because so many factors could come into play to affect how the prospect views a particular product or brand.

A high resistance to buy implies that a product or brand is not appealing to the prospect. This could be happening always and affecting the overall conversion of the business.

In my understanding, the following factors can lead to the rejection of a product:

♦ Poor and unsatisfactory product – If the product is poor in value and doesn’t meet the buyer’s or prospect’s expectation then the possibility of acceptance would be low. An invaluable and irrelevant product is easily rejected.

♦ Poor Presentation And Promotion Of The Product – A product could be good in terms of quality or value, however, if the presentation or promotion is misplaced then resistance would be high. If a business markets its product to the wrong prospects then the acceptance level would be low. In addition, if the promotional platform doesn’t suit the final buyer it would be difficult to make any sales.

♦ Past experience and Apathy towards a brand – A bad experience with a product or customer service in the past can affect the perspective of a product. A previous ‘good’ experience would be acceptable for a product or brand. On the other hand, apathy towards a brand as a result of bad customer service experience or dissatisfaction from the use of a product will increase buyer resistance.

♦ High cost of a product – The cost of a product may not be problem for buying for some people, however we cannot rule out the fact that high cost compared with similar product will result to rejection. If the cost of purchasing a product would be low compared to a competing product then buying the cheaper product would be the likely decision. This should be the case when quality, features and functionality is same across brands.

Now, the above are some reasons that could influence the prospect’s resistance to buy. Of course there are other factors because people buy or reject products for different reasons.

Identifying the exact cause of buyer resistance is a step to lowering or avoiding it, especially if it becomes persistent.

Now, it’s your turn, how do you lower the prospect’s resistance to buying if it becomes persistent? 


  1. Buyers’ aversion of a product is not specific but most buyers would be dissatisfied because of a product does not meet their expectation.

    I also have aversion on some products today because of past experience and poor customer support.

    To answer your question directly, the brand must ensure that the product meets its natural function so that it can provide the value needed by the customer!

  2. Hi Sunday,

    There are many factors that could lead to a prospect’s persistent resistance to buying.

    If a business can identify the exact reason for the low resistance then it becomes easier to solve the issue.

    The reasons for resistance you have shared here are on track but I think that if the expectations of the prospects are always met then resistance would be lowered!

  3. Its simple. Get into the mind of your prospect by understanding what they want. If this is achieved then it becomes easier to provide him with a product/service that meets his needs.

    Product/service rejection often arise out of dissatisfaction in the past. Therefore, continuous research and analysis of customer behavior over time would provide the knowledge that would inspire the prevention of persistency in the rejection of a promoted product!
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  4. If I am faced with persistent resistance to buying, I will definitely do something about it.

    First off, I am going to ensure that I understand buyers’ behavior as it relates to the features of the product.

    More so, I will choose to be creative irrespective of the cause of the resistance.

    In summary, the solution to lower persistent resistance to buying is dependent on the product.

  5. I like the fact that you mentioned something about poor presentation of product.

    Yes, a product may be ‘good’ in terms of features and functions but these would not make sense to a prospect if the salesmen and customer service guys made a mess of the presentation.

    This is one aspect of the buying process that brands must deal with.

    Improving salesmen and customer service skills to meet the needs of the prospects is very important if one needs to lower buying resistance!

  6. Hello Sunday,

    I will say by offering them products they really want, at the price they can afford.

    If I see what I really want, and at a price I can afford, why won’t I get it, right?

    But of course, you are right with what you said that a product could be good in terms of quality or value, however, if the presentation or promotion is misplaced then resistance would be high.
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  7. Hi Barbara,

    Yes, a product that comes with the right solution and with the right price would be highly acceptable! Brands must always find a way to blend value and price.

    Thanks for agreeing with me that without proper presentation, a product can be rejected even if has the best quality!
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  8. Hi Sunday;

    I have had this problem with a product I created. Its an online audio course to teach people how to use podcasts and radio shows to share their story, sell their products, and build their brand. I had some beta testers who all told me its a great product. One even said that the problem could be that there is too much information there thus overwhelming anyone who tries to use it.

    I have lots of experience in this area, so credibility isn’t the problem. It is for sale through selz and gum road so delivery shouldn’t be the problem. I’m wondering if maybe the audio needs editing or my marketing material needs work. I would be honored if you would try out my course and let me know what you think.

    I’ve even considered offering it on a pay what you want basis. However, if people listened to this course they wouldn’t need to hire me unless they just don’t like all the work that goes into getting booked on so many podcasts radio shows and youtube channels.

    Thanks for sharing,

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    • Hi Max,

      I would love to listen to this audio podcast and leave my thoughts about it. The details you have provided are clear.

      Have you tried listening to the complaints about the product?

