How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?


Have you ever wondered how someone can publish a new blog posts and get traffic from all walks of life?

Especially with those that only publish a new blog post once a month.

Did they conjure the spirit of Merlin the Magician to magically attract a bunch of people to their blog without even trying?

Ok, I’m being silly but there must be something they’re doing that you’re not, and believe me it’s where they focus most of their energy.

The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds and thousands of resources that you’re probably not tapping into.

You might just share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and just leave it at that.

Other’s of you may just be commenting on different blogs within your niche for couple of days a week and even though those bloggers or reciprocating back, you’re still not getting the multitude of traffic you want.

These are definitely great strategies but as you know this is not enough.

You want to put most of your time promoting your content so that it can get noticed and reshared throughout the internet.

There’s quite a few strategies out there and you want to make sure your goal is to be everywhere your target audience is.

So let’s make you into a clever promotion machine by upping the ante a bit.

blog post promotion

“Blogging is not a business by itself. It is only a promotion platform.” ~ David Risley

I had an epiphany early this year.

I found out that the more I promote, the more traffic and email subscriptions I got even though I started publish less blog posts.

Yes, you heard right.

I was publishing once at week for 2 years and I plateaued. My traffic only got to a certain point and that just wasn’t enough.

On top of that, I was reading, sharing, commenting, and mentioning on at least 6 blog posts a day.

One thing I have to say is that doing this did help me get over a traffic hump, but it just wasn’t enough.

How many of you can relate to this?

You’re putting in all of this work, but yet you’re not getting the results you want.

So what do you do?

Well, I found that applying the 80/20 rule for blogs can be your answer.

That is, promote your blog posts 80% of the time and publish them 20% of the time.

Now the question is what resources can you use to promote your blog posts more often?

Let’s jump into some strategies you can incorporate on your day to day promotion grind.

Don’t worry, they will not take a lot of your time!

10 Strategies You Can Use To Promote Your New Blog Posts

Some of you may be using a couple of the following strategies like commenting and sharing on social media.

That’s great if you’re consistently doing this, but if you’re still not reaching your goals, then maybe you want to rethink your promotion schedule.

You may want to add other promotional strategies or work smarter (Especially if your press for time).

1. Commenting and Sharing

When I first started blogging one of the first things I was taught was to comment on blogs that had commentluv premium installed?


It has an incentive that whenever a visitor leaves a comment on your blog, they can choose from the last 10 blog posts that backlinks back to their blog.

Imagine if you left comments on a high influencer’s blog that gets a lot of traffic who has commentluv premium installed on their blog.

Can you imagine the amount of people you will expose your blog posts to?

There’s a lot of people who love reading the comment section and your valuable comment can get noticed and as well as your blog posts.

So definitely do a search on google or on social media for blogs within your niche that has the commentluv premium plugin installed.

Here’s a couple of example of bloggers who left comments on my blog.



If you want more information on what commentluv premium offers, check out the blog post Attract More Target Traffic With CommentLuv Premium where I talk about other vital benefits for your blog.

So how do you do a google search for commentluv enabled blogs?

There’s a couple of ways to do this. You want to come up with a few keywords (topics you’re interested in) to put in the google search bar. Here are two ways to enter your search

  1. Keyword + “Commentluv is Enabled”
  2. Long Tail Keyword + “Commentluv is Enabled”


If you want to purchase Commentluv Premium for your own blog, then you can click on the CommentLuv button belowto purchase for $87.
comment luv premium


2. Email Marketing

If you have a list of email subscribers this is one of the easiest way to promote your content.

But yet, building an email list is overlooked!

If you’re over 30 years old, a lot of you can still remember the rolodex.

For all of you youngsters out there that don’t know, this was the old fashion way of maintaining your business contacts.

blog post promotion

It was a time consuming manual process to contact your list of business contacts but this is how many did it back then.

But now we have something called the email autoresponder to maintain your list as well as add new subscribers from your blog.

You can use the email autoresponder to write prewritten messages to be sent out once someone opts into your site. This creates an automated way to build relationships and get sales conversions.

