How Do You Know if that Content Is “Good Enough” For Publishing?



An online marketer should not only publish content, he must publish content that is ‘good enough’. A ‘good enough’ content is that which meets the conversion and ROI needs of the publisher.

Of course I agree with Neil Patel that creating and sharing epic and evergreen content has great benefits for SEO and conversion. However, in most cases, what is published aren’t good enough to deserve attention or clicks.

In as much as we can assess the quality of content created and shared by competitors, we should also do self-appraisal on our own publications. This is necessary to publish acceptable quality content that will generate attention, clicks, conversion, sales or increased returns on investment.

In order to keep publishing top-notch, epic, or ‘good enough’ posts, we can either

> Hire professional editors to EDIT or PROOFREAD our content regularly, or
> Write  the content ourselves and make sure it complies with the ESSENTIALS of good content, or
> We can chose to do both depending on the volume and capacity of the business.

Hiring a professional editor may not come cheaply for most people, hence creating content by having the essentials at heart becomes the next best option.

So, knowing that constitute the essentials of a good content for publication becomes imperative. The checklist below are quick reminders of what to lookout for before publishing your “good enough” content.

For your content to be considered good enough, it should:

> Have relevance and value to the audience. The content can teach the audience a new concept, inspire them to take action, or solve a particular problem they have.
> Be well written. Grammatical errors and mechanical errors must be avoided. Proper editing and proofreading should be done to increase clarity and understanding.
> Be laced with factual information. Where and when possible, you must include relevant facts and sources in the content. Quotes and data from well-known sources will add credibility and authority to the writing.
> Have attractive title and gripping opening. This will help in automatically catching the attention of the reader, and also inspiring them to read through to the call-to-action.
> Be well optimized for the search engine and the reader. The right keywords, sub headers, links, paragraphs, fonts, etc. should be properly placed.
> Be embedded with good and quality images or graphics to further buttress the points made.
> Be comparable with what the competition is offering. This will help the content marketer in providing better content at all times.

If the above are lacking, then the content is probable not good enough. However, these are just my thoughts. What do you think?

How do you know if a piece of content is good enough for publishing?


  1. Hello Sunday,

    This is another exciting discussion.

    I like the points you raised and my best is:

    “Have relevance and value to the audience. The content can teach the audience a new concept, inspire them to take action, or solve a particular problem they have.”

    If your content is great but not relevant nor helpful to the audience, then what’s the point, right? That’s very true.

    I also like how you didn’t mention anything about length of content making it good enough. Those who say content must be thousands of words to be classified as good content are wrong, in my opinion.

    I have seen great content that are insightful and helpful but just a couple hundreds of words.

    Sometimes though, if a content is good enough for publishing might depend on the type of person you are.

    Some people are perfectionists and as a result spend longer than necessary on trying to perfect a piece of content before publishing.

    Others might not spend as much time but even come out with same or better content than the perfectionists.

    I am one of the perfectionists, unfortunately, and prevents me from achieving as much as I should, in the time available.

    What about you?

  2. Being a fashion blogger, I don’t really pay too much attention to whether my content is good enough or not.

    When I have something interesting to share, I just post it, even if it’s just a few words but contains the necessary pictures I want to show.

    I blog for fun so if a post feels good in my mind, I post it 🙂

    But of course, those whose readers are looking for quality content should spend more time putting out top quality content.

    So, it depends on the type of blog you have or the type of readers your content is for.
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  3. Hi Sunday,

    This is an amazing post, and one that truly ignites the passion of creating the right content for publishing. For me, what determines a ‘good enough’ content is a post that is free of error, correct grammatical, and communicates value to readers.

    Nevertheless, the points you have shared are correct, especially when it comes to such content being relevant and valuable to the audience. Every other points hinges on this!

  4. Hey Sunday,

    This another interesting discussion you have presented. Before publishing a post, it is important to ensure that it is ‘good enough’.