      Have you run an A/B marketing on the promotional methods you are using for this product? Please let me know!
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      • Hi Sunday;

        Thanks for your generous offer. I keep hearing about a b testing but not sure what its about or the first thing about how to do it.

        Interesting thing is while the course hasn’t attracted much attention even with me pushing it in my interviews; my offer of a service to do the work for them has been very encouraging. I find that between third and half of the people I approach about it ask me to tell them more. Of course, then you have to show the why and the how and come up with pricing.

        I do wonder if maybe people just don’t have the time or don’t think they will have the time to do all the work that comes from using a online course. What are your thoughts about this in general and as it applies to my question. Message me your email address and I’ll send you the files. That offer extends to anyone here in our community.


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  9. Hi Sunday,

    I will say the issue here is what you mentioned in the first part of this post when you said “a high resistance to buy implies that a product or brand is not appealing to the prospect”.

    If this is the case, it’s really hard to change that.

    Example in point, some Apple computer lovers find PC unappealing and are not ready to change their minds at all. They buy everything Apple releases but hardly ever buy anything PC.

    I don’t see how to it’s possible to lower their resistance to PC.

    Do you?

  10. Hello Sunday,

    @rachelamitsharan Amit’s comment here is one of the shortest but also one of the best for me:

    “If a product satisfies all my needs, I buy it, even if it’s expensive. I am not sure if same applies to others though.

    So, I’d say, to lower my resistance to buying, offer me a very good quality product that I need, not just want.”

    That’s so true because some people buy products for thousands of dollars because they need the products, while others won’t buy the same products for less than $100.

  11. Hello Sunday!

    As stated in other comments-there could be a number of reasons why a buyer’s resistance is high.

    For me, I would want clarification of the issue. For example if a buyer would say “I love the product, but it’s too expensive” I would reply with “Okay, so let me make sure I understand what you’re saying-If you had X amount of money, you’d be ready to buy?”

    Whatever the issue is, I would say always get clarification and then see how you could resolve the problem.

    So to continue with the above example would be something like: “Okay great, when would you have X amount of money, so I know when to follow up with you again?” (that is assuming they said or agreed that the money was an issue now) If it’s not the money-then at that point they’d give you a real problem and again start the clarification process over.
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  12. Hello Sunday,

    This is another interesting discussion post you started. I am really enjoying reading them.

    I think this is an easy answer:

    Provide prospects with a product or service that solves their pressing problems or help them make their wishes come true, and that should lower their resistance to buying. Even if the product or service is expensive, they will buy.

  13. Hi Sunday,

    Good discussion here, as always.

    I think the high cost of a product isn’t too much of a problem for those who have the money to pay.

    In fact, some people with money especially look out for higher cost products because they have the belief such products are more valuable than cheaper ones, which isn’t always true of course.

  14. Hi Sunday,

    I think the best ways to overcome a prospects resistance to buying is to really spend a lot of time writing your copy.

    1.) Have a Unique Selling Proposition, something that separates you from other similar product.

    2.) Know every one of your features and benefits and make sure you are selling what your prospect wants, not what they need.

    3.) Figure out what your prospects objections to purchasing are and show them that the objections are false.

    For instance if your prospect doesn’t like the high price of your product, you can point out how it will pay for itself after 3 months of using for just 30 minutes a day.

    Find all the objections and refute them.

    Really get to know your prospect on and figure out how s/he thinks. Know them inside and out.

    Thanks for this important discussion Sunday…

    Take care,


  15. The resistance to buying of a product is caused by either poor product or previous experience with the marketing process.

    If these are addressed then the online marketer would have less concern worrying about resistance.

    More so, if the right product is delivered to the wrong audience and at the right price, resistance can occur.

    So, it is important for the marketer to ensure that acceptance by addressing the what, when, where and how a product.

    • Hi Steve,

      Indeed, every marketer needs to be clear about the basic elements of a product which include the what, when, where and how there of!

      Addressing these squarely would mean easy solution to the lowering of the prospects persistent rejection!

  16. Hi Sunday,

    Lowering the prospects persistent resistance to buy can be achieved by heightening the prospects expectations in a product.

    This can be achieved by putting more value to the products created by the user.

    The prospects should be made to understand that with every interest shown in a product there is the possibility of meeting their needs.

  17. There are lots of things to do to lower the resistance of the buying of a product. However, the truth remains that there are different reasons for resistance.

    What causes resistance for one product may not apply to another product.

    So, it is important to identify whether high price, poor quality, bad features, poor customer service, or poor marketing is the reason for resistance.

    Once the ideal cause is identified then applying the solution becomes optimal!

  18. Hi Sunday,

    I think one of the best ways of lowering the prospects resistance to buying is to make a great product that people need and that solves the problems of people.

    If a product meets the needs and solves problems of people, almost everyone will buy, even if it’s expensive.