You can also send a broadcast to everyone within a list or all of your lists if you choose to. I tend to do this for online webinars I send to my lists.

So what email autoresponder you can use?

I use AWeber and I have been using them since 2012. They have made a lot of improvements through out the years which made it easier to maintain my lists.

So if you’re interested, they offer a 30 day Free Trial for you to test out. Below is my Affiliate link. Click on it if you want to get started

aweber email autoresponder

3. Social Media

Social Media has taken the world by storm.

It’s a great way to connect with your friends and family as well as make new friends.

The world has become smaller for the fact that you can communicate with others on the other side of the world.

Many small and large businesses has taken advantage of what social media has to offer.

So how can you use it as a solopreneur promote your blog?

Well it’s not as easy as just sharing your link to the masses.

You want to find a specific target audience that will be glad to read each blog post that you publish as well as share it.

One way that got me to a great start was joining blogging groups based on my niche.

But you don’t want to join just any group.

You want to find a couple of groups that are active as far as interaction, commenting and sharing each other’s blog.

Once you find your supportive circle of friends, then it gets easier for your blog content to be shared among them as well as their social media peers.

My top social sites to share on are Google+ and Twitter.

These are my go to sites because I’m on these sites more as far as reading blogs and interaction as oppose to the other social sites.

But you have to find the sites that you’re most comfortable with and stay consistent with them.

4. Automated Share Tools

Who want’s to keep manually sharing tools?

This can get tedious after a while.

Especially if you have 100 different places you share your blog posts.

There’s always a smarter, more convenient way to share your valuable content with your target audience.

And that’s with using automated share tools.

They enable you to share your blog posts among some of the most popular Social Media Sites automatically so that you don’t have to do the tedious work all the time.

And there are a plethora of tools that you can use.

Two tools that I use are Buffer and Revive Old Post.

Buffer allows you to schedule your posts on certain days and times so that you can focus on other vital tasks that needs to get done.

I have set this up not only for my own blog posts but also for my blogging friends who write content that relates to the problems of my target audience.

There’s both a free and paid version of Buffer. I signed for the paid version which also has a feature to where you can share images.

I tend to share images with quotes and my blog address from time to time which has helped me to brand myself.

You can click on the button below if you’re interested in using Buffer.


Revive Old Post is a wordpress plugin that allows you to chose how far you want to go back for older blog posts to automatically share on Twitter.

You’re also given the choice of the frequency of how often you want your posts to be shared per day.

I chose blog posts that are not older than a year old and I have it set up to share them 3 times a day.

There’s both a free version and a paid version with this as well.

I chose the paid version because it allows me to share my posts on other social media sites besides Twitter.

So if you’re interested, you can click on my affiliate link below to get started with Revive Old Post.

Revive Old Post

5. Blogging Communities

One thing I stressed in previous blog posts is to connect with other bloggers.

Social Media is a great place to start looking for bloggers within similar niches as you, but also there are a plethora of blogging communities you can take advantage of.

There are 5 main blogging communities I use and they are:






For you to get the best out of blogging communities you must be quite active.

I made a point to read and share 2 or 3 blog posts a week from each one although it can be quite challenging sometimes with my schedule.

From my own experience, once the members get to know you, they will definitely return the favor of sharing and commenting your posts.

I get the best reciprocation from other bloggers from members. As a result this is where I get most of my referral traffic.

It’s up to you to decide which site works best for you.

Once you get into the rhythm of being active and supportive, you will definitely appreciate the results and be looked upon as an authority in your niche.

6. Guest Posting

Although I haven’t done any guest posting this year, I still highly recommend it.


It’s another way to attract the audience of other bloggers who are in similar niches.

They could be other bloggers like you and/or people who are looking for solutions to their most frustrating problems.

If you were to start guest posting, you want to come up with content that’s similar to the message of the blogger is trying to convey.

That way, you’ll have a better chance of the blogger accepting your offer to write for their blog.

In many cases, the owner of the blog will allow you to leave a link back to your blog as well as social networks that you are a part of.

This will definitely open the gates to more traffic back to your blog.

7. Content Curation Platforms

If you don’t know what content curation is, this is where people collect their favorite content from all over the internet, put it together, and publish it in different formats.

