How Adding Instagram Photos Boosted Checkouts by 24% [Case Study]


Vanity Planet A/B tested the results of adding Instagram photos to its most popular product pages to see how it would affect conversion rate.

Learn how adding Instagram photos to product pages increased one store’s checkout rate by 24% – adding up to $8900 more in sales over 10 days!


  1. I guess it becomes very significant that adding “authentic” Instagram photos should be prioritized.

    The case study discussed above has just revealed how trust is registered with authenticity and how conversion is increased because of trust.

    This is a cool lesson for online marketers!
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  2. Hi Eric,

    This case study tells me that it is not enough to share Instagram photos. We must as well share photos of the right quality if we must attain the needed result!
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  3. Hmm! It pretty cool learning of these facts about Vanity Planet and how it increased checkouts by 24%.

    I love this insight statement as the reason for the increase: “Authentic customer photos establish social proof & trust for hesitant online shoppers.”

    It goes to say that authenticity in content creation and promotion brings about a lot of differences in results!

  4. An additional $8,900 in sales for the $100 product over a 10-day period is nothing to scuff at. There are lessons here worth learning.

    Thanks for sharing this, Erik.

  5. Adding more photos is a great way to personalize the item that you are trying to sell. Adding instagram to your website is a great way to connect with customers, but those photos have to be relevant as well.

    There is a guy that I know that created a great website, but barely used any photos. This made the website seem very wordy, which made it seem really boring.

    Photos can bring something to life and give you information quicker. Things that people want.

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  6. Hi Erik,

    Interesting article. I guess it is very similar to having great testimonials as people aren’t going to trust what the salespage tells them but rather what the customers say.

    I could see too that it creates a kind of viral effect as people are showing the results of using the product on social networks like Instagram.

    Just got me thinking though how do you implement this strategy where most marketers are selling digital products? Something definitely to think about.

    Take care my friend,