How Do You Deal With Fatigue or Burnout While Making Money Online?



I pushed myself a bit too hard these past weeks and felt really exhausted.

I had to take a few days break to recharge and now am back to action.

I usually recharge by doing activities outside the Internet, such as:

– walking around nature in the mornings

– watching old and new action movies

– watching standup comedies

– reading non-business stuff

– catching up with friends for dinner or drinks

What about you?

How do you deal with fatigue or burnout in this making money online business?


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Fatigue or burnout is coming when the body and mind is stretched. In the Internet marketing business, this could be overwhelming to productivity as good judgement and reasoning is clouded.

    I personally do experience this level at times. To deal with burnout, I also do things that refreshes my body and mind.

    Specifically, I take a day off from all activities. Sleeping for about 4 hours within this time always help in refreshing my brain.

    Also, I do choose to embark on things that inspire me! One of the things I do these days is reading at least one chapter of adventure novel.

    I love sports as well and will take some time off to watch highly competitive games of football, gymnastics, tennis, and outdoor athletics!

    The bottom line remains that I ensure my brain and body is refreshed in whatever I do!

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Its always disasterous for me whenever I experience burnout or fatigue. My brain becomes “paralyzed” at such moment.

    I am amazed how you even read non-business stuff and watch movies after burnout. For these would be impossible because they take mental stress.

    Since we cannot do without fatigue/burnout when making money online, I rely on my guts and choose whatever eases my stress.

    So, how do I deal with fatigue or burnout? I simply resign to take a rest!

  3. Hello Kevin

    How Do I Deal With Fatigue or Burnout While Making Money Online!

    I jump in my car and take me a road trip, My grandsons can cure anything..

    Seriously it is so easy to get burnt out online, there just seems like there is always so much to do.

    I do like to start each and everyday with an hour of exercise ending with meditation.

    I actually just started this practice this year and I am already starting to see some great results, one being my but is getting smaller. HEHE

    It is also important to take breaks through out the day, they say sitting for hours on end is worse then smoking and I just gave this bad habit up a year ago.

    Just try to remember the reason you are doing this in the first place.

    Great Question


    Chery :))
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  4. Hey Kevin,

    This relate to the days when I use to run track. It was advised that we should do other physical activities to help prevent injuries.

    I didn’t do it, and as a result, I used to get injuries each year πŸ™

    But I can see that this applies to anything we do. Especially with blogging. There are those days where you just don’t feel like reading or writing a blog about home business or whatever activity you’re doing.

    So with that said there are quite a few other other activities that help me recharge.

    Music –

    I either listen to music or practice my instruments.

    I play piano and conga drums. I’ve been trying to push myself on the guitar since I got the basics of music down.

    I listen to a variety of types of music. Jazz, Funk, Country blues, Contemporary blues, New Orleans, Hip Hop. They really put the energy back into me.

    Youtube Videos –

    I have to admit that I’m a youtube junkie LOL

    But I’m always watching different videos on different topics such as history, philosophy, personal development, conspiracies, etc..

    This helps me to see other perspectives on subjects I was taught growing up and they help me grow as a person.

    Reading Books –

    Lately, I’ve been reading political/economical books.

    I use to never be interested in politics up until I saw the correlation with some of my own experiences. I could definitely relate to what’s going on, but that’s a given.

    Dancing –

    I also salsa dance.

    I use to go out salsa dancing almost every weekend, but haven’t been in a couple of months (yep it’s that burnout thing)

    But they say playing music and dancing to it is a spiritual experience. I 100% back this up. For me it helps to connect with one energy (the song that’s playing) and through this, I can connect with other people that’s on the same rhythm.

    With this mentality, it tends to help me connect with my target audience whenever I write a blog post or trying to come up with a new post that my audience can relate to.

    Working out –

    I love the feeling I get from a great workout.

    It tells me that I have done something productive for my body!

    This is the same feeling I get from publishing a new valuable blog post! I’ve done something for not only me, but for my audience who are looking for answers.

    A Lot Of Rest –

    Your body needs a lot of rest and rebuilding!

    I’ve read this is where the subconscious comes in. The conscious mind has it’s limitations, but through the subconscious it helps you regenerate, heal, and come up with ideas

    There are days though the week where I don’t get a lot of rest and can’t come up with anything. This is why I cherish the weekends, sick day (ironically) and holidays that I’m off. I get the rest that I need and the great ideas to come up with!

    Great question Kevin!
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  5. I think the biggest fatigue comes when you aren’t making any money or not enough. That’s when it gets really stressful and paralysing.

    How to counter it?

    I think the answer is lifestyle design.

    You would think that sitting longer hours in front of your computer doing something will get you faster towards your goals, but it can actually be the opposite.