    This, to me, is relative, because while some may strive for perfection in grammar, structure, and mechanical accuracy, others will just seek to communicate immediate value to the audience.

    All of these are important, but what ultimately determines a ‘good enough’ content for me is the value it creates and how well optimized the post has become for the search engines!

  5. Hello Sunday,

    I like your list but, this may be just me talking, I do not see the need for every piece of content on the Internet to have images. I know this is the latest and greatest wisdom that the marketing world is telling us we need, but I can think of about 5 blogs that I seek out everyday that are completely image free.

    Honestly, I get frustrated by all the websites that fill the screen with big mobile friendly pictures instead of the quality content that they spent time researching and writing.

    I totally understand this idea with video, but not photos.

    Sorry for the rant, but for me, if I pushed the “Publish” button only after I felt the content was “good enough” I would never have hit the “Publish” button.

    Perfectionism was a huge sticking point for me when I was starting off.

    I like to write and I enjoy words, so everything I was writing had to look as though it were featured in the Wall Street journal or the Economist or the Harvard Business review.

    I am much more lenient now and “good enough” for me today is a complete thought that can be followed by someone other than me.

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    • Hey Adam,
      Indeed, its not every piece of content out there that should have images. Like I mentioned above, images will help highlight or buttress the points made further.

      Even if its not compulsory, embedding the post with a quality and related image, should make it better for viewers understanding!

      Yes, I agree with you style – push the publish button only when you have ‘felt’ that the piece was good enough. Seeking for perfection will only delay things and will hinder the possibility of learning through errors. 😉

      Thanks for joining this conversation!
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  6. Hello Sunday,

    I like to read good content so I try to write it as well. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! If I am writing content that is helping someone with a problem I try to help them to the best of my ability. I, myself like to see examples so I at least try to have at least one example when I am showing someone how to do something. Screen shots are helpful too, if you are showing someone how to use a specific site.

    I have been told that my content is good. So, that gives me encouragement and the motivation to keep going and providing my readers with the best content that I can write.

    You can’t always wait until you do things perfectly because that will probably not happen. You just have to jump in the water with both feet. The more you do it the better you will get. You and your readers will see the improvements that you make.
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  7. Hey Sunday,

    This is a question that rings in my mind just before I publish content.

    From my own perspective, I make an effort to write content which provides solutions that can be instantaneously achievable.

    This would fall under your first point of having relevance and value to your audience.

    People these days want quick solutions, despite the fact that they know with some answers it make take some time to get the results they really want.

    But if they can reach the first step of their goal, then this not only gives them the confidence to keep going, but also gives them the reason to keep coming back to your blog.

    If you can incorporate this mentality with the other tips within your checklist, then your content would be as good as gold.

    Great post and question Sunday!
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  8. Hi Sunday,
    There is always this satisfaction that comes on me whenever I am ready for publishing. The yardsticks to determine what content is “good enough” for publishing include:
    – ensuring that the Intro, main content, and conclusion are in place
    – the post is well edited for grammar, style and mechanical accuracy
    – the inclusion of relevant links, data and images to improve the post’s authenticity.
    If these are in place then that content, for me, is now “good enough” for publishing!

  9. To speak the truth

    We won’t know if the content is ” good for publishing ” until we published it.

    The reason is simple

    For example , We followed every guideline on how to create a good content. When we review the content, we may think the content is good. But will this guarantee this content will be liked by all our reader? no one can be sure about that. Because different people have different views and expectation.
    Not all reader liked our content.

    The guideline help us to make sure our content is ready for publishing .

    • Hey Steven,

      You made a good point by stating : “We won’t know if the content is ” good for publishing ” until we published it.”

      In other words, we wont know if a content is good enough until we begin seeing the result it yields, right?

      Its all a matter of testing the waters when we publish.

      However, I am pretty sure that the above guideline is a step in the right direction to cover the basics before publishing!
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  10. I’m counting the ways that we write from the feedback on this post.

