This article shows you the SECRETS to house sitting jobs, especially how to find the right ones and the best websites to use.

So, yes, if you are interested in the best house sitting jobs, there are lots of websites that will help you.

These jobs provide you with free accommodation in homes where the owners are away.

As a house sitter, you will save the money that could have been spent on accommodation in exchange for the valuable service housekeeping service you render to the homeowner.

You may also receive paid wages, meet new people, learn new skills and explore new lands, etc. as a house sitter.

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It’s a bit like getting paid to move to a different state, city or even country.

Keep reading to find out what a house sitting job really is and how/where to find these jobs. You will also learn about the best websites to find these jobs.


The Meaning of a House Sitting Job

A house sitting job allows an individual to stay in or visit the home while the owners are away for an extended period. The person who does a house sitting job is known as a “house sitter”.

The house sitter may live in the house to give the impression that the owner(s) has not vacated the place.

House sitters clean the inside and outside of the house, water the plants, care for the cats or other pets or animals, answer and forward telephone calls, receive and forward mail, and do repairs and maintenance.

The job description for a house sitter depends on what is agreed with the owner.

A house sitter can choose to live and work in the house, or he/she can visit or stay overnight to perform the agreed task.

The best housesitting jobs pay well. They also give the house sitter lots of flexibility and control when performing his or her duties.


20 Sites to Use When Seeking for the Best Housesitting Job

The following sites can be used to find the best house sitting jobs.


1. is an international house sitting website. It has been operating since 2000. You have to pay a membership fee of $50 per year to use and list your service on this platform.

If you don’t have money to pay for premium membership, you can choose the free trials with limited features.

Homeowners don’t pay any money to list their homes on this site. As a house sitter, you can list your services, upload pictures or images to attract homeowners.

Click here to check out


2. MindMyHouse 

MindMyHouse is a global house sitting matching service. The site connects homeowners with house sitters around the world.

This site has been around since 2005, and it displays hundreds of house sitting assignments.

If you are a house sitter, sign up with this platform to find house sitting assignments.

You will enjoy free holiday accommodation, save your rental payments and treat yourself on whatever you want from the assignments you get.

To list your service on MindMyHouse, you are to pay $20 or equivalent. This is the annual membership fee.

After registration, login to your personal homepage and create your own listing, search for house sitting assignments.

You can contact the homeowners through your email.

Click here to check out MindMyHouse

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3. Luxury House Sitting

Luxury House Sitting was established to match homeowners with prospective house sitters. It connects you with house sitting assignments in many parts of the world.

The mission includes:

  • To help homeowners locate responsible house sitters
  • To give house sitters the ability to build a trustworthy profile

You will find various types of housesitting jobs on this platform if you want to work as a house sitter.

You can register as a house sitter by paying a membership fee of $25 per year.

As a member, you can upload your profile, skill, and experience. You can start searching for housesitting assignments after registration.

Click here to check out Luxury House Sitting

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4. Caretaker Gazette 

You can find house sitting jobs by subscribing to The Caretaker Gazette.

This is a unique newsletter or publication solely dedicated to property caretaking and house sitting jobs. It has been around since 1983.

Subscribers also get advice and information about house sitter and homeowners.

You can advertise your house sitter skill and experience on this site. You can put a classified ad in front of a highly targeted audience of interested subscribers for only $0.65 per word.

To subscribe to the publication, you’ll pay $29.95 per year or more.

Click here to check out Caretaker Gazette 


5. Town & Country Homesit 

Town & Country Homesit is a website that offers extensive home sitting and pet minding service of both residential properties.

This agency operates mainly in New Zealand.

Homeowners connect with the best-suited home sitters through this agency. Only singles or couples are accepted. Pets are not allowed.

If you are a home sitter, then you should complete an inquiry form to register your interest on the website.

Click here to check out Town & Country Homesit

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6. Nomador

Nomador is an International home sitting community. It connects home sitters with homeowners.

It is a place where members also share trust, care and a sense of commitment, generosity of spirit, sharing, a curiosity of other cultures, open-mindedness and global awareness.

If you want to become a home sitter anywhere in the world, near or far, then become a member of this platform and start getting the benefits of housekeeping in comforting homes.

The membership fee Homesitters are in two parts.

You can sign up the Discovery Option membership. This is free of charge with very limited offers. Or, you can sign up for the Confidence Option which gives you unlimited access to home sitting assignments.

The membership fee for the Confidence Option is $89 per year.

Click here to check out Nomador.

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7. brings together house sitters and homeowners in Mexico.

It provides all the functionality of a big international house sitting platform but is strictly focused on serving both those in Mexico and those wishing to be there.

To be a sitter with, you can sign up and upload your profile. charges $79 per year.

You can register and get benefits like:

  • View full details of available sits
  • Apply to unlimited offers
  • Instant email notifications when a sit is listed
  • Chat with homeowners directly (internal email)
  • Include unlimited references and photos
  • Upload unlimited letters of recommendations

Click here to check out

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8. House Sitters America

House Sitters America matches homeowners with house sitters.  It has house sitting jobs allow you to live and care for the house you are minding.

Your profile is listed on the database so that homeowners can connect with you.

The membership registration fee is $30 per year. Your sitter profile would be displayed throughout the year unless you choose to remove it.

Click here to check out House Sitter America


9. matches house sitters and homeowners in Canada. The focus is on providing peace of mind for Canadian householders.

If you are in Canada or want to work as a house sitter in this country, then sign up with this website.

You will live in the home for free, explore the natures of Canada, and embrace life to the fullest!

