How Do You Determine The Right Online Channel To Promote Your Content?



Your content will not generate the expected Return on Investment (ROI) if it is promoted on the wrong online marketing channel. It would be pure waste of time, effort and resources if a piece of content is promoted on a platform with the wrong audience.

Online marketing channels are diverse with different specific features and functionality. The diversity of their features appeals to the diverse needs and wants of potential subscribers or customers.

Hence, common channels of online marketing that are used include: Social media platforms, Affiliate networking, Public Relations, and Display adverts, Email marketing, SEO, PPC, and Mobile marketing, etc.

Each marketing channel has its benefits of serving to promote varieties of contents like articles, videos, podcasts, products, etc.

However, the content marketer must realize that throwing a piece of content across platforms will not maximize ROI. This is because channels differ and what works best in one platform may not do well in another platform.

It is important to get specific and be focused when promoting contents. The need to research for the “right” online marketing channel must be noted.

The question now is, how does the content marketer determine which channel or platform is appropriate for a specific content promotion?

A lot of marketers are ignorant of what to do, but I will suggest that, for starters, content marketers should:

> Review and analyze their past contents to see what channel has appealed to the most convertible target audience. The use of Google Analytics or similar tools can go a long way to help marketers in this respect.

> Measure the performance of each piece of content on various platforms. This measurement should compare the time costs, money costs and total costs with the number of visitors, subscribers and earned revenue from the channel.

There are other shades of opinion as to how the right content promotion channel can be determined. Please you can leave your thoughts on this in the comment section.

How do you determine the right online channel to promote your content?


  1. Hey Sunday,
    To determine the right online channel for content promotion, one has to study what each channel has in stock.

    A good research and application will do any business well to achieve success with content promotion.

    There are lots of marketing channels but only related ones should be adopted. Therefore, making the right choice still boils down to understanding the audience and knowing what value would appeal to them.

    For me, before promoting on any channel, I get to run a quick Google search on which platforms best serve the interesting of my audience. Mostly, I use Twitter and LinkedIn because they serve my interest better than Facebook!

  2. Hi Sunday

    For me the right channel is the one that brings me comments.

    When I get a comment, I have struck a nerve. More than that, I have found someone I have already connected to and can continue to do so.

    Of course research is important. Traffic from some platforms seems to bounce off like a tennis ball from a wall. Avoid them but don’t limit yourself to one or two channels. A channel that does not bring you visits this week may do so next week. Even if you get one comment a month from Facebook and a hundred from Twitter, dont cut Facebook completely. That one visitor may be the one who buys.

    Before you discard a channel look again at your visibility on it as well. Increase your number of friends and followers and things may improve.

    Stats are fine, but more often than not they are frustrating especially when you find that someone has visited several of your pages and left without so much as a “Hi”. They do wonders for your stats but nothing for your business. Use them but don’t live and die by them.
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  3. The first thing a content marketer needs to ask him/herself is, what exactly is the content that he needs promoting? Who is the content for? Has s/he packaged the content in a way that would engage the reader? Has s/he listed features or benefits? It seems these days people are more interested in the benefits they get rather than just features.

    Now let us assume the content marketer has written an emotional or powerful title that piques the interest of the reader and the content is full of useful benefits. As long as the content marketer knows who his/her ideal reader is, the question now is, where do such people congregate?

    I am an author, most of my readers are on goodreads, I network there and promote my posts on goodreads. Whilst there may be benefits of being on LinkedIn, I am not because I don’t believe it caters fully to my readers.

    Before you start promoting your content, look at the contents of others there. How have they been presented? How do the readers engage? The ask yourself if you can at the very least emulate that pattern or better still improve on it.

    Also, unless you are taking out paid ads, it is best to interact with people on there first.

    A good analogy is this: You meet someone for the first time, you get invited to their kid’s birthday party. At the party, do you 1) straight start handing out your business cards or 2) socialise, discuss and if when asked talk about what you do?

    In every social setting, I have found it best to go for option two

    Once you have developed relationships with some people, you can directly ask them to check out your post and leave their thoughts on it as comments. You will find that most people online are generally quite friendly, most especially if your content is filled with beneficial info.
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  4. Hey Sunday!

    Another great topic here man!

    You are spot on with the two tips you have given.

    It is very important to Pay Close Attention to where you want to promote your content and your business.

    Look at the metrics, and perhaps, if you can, ask others who are also promoting on that channel how their statistics is looking so far.

    You can learn a lot by connecting with those who have been marketing on that channel for longer than yourself. Most often than not, if you see someone who is having some success online, promoting on this channel, chances are they are getting a good ROI. Otherwise, they would not keep on promoting there. You get what i mean?

    Keeping track of everything, and also taking the time to pay close attention and analyze data – is very important to make sure your marketing efforts will really pay off!

    Thanks for sharing this, Sunday!

    Keep up the great work man!

    Cheers! 😀
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  5. Hello Sunday,

    You can determine which social networks by seeing what people are talking about. Like here at Kingged it’s for people who are doing: blogging, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and want to make money online. If you are a blogger who is blogging about cake making you may find it a little awkward unless you are coming here to learn about internet marketing to promote that business.

    You want to find people who are looking to do the above things or already doing them. If the social network you are on the people are not interested then you are probably on the wrong social network. Or what you can do is go to specific groups that cater to the topic you are looking for.

    I think the best way to find out is just listen to what people are talking about. Connect with people who are in the same niche as you are want to be by following them on social media.
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  6. Hey Sunday,

    The right online marketing channel should be that which provides the best conversions. To determine this, proper research and analysis need to be done.

    Your suggestions are handy and I completely agree with them. Understanding and working with the right channel will bring about better or improved ROI for the business.

  7. Hi Sunday,

    It is very important to determine what channel to promote a content. This is because promoting on the right channel means attracting the right audience for conversion.

    However, I completely agree with you that “a lot of marketers are ignorant of what to do” and therefore should analyze the strength of each channel before making their choice.

  8. Hi Sunday,

    The right online channel for my content marketing is dependent on where the bulk of my audience lies.

    If they largely converge in a specific social platform then my promotion on the platform would be emphasized.

    This also applies to any choice I would have made whether the marketing channel is on email, PPC ,affiliate marketing, etc.

  9. For me, determining the right online marketing channel to promote a content should depend on the audience and the type of service offered.

    I often do a lot of social sharing and marketing because it is now the norm when it comes to real content promotion.

    If one is readily into selling of an item then email marketing becomes the norm!

  10. Hi Sunday,

    Everyone seems to be giving some very good advice. From what I am learning from the others it is important to know your target audience.

    Once you know this, find the platforms where your target audience congregates . Be sure to consider how engaged the visitors are from each platform.

    Test to make sure you are getting good conversion from the platforms you use.

    If one sends you 100 visitors and they leave after being on your page for 30 seconds but one sends you 10 visitors that are active and convert, that source is better for you to focus on.

    Thanks for starting this interesting conversation.

    Take care,