    1. For fun
    2. For quick solutions
    3. To pepper in a bunch of images
    4. For ROI and SEO
    5. The need to explain an image/product
    6. For explaining a process with examples

    There are probably a lot more reasons for writing, but it all boils down to Having Good, Cleor & Easy To Understand Content!

    Thanks, Sunday for doing what it boils down to.

  11. Hello Sunday,

    I agree with you and I like the various points you gave to help make content good enough.

    One of the points I like the best here is the need for us to add relevant facts and souces to make our content good enough.

    Embedding good quality images or graphics is also good point. I don’t like reading content that is bland with no images.

  12. Hi Sunday

    Good list of requirements for good content. I am glad that you start with giving value. I would say that is definitely number one. You also mention a gripping intro and content that is better than that of your competitors.

    Too many marketers see good content as content that teaches. We become teachers. Lessons and lectures are valuable but they can be pretty boring as well at times.

    So if I may add something to that list I would say write with enthusiasm. Write to create a picture in the mind of your reader.

    Nevertheless if we follow the guidelines above we can’t go wrong. Good post.
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  13. Hello Sunday!

    In my opinion, the base of every writing, whether it content one or blogging, is inspiration. Honestly, if you don’t believe in that you promote, it’ll never work.

    Also, when you write and think only about how to get money for that, it’s also pointless. First of all, you need to think how your article will attract the audience, which influence it provides and whether it evoke people to follow your new writing articles.

    • Hey Citadin du Monde,

      Knowing that your content is good enough for publishing should be a top priority for blogging success.

      Once we can get grip of this decision then it would be easy knowing what fundamentals are required to attract the audience and provide them with value.

      Indeed, the asking the questions on whether the piece of writing attracts, influences or evokes the audience is crucial in determining if the content is good enough!

  14. Great points as always, Sunday!

    Another simple way to determine if your content is good enough for publishing is putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

    Would you as target audience actually read the content from top to bottom?

    Why or not?

    These simple questions will tip you on what you ned to improve to appease your readers.
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  15. Hey Sunday,

    A good enough content is not difficult to know. You should ask the following questions after writing: ‘
    – has this piece followed the basic writing practice?
    – is this post well optimized for SEO and Humans?
    – Does this content proffers a solution to the readers’ problems?

    If these answers are “yes”, then it is good to publish

  16. Hello Sunday

    Great post ! How I determine if the post is good enough to publish is I put myself in the position of my target audience.

    I check my headline again and look over the keywords. I also like to see what’s trending with Buzzsumo and I will then proofread my post for grammer and misspelled words and if it sounds good and looks good hit that publish button and go take a break.

    Sunday you made some great points especially when you said some people are perfectionist and take all day to publish their post. To each it’s own . Thanks again for sharing that value-packed post and have a great day.
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  17. My very first thought, on reading the headline, is that if you have to ask the question, it’s not good enough.

    The list at the end of this post is good, but I would ad another: Provides fresh ideas that have not been written about elsewhere.

    The reason is that if one is writing what has already been written, there is no point in writing it again. That’s just camouflaged duplicate content. Yes it has to be useful. Yes, it has to be good English (or French or Hindi or whatever). But if it’s already been done, why rewrite it? Why not just link to the original?

    This is my philosophy of writing, not my philosophy of cooking, by the way.
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  18. Hey Sunday,

    Man, every post on this site seems to address all the problems I am dealing with.

    Being new to blogging, how do you manage to make your content both interesting and SEO friendly? I am constantly trying to make sure I do both. However, I feel like I either end up making poor posts content wise or poor posts SEO wise or both!

    How do you decide if you post is good enough? Do you have metrics, or do you ask friends?


    • Hello Joe,

      I am sure that you have read the comments of many bloggers on this post. Any takeaway for you?

      Well, to answer your question, I suggest you go back to the basics. Read this post again and start implement in it. A ‘good enough’ post is that which is ready to make sense to the targeted audience. Have a nice day!