Like with guest posting, you open more opportunities for yourself to get your content exposed to many people who share curated content that have thousands of readers monthly.

As a result, you’ll get the following:

More Social Shares

Targeted Traffic

Quality Backlinks

More Email Subscriptions

I’ve actually just started using this strategy of using content curation platforms.

The goal is to find different content curated content each day that relates to new blog posts and past blog posts I’ve published.

There are two sites that I just started using which are Sniply and Scoopit.

Sniply has a Free 14 Day Trial. Once it’s up you have a choice of 3 monthly payment plans. If you’re interested in getting started with the 14 day Free Trial go ahead and click on the button below.

sniply content curation

Scoopit on the other hand has both a Free Version and Paid version (Annual Payments). Click on the button below if you want to check out Scoopit.

scoopit content curation

8. Expert Roundup Posts

Writing Expert Roundup Posts is one of the most convenient ways to get free traffic.

Expert Roundup Posts are basically you getting the opinions or “expert advice” of different bloggers based on their experience  and who are in similar niches.

One thing that I do have to admit is that they are a lot of work to put together.

But although it can get tedious, one vital task you must continuously do is network with other bloggers whether directly or indirectly.

If you’re consistently doing this, many of them will be open to participate in your expert roundup posts.

Once you get it organized and complete, make sure you let the participants know.

9 times out of 10 they will share your roundup posts with their audience whether it be with their email list or social network.

Within my last Expert Roundup Post I added a link to twitter to be shared as well as a mention to let each individual know that the post was shared.

As a result I’ve gotten 300 shares within 2 days and 103 comments altogether which isn’t too shabby.

The post was called How These 31 Successful Bloggers Overcame Failure and if you want to check it out to get some good ideas you can Click Here.

9. Paid Advertising

The fear of paying to advertise any of my blog posts had me miss out on getting more traffic and above all email subscribers.

Is this something you have?

Yes, there are a lot of free ways of getting those results, but using paid advertising is definitely something to not overlook.

One thing I suggest is to use it mainly for product or service reviews. If you’re promoting a product that you’re using yourself and an affiliate of, then it would be a great opportunity to write a review of it and share your affiliate links.

This will give your audience and trusted email subscribers a chance to purchase any products or services you promote.

Now what can you use for Paid Advertising?

I’ve used Facebook Boost, Facebook PPC, Twitter PPC and Solo Ads.

Facebook Boost gives you the choice to promote your blog posts to all members of your Facebook Page, their friends, or both.

PPC (Pay Per Click) allows you to pic a certain target audience to market to. For example, stay at home moms between the age of 35 and 45 that live in certain states or countries.

Once you figure out who your audience is, you set up a payment plan with the source (Facebook, Twitter, etc. ) and create an ad.

Each time someone clicks on the ad, you get charged. In the past I’ve gotten the clicks down to 15 cents per click and 10 dollars limit per day which panned out quite well for me.

You can find PPC on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

With Solo Ads, you can pay someone to advertise whatever you promote to their email lists. Using this strategy has helped me get 60 email subscriptions within 2 days.

But remember, you want to make sure that their email list lies within the target audience you want to promote to. One popular Solo Ad site (also known as ad swaps) I’ve used in the past was Safe Swaps.

10. Mentions

One of the best ways to get the attention of other bloggers is through Mentions.

Whenever I share a blog post I make sure that I mention the author of the post to let them know that I shared their post on social media.

Through many of my connections, other bloggers who visited and read my blog posts reciprocate the same.

Going back to point #1 of this post, adding this action will definitely help to increase traffic back to your new blog posts.

My goto sites for sharing are Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

In order to mention each blog post you read and share, you will use the following format (with the exception of LinkedIn)

@username or @name of author

In LinkedIn the format is:

+name of author or name of author

For each format, the name of the author will pop up. I usually write a brief description of the blog posts with the mention to give a better idea of what the post is all about.

Overall, this creates an indirect, genuine way to connect with successful bloggers that can also help you spread the word about your blog posts.


When it comes to your blog, you want to spend most of your time promoting.

