How Do You Create Brand Awareness and Win New SEO Clients?



If you are new into the provision of SEO services you could be having the challenge of finding new clients. It is not completely out of place to experience this because of the huge competition out there. Furthermore, the expectations of search engines keep changing overtime and only SEOs with the perfect grip on workable strategies do excel.

 Many businesses still enjoy constant winnings of new SEO clients that want to do business even when some (including new ones) struggle to breakthrough. Creating awareness for their brand is one major tactic that successful SEOs employ to attract new clients.

The question now is this; how do SEO agencies, companies or brands create awareness that would easily leads to winning new clients?  Below are three simple strategies I have noticed working for them.

1 – Create Claim Visibility through Twitter

Twitter is not just a social media tool. It is a great platform to build brand awareness. Brands often employ this tool to build authority and establish their online persona. With consistent valuable interaction on this platform, it becomes easier to build community where your online persona is established and followers easily get attracted to you. John Paul Aguiar described 11 workable steps you can adopt to start building your brand with Twitter

2 – Use LinkedIn to Showcase Your Professional Experience

LinkedIn is that social platform where professional and trade-specific information are shared. It’s also a great avenue to create awareness for your SEO services. Most successful brands make the most of this platform by showcasing the experience have and the service they can offer. You can establish your brand’s credibility by sharing useful SEO information consistently. This can inspire readers and prospective clients see you an authority worth doing business with. In other words, LinkedIn participation can help you increase trustworthiness and attract new SEO clients.

3 – Share Guest posts on SEO related sites

There are many SEO-related sites where you can get better exposures and credibility to attract new clients. Take your time to get in touch with the owners and find out if you can write guest posts for them. If you succeed then you will get huge exposure through their influence and followership.  You will easily build trust and credibility to win new SEO if you choose to create awareness this way. Here is a huge and helpful list of 52 top SEO-related sites by SEO Inc. where you can search for guest post opportunities.

These are three ways to create brand awareness and attract new SEO clients. If you don’t get the right exposure in the right place and from the start, it would be difficult to attract the right clientele. The above strategies are simple but effective. Most successful SEOs are applying them and you too can apply them to start winning new SEO clients today.

If you are in SEO, how do you create brand awareness and win new clients for your business?


  1. Good question. You started with some good ways to do this but I think the best way is to rank top in Google yourself as an SEO company! If your potential clients search for “seo company” or “best seo company” or similar keywords, and your SEO site comes up first, that’s definitely the best way to get your company all the new clients you need for years to come, 🙂

  2. Hi Sunday,
    Whenever there is a right exposure, it becomes inevitable to gain trust and win client.

    However, SEO companies must always position their offers to address the needs of clients at one point or the other.

    The idea of creating claim visibility through Twitter readily sounds very good!
    Sarah John recently posted…Submit 100% Unique Content on Kingged & Enjoy Massive-ExposureMy Profile

  3. Ive gained many clients over the years just by networking at industry conferences, and always had the best customer acquisition at PubCon. There are many benefits to networking at conferences anyways, such as picking each others brains, sharing strategies etc. I have made many friends in the SEO industry over the last 10 years just from the networking events that go on nightly.

    Other ways to get noticed by potential clients are of course blogging, and being active on social media. Personally I have always had the best luck on twitter. In most of my 10 years in the SEO industry though I have been lucky enough to work for big firms, and I learned from some of the best when I first started at We Build pages/Internet Marketing Ninjas, which is where my career took off.

  4. These are great suggestions, Sunday! If I may add, another tactic that you as an SEO provider should do is DEVELOP A FREE WEBSITE AUDIT service on your site.

    Here are the basic steps that you can do to implement this:

    * Build a landing page on your website and optimize for keyword “free seo website audit” or something similar
    * Add a form that they can fill out if they want their website to be audited
    * Once you have the information, you can audit the site as you see fit. Use tools like Screaming Frog or others to help you mine the site for valuable data
    * If you have cash to spend, you can automate the audit process using tools like My Site Auditor and Woorank. The former even lets you create a form within the page where visitors can just enter their site and target keyword and receive the report straight to their emails within minutes. However, the report won’t be as comprehensive compared to the report generated by Woorank, which also includes actionable items that you can perform for the next few weeks and months to further improve their SEO.

    The benefit of setting this up are the following:

    * You get the email of highly-targeted leads. Once you sent the report, you can funnel them down to your email list and send them more stuff in the hopes of converting them
    * Optimize on search results. If done correctly, you can drive traffic from search engines so you don’t have to promote it yourself

    This is a bit technical compared to the simple yet effective advice you wrote, but this should at least give readers a different take on how to approach their lead generation SEO strategy.