    You need to design a lifestyle where productivity just happens.

    – Move

    You need to have scheduled in your daily routine some physical activity, before you start working. It can be going to the gym or something less active like taking the trash out, cleaning the dishes or going grocery shopping.

    Personally, I can’t just jump out of bed and start working productively, at least not every day. I usually feel that urge to do something physical.

    – Socialise

    Not sure, if I’m an introvert or an extrovert, but I sure do get depressed, if I don’t speak with people.

    When I was working full time from home, in my little home town I was getting very very little social interaction through out the week and that was just killing me. Personally, I can’t imagine myself going back to working at home again, unless I would build a very active social life.

    – Rest

    Again when I was working from home I was sitting in front of my computer from the morning to the late night. Doing one thing or another related to business.

    I didn’t really feel tired after the day. I was just sitting and clicking my mouse all day how can you get tired of that, right?

    Still, I think I would have benefited a lot by scheduling in from when I plug out and start resting.

    – Extreme case

    If you really feel like everything is falling apart, just take a week off. Firstly, you will realize that nothing bad happened (that should be mostly the case), you will realize which parts of your business need to be managed most and which parts of your business are the most important.

    These insights come when you start planning to take a break and they sure are powerful.

    After a week long disconnect pick up the work with your new found energy.

    Hope it helps πŸ™‚
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  6. Hi Kevin!

    I do some of the same things you do.

    I take a break!

    Taking breaks is very important during your path to success.

    It helps you relax and regroup.

    And you know what, if you take really quick breaks – very frequently – it can help you boost up productivity. πŸ˜‰

    Take 10-20 minutes breaks – every hour or so. Something like that. Play with the numbers here.

    Shift your focus out of “work mode” and let it relax for a bit to re-energize.

    Even taking very quick naps as a break can help you wake up very refreshed and ready to do some productive work for a while.

    It really helps to take the little details very serious!

    I love walking in nature, listening to music, watching a funny movie or tv show, doing some light workout, or just sitting outside in nature in silence for a bit. When i take a break, I really relax and regroup. πŸ˜€

    Then I feel very good – and relaxed, ready to rock n roll online again! lol

    Anyways, great topic man!

    Have a fantastic week!

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  7. Hi Kevin

    Burnout is something you have to deal with quickly and ruthlessly. What can be more ruthless for an Internet marketer than to switch off the computer for a full day or two. That is what I do.

    Burnout is a nasty thing. It sneaks up on you. The fist sign for me that it has struck usually comes in the morning. I like to write my blog posts in the morning when I am fresh.

    Mornings are not all born equal though and sometimes I sit down in front of the computer with eager fingers and – nothing. No topic. No inspiration. No enthusiasm. My brain is waging a cold war against me.

    I find the best thing to do then is to surrender. There and then.

    Don’t read posts. Don’t try to learn some new marketing technique. Just go and play with the dogs. Check out the TV. Go and do grocery shopping. My cure for burnout is to forget the Internet was ever invented. Tomorrow is another day.

    Like some of the other commenters pointed out you can fight burnout by taking ten minute breaks. Unfortunately there must have been a shortage of wiring when my brain was built. I can only do one thing at a time. The moment I take a break, I start focusing on other things and the break turns into a long weekend.

    I appreciate burnout. It is nature’s way of allowing you to rediscover your legs and to bond with the people in your life – and of course with your dogs.

    So basically I do the same thing you do. Run, don’t fight. Thanks for the good advice.
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  8. I must say I might not be the best to ask this question because I can push myself too far sometimes. However, there are some things I’ve learned:

    I love to read. I always read a book or two at the same time. It’s very relaxing for me, as it helps me to focus my mind. I mostly read non-fiction or self-help books. These give me new ideas I can apply to my own life and business.

    Humans need sleep. A lot of sleep. 8 hours is preferable. I need at least 7 to function properly. If not, I’ll know I’ll be less productive and fatigued.

    Sometimes I get so engaged in my work late at night, that when I wind down, my mind is still on overdrive. An active brain is the enemy of sleep, and therefore, I often use relaxation audio’s. I mostly use an android app by Glen Harrold, called Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis.

    Hypnosis? Yes, the words he uses really help to induce a more relaxed state. Most of the time, I take out my headphones after about 10 minutes because I feel tired and ready for sleep.

    This is super important and can’t be ignored. You need to make time for exercise. The time it’ll take you to exercise will massively pay you back in terms of energy and productivity. I try to go the gym at least 2 times a week and have a home trainer at home that I also use 2 times a week.

    Taking breaks:
    Even small breaks can make a big difference. If you’ve worked for 3 hours in a row, you tend to get really fatigued. Instead, I like working in sprints and take small breaks.