Yes, it’s very important to create valuable blog posts that’s going to attract specific returning visitors to your blog, but you want to be able to put your posts in front as many people that are within your target audience.

In the post What If I Can Only Blog Post Once A Month? I go into detail about what to focus on, and why it’s more important to focus on quality blog posts and promotion using the 80/20 Rule of blogging.

If you want to get more traffic back to your blog, you want to start promoting everyday using different strategies, or picking a couple of strategies and using different tactics within each strategy.

This is just 10 strategies just to get you started.

There are a multitude of others that you can use. I plan to write more on promotion in future posts so that you can have an arsenal of resources that will get you the best targeted traffic.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Promotion is vital when it comes to your blog posts and it’s important to make it an everyday habit.

Please share how do you promote your new blog posts.

What resources do you use?

Are there any that you recommend?

What were the indicators that you need to improve your promotion?

Please leave your comments below and share this posts with your peers. I look forward to read them!



  1. Good writeup, traffic is the most essential thing to a blog. And most bloggers would like us to believe that the more frequent the update, the more the traffic. But going through these steps you’ve outlined here, massive traffic can also be achieved with fewer number of posts posted within a long time range, that’s if one puts these steps to work.

    The commentluv tool on blogs is a good one. Both the blogs implementing it and the blog commentators can gain a lot from it. From Engagement, to traffic and more return visitors to ones site. Thanks for sharing this.
    Grace Joseph recently posted…Tecno Phantom 6 Specs & PriceMy Profile

    • Hey Grace,

      Publishing blog posts frequently does help with traffic, but it does have it’s limits. Coming from my own experience it would be more productive to not only come out with great content, but to figure out a daily routine for promotion.

      The commentluv to is a great way to not only generate traffic but also engage your visitors that leave a comment. When it comes to monitizing your blog, trust and social proof is a key factor. This is how commentluv is so beneficial.

      Thanks for stopping by Grace! Have a great weekend!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  2. Hi,

    Whatever you do to promote your blog, your goal should always be to facilitate conversation between you and your readers.

    Personally I will plan to use commentluv tool to attract blogger to engage and interact with my content.

    Top of all, the content is still the king in internet marketing world and all of the tools you mentioned above don`t do so much with the lack of quality of your content.

    Thanks so much

    • Hey Omar,

      You always have to have quality content. On top of that you have to be unique with the topics you talk about. Putting your personality out there will accomplish this.

      Besides that, you definitely want to put most of your effort into promotion. Especially with using the commentluv plugin. One of the ways that I got over the traffic hump was through commenting on at least 6 blog posts a day which was pretty tedious, but worth it at the time.

      It’s also a great plugin to engage and build a great network of bloggers. With it you practice the law of reciprocity so that you and your commenters benefit, and vice versa.

      Thanks Omar for stopping and sharing your insight! Have a great weekend!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Tips For Introverted Solopreneur Bloggers To Create Productive GoalsMy Profile

  3. Hello Sherman,

    If you want to be successful with your blog, you have to know how to market the awesome content that you produce.

    The tips that you have given here are great.

    Social media, blogging communities, and guest blogging should all be utilized if you want to succeed in blogging.

    And this must be done on a daily basis, not just every once in a while which can be the hardest part.

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…10 Tips To Help You Invest Your Money More WiselyMy Profile

  4. Hi Sherman,

    Thanks for writing this detailed and value-packed post.

    I consider myself an affiliate marketer more than a blogger but some of the ways you mentioned here can be applicable to me, such as using social media, blogging communities, guest posting and using paid advertising.

    One of the blogging communities you mentioned,, is also my favorite. I am still new to Kingged but love it a lot. I am even making money with their coaching and 30 day program at the moment and am loving it.

    You mentioned Solo-Ads, I have heard a lot of good things and bad things about solo-ads. My fear is that of fraudulent solo ad vendors who sell bot or fake clicks.

    How do you guide against such fraudulent solo ad sellers?

    And do you have any particular solo ad vendors that you can recommend?

    I would love to read your answers to these questions.

    • Hey Gavin,

      I’m glad that you like the strategies within this post.