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house sitting jobs


10. HouseSit Match

HouseSit Match is a network of trusted pet sitters, house sitters, and homeowners. It is a platform where house sitters and house owners are matched.

You can register and find housesitting jobs on this platform. Real benefits such as those listed below are accessible by house sitters:

  • You can take a holiday without costly accommodation
  • You can live like a local – have a more authentic holiday experience
  • You alleviate the burden of paying rent while building a new house
  • You can indulge a love of animals
  • You can familiarize yourself with a new area you are considering moving to
  • You can take time out while recovering from a relationship break-up
  • You can house-sit just to save money.

House Sit Match offers two levels of membership.

One is the Standard membership and the other is the Premium membership.

Standard is £49/year while the Premium membership is £79/year.

Click here to check out HouseSit Match

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11. matches homeowners to those offering house and pet sitting services. It is the number one place to find house sitter jobs.

It provides a directory which homeowners, as well as house sitters, can access.  You can join this website if you are looking for a house sitting job. is a simple site.

You can easily sign up and add your contact info.

Then you can publish your profile and apply for the jobs you want after searching for available jobs on the site.

Click here to check out

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12. is an online platform that publishes the latest job openings for couples.

If you are interested in house sitting jobs for couples, you will find some at

Job seekers subscribe to this platform and employers post job. The site charges $5 per month for a paid subscription.

After you have subscribed, you can upload your resume and start to search for the housesitting jobs posted by prospective employers.

Click here to check out


13. Aussie House Sitters  

Aussie House Sitters is known as the largest pet & house sitting site in Australia.

If you are interested in finding a suitable housesitting job in Australia, then this site would be suitable for you.

You can become a member and use this platform to find jobs which allows you to get free accommodation while you provide garden care, pet care, and home security, etc.

House sitters pay $84 per year to subscribe for house sitting jobs via this website. This fee is reduced when you renew your subscription.

So, register, create a profile page and start contacting house owners.

Click here to check out Aussie House Sitters 


14. Kiwi House Sitters

Kiwi House Sitters is the largest pet and house sitting site in New Zealand.

This website is awesome if you want to find a house sitting job in New Zealand.

House sitters can browse the site for free to find suitable houses and to access profiles of other sitters.

You can register as a house sitter by paying $84 per year subscription. This will enable you to create a profile, list your services,  and get contacted by prospective homeowners.

Click here to check out Kiwi House Sitters


15. is a popular platform for those seeking care jobs. It is the world’s largest online family care platform.

It was founded in 2006 and operates in more than 20 countries around the world.

You will find house sitting jobs on this website.

You can join the website as a basic member or as a paid membership.

According to the site:

The basic profile gives you free exposure on, but the benefits are limited to:

  • Enhanced profile with logo, pictures, and complete business description
  • Profile with the business name, address, and company website
  • The ability for customers to rate and review your company.

The featured profile is a paid membership which offers you these benefits as well as:

  • Ability to apply for jobs on the site
  • Receive new customer referrals through email or phone
  • Higher rank in search results
  • Offer deals and coupons any time

To make the most of, you should view new jobs posted on the site. Then you can create an in-depth profile with photos, references, and reviews, etc.

After that, you can apply for jobs and use the free promotional tools plus get screened messages from families looking for care.

Click here to check out


16. is a job recruitment online platform. It helps people find great jobs, and help employers build great companies.

It also shares information about salaries, job boards, and so on.

You can find house sitter job if you check up Click on the Search Jobs button and search for house sitter jobs in any state of the United States.

The click will take you to classified job services that publish house sitter jobs. You then check on the available services and apply for the job you want.

Click here to check out


17. HousesitSearch

HousesitSearch is another genuine website that allows people to find house sitting jobs in many parts of the world.

Specifically, if you want a house sitting job in Europe, the Caribbean, Germany, France, Mexico, Africa, Central America, and North America, then consider registering with this platform.

This is a search engine that shows what house sits are available. According to this website, job seekers can search for over 5900 house sitting jobs.

Click here to check out HouseSitSearch


18. Happy House Sitters

Happy House Sitters is Australia’s Premier Network of House Sitters & Pet Lovers. You can register on this site to find a house sitting job in Australia.

When you sign up as a house sitter, you take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You live rent free
  • You have access to 1000’s of houses Australia wide
  • You receive real-time or daily email alerts
  • You take advantage of their house sitting guarantee
  • You message unlimited homeowners

Click here to check out Happy House Sitters


19. Sabbatical Homes

Sabbatical Homes is a website that provides listing service for academics who are homeowners and those who are home sitters.

According to the website, “Members can post their property for home rental, exchange, sitting or sharing and can also register as a home tenant and/or sitter“.

If you are an academic or a non-academic seeking for house sitting job in any part of the world, then you should register with Sabbatical Homes.

The membership fee for academic house sitters is $45 while the membership fee for non-academic house sitters is $65.

Click here to check out Sabbatical Homes


20. TrustedHousesitters

TrustedHousesitters is another popular website that connects home and pet owners with sitters with reviewed and verified sitters.

If you are looking for a house sitter job, then check out this platform.

You just register as a member with $119.00 per year. The benefits you will enjoy will as stated on the website include:

  • Enjoy unlimited sits
  • Personalized email alerts
  • Early access to listings
  • World-class verifications
  • 24hr Vet Advice Line
  • 24hr Membership support

Click here to check out TrustedHousesitters



As this detailed article has revealed, house sitting jobs are real and can be done by you, if you are interested.

These jobs usually pay quite well and come with free accommodation and sometimes with salary. There are many places where you can register and find these jobs.

This article also revealed 20 of the best websites to use when seeking for the best housesitting job.

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