    However, when I am in a flow state I can work for a long time without getting too fatigued. This happens when I focus only on one thing, like writing a blog post.

    – Jasper
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  9. Good question, Kevin!

    Just like most of the people here, I take a break and step away from work to clear my mind. After a period of time, I jump back in again with a clear and well-rested head to help me approach my work with a different viewpoint.

    During the time when I rest, I usually play with my one-year old daughter since I work at home. Just watching TV with her, reading books, playing her tools, and sometimes just hugging her keeps me energized and inspire to work even more after the rest is done.

  10. A good question Kevin! For me, dealing with fatigue and burnout while making money online is more about giving my body and mind rest. I ensure that I do all things possible that would reinvigorate my body and mental capacity.

    Staying away from the computer, going for natural site seeing and taking some time to rest are some of the things I do when experiencing fatigue while making money online!

  11. Hey Kevin! Great question! One that is especially important for internet marketers but also for all self employed people. This is where our freedom to work when we want, can be dangerous.

    I also have my phases. In fact, I am in a “phase” right now. For example: I slept basically the whole day today and I will be working during the night.

    What I do when I feel tired a lot is to embrace my freedom and do whats natural: Sleep πŸ˜‰

    I usually have a fixed schedule that involves my wife and my kids (go out, eat, play, what ever). But when I have one of theses phases I just talk to my wife and tell her to give me some space for a couple days.

    Basically I just give myself a few days to play along, work less, sleep more, hang around πŸ˜‰

    I am sure that this is not the best solution for everyone, but it works for me πŸ˜‰

    I usually feel much better after 4-5 days and then I go back to my schedule.


  12. The most crucial part of managing your time correctly is understand what’s more important. That’s always a challenge and goes back to defining your goals correctly and defining how you can get there accurately.

    If you have all your strategy and tactics in place, you’ll find that all of sudden, for some inexplicable reason, you have a lot more free time on your hands.

    If you still have difficulties managing your time and you think you’re leaving money on the table then start outsourcing the non-crucial elements of your business to other sources.

    Don’t be afraid to get help. It can be the best decision you ever made.
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  13. Hey Kevin,

    Great discussion question! Everyone has made some great suggestions on dealing with burnout.

    In running I usually start out fast but eventually find my pace. I think when in comes to internet marketing, a good question to ask yourself is; Have I found my stride or pace? And remember it can vary from day to day.

    Personally, my pace is connecting with people on Facebook daily and responding to my emails that I get mainly from my capture pages. Those are the things I feel are most important at this time, because that is where I get the most real interactions and results. My last four sign ups were from Facebook. One of them being new and the other three were people I have met months ago.

    Second, I try to post a blog or a video which I have not done much these days. But I have noticed that I get very few actual responses from people in those areas at this time. But recently, I have noticed people connecting with me through my videos which I made months ago. So since I’m starting to feel a stronger pulse in the video area, I’m planning on posting more videos.

    Third, I may look into other Biz-opt to consider doing and along with that monitor my “cash at hand balance” because that dictates if it is time to get into another biz-opt. I’m currently active in 4 Biz-opts and I am an affiliate with 2 others companies.

    So how did I decide, what to do first? Everyone is different and I found my best platform in growing my network is Facebook. So I post and interact with people on Facebook mostly. In short I spend 70% of my time on what I find easy to do in order grow my network. And the other 30% I spend on other sites and learning.

    After writing all this, I recent read something on the importance of Massive Action versus Quality Action. And I am in the process of re-arranging things in my house, so I can start doing more…lol.

    In summary, I will always suggest to do things that get you the most results of growing your network circle, which usually means things that come easy or natural for you. Then spend the remainder of your time doing the other stuff. By doing it this way, I believe helps prevent Burnout because most of it doesn’t feel like work at all.

    Enjoy your weekend,

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  14. Hi Kelvin,

    Burnout is inevitable, probably you’ve been working so hard just to keep things going, if you do not take a pause and give yourself some rest certainly your body will demand it by itself.

    In my opinion, when burnout occurs the best thing to do is to stay away from work for some time, take your mind away from work and do something different like engaging in exercise, in fact just have some fun and relax the brain and body a bit.

    It makes a whole lot of difference and when you get back to work you will feel refreshed and reinvigorated.
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  15. Hello Kevin,

    I usually take a break. I do some reading or kill time by socializing on Facebook. I am a member in a lot of groups on there. Especially, healthy eating food groups. I go and share recipes with them. It’s a great de-stresser looking at all that good food.

    Sometimes, I just turn the computer off completely. Last Friday I went to an event. So, that was some time off as well too.
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  16. Hello Kevin,

    A few years ago I really burned out. I stepped away from the Internet and I almost quit my dream of online business. I have since then added a few rituals that keep me grounded and on track.