      I actually just finished the 30 day program myself and I plan on writing a post about it and to market it myself towards the end of the month.

      I’ve actually haven’t had any problems with solo ad fake clicks thus far and I used the site just mentioned.

      I’ll have to look up ways to project this and I’ll write a post about it.

      For me to get 60 leads within a couple of days was pretty much trial and error to find a good vendor. Main thing is that you really want to target a niche list that they have.
      Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  5. Hey Sherman,

    I like the fact that you mentioned and implied the importance of doing promotion of content more than creating the content. The 80/20 rule is very crucial and works like magic.

    For me, I do promote my new blog posts sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter, commenting on these social platforms, leaving vital links on them and ensuring that I respond to feedback on time!

    My blog promotion strategies dwells largely on the social networking sites where my target audience converges. In addition, like you have mentioned, I make use of blog communities like Kingged and the rest.

    Yes, you are right, getting the best from these communities is by become very active!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, and for mentioning some of the resources that could be utilized for success!

    • Hey Celine,

      I didn’t know the importance of promotion up until this year. Kingsley mentioned it through emailing each other and I started seeing great results from it, although I was doing this in the past with PPC and Solo Ads LOL.

      That’s great that your using LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your content. Social Media overall is a great option to find your target audience.

      I love because of the opportunities presented and above all just the tight-knit community.

      I’m glad that you like the posted Celine! Have a great rest of the week!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  6. Hi Sherman,

    You have shared your personal experience on promoting new blog posts. There are lots of lessons to be learned from your post.

    To promote new blog posts, every marketer has his or her own strategy. However, the truth remains that there are some strategies that work or give better results than others.

    I want to believe that your strategies can be emulated by the novice to improve on response and result.

    I will step up my promotional strategy because all I do is just publish on my blog and leave a few links on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Google +.

    Promoting new blog posts is more strategic than I have been doing!

    • Hey Paul,

      I actually started off by just promoting to Facebook in the past.

      Then I found out about commentluv and other strategies which helped a little. I was doing this for 5 plus years until I came upon some other informations that you need to promote daily.

      That’s when you start to see things turn around. But I do have to say commenting on other blog posts should be the focus for beginner bloggers since you get to connect with others and engage. You’ll find the serious bloggers there who are willing to help you promote as well.

      Thanks for stopping by Paul! Have a great rest of the week!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  7. Hi Sherman,

    Indeed, there are myriad of actions to follow when it comes to promoting new blog posts. How effective each action or step is taken will determine how effective the result of the promotion would be.

    The ten promotional steps discussed here are in order. Providing real value in each step will help any solopreneur to succeed with promotion!

  8. Hi Sherman,

    The promotion of new blog posts is subjective. Different solopreneurs use different means to promote their posts. Whatever works for them is what is sustained.

    However, there are tactics that works for just anyone. These include providing value in engagement, and consistently delivering valuable posts at anytime.

    In the promotion that works, valuable engagement is needed just as valuable offer should be shared to inspire prospects into taking action!

  9. Hi Sherman,

    I personally do apply all of the above methods of promotion, except for paid advertisement.

    It seems like rooting for paid advertisement is an effective method of promotion.

    It would be nice not to mind the cost of paid advert, since it works in response to the level of real value provided.

    I am now inspired to do better work at paid and non-paid advertising methods.

    Thanks for this awesome post!

  10. Hey James,

    Paid has it’s advantages as long as you know your audience.

    One mistake I’ve done in the past was go over my budget besides the fact I was getting leads and some sales.

    The sales didn’t cover the costs so I was at a lost.

    Besides that, this is something you can add to your arsenal of promotion methods on top of free methods!

    Thanks for stopping by James! Have a great upcoming weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

  11. To succeed in blogging, it is important to spend more time in promoting. The good news is that there are lots of things to do when it comes to promotion.

    The 80/20 rule is practical and result-oriented. Every blogger or Content marketer must ensure they apply it and follow the ten methods exemplified in this post effectively!

  12. Hi Sherman,

    Solopreneurs can promote their new blog posts with the ideas you have shared. However, it is important they understand that “what is worth doing is worth doing well”.

