How Do you Communicate a Compelling Value Proposition to a Prospective Customer?



Value delivery is what every customer expects from any product/service they buy. It becomes necessary that every marketer must deliver real value in the product offered. Value delivery begins with a strong and persuasive value proposition which every marketer must write to attract leads and optimize conversion.

Value proposition is a statement of promise that a product or service will deliver a benefit or solve a problem. It also highlights why your product should be preferred to that of the competition. Peter Sandeen advises that “If you don’t have a strong value proposition or you don’t know how to use it, your marketing lacks persuasive substance”.

Therefore, if you want your value proposition to work then you must communicate its essentials effectively. Here are helpful tips you can follow:

Communicate Your Information in Simple and Specific Style

When writing your value proposition, it is important that it be presented in way that even people on the street will understand what you are talking about. On your website, present the details in way that everyone will understand. You should:

  • Use simple headlines that easily direct readers on what to expect from your presentation.
  • Communicate all vital information above the fold and don’t leave such till the end of the page.
  • Be specific in the call-to-action so that visitors will easily perceive the value they can grab. For instance, instead of stating “sign-up here” you can state “click here to grab your ABC book“.


Communicate the real difference in your product

Your customer needs to be motivated to buy your product. This will come into play if you are able to provide them with that “extra” value away from the competition. Your proposition should clearly state this unique value. The following steps would be helpful:

  • Identify what motivates your customers in terms of perceived benefits minus perceived costs.
  • Present in a very clear way all the features that will trigger the motivation.
  • State the specific feature and benefit only your product can provide. For instance, instead of stating “our software uploads images” you can write “our software uploads your images in one minute“.


Communicate value in the language of your customers

A value proposition should address the concerns of the customers at every point in time. You need to understand what the customers want and how they speak about their problems.  Your value proposition should be communicated to solve these problems

In this vein, it becomes imperative that language expressed by the customer through the product be understood.  To achieve this, you should:

  • Talk to your customers to gain insight on how they feel about a product
  • Pay close attention to the phrases they use in feedback
  • Write copies around your expected outcome
  • Revise the copies to center around the actual desires of the customers.



Writing a value proposition requires creativity. This begins with understanding who the customer is and what benefit(s) they expect from a product or service. You should communicate these benefits expressly in simple ways.

So, how do you communicate a compelling value proposition to a prospective customer?         


  1. Hello Sunday,

    Again an awesome post by you and yes value delivery is the thing which your customers expects from you.

    I completely agree that communicating with your customers in their language and delivering information in simple and specific ways helps you in getting connected with your customer.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.
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  2. Hi Sunday,

    This is an excellent article on communicating the value proposition and why it’s so important to have one.

    I like that you mentioned that you should listen to the phrases your customer use when they give feedback. Very smart idea and you can actually use amazon to look at reviews for products in your niche and see what kind of words that audience is using.

    The value proposition is one of the most difficult things to communicate, but it is worth it to really take your time to figure it out. You have to get to know your customer and what kind of essential problem you are solving. Then you have to communicate it as clear and simple as possible.

    You gave us a clear roadmap on how to communicate our own value proposition Sunday, thank you for that!

    – Jasper
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  3. Hi Sunday,
    An interesting take on how best to communicate value proposition so it can become compelling. Communicating this proposal doesn’t have to be difficult.

    By simply understand what the prospects wants and crafting our language to meet those wants will do us a lot of good.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome and practical piece. It would be beneficial for experts as well as newbies who have decided to take action!
    Sarah John recently posted…Ask / Discuss How Do You Generate Blogging Ideas From Personal Experiences?My Profile

  4. Sunday,

    Great article that could make your business if done right and break it if not. So glad that you brought this to everyone’s attention as it’s important to make this a habit so it is a normal process in your marketing.

    I noticed one comment here that touched on a way to get ideas of how to know what your customer wants or is looking for in a particular product or service. Good ole Amazon reviews.

    I would love to see more comments on what others here are using to either communicate effectively enough with your customers, to know what they want, or what research you are using as a marketer to get in front of your customers with the best selling points.

    • Hey Carl,

      I completely agree with you that providing the prospect with simple and clear value proposition would ignite the action intent.

      Truly, prospects deserve clarity of explanation in all the offer made.

      Communicating with clarity will surely get rid of confusion! Thanks for leaving your thoughts here.

  5. Communicating a compelling value proposition to prospective customer should begin with the identification of the “extra” benefits of the offers.

    If the extra benefit is proposed and projected then the prospect is likely to see the difference of the offers during comparisons.

    The extra is thus the feature that would compel the prospect to buy or accept the proposition!

  6. To communicate a compelling value proposition to a prospect, one readily needs to ensure that the prospect has knowledge of the ‘perceived’ benefits of the offer.

    If this is clear, then it becomes easier to take action.

    I like this advise attributed to Peter Sandeen “If you don’t have a strong value proposition or you don’t know how to use it, your marketing lacks persuasive substance”.

  7. Hi Sunday,

    Every potential prospect or customer needs clarity when it comes to value proposition. Thus, there must be specificity and clarity with every proposal made.

    When communicating value proposition, the prospect should be made to understand what benefits he is going to enjoy in a clear and specific manner.

    I agree with you on the point where you explained: “Communicate Your Information in Simple and Specific Style”.

  8. Hi Sunday,

    This is a good question that every marketer should have the correct answer for. To communicate a compelling value proposition to a prospect successfully, it is important to be clear about the objectives of the brand and the benefits for prospect.

    A potential customer would only be interested in ‘what’s in it for me?’ and unless a proposition clearly defines this, it would be an exercise in futility!

  9. How do I communicate a compelling value proposition to my perceived customer?

    Well, it is simple! I just make sure that the perceived benefits for the customer are clearly revealed and stated.

    The customer must know that whatever I am offering would be better than that offered by the competition.

    This is a timeless strategy that works!

  10. Hi Sunday,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome and practical post. The truth remains that providing value above that of the competition would always bring about better attraction. Thus, this statement is purely true: “Your customer needs to be motivated to buy your product. This will come into play if you are able to provide them with that “extra” value away from the competition.”

    • Hi Winford,

      It is very true that communicating value proposition to a prospect will readily make the difference.

      The marketer must be acquainted with the offers of the competition so that he can provide better value.

      You are also correct stating that whatever extra is provided above what the competitors offer would bring about better value!