How Do You Grab Attention In The Midst Of Social Media Noise?


You may not do well with social media because you fail to manage the ‘noise’ surrounding it. Managing social media should include plans to rise above the noise that distracts both the marketer and the audience.

However, managing the noise of social media to gain attention is not impossible. A purposeful social media marketer can always achieve this.

That said, it is important to discuss what exactly is social media noise? And, how are do you rise above the noise to grab the attention you social media audience?

What Is Social Media Noise?

Social media noise can simply be referred to as all the challenges and distractions that are preventing your social media message grab the attention of your target audience. There are so many challenges that can be classified as social media noise. These include:

  • New social media platforms popping up and garnering the attention of users.
  • Users engaging in social networking without purpose.
  • Social marketing strategies seeking to overshadow your strategy and ultimately vying for the same audience as you.

Social media is so ‘noisy’ as it is because of the ‘too many’ users, platforms, ideas, and strategies vying for same reach and attention as you are. Thus, it would be wise to develop the best strategies to cut through the noise and stand out to be heard in your social media message.

How to gain attention despite social media noise

We cannot prevent social media noise but we can take steps that would help us cut through the noise so that our marketing message is understood. It is important to note that dealing with the noise around social media campaign would depend on its intensity. Some people or brands face overwhelming ‘noise’ situations that would require deep dissection and precise solution.

To actually deal with social media noise, the marketer must have it at the back of his mind that every strategy pursued should gear towards getting targeted attention. Thus, I will suggest the following:

The social media marketer must set goals. The goals must align with the overall online marketing objectives. Goals will help you define the value you are going to offer your audience and the best way to deliver the message to them. With the right goals you would know the what, why, where, when and how of your social media campaign.

The social media marketer must focus on the right audience. You should avoid creating a ‘blanket’ message for everyone social media. Your message must be to the right audience. Of course, you can only define the right audience after researching their demography and characteristics.

The social media marketer must be focused on social media group or community. If you put more effort on targeted groups that aligns with your niche, industry or message then you are going to successful in dealing with social media noise. Join and participate in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter group, Snapchat group, or any community in the platform where your audience participate in frequently.

The social media marketer must create and share a message that appeals to the reader from the onset. Since there are other users and competing brands, you must make your message to stand out. The social media content must:

  • be simple, short, conversational and direct to the point
  • be timely and shared consistently
  • have appealing headlines, supporting visuals and hashtags where necessary
  • be shareable and repurpose-able into different formats.

The social media marketer can cut the ‘noise’ by using automation effectively. With the right tools, a social media marketer can effectively create posts at the right time, share those posts to the right audience, curate relevant posts, and schedule posts effectively. Automated tools for social media marketers help to save time and costs. The use of Social Media Calendar and Twitter List can help you plan and organize your posts for effective delivery. There are tools for content creation, curation, scheduling and sharing that can be accessed. All of these can help you maximize your reach and minimize your efforts!

The social media marketer can cut down the noise by aligning with others. Yes, cooperating with other social marketers, and especially influencers, can help you reach out to a larger audience. This can happen is you truly participate and add value to the campaigns of others in the communities. The law of reciprocity would work for you in this regard.

So, these are my suggestions for cutting down on the noise of social media and gaining attention from users. It is not easy achieving success with social media in the midst of the noise but if one is strategic then the noise would not be problem. Thus, to get the attention needed from social media users, every social media marketer must be purposeful!

How do you grab your audience’s attention in the midst of social media noise?