    Haphazard promotion would bring haphazard results, but excellent promotion would bring excellent results!

    So, solopreneurs must pursue excellent blog post promotion, and this should begin with understanding the audience and what is best for them!

    • Hey Winford,

      I’m glad that you brought this up Winford!

      You want to do good quality promotion that brings you the best results.

      And the major thing you must understand is your audience. If you’re not bringing them content, let alone writing valuable content, that they can use for themselves then you’re wasting time.

      Getting to know your audience and writing content based on their interest and providing solutions to their problems will definitely bring you excellent results.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding value to the post Winford!

      Have a great weekend!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Tips For Introverted Solopreneur Bloggers To Create Productive GoalsMy Profile

  13. Hi Sherman,

    You have revealed my mind about promoting new blog posts. Your views about commenting, social media, content curation, paid advertising, and mentions are okay for me.

    For every marketer, it is important that each o the strategies or steps be implemented with all diligence.

    There must be effectiveness in the actions taken, and real value must be shared to enjoy full benefits of any steps.

    I align with your submissions in this post, it is invaluable post worthy of bookmarking 🙂

    • Hey Sunday,

      I like that you used the word ‘Diligence’. This is vital when it comes to your blog post.

      You definitely need to make this a daily action for each strategy and tool you use. On top of that, you must promote this wherever your target audience is.

      With consistency you’ll find that your results will improve.

      I’m glad that you like this post Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month?My Profile

  14. Hi Sherman.

    I agree 100% that promotion is more important than frequent blogging. So even when I am too busy with client work and family matters to write fresh content, I always have time to keep my content up on ViralContentBuzz and JustRetweet and respond to invitations in expert round-ups.

    The only thing, in my view, that trumps promotion is quality/originality of the content itself.

    Frequency is not something I have ever been concerned about.
    David recently posted…Write for your audience (5 sneaky hiring ads)My Profile

  15. Hello Sherman,

    Great post, I got so much new and useful information for myself!

    Did you use before yourself? I heard that it is a great tool to promote blog posts, so I gave it a try, but I didn’t get the impact I expected it to be. I shared more than 100 posts, and I got only 12 views of my scoops with no one following the links. Is there any secret about using this tool?

    Thanks in advance!
    Krystsina recently posted…9 Reasons Why You Should Track ExpensesMy Profile

    • Hey Krystsina,

      I had just started using right after I published this post. I’m still learning myself, but so far I’ve gotten 71 views which isn’t great either.

      One thing that may help is to make sure that you follow the members that have a bunch of views and that relates to your niche. It’s better if you connect with them through their posts I believe.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!
      Sherman Smith recently posted…What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month?My Profile

  16. Hello Sherman
    Great post! All 10 of your strategies are essential to growing your traffic and audience. It’s an extremely well detailed post on how to do promotion of a new blog post. Anyone looking for targeted traffic should definitely follow these 10 strategies to enhance their blog. Again thanks for sharing this value-packed post Sherman and have a great weekend.

    Once again, when commenting on a post which isn’t your post, please don’t click the reply button before you make your comment. You only click reply button if you want to reply to a particular comment.
    darrellantonio recently posted…How To Make Money on eBay This YearMy Profile

  17. Hi Sherman,

    You shared some really good ways to promote new blog posts here. I am a huge fan of for a long time now, and find it very effective.

    I have visited many bloggers just from their commentluv links here on Kingged, which shows their use of commentluv is very effective for bringing traffic, as you mentioned in this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Sherman,

    1. I have CommentLuv Premium enabled on my blog for the reasons you mentioned.

    2. I like your insight– the blog is the stepping stone to the business, not the business.

    3. Regarding your comment about leaving comments, I just installed the NoFollow Chrome Extension to see which links are DoFollow and which links aren’t. Thanks for the inspiration and an excellent article.

    Janice Wald recently posted…4 Ways You Can Improve Your Keywords & See a Big Surge of TrafficMy Profile

  19. Hi Sherman,

    Great article.

    One way that I’ve found is fantastic for promoting posts is video marketing. Youtube, specifically.