    My number 1 way of combatting burnout is meditation. Every morning my day starts with 10 minutes of me sitting on my meditation pillow. When things start getting frustrating during the day I try to sit for a few minutes to clear my head. Sometimes this is as simple as me sitting quietly in the seat of my car and taking a few deep breaths while I am out and about.

    This is just one of the preventative measures I have throughout my day, but it is the most impactful. I see a significant difference in my productivity when I neglect these 10 minutes.

    The other is my dedication to OmniFocus. OmniFocus is Getting things Done without the paper folders. This program is my own personal assistant.

    OmniFocus is where I keep all of the tasks I need to accomplish throughout the day, week, and month. Everything from putting oil on the front door hinges to running a new Facebook ad are kept in this program. This clears my mind because I know that whatever I need to do is on OmniFocus. I am no longer reminded of the things I forgot to do when I take my shower.

    If overwhelm comes up I check my tasks for the day and I can see what I need to do and what is the most important thing for me and my business.

    Since I have added these two tools to my daily routine I have not had long overdrawn burnout sessions like I did before.

    But, OmniFocus only helps me with the things that are within my control. When the world crashes down on me and I feel like I can’t go on, I give my emotional support a call. This is a friend I have from primary school and my Mother.

    They are willing to listen to me and they give me the advice I need, not the advice they think I want to hear. So far these two have been able to help me keep my head on right. I don’t know how many times my Mother has said, “Are you done complaining? Now what are you going to do about it?”

    And for me this is the kind of kick in the rear I need to move the weight of the world off my shoulders.
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  17. I live in the country in WV, so when I get burned out or fatigued I usually go for a walk in the woods and enjoy nature or just set out on the porch and enjoy the view.

  18. One of the ways I deal with fatigue is listening to good music.

    I have realized we can all change our mood when we want to, even if it’s hard. Music does that for me.

    Even when I feel overwhelmed, good music helps.

    I don’t dance much but I hear dancing while listening to a good music also helps lighten the mood.

  19. Hello Kevin

    I think the biggest fatigue comes when you aren’t making any money or not enough and those bills keep rolling in. That’s when it gets stressful for me.
    When I experience burnout,I try to do things that refresh my body and mind.
    Usually I will listen to some smooth r & b soul music or some reggae music,usually BobMarley or Buju.

    I also love to exercise,doing jumping jacks,squats and push ups to really get the blood pumping.
    The whole nut in the shell is I do something different and make sure my brain and body gets refreshed.
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  20. Kelvin

    I think life itself can be stressing. Everyday things can get in the way of a person doing his or her best work.

    When experiencing tiredness I try to meditate and listen to classical music. Also, I have tried jogging and reading to relax my body. But, nothing can replace the all-time favorite for me…taking a nap.

  21. As a blogger, there are definitely going to be time when burnout and fatigue sets in. Blogging is a high demanding venture if one wants to do it right.

    However, to deal with burnout and fatigue in the process of blogging, I usually stay away from the computer and anything that relates to the blog for about 3 hours.

    Doing outdoor activities like walking and catching up with friends work for me!

  22. Hi Kevin,

    There are many things that could cause burnout and fatigue for different persons. It is important to identify the cause for an individual so that dealing with it becomes easier.

    Personally, I have experienced burnout for different reasons at different times. So, dealing with the situation depends on the ability to identify the cause!

  23. Hi Kevin,

    This is an interesting question. For me, dealing with fatigue and burnout starts with releasing all forms of mental and physical stress from my body.

    Preferably, I will take time to sleep and stay away from work for at least 12 hours. Stress management is effective in rejuvenating the body.

  24. Hi Kevin,

    Every online entrepreneur has experienced fatigue or burnout as s result if not making money before. And it’s totally fine since it makes us smarter.

    There are two broads ways to overcome burnout.

    One includes decluttering your mind, sleeping, socializing, exercising, watching funny videos on youtube, and every other thing that involves stepping away from the computer.

    The second thing to do is to get smarter. Devise effective money making channels online. Take advantage of the opportunities to make money here on Kingged. Automate your blog by selling ads on your blog or doing affiliate marketing.

    However, you must know from the onset that making money online isn’t going to be a roller coaster ride. So prepare yourself and exhaust your 10,000 seconds. You’ll see the money coming.
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  25. My idea of burnout and fatigue is pure “stress” to the body or mind. Whenever this crops up, taking a walk away from work becomes ideal.

    However, stress management technique that would be employed is dependent on the causative factor.

    So, it is absolutely necessary that the cause is discovered first before taking any step that would supposedly be a ‘fix’ for burnout!