    Basically, my method is to summarize my articles in a Youtube video. I’ll usually just put it into a powerpoint presentation and screencast it.

    Then I put a link to my actual blog post in the comments. Not only does this get me extra exposure, but videos are also significantly easier to rank.
    Jeff Miller recently posted…White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO – The Great DebateMy Profile

  20. This was a great article like all the rest of your articles Sherman. Since I’m a PPC marketer at heart you know I believe in promoting everything that you can click on. What I’ve discovered recently was that a simple $5 boost on my articles shared on Facebook created hundreds of visitors to my website. Everyone’s trying to make money off Facebook ads but it’s more productive to use Facebooks targeted audience to increase visitors to your own real estate. It might be a lot easier to capture that email from a Facebook Fan Page and increase your website traffic at the same time than trying to keep up with posting and sharing on blogs. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…Should bloggers pursue Joint ventures to increase their Authority?My Profile

      • Well I haven’t been totally honest I do force them to share the post to receive the incentive and redirect them to the blog when they download it. What the 5 dollar post boost does is help me to identify who my targets are. Facebook has great targeting. I have discovered that most of my audience are 25-45 and female and are looking for discounts or coupons. That’s a lot more than I previously knew and it only cost me 20 bucks to verify. Now that I know who they are all I need to find out is what they need. Looks like it’s time for a incentivized survey and another 5 dollar spend. Facebook works or it wouldn’t be used so much just like everything else PPC, Content marketing and even online stores it requires a strategy. Good luck with your business and try a few Facebook strategies because I already know the more they see your post the better for your brand. After all if you’re like me you spend more on daily frivolities than you would on Facebook boost.
        Gordie Chase recently posted…Should bloggers pursue Joint ventures to increase their Authority?My Profile

  21. Great article.
    What I’ve learnt from blogging this past two years is that time also counts.
    The magic doesn’t work overnight whether you are blogging every day, once a week or once a month.
    It takes time and diligent application of the various steps that you mentioned for good results to come.
    I’ll check out the communities that you mentioned and see how it goes.
    Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha recently posted…Publish posts on Niume. Start earning immediately.My Profile

    • Hey Jacqueline,

      You’re absolutely right!

      Unless you’re connected with a good network of people, it will take time and a lot of patience before you can really see some outstanding results like the high influencers.

      Plus you want to keep your mind open to what’s working and what’s not. There are a lot of tools and strategies out there, and you don’t want to develop the “shiny object syndrome”. There must be balance.

      Thanks for stopping by Jacqueline! Have a great week!
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  22. Hi Sherman,

    I really like your 80/20 rule for blogging. Makes sense to write less (but better posts) and spend most of your time promoting them.

    It is really good advice for me because I am about to start a blog and now I can learn through what you learned from the get go.

    I really didn’t completely understand what commentluv before this article was and thought it was just something on Kingged. I definitely will have to look into this and find blogs that use it in my niche.

    I will have to refer to this post often to check out different ways to promote my new posts.

    Would you suggest learning how to effectively use one or two strategies at a time rather than using them all?

    Thanks for sharing the article my friend…

    Take care,


  23. Hey John,

    One of the biggest mistake as a solopreneur was not applying the 80/20 rule. As I mentioned, once I started doing this, I started seeing better results coming in.

    Commentluv is a great incentive for all of your visitors. It’ll help you get quality backlinks as well as build social proof.

    But I just scratched the surface on promotion. Once you start getting a lot of traffic you should check out my other blog post entitled “How A Good Bounce Rate Is A Great Indicator Of Targeted Traffic”

    Thanks for stopping by John! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Build Trust And A Loyal Following With Your BlogMy Profile

  24. Hey Sherman,

    Now that you’ve mention it, yes, I have wondered how some can blog once a month and get thousands of traffic just like that. However, you’re right, it comes down to promoting content. You’ll probably end up promoting your content more than spending time on it.

    It can be a lot of work, but very rewarding if you’re willing to put the effort. Much like Gavin I’m more of affiliate marketer, but still, some of these strategies would still work for me, or anyone in their niche.

    Good Read